Exchange rate automatic update in Sale Order

Dear All,
This is regarding Exchange rate automatic update in Sale Order and requirement said below.
User will created a Export Sale order in the month of November , that time Exchange rate is 50.00, this  will
get updated in Sale order Header and Item level.
But user will create billing in the month of December , at that time Exchange rate is 40.00. So in Billing
document Header level exchange rate will be 40.00 (Current rate) and Item level exchange rate will be
User requirement is like this the current exchange rate 40.00 to be updated in Sale Order Header and Item
level automatically, because user using  Sale order Exchange rate  for Z-Report.
As of now user manually updating Exchange rate in Sale Order.
Let me know if there is any solution.
S Kumar

I dont think this is possible.  You should be aware any change in subsequent document would not have any impact in the preceding document which means, whatever exchange rate flowing in billing cannot be updated in sale order.  May you can update your zee table by considering the billing document exchange rate by way of exit.
G. Lakshmipathi

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    We have updated exhange rate type from 'M' to 'S' . However even after refreshing the sales order new exchange rate type not captured in the sales order

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "picked up wrong exchange rate". Normally in the "Sales" tab in SO header you have a place where you can enter / see the exchange rate.

  • Exchange Rate calculation mismatch in Sales Order Invoice and Cancelled Invoice

    In Sales Invoice, Exchange Rate is maintained as 7.75132
    Invoice Amount is 72000 USD. So the Amount calculated should be 558095.04.
    But in Accounting Document the Amount is posted as 558095.15 for the GL Sales Account.
    In Cancelled Sales Invoice, Amount posted is  558095.04 in GL Sales Account which is correct.
    Please help me understand why there is difference in both the Amount even when the Exchange Rate is same.
    Debashri Dutta

    Hi Ankur,
    Thanks for your reply.But our problem is sales order,exchange rates are defined with M type in OB08 as u have said.However when the periods are different for order entry and invoice generation we are facing the following problem.Orders are at old exchange rates and excise invoice is getting generated at current exchange rate.This is resulting in value difference between commercial invoice and excise invoice.
    Please help.

  • Different currency exchange rate at time of sales order and invoicing

    Hi Friends,
    Actually,we are facing a crucial problem in Export where we would like to have the current currency exchange rate to be applicable both at excise and commercial invoice.

    Hi Ankur,
    Thanks for your reply.But our problem is sales order,exchange rates are defined with M type in OB08 as u have said.However when the periods are different for order entry and invoice generation we are facing the following problem.Orders are at old exchange rates and excise invoice is getting generated at current exchange rate.This is resulting in value difference between commercial invoice and excise invoice.
    Please help.

  • Exchange Rate Field - Frozen in Sales Order Header

    Dear Fellows,
    Can you please help me on this?
    When we enter a standart sales order (J4211) , then in the header side of the order the exchange rate *(USD/TRY)* field comes as frozen and does not give any possibility to modify it. Because , it takes the daily exchange rates from (J00151)table. You cannot change the rate on the order.
    The question is : how to enable it to allow the fx rate modification in the order header?
    Many thanks in advance...

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "picked up wrong exchange rate". Normally in the "Sales" tab in SO header you have a place where you can enter / see the exchange rate.

  • No revenue update from sales order

    I have created SO with account assignment for a WBS billing element. In config I have make the indicator on for revenue value should automatically  update from sales order.
    But neither the revenue from sales order is updating in any of my PS report nor the actual revenue too after billing cycle.
    Does it need some more customisation checking.Cannot find any solution from earlier similar threads.

