Excise details not updated in migo screen

While doing gr - migo, i'm getting excise tab view but it's not updated of BED , ECS, AED... warning msege is "BED, AED and SED for the excise item is zero" .. pls help , how to get automatically?.
urgent pls ....

Check the "EXCISE DEFAULT VALUES" in the SPRO under tax on goods movement. Maintain the default condition types here.
Check if the tax values are getting populated in the PO while creating PO.
If it is not getting populated check the condition records if maintained or not in FV11. FV12, FV13 in TAXINN procedure.
In case of TAXINJ check the % values inputed while creating the tax code.
thanks & regards,

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  • Excise details not updated in migo

    While doing gr - migo, i'm getting excise tab view but it's not updated of BED , ECS, AED... warning msege is  "BED, AED and SED for the excise item is zero" .. pls help , how to get automatically?.
    urgent pls ....

    Hi sapjj,
    Have you maintained CIN details. if you are working on 4.7 and lower additions you cannot work on CIN. because of  some patches. If your Country india version is updated maintain the excise details and check it out.

  • Excise Tab not appearing in MIGO Screen

    Excise Tab not appearing in MIGO Screen

    For GR, which movement type you are using...?
    If it is 103, you will get the excise invoice tab only in 105 GR.
    If it is 101 only, check the following configuration.
    SPRO-Logistics General-Tax on goods movements-India-Business Transactions-Incoming Excise invoices-Specify which movement type involve excise invoices.
    Please revert for further analysis.

  • Excise Tab not appearing in MIGO Screen but getting posted with EI Entry

    Hi ,
    I am excuting CIN ......While doing MIGO, Excise tab is not apearing nowhere in the MIGO screen but entries are being created successfuly in MIRO and posted as well, Entries ....
                                                           GR/IR Clearing A/c Dr
                                                           RG 23 BED A/c      Dr
                                                           RG 23 Ecess A/c  Dr
                                                           RG 23 SHEcess A/c Dr
                                                           Vendor A/c Cr
    Can any one help me and provide solution for this.

    Check your excise group settings, in it check migo settings.
    You need to mark tick in all boxes
    EI capture
    Post EI in MIGO
    Duty differenc at GR
    EI create/RG23D selection
    Update RG1at MIGO
    Also check in J1ID trax for the Po material chapter id is maintained.

  • Excise invoice tab missed in migo screen for import material

    What we had done,
    1 we raise import po.
    2 we posted MIRO for custom invoice purpose,
    Next when we  are doing Migo entry Excise invoice tab  is not display.
    What is solution for this issue ?
    What we have checked.
    1. J1id all combinations, means Chapterid with material, cenvat determination, vendor excise details, Excise indicator for plant,
        Excise tax rates.
    2.At the time of po they ticked invoice base.
    3 We checked movement type 101 for excise duties.
    4.we checked excise group also in this Excise invoice captured is ticked.
    5.. i also checked table for movement type.
    Note: Against this material master no entry is there so this is first time material.
              Relating to this vendor previously we have entries relating to other material masters.
    What is solution for this issue ?
    Why it is not displayed in MIGO Screen ?

    Check the following
    1. Chapter id maintained in material master or j1id.
    2. Cenvat determination maintained
    3. Tax indicator for plant and vendor.
    4. Import conditions rightly classifed under defaults.
    5. Movement type rightly classified
    6.  In case you have created a new plant check for following in the client you are doing the transaction
    IMG>>Logistic-General>>Tax On Goods Movements>>India>>Basic Setting>>Maintain  Plant Settings
    7. Check if you have not done any enhancements, some times this may happen if any enhancement done.
    If all this is checked and in order it should work.

  • Input Excise SHECess not showing in MIGO & Excise Invoice posting, where I made a mistake ?

