Export uncompressed FullHD video. Premiere CS6

I have a problem, and I want to ask you for some advices.
Actually I have an Intel Q9550 CPU on which I edit my videos. I didn't have problems with Full HD untill I started to work with AVCHD Format.
The problem consist in Exporting time (it takes very long ~ 7 Hours to generate a 90 minutes movie with VBR 1 Pass + Render At Maximum Dept + Use maximum Render Quality, 1920x1080 25p).
I have a colleague which has an Intel i7 3770K, which does the same process in less than 1 hour.
I'm curios, is it possible to export from my Q9550 PC an uncompressed video. After that to Import this video on i7 3770K PC and compress it into MPEG2-Bluray and MPEG2-DVD. ?
Actually I cannot change my PC because i have no budget allocated for it.
Also, please exclude the advice to copy all footages to i7 3770K computer, and the project and to export on it.
Any advice will be welcome.

Firstly, you are greatly increasing the render times by checking both Max Depth and Max Quality. Max Depth is typically not needed or used. As for Max Quality, that is said to only help when SCALING is involved, so that would not help when going from HD source to Blu-ray, would only be used when exporting to DVD since you are downscaling the source video. So keeping those rules in mind could save substantial time right there.
But if you do want to export and have your friend encode for you, you don't want "Uncompressed HD" files, those would be absolutely gigantic files and would really strain ANY system when trying to play them (requires special hard drive RAID arrays). Try the free Lagarith .avi codec that can be downloaded (your friend will need it as well to use the files). http://lags.leetcode.net/codec.html Has uncompressed quality, without the uncompressed file size, though the files will still be quite large compared to AVCHD. Your 90 minute program could easily be well over 100GB. A more compact format with good quality is the Matrox MPEG-2 I-Frame 4:2:2 codec, at 100mbps, so about 4x larger than AVCHD files, available here - http://www.matrox.com/video/en/support/windows/vfw_software_codecs/downloads/softwares/ver sion1.0/build33/
Part of your render time issue could also be due to effects you have applied in the video. Those will of course need to render whether exporting to Blu-ray, DVD, or "just an .avi file". So in that case, it may take just as long to export to Lagarith as other formats, so you may not save any time anyway.
What is your hard disk setup? That could be a bottleneck that limits export speeds as well, if reading from and writing to SAME drive, if it's not fast enough.
Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor Computers

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  • Can't export 720p .AVI in Premiere CS6

    I have a bunch of 720p videos that I'd like to export as .avi, but none of the codecs or presets availible allow for this. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using Premiere CS6 on a Windows 7 64-bit PC

    Let's take a closer look at this.
    When you say "AVI" do you mean the old NTSC or PAL AVI that was used with the original DV cameras? If so, that codec can't handle the larger 1280X720 frame as Ann pointed out.
    Why do you want to export to AVI? Because you always did in the past? Or is there another reason that would help us help you?
    Is it just that you want an archive? Something you can edit again? There are ways to do that. Lagarith creates a fairly large file. Is hard drive space an issue? If not, then Lagarith is fine. There are other, more compressed codecs that you may or may not find acceptable.
    My camera, for example, records an all I-Frame file at 72Mb/s and if I want to back it up, I merely export to the same all I-Frame format at the same data rate.
    What does your camera record?
    Once you tell us what the whole story is, we might be able to point you down the correct path.

  • Exporting an EDL from Premiere CS6 that SpeedGrade can read

    I have a long sequence which I now want to grade. I didn't grade the individual clips prior to editing them into a 70 minute timeline. I have tried the following without success:
    Exporting to SpeedGrade the Premiere timeline: it will do this, but leaves chunks of clips brown, as blank info in the SG timeline, so if I grade this, I'll have an incomplete graded file to apply back to the Premiere timeline;
    importing to SpeedGrade a ProRes 422 file which I then asked SG to divide into clips (the app quit after taking 40 minutes to examine the file, which it did successfully, but when I asked it to make clips, it quit)
    exporting from Premiere an EDL which I then apply to the QT ProRes file in SG. This is not accepted because there are certain key commands which SG won't accept, but there's no way to know how to export a "clean" EDL from PP to SG without those commands (I even went into the EDL using TextEdit to see if I could delete certain lines, but that was obviously a losing game)
    Suggestions welcome!