    To analyze the error, proceed as follows:
    1. Is an account displayed in the sales and distribution document in the condition detail screen (for example, condition PR00) ? Is there a cost element in this account and are you allowed to post sales revenue to it? (cost element category) If the answer is yes, then proceed to 5. If no, then proceed to 2.
    2. Check the relevancy for billing of the sales and distribution document item in Customizing (-> Sales and distribution -> Sales -> Sales documents -> Sales document item -> Define item types).  If 'Not relevant for billing' is entered, correct this.  This will probably clear the error. If 'I' (according to billing plan) is entered, the system only updates sales revenues if billing plan dates exist in the sales document.
    3. Check in Customizing that a billing type is assigned to your sales document type (-> Sales and distribution -> Sales -> Sales documents -> Sales document header -> Define sales document types). The billing type can be found in the 'Billing document' block. The relevant billing type depends on the defined relevancy for billing (see point 2). If no billing type is entered, enter one.  This will probably clear the error.
    4. Check in Customizing that an account determination procedure is assigned to the billing type determined in step 3 (-> Sales and distribution -> Billing -> Billing documents -> Define billing types). If no account determination procedure is entered, enter one. This will probably clear the error. If an account determination procedure has already been assigned, the error is probably caused by an incorrect structure of this plan. Check the plan.
    5. You will probably not be able to correct this error yourself. However, you can provide some information beforehand. Enter parameter MCL in your user master record and valuate it with 'X' (upper case) (-> System -> User profile -> User parameters). You activate an user-specific TRACE function this way.
    6. Change, for example, the pricing date or item value in the quotation or sales order and save the change.
    7. Execute Transaction MC30 for your user ID (/NMC30). You now see a list of all data structures that were set up for the Logistics Information System (LIS) in step 6. Check whether structure S008 is contained in this list. This information is required to further analyze the error.
    8. If structure S008 is contained in the MC30 log, call Transaction SA38, program name RKPSSHOW, -> Execute (F8), enter the number of the affected sales and distribution document and press -> Execute (F8) again. The output list (or the fact that no list is generated) is also needed for analysing the error further.

  • Update of Sales Order Delivery Dates from Production Order Date Changes

    I work at a discrete made-to-order manufacturer. 
    When our factories maintain their production orders, they will often have to change their order dates.  Is there a way so that these changes can automatically update our sales orders so we can re-send sales order confirmations?

    this comes under development part.
    please check the feasibility with your abaper because you will have to change standard code.

  • Error: Can't Add a New Sales Order: -10  Exchange rate not updated,

    I'm trying to add several Sales Orders contained in a XML document, whose root element corresponds to the Sales Person created that XML. Anyway, after I fill a Sales Order Document Object with the info in the XML and try to add it the following error appears: "Exchange rate not updated  [RDR1.U_Desc4][line: 2] , 'USD'" Which is strange because this company handles most of its transactions in MXP Currency. I will post the piece of Code that fills the object hoping it helps:
    For Each xndSalesOrder In xmlSalesOrder.Item("SalesMan").ChildNodes
                    oSalesOrder = Me.Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
                    oSalesOrder.DocType = SAPbobsCOM.BoDocumentTypes.dDocument_Items
                    With xndSalesOrder.Item("HEADER")
                        oSalesOrder.CardCode = .Item("Deudor").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.DocDate = DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaCont").InnerText, Nothing)
                        oSalesOrder.DocDueDate = DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaEnt").InnerText, Nothing)
                        oSalesOrder.Comments = .Item("Observaciones").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.DocRate = 11
                        oSalesOrder.DocCurrency = "MXP"
                        'oSalesOrder.ContactPersonCode = .Item("Contacto").InnerText
                        'User Fields
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_RefOV").Value = _
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Referencia2").Value = .Item("Referencia").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_FechaReferencia").Value = _
                            DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaReferencia").InnerText, Nothing)
                    End With
                    With xndSalesOrder.Item("LINEAS")
                        For Each xndLinea In .ChildNodes
                            If intContLineas >= 1 Then                             oSalesOrder.Lines.Add()
                            End If
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.ItemCode = xndLinea.Item("Articulo").InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Quantity = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("Cantidad").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Price = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("Precio").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.TaxCode = xndLinea.Item("Impuesto").InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.DiscountPercent = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("DescuentoTotal").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.SalesPersonCode = xmlSalesOrder.Item("SalesMan").Attributes.Item(0).InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Currency = "MXP"
                            'User Fields
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Promocion").Value = _
                                xndLinea.Item("AplicaProm").InnerText 'Valores posibles: Si, No
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc1").Value = _
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc2").Value = _
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc3").Value = _
                            'If xndLinea.Item("AplicaProm").InnerText = "Si" Then
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc4").Value = _
                                CInt(xndLinea.Item("Descuento4").InnerText) 'This is the UDF that's giving me problems!!!
                            'End If
                            intContLineas += 1
                       If oSalesOrder.Add() <> 0 Then
                            Me.Company.GetLastError(intErrorAdd, sErrMsgAdd)
                            If (0 <> intErrorAdd) Then
                                FillLog("Sales Order Error: " & CStr(intErrorAdd) & "," & sErrMsgAdd)
                            End If
                        End If
                    End With
    If you look at the code I've even tried the solution of hardcoding the DocRate and the Currency as seen in a similar post about the DTW.
    Sorry if code is in Spanglish, its quite late around here. I hope you can help me because it's kind of an urgent matter and I can't seem to find a solution for it.
    Other useful data: SAP BO 2005 Patch 4.
    Thanks in advance...
    Alfredo Gargari

