Excise Transaction Type for consignment fill up / stock transfer

When i post excise invoice on account of removal due to sales (through J1IIN), SAP pulls uses DLFC excise transaction type. Following entry is posted at the time of J1IIN:
Excise Duty paid A/c.. Dr
   To Excise Duty payable (Basic + ECess + SHEC)
My requirement is, when i post excise invoice on account of removal due to consignment or stock transfer, SAP should pass following entry:
Excise Duty paid on consignment A/c.. Dr
   To Excise Duty payable (Basic + ECess + SHEC)
Excise Duty paid on stock transfer A/c.. Dr
   To Excise Duty payable (Basic + ECess + SHEC)
For this, i will have to create different GL accounts and assign it to "CENVAT SUSPENSE" in excise transaction type table.
But i does not know which excise transaction type does SAP uses for consignment fill up and stock transfer. Please suggest.

1.basic settings-create subtransaction type.
create subtransaction type
cf-consignment fillup
st-stock transfer
2.account determination- Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction
copy DLFC and name it as DLFC and cf and also st.
3.account determination-Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction
copy dlfc and maintain DLFC  and subtransaction type cf and also st.
change the gl account for cenvat suspense for st and cf combination.

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  • RLFC Excise transaction type during consignment return

    Hi All,
    During consignment return for adjusting JV can we use RLFC transaction type instead of OTHR.
    So far we used only OTHR. What are all the impacts if we move to RLFC all of a sudden.
    Please explain.
    Raja Durai

    Dear Friend,
    As per the SAP new package ETT RLFC has been introduced for Excise sales return. New tab   "Return sales Excise" available in J1IH for post Return excise invoice automatically. .
    We added ETT RLFC in table J_1ITRAN and did configuration for account determination for excise, this is helped us to post excise invoice for Sales return.
    Please refer SAP Note: 1907900 - Error 8I-402 for return sales transaction(RLFC)- J1IH

  • CIN Excise Transaction Types / Sub Transaction Type

    Dear Sir,
    In CIN , what is the purpose of using Excise Transaction Type , Excise Transaction Sub Types .
    During the posting of Excise Invoice (Tcode J1IEX) , how SAP determine that Excise Transaction Type is "GRPO" . Does the determination of Excise Transaction Type is based upon the Purchase Order or any thing else .
    Request you to kindly help on the above please .
    Award of full point is assured please .
    With Regards
    B Mital

    Excise Transaction type  is the main type in excise  like document in Purchase order.
    Whenever any excise related transaction are performed  taxes will be sitting in the G/L account.
    In SPRO->Logistics General->-Tax on Goods movement-> India> Account determination--> Specify G/L accounts per excise.
    In this only the excise group and the Excise transaction type are mentioned and the relevant G/L accounts are mentioned.
    If additional duty is involved in the Excise( say in Mumbai(OCTROI) it will be classfied under sub Excise transaction type.
    GRPO is the excise transaction type for Good Receipt with P.O
    You can go thro the drop down in the ETT for other related excise transaction types.
    For capitals goods it will be different.
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • Excise Transaction type "ETT" for UTILIZATION

    Hi ,
    I am doing my first entry of J2iun (monthly utilization).I could able to post the transaction,
    BUT the part-2 entry created by system (table J_1Ipart2) for this utilization has
    Excise Transaction TYPE : " " (Blank)
    internal number = 0000000000
    Document type = " "
    Is this way only system works for J2IUN ( Utilization) ??
    Also the Accounting document generated for this Transaction is like
    Dr     104270010A     RG 23A Basic Excise Duty Receivable
    Cr     104270010A     RG 23A Basic Excise Duty Receivable
    Cr     104270010B     RG 23A Special Excise Duty Receivable
    Cr     104270011C     RG 23C Basic Excise Duty Receivable
    GL 104270010A is being Dr as well as Cr , there feel this entry shouldn't be correct.
    But I could findout any GL settings for BLANK ETT in "SPECIFY EXCISE ACCOUNTS" and SPECIFY GL Accounts" For excise trasnactions in SPRO.
    Need your inputs

    Dear ,
    As per my knowledge
    UTL setting is as
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLAAED PLA AED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLAAT1 PLA AT1 Account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLABED PLA BED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLACESS PLA cess account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLAECS PLA ECS Account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLASED PLA SED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23AED RG 23 AED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23AT1 RG 23 AT1 Account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23BED RG 23 BED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23ECS RG 23 ECS Account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23SED RG 23 SED account
    UTLZ          DR Debit     CLEAR CENVAT clearing account
    Pardeep Malik

  • Proforma Invoice for Consignment Fill-up

    Everytime there is a delivery out from my company, we need to submit a proforma invoice to custom.
    Now we plan to implement the Consignment but we facing a problem. After we created the transcations for consignment fill-up (sales order type KB and its delivery order), we want to create the proforma invoice (F8) based on the delivery order but an error occured as below:
    "80008164 000010 Item category LF KBN cannot be invoiced with billing type F8."
    Is this message telling that consignment fill-up transaction can't use as reference to create a proforma invoice?
    Is there any configuration that I need to do to allow the creation of proforma invoice based on the consignment fill-up transaction?
    Thank you.