    Yes, I tried to find that forum and couldn't which is why I posted here, but since I have you on the line, and since you apparently have lots of experience with SG, can I ask you:
    Because of the way I've done this documentary I can only grade it now that the picture/sound is locked. If I export a ProRes flattened movie into SG, it will have the effects, titles etc which is not what SG wants, right? So do I duplicate a timeline in Premiere, delete the titles, etc, (what else: effects?) and then export to SG?
    If I export the timeline (using a MacPro but not the fastest newest model, 16GB Ram) it takes about three or four hours to export the DPX files. I'm trying it again, but don't hold any hope that it will export without some of those incomplete clips. I don't know what causes them. Could it be sections with effects, with stacked clips which have wipes and other stuff, combining them in the ProRes export to a single image but in a timeline exported to SG maybe its not reading that info?
    Whatever you can suggest would be great.

  • Music slightly out of sync when exporting in Premiere CS6, format problem?

    Hi guys, i have a quick question.
    I edited together a promo for a local band and everything is perfect in the sequence as far as being on point with the music at certain beats and such. However when I export it the music is slightly out of sync, which is bad when you edited everything specificly to the song. I am not using ANY audio from the footage but instead layed a music track over everything. I'm not sure what else to do, could it be a format problem? I am using h.264 (see below), but would AVI or anything else work better? any help is appreciated thank you!
    I am exporting directly from inside Premiere CS6 using a custom H.264 preset. 24fps, VBR 2 pass encoding. Target 7MB, Max 11MB. (with render at maxium bit depth, and render at highest quaility selected.)
    I put the audio settings to high, 320kbs AAC format.
    I use a custom built PC with an i7-3770K, 32 GB RAM, and I exported to a 120GB SSD.
    Any other info you need just ask.any types for uploading to vimeo so it doesn't get out of sync there? thank you in advance!
    Also, any types for uploading to vimeo so it doesn't get out of sync there? thank you in advance!

    I dont think that you will really get a problem while exporting in any of the given formats. But i would really like to check if the audio layer is exactly same as of the video. for eg - if my audio is 00:05:30 and my video is 00:05:20 , we might face issue with the sync.
    We can try to put more black video to make it a match with the audio and then try to export.
    Where do you have the media files , on a internal drive like c: or desktop? In case not , try to move the media files to desktop and then try to export.
    Also instead of exporting the files to your 120GB SSD , try to export it on the desktop.
    Hope it helps.

  • Error exporting Premiere CS6 sequence to edit in Audition CS6

    Hi there!
    I've been trying to export a sequence from Premiere CS6 to edit in Audition CS6 through "edit>edit in Adobe Audition>sequence". However, I keep receiving the following error message:
    Premiere Pro has encountered an error.
    When I hit continue the rendering doesn't move forward and I have to cancel the process.
    Does anyone has a clue what could be wrong???
    Thanks a lot!

    This is a link to something similar
    right click dynamic link to audition broken (premiere cc 2014)

  • Why I cannot export Video from my Premiere CS6 to my DVC PRO AJ-D455?

    I am trying to export video from my Premiere CS6 to my DVC PRO AJ-D455 I can only capture the video but not export, why?

