Export from Designer to Erwin. Is it possible?

Hi all,
I need to create a Data Model and send to my customer in a Erwin format (ER1), but I don't have a Erwin licence.
Can I create this data model in a Oracle Designer, and export to a Erwin format?

Hi Emerson,
I understand - I think it comes down what the requirement is and how much you're willing to spend!
Is the model you're creating a Logical or Physical Data Model (or both)?
If it's Logical, and you want to be able to view it in Erwin, you'll need to use a third-party product to convert it from Designer to Erwin (hence link to http://www.metaintegration.net/). I don't think this will be cheap :-(
If it's a just Physical Data Model, i.e. tables, FKs, etc, you can generate the DDL from Designer and this can be reverse-engineered into Erwin. I assume it will look the same as it did in Designer on the basis the tables will not have changed. If your Logical and Physical Model in Designer are very similar, i.e. entities map directly to tables 1:1, you could argue that what you reverse-engineer into Erwin closely resembles a Designer Logical Model.
Hope that helps.

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    I'm using Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0 in a desktop application and ReportViewerBean is used for previewing reports. The export-dialog have several file formats and they all work fine but one annoying thing is that the filename is blank, so one have to write the filename/filextension manually before exporting to file.
    Is there a way in the code to specify what filename a report should get when exporting?
    I'm probably missing something here...
    I've searched through the forums and code examples but have not found anything about this.
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    // Uhlen

    To be clear, are you looking to have the Save As field in the export dialog box populated with a report name when you export the report?
    When exporting from the viewer it isn't possible to do this, however if you export directly using the SDK, you can set the report name and path to whatever you like and automatically export to that location.

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    No, you can't print from Design view. It seems as though screen capture is your best option,

  • Is it possible to export from oracle10g to 8i

    is it possible to export from oracle10g to 8i
    i am trying to do this but reciving error in header

    Yes, But You have to use exp/imp utility instead of expdp/impdp.You have to also take care about charset conversion.If 10g using heigher characterset then 8 ,then conversion not possible and imp will terminated.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Design and code a new method to be exported from.... (please check my code)

    I'm working on my homework problem which is:
    Design and code a new method to be exported from ArrayStringLog (the file is given to me) called isEmpty with the following signature public boolean isEmpty()
    I created a new class and named it homework2, here is the method:
    public class homework2
           public boolean isEmpty()
      // Returns true if this StringLog is empty, otherwise returns false.
        if (lastIndex == (- 1))
          return true;
          return false;
    }now how can i get it exported from ArrayStringLog? that's the part that I didn't understand
    Edited by: memee4eva on Sep 30, 2009 11:53 PM

    I think your isEmpty() method should go into the ArrayStringLog class. That way the method will be exposed by the altered ArrayStringLog class.
    Am I right in thinking that an ArrayStringLog instance has a lastIndex member?
    You might like to compare what you have with this:
        /** Returns true iff this StringLog is empty. */
    public boolean isEmpty()
        return lastIndex == -1;

  • Is it possible to implement files into an InDesign document, that  are exported from Flash?

    I have worked with InDesign quite a lot, and now I'd like to make an eBook using the software. I don't know much about Adobe Flash, just starting to learn, and I'd like to know if there is a file format exported from Flash that can be used in an epub format document made with InDesign?
    (I'm not sure if I gave the right definition of things but I hope you'll undersand.)
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Bibi,
    the quick answer is no. You can place swf in InDesign and that will be honored during a interactive PDF-Output, but not with EPUB. If you try to get some animations to EPUB, you must use HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. This can be done in InDesign CC with the help of Adobe Edge Animate.
    But note: There is only a minor support for this feature for different devices.

  • Multiple CSV exports from the one button or pl/sql procedure?