    Hi Aaron,
    You can have a Proforma Invoice for Consignment Fill-up. For this use the following path:
    IMG> Sales and Distribution> Sales> Sales Documents> Sales Document Item--> Define Item Categories. Here select the Item Category KBN and select option "D" for Billing Relevance field and  "X" for Pricing field (seen in the Business Data option).
    Also maintain Copy control between the Delivery type & Billing type using T-code VTFL. Here ensure Copying requirement as 009(DlvRel.pro forma hdr) at Header level. And at Item level select Item category as "KBN" with Copying requirements as 010(DlvRel.pro forma itm), Billing Qty as "B" and Pricing Type as per your requirement.
    Hope this helps you.
    REWARD if it helps you!!

  • Plants Abroad set up for consignment fill up

    We have scenario for Plants Abroad. There will be Consignment fill up process within EU from country to other.
    There is need for VAT posting in Proforma Invoice for Consignment Fill up.
    I would appriciate if any one let me know how Pricing can be set up,Will that tax posting (if we take MWST condition type) will be nullify with another tax condition.
    Is there any documents or white paper avaialable for Plants Abroad -Consignment Fill up scenario for Pricing set up.
    Looking forward for response asap.Thanks.

    Hi Akshay
    You can use consignment process as available in Std SAP. If u dont want to VAT postings to be updated till material  is sold then u can have different account key and can post tax amount to intermediate account such as VAT  payable and then at the time of consignment issue u can have different account key and can update actual tax account .
    consult with your FI collegue ,this is process generally followed in stock transfer but u can modify it to use for your consigment posting.
    revert if u want to discuss further

  • Excise Transaction Types

    Dear Gurus,
    What is the importance of the step " Specify Excise accounts per excise transaction" ?
    As there are many excise transaction type defined , i wanted to know when do all these transaction types comes in picture?
    How system select them automatically and what is the importance of them from the perspective of MM and FI?
    What are the factors on which the appropriate selection of these transaction type is depend upon?
    Best Regards,

    Hope the following will be hepfull
    Subtransaction types
    CIN uses transaction type as a way of differentiating between the various excise related processes. They are:
    GRPO – Goods receipt for purchase order in Plant. Also used in Depot for a PO and material document
    EWPO – Excise invoice without purchase order
    57FC      -  Subcontracting Challan
    57NR – Reversal  and Recredit for Subcontracting Challan
    CAPE-  Capital Goods credit accounts
    OTHR- Excise Invoice for Other Movements
    DLFC- Factory Sale and Stock Transfer via SD
    CEIV- Cancellation of Generated Excise Invoice
    DIEX- Differential Excise Invoice Credit
    MRDY- Excise Duty reversal without reference
    MRRD- Excise Duty reversal if material used for non-production
    MRWO- Excise Duty Reversal for Write off Cases
    TR6C - PLA account adjustment through TR6 Challan
    UTLZ- is used for determining the accounts when a JV is posted with an option of fortnightly payment
    The Transaction type that are not used : 57CM, 57GR, CAGI, CAGR, GRTR.
    Gopal SP

  • New G/L account assigment MATD Excise Transaction Type

    Hi expert
    I need to assign a new G/L while performing TCode J1is,i am using Red Doc Type MATD

    I need to assign new G/l account for Excise Transaction Type MATD, and when i take Excise Transaction Type OTHR BED amount disappears in J1IS after clicking Enter button.
    Have you maintain assessable  value in J1ID for your material ? check J1ID setting for your material and plant ,vendor,material chapter ID and cenvate determination
    check it
    Kailas ugale

  • BDC not creating automatic delivery for consignment fill up in VA01

    I am doing BDC for consignment fill up in VA01. When munually run VA01, it automatically creating delivery. But when run BDC ( call transaction ) it's not creating automatic delivery. why ? I am giving below fields..
    Sales org.
    distribution channel
    item (material)
    pricing condition
    serial number
    please help me...

    VA01 is order creation, Creating an order does not automatically create a delivery, a delivery is created with VL01N in reference to an order.
    Further you should get an error log if you process a BDC, what does it tell you?