    1st, go to that forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere?view=discussions
    2nd, provide LOTS more information when you get there... PPro Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840
    3rd, read these previous discussions
    Export to Tape http://forums.adobe.com/message/4699448
    Hardware MPE must be OFF to be able to export via Firewire
    Last, The PPro/Encore tutorial list in message #3 http://forums.adobe.com/message/2276578 may also help, with more help in message #5

  • Premiere will not export Uncompressed or DV compressed video files

    Working with CS4 with all current updates...
    I have no issue exporting any other format (that I know of) including flv and wmv and m2v.
    I am using PCs with Windows 7 Pro 64bit on a Desktop with  8GB RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on a Laptop with 4GB RAM.   I've had nothing but problems with CS4 since I cleanly installed my  Desktop and purchased my Laptop.  Adobe Premiere will not export DV compressed with video, only audio,  and will not export uncompressed at all!  I have a system  with Vista Pro 64bit at work, and none of these problems are there.
    I have  uninstalled and reinstalled the whole suite (plus removed all  preferences files and went in to the user profile and manually removed  any traces) to no avail.  As I am experiencing this same issue across  two totally different systems, is it a known bug with Windows 7 64bit?   Is there any way to fix the issue?

    Sorry it's taken a bit to get back with you... I've been busy on another system.  My assets are R3D files at 4k resolution under the Red 1080p preset.  I have a Core2Duo with 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, Running Windows 7 Pro 64bit and CS4 Production Premium.  What other system specifics do you require?
    I do have a Matrox RTX2 card; and did not uninstall and reinstall it when I uninstalled and  reinstalled my CS4 software.
    As for Export:

  • I can't export uncompressed videos

    I'm trying to export my videos as uncompressed AVIs so I can compress them on a seperate encoder, H.264, so I can put them on youtube and retain high quality videos.  However, every time I try to do this, once it's finished exporting, I click the video to test it and I only get the audio.  I doesn't matter how big or small the video is or what's on it, whenever I try to export an uncompressed video, I lose the actual video in the process.
    So is there a way to fix this? Or if not, is there a way I can export the video without the enormous loss in quality I get whenever I do an AVI export? Thanks

    sorry I wasn't being very specific.  When I said uncompressed AVI, I mean the videos were orignially AVIs and I simply wanted them to be returned as the raw footage but in the reorganized, edited form I put them in.  Like rearanging the videos without having to encode them again and deal with the loss of quality.  Virtual Dub does this but it's harder to work with and more limited than premiere pro. 
    Still not specific enough. There are two ways of exporting an uncompressed AVI from Premiere Pro: you can set the Format as Uncompressed Microsoft AVI (which you shouldn't; that's only for AJA hardware), or you can set the Format to Microsoft AVI, and then select "None" from the codec dropdown. It's the latter than you want to do.
    You might want to look into the Lagarith Lossless Video Codec or the Ut Video Codec Suite; both are free visually lossless codecs that will be smaller than uncompressed. They'll appear as codec options under Microsoft AVI. Lagarith installs both x86 and x64 (required for CS5) versions; for Ut, you need to install both the 32-bit and 64-bit packages.

  • Transitions not working in Premiere CS6.Video was color corrected in AE 6 and sent back to PPro cs6.

    I exported my film to AE6 from Premiere CS6 for color-correction and got it back to Premiere Pro through DYNAMIC LINK.Now,the problem is that AE has discarded all the transitions and also cross-dissolve and film-dissolve don't seem to work on this color-corrected video.I am able to apply the transitions but they don't work....somebody please help!

    As Jim said, not all effects and transitions are properly translated when you replace a group of clips with dynamically linked AE composition. Actually you should have noticed that your cross-dissolves etc. had been replaced with black solid layers in After Effects, which didn't reflect your PrPro transitions.
    Now you can jump back to your AE project and fix broken transitions there.
    For your future work you should keep it in mind and decide whether to replace a group of clips (and, therefore, fix broken transitions in After Effects) or a single clip, taking care of its handles.

  • Exporting premiere cs6

    Hello, guys
    i'm having some serious troubles to export videos on adobe premiere cs6 CCloud edition.
    Sometimes the export goes well, but most of the times i got an Error message. Last time, when i finally got the video exported without any problem, was when i imported my original project to a brand new project. Even so, at the first try, i got the error message again, but on a second try, i was succed.
    Is there any magic solution to do that?
    i notice that other users have the same issue, but couldn't find any solution, so i'm creating another topic for it, to update Adobe of this problem.