    I need to have multiple csv exports from the one press of a button. The easiest way I found to do this is it to use javascript to popup three windows, each as a CSV link. This is a bit ugly though, and leaves the browser popup windows open when the file has been downloaded.
    I guess I could also make a solution based on branching, but I think that would be difficult to maintain and reeks of bad design (im not a fan of this spagetti GOTO style code!).
    I implemented Scott's custom CSV as found here: http://spendolini.blogspot.com/2006/04/custom-export-to-csv.html
    However I would like to know if its possible to download more than one file using this method. I could not work out how to do this .
    Has anyone got any ideas? Simply repeating the code puts the second table into the original csv file. Is there a way to 'reset' the htp writer or smoething?
    Any help greatly appreciated,

    Sorry for the confusion - I guess I mean its easy in .NET because you can simply compress files together and then send 1 zip file down as the response. See http://www.developer.com/net/net/article.php/11087_3510026_2 for details.
    I guess I could ask how to do this in APEX - but it seems to me that my original wording addresses the concept at a much more abstract level. I may not find the best solution for my problem if I just asked 'how can I dynamically zip together three tables as seperate files and send them to the client?'. I also suspect that this method is not possible in APEX without custom packages. Please prove me wrong!
    I guess even if I could find some kind of javascript that didnt open a new window, but was a direct download to the CSV, that would be a good compromise. At the moment when you click on the link, three windows come up and stay blank until the files are ready for downloading. Then after the files have been downloaded the windows must be shut manually. Yes, I could use javascript to make the windows 1x1 pixel perhaps, and then shut them after a predetermined timeframe - but this is hardly an elegant solution!
    Thanks for your responses.

  • How can we increase the maximum number of records which we export from UME

    Hi All,
             Is there any way to increase the maximum number of records which we can export from the UME.
    Please give your valuable suggestions as soon as possible.
    Thanks in Advance

    I didn’t find any configuration you can set to increase the number. I think it is related UI. The number is designed programmatically.
    Lisa Zheng
    TechNet Community Support

  • Exporting from 9iEE on W2KServer to 8iEE on Solaris8

    Due to machine restrictions (i.e., we didn't have enough machines at the time) I developed an application using a 9iEE Database running on a W2K Server (My Workstation). I exported the dump file after completeing. I am trying to import it into an database running on a SUN Ultra 5 running Solaris 8.
    The error I get is:
    IMP-00010: not a valid export file, header failed verification
    IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully
    My question is:
    1) Is it even possible to export DOWN from 9iEE to 8iEE
    2) If so... how?
    BTW, I'm not sure if my export was in ASCII or binary format. I think it was binary, but I don't know how to check.

    Sorry Andrew, I realized I was using the jdbc thin client connection string instead of the oci8.
    Thanks again.
    Thanks Andrew:
    I'm sort of new at this, but I tried:
    exp username/[email protected]:port:sid and got the following error...
    ORA-06401: NETCMN: invalid driver designation.
    can you show me what I'm doing wrong?
    you should be able to export from your 9i database using your 8i exp utility.
    so if you wanted to export scott's table from 9i to 8i do.
    ORACLE8i_HOME/bin/exp scott/[email protected]
    ORACLE8i_HOME/bin/imp scott/[email protected]

  • Auto format textfile exported from database

    Hello, Im working as a graphic designer and I just got a hard assignment. Im making sort of a catalogue with lots and lots of diffrent clubs listed. I get a textfile with all the information delivered like this:
    2320#CITY#1#Chartrad#Mars 1953
    2320#CITY#1#Charterpresident#53-54 N Lastname
    2320#CITY#1#Meeting time#Day#12:00
    [email protected]
    The goal is to automate the process of formatting it. The first three columns are not going to be in the catalogue (2320#CITY#2#).
    This is what I want to achieve:
    I´ve managed to import it to excel and get it a bit less overwhelming. The idea Im working on right now is to try and format it in excel and then import to indesign and link the styles.
    Any ideas?
    //Oscar Norling

    Normally you can export data from a data base and transform it, like adding or trunceting text elements, formatting numbers, time and day and such things are best done upon file export from FileMaker or Access or whatever you use.
    Another possibility is exporting from a DB as XML. For InDesign you will need to transform that information with a XLST rule and you can import that transformed XML file into InDesign and tag XML tags to text styles in InDesign. If you cannot handle the export from the DB of the client I would choose this way.
    If you are the owner of the DB or at least have direct access to it you could consider the use of a special plugin which connects InDesign to the DB. With this solution you could rewrite changes from InDesign to the DB. This could be useful as you detect errors or you can make changes in the document and you want to repair that information in the DB for later use.