    Input Excise SHECess not showing in MIGO & Excise Invoice posting, where I made a mistake ?
    1.At the Time of MIGO,In Excise Invoice tab SECess Hide in reight side of the Screen
    2. At the time of J1IEX, Complete Input Excise SECess Line item is not appere in screen
    Please give the solution

    Please check following :
    1. Whether the AT1 indicator is active for Excise Registration number under CIN customizing
    IMG --> Logistics - General --> Tax on Goods Movements --> India --> Basic Settings --> Maintain Excise Registrations
    2. Whether the AT1 condition is maintained in Maintain Excise Defaults against tax procedure
    IMG --> Logistics - General --> Tax on Goods Movements --> India --> Basic Settings --> Determination of Excise Duty --> Maintain Excise Defaults
    3. Whether the AT1 condition is maintained in Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction against excise transaction type
    IMG --> Logistics - General --> Tax on Goods Movements --> India --> Account Determination --> Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction
    4. Whether the AT1 G/L account is maintained in Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction
    IMG --> Logistics - General --> Tax on Goods Movements --> India --> Account Determination --> Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction
    5. Check whether in condition for AT1 is maintained in FV11.
    6. Check whether AT1 setoff percentage is maintained (this is applicable only in case you maintain setoff conditions).
    7. Check whether AT1 percentage is maintained in conditions tab of Purchase Order.
    8. Check whether tax code is maintained in FV11 for AT1 condition maintained.
    Please check and revert in  case of any clarifications.

  • Error msg in GR for excise details not maintained

    Dear All,
    I need to know whether it is possible to have an error message generated in MIGO if the material does not have j1id maintained for it. if yes, please suggest possible solutions.

    No not possible in Std SAP
    When J1ID details are not maintained excise tab does not comes,
    if excise tab does not comes then its clear excise details not maintained in J1ID
    and there is no std message for this and logical it is not required also , If u set a error message in some user exit than system will expect details in J1ID for all the material, and even for those materials who dont have excise.
    If than also u have to have error message if J1ID details not maintained u will have to use user exit
    where u can write and logic not only on material but also tax code in Po or condition record for excise
    ie if that PO has excise tax code or condition record for excise than check if details are there in J1id if not error
    hope its clear

  • Part I and Part II not updating in MIGO..about CIN( Country India Version)

    This is regarding Part 1 and Part II is not updating in MIGO.
    Case 1
    step1 : Doing ME21N.
    step 2 : Doing J1IEX ( Capture)
    step 3 : Doing MIGO ( Giving reference of posted Invoice)
    step 4 : Doing Invoice
    Step 5 : Posting J1iex.
    Step 6 : Trying to View Patrui and Part II tab in MIGO
    unable to do so.
    Case 2
    step1 : Doing ME21N.
    step 2 : Doing MIGO ( Capture and Post Excis Invoice)
    Step 3 : Doing MIRO.
    Step 4 : I am able to view Excise tab in MIGO.
    Could you able to answer why it is not updating MIGO? and how can we resolve this.
    Thanks & Regards

    1) In you first case you were capturing the excise invoice  before MIGO, so it means that you are only capturing the excise no Part1 and part2 entry.
    When you go to MIGO with ref to excise Invoice (In excise tab) then system will update both Part1 and part2 entry.
    so you can check these entries in J1I7 t.code.
    Note:Once your GR is saved then it is not possible to view excise tab in GR display(There is no question of Part1 and part2 entry).
    Case2)  Check the material is available in J1ID or not....check the material and plant. and chapter id combination.
    Then only you will get the excise invoice tab in MIGO (for Capture and Post of excise Invoice).
    Mahesh Naik

  • Excise tab not required in MIGO if  Inventorised tax code is used

    hi expert
    Can we define systen if  if  Inventorised tax code is used ,Excise tab not required in MIGO .

    as per me excise tab depend on J1ID setting, you know this
    Not on tax code or on condition
    Kailas Ugale