    Welcome to the forum.
    Can you start by looking over this FAQ Entry: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/961741?tstart=0
    As you mention error messages, it would be very helpful to know what they were.
    Good luck,

  • How to improve mp4 video quality in adobe premiere CS6????????

    please help me,, i want to improve my mp4 video qualitty in adobe premiere CS6 how can I?

    What are your source clips exactly (container and codec).
    Post a screenshot of your export settings.

  • Premiere CS6 not exporting to ME6 Queue

    I've had nothing but success with Premiere Pro CS6, but the ability to Queue up videos to Media Encoder CS6 suddenly stopped functioning (nothing happened that I'm aware of). I'm able to Export just fine from Premiere and can add manually to ME, but cannot export to the queue list.
    This happens after reboot, with different video files, and when the renderings are deleted or not. MECS6 will open, but just sit there. Any ideas of what would be going on?
    System Specs:
    Mac Pro 1.1 on OSX 10.6.8
    Dual 2.66GHz Intel Xeon
    GeForce 7300GT
    4GB ram

    To import a sequence into AME with PPRO closed, open an OS file browser and go to the path where your pproj is saved. Drag and drop that file into AME (either onto a preset in the Preset Browser or directly into the Queue). You can also select "Add Premiere Pro Sequence" in the File Menu and then browse to your project. Regardless of which path you go down, AME will bring up dialog that shows you all the sequences within the project.
    I expect that importing through one of these workflows will yield the same results as dragging and dropping a sequence from PPRO to AME. All of these methods work directly with the original project file, whereas the normal workflow of exporting from PPRO (File>Export>Media) saves a temporary copy of the sequence at the instance you export.
    Note that in our experience, all of these export workflows add the job to AME in a matter of a few seconds, so we did see a need for a progress dialog. Clearly in your case something is significantly bogging down the process. Perhaps project size or complexity, effects & color grading, some I/O bottleneck.... The fact that drag-and-drop is, what, five times faster makes me suspect that an I/O problem (something like a badly fragmented disc where the snapshot of the sequence is being saved) is at least part of the equation, but that doesn't explain why drag-and-drop still takes over a minute.
    Can you check RAM and CPU usage before and during export to see if either resource is getting pegged?
    Also, what drives do you have your project on and are you encoding to? Are you using a solid state drive? An external drive? Working across a network? Do you have antivirus software running?
    Another possible culprit is conforming audio. I'm not sure what the best way is to check if that's happening other than watching your media cache folder to see if new files are being written.

  • Export Premiere CS6 (h.264) - Audio out of sync with several players...

    I've had this problem before, but unfortunately it happened again.
    I exported an mp4 with h.264 compression. The file plays perfectly with VLC player and everything is in sync. Of course, in Premiere (CS6) everything is in sync as well.
    It is also synced correctly with Windows Media Player, as long as you don't 'scroll' or skip parts in the video. If you do that, the audio gets out of the sync...
    With QuickTime it is completely out of sync. Vimeo plays it back perfectly, with YouTube it is out of sync...
    How is this possible? What is causing this?
    I thought that it could have had something to do with the video and audio tracks not being of the same length. I have already mastered the audio tracks into 1 track (wav) and made the same length as the video tracks, before I exported... On previous projects I have have not done that, and the audio was slightly out of sync there as well on Youtube.
    What did I do wrong? Any settings I could have done wrong? Is this a bug of Premiere? What can I do to prevent this?

    Yea, that sounds plausible but from the other hand, this happens only with (my) exported clips from Premiere...
    When I download or watch clips from the internet that are mp4 files with h.264 compression, there is no problem. I just skip through a file of 4GB and it plays back fine. Also the clips from my camera (which are h.264 files) play back fine with everything in sync.
    Also, I almost never see sync problems on YouTube.
    There is something else going on here... It must be.