  • Export from remote machine(directory storing in local machine)

    Hi all,
    I have 10g( installed on my local linux machine and want to export a schema from a remote server( schema is about 10GB,and there is not enough space in remote server to store the directory.if i use data pump ,ie expdp,can i store the directory in my local machine.if yes,how can i export and import using data pump.
    Thanks in Advance

    Yes, it's one of its key features. The location for an export data pump has to be a directory object which is created in the database and which points to something the database server itself can see. So that doesn't[i] necessarily mean the output file ends up 'where the database resides' -because if the database server has an NFS mount mapped, for example, it is possible for the directory object to reference it, and output sent to that directory object will therefore end up on the network share.
    But yes, data pump security is much enhanced over old-fashioned export, by design (it stops third parties exporting your valuable data to their local USB key and walking out of your front door with it!).
    You might find this article of use:

  • Lightroom stalls on trying to export from the book module

    Lightroom stalls on trying to export from the book module to either PDF or Blurb. Progress bar at the top left just shows "Exporting book...rendering cover.untitled DNG". I have even tried a single page low resolution book but no difference. This happened in Lightroom 4 and still after upgrading to Lightroom 5. I have tried I have tried also unchecking all the background options.

    When you click on <Send Book to Blurb> a dialog should come up that asks for your ID and password for your Blurb account. I don't know if Blurb ships to Norway - you probably can find out at the Blurb website. But I don't think that this is the problem here since you also cannot export a PDF or JPGs.
    I don't know of any specifics why this is not possible for you but it's worth trying to replace the Preference File.
    This file can go "funny" and is then responsible for all kinds of strange behavior of Lr. The remedy is replacing the Preference File. 
    BTW: Re-installing Lr or updating / upgrading Lr does not replace the Preference File since it is designed to "survive" upgrades.
    See here for where to find the Preference file for your OS: http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/preference-file-locations-lightroo m-4.html
    See here for how to go about Replacing the Preference File: http://lightroomers.com/replacing-the-lightroom-preference-file/745/

  • Exporting from compressor to FCPX

    Is there a way to export from Compressor directly to FCPX? I am trying to figure out how to best use my nMP.  At the moment I am playing with the best way to import 4K  mpeg-4 video from my gopro camera.

    Video is a new technology for me. I started my project building a 15 year video library of a apprenticeship process. So my focus is not in a less that 3hr video.
    The nMP and TB changed the focus from a video library to a video data base.  As I was just using FCPX to edit videos   thinking of it as a library instead of a database, I really did not care about system design and work flow.  When started playing with multiple databases on a TB2 drive, the focus of the project changed to building a video database.
    I have five years of raw natural horse videos, there is no movie to be made, but when I want a video of an action or event, I need to be able to search for it.  For the data base function I need optimized videos in my libraries so I can skim through the raw footage.
    I am experimenting with 4K video seeing how I can import raw 4k video into my FCPX database as efficient as possible.  One experiment was to use compressor and render the video into 422 using cluster function of compressor. It looks like the camera transfer rate is too slow to matter. Compressor has not been stable enough for me to really test and understand it. That is probably my issue. Yesterday, I was testing monitor/tb drive combinations to see which combinations were more efficient.
    Now I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to import my Video from my GoPro camera. If I shoot 8 hours of 4k video, importing from a flash reader with compressor cluster technology and the batch system  might be more efficient.
    I am just sorting though my options.