    Hi Alfredo,
    Have you tried to add the same salesorder by hand, I think you wil first get a form with exchange rates.
    I think you should add a check to your program to check for an update currency rate (the sbobob function GetCurrencyRate does this for you).
    GetCurrencyRate MethodDescription
    Returns a Recordset object that contains the currency rate for a specified date and currency code.
    See Currency Bobs sample.
    Public Function GetCurrencyRate( _
       ByVal Currency As String, _
       ByVal Date As Date _
    ) As Recordset
    Specifies the currency code.
    Specifies the date for the currency exchange rate.
    Return Type
    A Recordset object that contains one field named CurrencyRate that holds the rate value.
    SAP Business One returns 0 if the system cannot find the exchange rate.

  • DTW Error -- "Exchange Rate Not Updated"

    After resolving my other document loading errors identified by the DTW, I now receive the same error for every record that I try to load for Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices.  It is…
    <b>Exchange rate not updated, ‘USD’  Notice: all records are rollbacked.</b>
    Any idea how to fix this?  I'm confused since I built the company with both Local and System Currencies as “US Dollar”, the Default Account Currency is the “Local Currency”, and the document load includes the DocCurrency field (set to "USD").
    I need to get this data loaded soon.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Kind Regards,

    My issues have been resolved...
    (1) The GL account must be an "expense" account.  The data migration that I am performing is pulling from another system that stores these transaction in a different way.  Therefore, even though the accounts from the source ERP system to B1 have been mapped correctly, I had to use a different "expense" account as the GL account associated with transactions in B1.
    (2) The DocType was, indeed, necessary to handle Service-type Purchase Invoices.  However, the DTW requires that the DocType value be set to '0' (for Items) or '1' (for Services).  This differs from the 1-character designation stored in the database table OPCH, a 'I' (for Items) and 'S' (for Services).  I would make a humble suggestion to SAP to setup the DTW accepted field values the same as are found in the database (or, at least, have a single and comprehensive resource for knowing what these accepted values should be).
    and, as noted above...
    (3) The DocCurrency and DocRate fields were required to load my data.  I suspicion that DocCurrency is required for all loads.  However, DocRate may not be since it could be set in the Exchange Rate form within B1.  Since my setup used the LC as the default currency AND I am using USD for both LC and SC, I believe it was necessary for me to use the DocRate field for this load.  This is another eccentricity that I would suggest SAP enclose within some sort of documentation about the DTW tool.
    The use of the DTW can be significantly simplified for customers with documentation and examples on its use.  The existing documentation is deficient.  Otherwise, I find it a nice tool to ease the data migration process for setting up Companies.
    Should anyone have further questions on my experience with this issue or other DTW-related topics, I would be pleased to reply with my experiences.  My contact information is available through my profile on this site.
    Kind Regards,

  • No update of sales order from purchase order

    When I am trying to change the delivery date of a purchase order line item, I get the error
    "No update of sales order xxxxx from purchase order (error V1 348)" How can I resolve this?

    Check whether this PO is created w.r.t. PR and PR is created automatically during Sales order creation.
    If it is so then need no to change the delivery date in PO, it will always get updated as per the Schedule Line date of sales order.
    You can go for GR w.r.t. PO directly.

  • How to control automatic rescheduling of sales order?