  • Why wont premiere CS6 export .mp4's?

    why wont premiere CS6 export .mp4's?  Everytime i try to export h264 mp4's the final export is an unrecognizable .m4v file.
    I read about this 'bug' in a thread started over 8 months ago,  and read that the 'work around' is to export with audio on. (my videos have no audio channels, so why would i want to save them and make them larger, by encoding them with audio?)
    I am preparing to switch from Final Cut 7, to Premiere Pro, but i'm concerned to do so as this bug apparnetly was never fixed by adobe, almost a year later.  There seems to be no way to encode an .mp4 without audio using Premiere Pro CS6 or Media Encoder CS6.  Is there any kind of patch or another way to export .mp4's?

    That is exactly my point!  Why should I have to export an audio channel and increase the file size to work around a known bug of the software...
    We export about 100 videos a day and it will add up.  These are files that will be online, and size is an issue.
    I'm just not sure that we'll want to invest in software with a known bug that hasn't been addressed after months. 
    I was hoping that maybe there was a patch or update that I haven't found yet.  Thanks all.

  • Considering dumping my iMac for a PC used for DSLR video editing on Premiere CS6. Help!

    So I edit mostly 1080p DSLR footage taken from my canon T3i camera. I purchased a 2011 (the latest model) iMac a little over a year ago, upgraded the RAM to 12GB and it has worked reasonably well. I purchased the base model for $1200 which has a quad core i5 processor, 512mb of video ram, and a measly 500gb hard drive. The past couple of days I have come to the realization that I only use Adobe Programs for graphically intensive work (premiere, after effects, etc). I originally bought my iMac for final cut, but FCPX SUCKS and I switched to Premiere CS6 which works like a dream. Anyways, I'm a senior in high school and do lots of video editing (going to major in video production in college). I'm likely going to differ college for a year and continue my video production business (pretty informal) as well as video production internships at a couple companies (so don't suggest that I get a laptop for portability, not an issue). I just shot an entire wedding with 2 DSLR's and the footage takes up over 20% of my hard drive which is unacceptable. This is very troublesome for me and has been clogging up my computer considerably. I have realized it would make a lot of sense to sell my iMac and purchase a PC that's not only faster, but has much more space. I was ideally looking to sell my iMac for $1000, and from that get a better and faster PC setup for my video editing. $200 would be allocated for a 24" 1080p LED 5ms Asus monitor (from newegg) which would leave $800 remaining for the PC. Ideally it'd be nice to have a little cash left over. Some things that sound appealing to me are: an intel i7 quad core proccessor at least 3.0+ Ghz,  16 GB of ram (maybe 8 to start), 1 GB of video RAM (here is where I'm stuck, my Imac had a Radeon 512mb video card in it, but I've heard premiere runs especially well with nVidia CUDA cards? Don't really know too much about this stuff.) I have no idea what type of card to get, and if I would even see a performance upgrade from my iMac. For storage I'd like at least 2TB of space, should I get two seperate 1 TB drives? One for boot and software and another for video files? Anyways, I assume I can benefit from selling my 2011 i5 iMac to get a faster PC equivalent at a lower price since I mainly edit videos (which is pretty graphically intense) from an HD DSLR camera. I've noticed premiere rendering times on my mac are starting to get pretty slow these days. Ideally it'd be nice to buy a desktop (already assembled) maybe from HP for around $600 (not including the monitor). I'm not completely against building a PC from parts (since I know a friend who can do it for me) I just need help figuring out WHAT exactly it is that I need and would benefit from.

    Buy a Desktop Video Editing PC
    -ADK Kudos http://forums.adobe.com/thread/877201
    Build a Desktop Video Editing PC
    -http://www.videoguys.com/Guide/E/Videoguys+DIY9+Its+Time+for+Sandy+Bridge+E/0xe9b142f408a2 b03ab88144a434e88de7.aspx

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