  • Audio falls out of sync with FCP sequence after export from STP

    Hey all,
    editing sound on a short film. sent FCP sequence to sweeten the dialog and add effects, according to the timeline it is the same length as sequence length in
    FCP, but when exporting from STP to FCP to complete movie, the sound ends up being about 10 frames longer than the video and starts in sync and falls out of sync over the duration of the film.
    Have tried changing preference settings in STP, exported about 5 ways to breakfast and all have same result.
    Anyone have a solution to this problem?
    Much thanks,

    I just experienced this same thing, and as Christof says, it had to do with 'Easy Setup' and 'all formats'. I've been editing a picture shot on RED in Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) at 2K (2048 x 1152) and 24fps...FCS 3 (FCP 7 latest version). Whenever you trash preferences or start up FCP new, you get the 'easy setup' menu. Previously, I could just hit 'okay' and go ahead into FCP and change the settings/resolutions within the project...even if the 'easy setup' default was, say, DV/NTSC 29.97. Also, when opening up an active project after trashing prefs, the project itself would still have the same editing/playback settings/resolutions, even if the 'easy setup' window had its default DV/NTSC setting. Plus, if you create a new timeline and its default is one format, once you drop a different format into it, it asks you if it should adjust to that format anyway, and of course, you say yes and everything is fine.
    Well....in this most recent FCP update, whenever I'd export an AIFF from the timeline and reimport....or if I'd just import an AIFF...it would do something to the playback rate of that newly imported/reimported sound file and suddenly its sync has drifted all over the place within just a minute or so. But strangely, it wouldn't do it to audio that's attached to picture (.mov/MP4/etc.)....only isolated audio files (AIFF/WAV). So naturally, I wondered if something was going on during the export process or the like.
    The solution is to make sure that when you open FCP (newly, or after trashing prefs), make sure you pick the settings/format/framerate in that 'Easy Setup' window that matches what you intend to edit as closely as possible. In my case, the format is Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), 2048 x 1152 @ 24fps, and I use a Blackmagic Multibridge so I have settings for it. Hence......*Format; HD, Frame Rate: 24, Use: Blackmagic HDTV 1080P 24 - 10 bit.* Whereas the default upon startup is....Format: (all formats), Frame Rate: 29.97, Use: DV/NTSC 48KHz.
    You can also set these in the 'Audio Video Settings' menu. Now, whenever I export and reimport an AIFF, or just import an AIFF (like the soundmix prepared by our sound designer), sync stays and there's no drift. So make sure you've picked the right settings when starting or reopening a project, again as Christof pointed out.

  • EMail Link in SWF exported from InD CS5 does not work

    I'm trying to find a definitive answer on this. I have designed an interactive document in InD CS5 that has buttons and hyperlinks. When exported to SWF everything works except my e-mail hyperlink. It works fine in InDesign's preview pane. I've uploaded the file to my webserver for testing, the problem still occurs.
    I found one post in another forum that quoted an Adobe InD developer stating that as of CS4 email links were not exported. However, I've not been able to find any mention of whether this works in CS5 or not.
    Does anybody know for sure whether or not email links work in SWF files exported from CS5?

    Sorry, no offense was intended. I had found references to problems with CS4, but nothing about CS5, and said as much in my post -- was frustrated that I had spent a long time looking and hadn't found any responses yet.
    You mentioned using buttons rather than hyperlinks, and that worked for me -- but it might have just been a problem with my browser not properly reloading the flash file, too -- as I mentioned in my response.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Reluctantly I've set Photoshop CS5 up to process photographs for things like barrel distortion that my 18-200 Nikon seems especially prone to. I open any given photograph with apple-shift-O, make my changes and save. However, the copy that's then put

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    Is it the case that with a free hotmail account I can not have 2 way sync with my Blackberry Curve. What if I upgrade to a subscription Hotmail account? Or is it just not possible?