  • Excise details are not updating in MIGO

    hai, i am working with CIN,,i raised a Purchase Order and all the taxes maintained are updating in Invoice tab of PO...
    whn i am tryimg to enter GR ,
    the excise Invoice and excise item tabs are displaying but the excise values(BED,AED )are not updating frm PO..
    can anyone help me

    1) check whether u have mantained the Default condiition types in CIN settings.
    Path SPRO->Log Gen->Tax on goods movt->india->maintain Excise defaults.
    2)Check the JMX1,JEX1,JHX2 condition maintained as 100% in FV11

  • RG23A PARTI & PARTII register & tab is not updating in MIGO by 103 105 mvt

    Hi Experts,
    I am doing MIGO by 103 & 105 movements. My problem is RG23A PARTI & PARTII  register is not updating & also in Detail DATA (below the header details tab) Excise ITEM tab is also not coming.
    I have done the configuration like LOG GEN->Tax on Goods Movements ->under business transcations->Incoming excise details->specify movement types involve in excise invoices.
    Actually, after doing MIGO PARTI is updated in table J_1IPART1 but no values updated for J_1IPART2.
    Can anybody help me?

    as per you part1 values updationg while doing the time of migo and part2 values not updating while doing the j1iex post .
    your not getting the excise tab on details so check the tax code mentioned in po assigned the co code or not ?
    if your using the TAXINN procedure check the condition records in fv12.
    check the j1id settings for material and vendor.

  • Excise tab not open in MIGO

    Dear Experts,
    We have create new plant with reference to our existing plant, all testing done except MIGO.
    At the time MIGO excise tab not open in case of excisesable material, we have already update ch id, Cenvat determination & Vendor excise details in J1ID
    Please help

    Check "Duty different at GR" check box selected or not in MIGO Setting segment in Maintaining Excise Group setting in following path( if not just select the check box)
    SPRO ->>Logistics general ->> tax on Goods Movements-->>India -->> Basic setting -->>Maintain Excise Groups
    Also check in above path the Excise Reg. is there in Excise Groups Segment.
    For your new plant check Excise Reg. number is assigned in following path in Maintaining Plant Settings
    SPRO ->> Logistics general ->> tax on Goods Movements->>India ->>Basic setting ->> Maintain Plant Settings
    Biju K

  • Excise invoice not capturing during migo?

    when I tried to capture the excise invoice during Migo. I am unable to select the capture only option. it is automatically selecting "refer only excise invoice"? how to solve this problem.

    I think you have not maintain Excise data
    J1ID - Excise rate maintenance
    Maintain Chapter Id,
    Maintain Mateial & Chapter id combination.
    CENVET Determination (If material is CENVETABLE)
    Vendor Excise Detail
    Excise Tax Rate.
    Hope above will useful.

  • J1iex "capture excise duty" not updating Part1

    Hi MM masters,
    we have configred for capturing excise duty in MIGO and it is working fine. Now case is that when we are selecting "no excise"  at MIGO in excise tab and capturing excise at J1IEX "Capture excise Duty" with ref. of Material Doc. it is not updating Part 1.
    Pls note that J1ID is maintained for vendor & Materail.
    Thanx in advance.

    Hi Ajeet,
    Please refer the below links. You may find some useful information.
    part1 and part2 problem in j1iex because of partial cancellation of MIGO
    excise duty
    Excise Duty
    Warm regards,
    Murukan Arunachalam

  • Excise Tab not flowing in MIGO

    Dear All,
    I have created a PO with 3 line items(RM) and maintained a tax code "VT", when i checked in the PO,all the Tax values (BED,ECess,SCess and VAT) are flowing.But when i am doing MIGO, Excise tab is not appearing, i had used the same Tax code in other PO's also,but there i didn't face any issues. Kindly guide me as how to go about.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Please maintain excise detail in J1id t-code.
    1) Maintain material chapte id detail for material.
    2) Maintain Cenvat Determination detail for material.
    3) Vendor excise detail for vendor.
    Mahesh Wagh

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