    I have creating manual JV for subsequent credit for that i have created GL accounts under transaction type MRDY. But already they were some GL accounts for PLA and Excise Duty paid so that i have created one sub transaction type and try to post the Jv in J1IH under other adjustment.At the time system generating an error (Licence   is not included for the material
    Message no. 8I993).Please resolve it.

    hi mahesh,
    pl check this  :
    Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction - In this IMG activity, you specify which excise accounts (for excise
    duty and CENVAT) are to be posted to for the various transaction types. Enter all the accounts that are affected by each transaction type. If you use sub transaction types, enter the accounts for each sub transaction type as well.
    Transaction type UTLZ is used for determining accounts only while posting excise JVs and also if the payment of excise duty has to be done fortnightly. The fortnightly CENVAT payment utility picks up the credit side accounts from the transaction types of GRPO, EWPO, and TR6C for determining the CENVAT and PLA accounts. There is no separate transaction type for fortnightly payment.
    - Excise TT DC ind Account name
    - GRPO CR CENVAT clearing account
    - GRPO CR RG 23 BED account
    - GRPO DR CENVAT on hld account
    Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction - In this IMG activity, you assign the excise and CENVAT accounts to G/L
    accounts. When you come to execute the various transactions, the system determines which G/L accounts to post to by looking at the:
    - Excise group
    - Company code
    - Chart of accounts
    Furthermore, if you want separate account determination settings within an excise group, you can also use sub transaction types.
    You have already:
    - Defined the G/L accounts
    - Defined the excise groups
    - Maintained the transaction accounts
    sadhu kishore

  • Excise transaction type 57RC

    Can anyone tell me how to incorporate 57RC excise transaction type
    When i try to create entries of credit and debit for this transaction type in "specify excise accounts per excise transaction", system is giving an error that "57RC transaction type is not maintained in the J_1ITRAN table"
    How can i create this entry??
    Please inform me, as this is urgent

    Go in SE11 and give table name J_1ITRAN and press display.
    Then go in Utilitiestable contentscreate entries--new entry.
    Make a new entry of 57RC.

  • Excise Transaction type used in J2IUN

    All SAP Gurus,
    which Excise Transaction type is used in J2IUN?

    there will not be any ETT for Utlization process..
    ref the link
    Re: Exise Transaction type and Document Type for part 2 record created by J2iun

  • How to allow create different transaction type for different customer

    We are using CRM 7.0 now. We have two types customer, one is sap customer, the other is potential customer. We want to distinguish the two types customer. And user can create all transaction (for example: quotation, opportunity, activity) the sap customer. And the user only can create activity for  the potential customer, they can't create others transaction type for potential customer. How can we realize it? Thanks.

    We can make use of the BLOCKING REASONS to realize your requirement.
    A Blocking Reason can be assigned to the Business Partner role dependent data  and to the transaction type. A Business partner can be used in a transaction only if he is not assigned to this blocking reason.
    For Ex, In your scenario you can create a Blocking reason 'Not a SAP Customer ' and assign it to all the Potential Customers. You should assign the blocking reason to all the transaction  types which the potential customers should not be allowed.
    Hope it helps. Please let me know if you need further help.
    Edited by: Vamsi Krishna Potta on Sep 7, 2010 9:41 AM

  • Creating a query that provides a default transaction type for those transactions not categorized?

    How could I create a query that provides a default transaction type for those transactions not categorized?
    So assuming I have:
    * Transactions table (with transactions)
    * Categories table
    * transactions_categories table - allows to allocate multiple categories (with a percentage)
     - tranactionID
     - categoryID
     - percentageAllocation
    * Usage is such that only non-personal categories have been applied through out data.  So there is a lot of transactions with no categories applied
    * Want to create a query that creates a list of all the allocated amounts, so would include as columns:  transaction.tDate, transaction.tTitle, categories.name, allocatedAmount(calculated from percentage * transaction amount)
    * How could I include in the query, the entries that cover all transaction that haven't been allocated, to a default category "personal", where the allocated Amount would be 100% of the transaction value
    * And also (if it were possible), for transactions that have been categorized but not for the complete transaction value (say only 50% was allocated to a category), how to to cover this off to.  

    To default the value of the category:
    select IIf(IsNull(Category),"Personal",Category) as Category,IIf(IsNull(Category),"100%",PercentageAllocation
    ) as PercentageAllocation from [yourtable]
    What do you want to put the values of these ones:
    And also (if it were possible), for transactions that have been categorized but not for the complete transaction
    value (say only 50% was allocated to a category), how to to cover this off to.  
    Fouad Roumieh

  • Send SO IDOC while creating DO for consignment fill up

    Hi all,
    I have a situation now that for consignment fill up, while create the DO, then I need to send out a complete SO IDOC to 3rd-party (also a SAP).
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    Please help. Running out of ideas now.
    Million thanks.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Kar,
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