    Hi all,
    Could u please help me out to configure  to control  automatic rescheduling of sales order...
    eg.  I created a order on 13th March  and the material was not available, then its was kept pending.  But when the stocks got added on 19th March,  the sales order got automatically rescheduled for 19th March.
    I wish to stop this.   Might have to do something  with setting planned indepentent requirements which seems updating  the order automatically.
    Can anyone urgently help me out to control this automatic rescheduling?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Ravey
    For your query , it is better not to change the Include sales requirements in OVZ9 as it will affect the entire sales order . But as per your ticket you have to customize in OVZ9 by not checking the Include sales requirements box only
    But instead of that it is advisable to run V_V2 and change the date manually

  • Statistic condition values not updated during Sales order Settlement

    In our client we have different Price condition types for based on scenario wise. Ex: Domestic Sales (ZPR1) and Export Sales ZPR2. I have maintained separately value fields for each price condition types.
    We are booking some financial charges, and interest on working capital etc., this cost we need to transfer to COPA each Material wise based on sales revenue.
    For this purpose we have created one COPA Assessment Cycle.  Tracing factor is Sales Revenue and receiver is Materials.
    In COPA Assessment cycle we can give only one base means ZPR1 related value field or ZPR2 related value field.
    For this reason we have created one new statistic condition type,  what is amount there in ZPR1 that amount will updated automatically in statistic condition place and so that we can give once one trance factor in COPA Assessment Cycle. We have assign this statistic condition all pricing procedure
    Now my problem is in MTS scenario statistic condition values updated correctly. But in MTO scenario sales order settlement time statistic condition values not updated.
    So is it possible update during sales order settlement time statistic condition values.
    Please give me suggestion.

    Hi Ajay Sir,
    As you said is correct.
    But in our client we have around 9 Plants and each plant manufacturing product are different. Client Requirement is in COPA Report they need see each product wise sales revenue. In this way we mapped product wise value field.  System already mapped one guy in this way earlier. Now I am doing some changes for relevant to month end activities.
    Some financial changes transfer to COPA each plant wise on Material. Here sender is cost center and receiver is Material. Base is Sales Revenue.
    Please suggest me is there any alternative.
    Thirumalesh .

  • -10 Exchange rate not updated  , 'USD'

    Hi Experts,
    Am with a problem in Sdk Code(A\R Sales Invoice object)..My problem defines  as follows:
    I am having a table with 10 records in UDT..While Adding the UDT Records to Sap Sales Invoice(A\R) Getting the A\R invoice Object(13) ..Adding the 10 fields of UDT Table to OINV and's throwing an error -10 Exchange rate not updated  , 'USD'..How to handle this in Code..Help would  be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    This means, that the exhange rate is missing your local currency vs USD in the system. Your Business Partner or any of items you are adding to the invoice is using USD (price list or customer is in USD).
    My tip is some of the items has USD price set or USD Purchase price used.
    DO the following:
    Check the POsting date of your invoice
    Go to Administration -> Exhnage rate, and locate the posting date and USD from the matrix, and enter the rate.
    Post your invoice.
    it will work

  • Project Revenue Plan Not Update from Sales Order Item

    I am generating a network and project from the sales order item using Assembly processing. I am using milestone billing on the sales order item and the milestones attached to the project network activities are appearing as billing blocks on the sales order item billing plan. However, the project revenue is not getting updated from the sales order billing plan. Can someone please help?
    I have deleted the billing plan on the billing WBS element and activated revenue planning update from sales order in cusomization for PS. I am looking at CNS41 under the project revenue sched in version 0. Is there a different report I should be looking at?

    HI Venkat,
    You are looking at the correct report & I believe you have also done the necessary customization. If you create a sales order and reference it to a quotation, the related plan values in the WBS element are refreshed automatically.
    When the payment data is recorded, the terms of payment and the customer payment history are taken into consideration. One of the probable causes could be the credit limit of the customer might have been exceeded. Take help of your SD consultant & increase the credit limit for that customer (from the sales document), t-code FD32 if it is permitted in the business.
    After the new credit limit is set execute the following steps:
    u2022     Go to the t-code Change billing request (VA02)
    u2022     Open the required billing request
    u2022     Remove the account assignment of WBS element from each line item
    u2022     Save the billing request
    u2022     Reopen the billing request in change mode
    u2022     Reassign the WBS elements to all line items
    u2022     Now the changed credit limit will take affect
    u2022     Check the Planned Revenue for the said project in CNS41, it should get updated.

  • Reg : NO UPDATE OF SALES ORDER FROM PO erroer I0 114

    hi experts,
    while creation of PO with reference to PR,user gets error " NO UPDATE OF SALES ORDER FROM PO erroer I0 114 ".
    What could be the reason for this error?any idea...

    Hello Jurgen,
    here the error message is " NO UPDATE OF SALES ORDER FROM PURCHASE ORDER  error I0 114 " .
    is there any solution for this issue.user looks frustrated because its working for one PO and the next PO its showing error.

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