Exporting premiere cs6

Hello, guys
i'm having some serious troubles to export videos on adobe premiere cs6 CCloud edition.
Sometimes the export goes well, but most of the times i got an Error message. Last time, when i finally got the video exported without any problem, was when i imported my original project to a brand new project. Even so, at the first try, i got the error message again, but on a second try, i was succed.
Is there any magic solution to do that?
i notice that other users have the same issue, but couldn't find any solution, so i'm creating another topic for it, to update Adobe of this problem.

Welcome to the forum.
Can you start by looking over this FAQ Entry: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/961741?tstart=0
As you mention error messages, it would be very helpful to know what they were.
Good luck,

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  • Error exporting Premiere CS6 sequence to edit in Audition CS6

    Hi there!
    I've been trying to export a sequence from Premiere CS6 to edit in Audition CS6 through "edit>edit in Adobe Audition>sequence". However, I keep receiving the following error message:
    Premiere Pro has encountered an error.
    When I hit continue the rendering doesn't move forward and I have to cancel the process.
    Does anyone has a clue what could be wrong???
    Thanks a lot!

    This is a link to something similar
    right click dynamic link to audition broken (premiere cc 2014)

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    I've received the solution, effectively in Premiere user group. Adobe Forums: Finding and customizing keyboard shortcuts

  • Export Premiere CS6 keyboard shortcuts on OSX lion? Comment exporter raccourcis clavier Premiere CS6

    (Mac OS Lion) How can I export my Premiere CS6 keyboard shortcuts on another computer (without print and retyping)?
    (Mac OS Lion) Comment exporter les raccourcis clavier de Premiere Pro CS6 et les importer sur un autre ordinateur  (sans imprimer et retaper les raccourcis un à un)?

    This might help:
    Adobe Forums: Finding and customizing keyboard shortcuts
    In Lion you will need to find a way to get into the Library folder which is hidden. One methode would be to use the Goto command and paste the thread: (your main harddrive name)/users/userfolder/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Premiere Pro/6.0
    If that doesn't work right away then reduce the thread back until your in the hiden Library folder and then look for a Premiere Pro folder.

  • Export Premiere CS6 (h.264) - Audio out of sync with several players...

    I've had this problem before, but unfortunately it happened again.
    I exported an mp4 with h.264 compression. The file plays perfectly with VLC player and everything is in sync. Of course, in Premiere (CS6) everything is in sync as well.
    It is also synced correctly with Windows Media Player, as long as you don't 'scroll' or skip parts in the video. If you do that, the audio gets out of the sync...
    With QuickTime it is completely out of sync. Vimeo plays it back perfectly, with YouTube it is out of sync...
    How is this possible? What is causing this?
    I thought that it could have had something to do with the video and audio tracks not being of the same length. I have already mastered the audio tracks into 1 track (wav) and made the same length as the video tracks, before I exported... On previous projects I have have not done that, and the audio was slightly out of sync there as well on Youtube.
    What did I do wrong? Any settings I could have done wrong? Is this a bug of Premiere? What can I do to prevent this?

    Yea, that sounds plausible but from the other hand, this happens only with (my) exported clips from Premiere...
    When I download or watch clips from the internet that are mp4 files with h.264 compression, there is no problem. I just skip through a file of 4GB and it plays back fine. Also the clips from my camera (which are h.264 files) play back fine with everything in sync.
    Also, I almost never see sync problems on YouTube.
    There is something else going on here... It must be.

  • Exporting Animated logo from AE cs6 into Premiere cs6

    I have an animated logo that I would like to import into premiere cs6. When I exported it into premiere, it only imported the picture, not the background and animation along with the picture. What can I do export the logo in its entirety?

    If your export does not show everything in your composition then you are looking at the wrong view in AE or you have set elements in your composition as guide layers. The only thing exported is the Active Camera view. There are also many ways to bring an AE animation into Premiere Pro. You can add the .aep to PPro and load the comp into the sequence, You can use Dynamic Link from inside the sequence to replace footage, or you can render to any one of about 10,000 different formats for use in PPro, only a very few of which are suitable for a production workflow. You have given us nothing to go on to solve your problem. If checking for guide layers and making sure that you created your comp using the Active camera view does not solve your problem then we need to know everything that is going on in your comp and exactly what your workflow is.

  • Why I cannot export Video from my Premiere CS6 to my DVC PRO AJ-D455?

    I am trying to export video from my Premiere CS6 to my DVC PRO AJ-D455 I can only capture the video but not export, why?

    1st, go to that forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere?view=discussions
    2nd, provide LOTS more information when you get there... PPro Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840
    3rd, read these previous discussions
    Export to Tape http://forums.adobe.com/message/4699448
    Hardware MPE must be OFF to be able to export via Firewire
    Last, The PPro/Encore tutorial list in message #3 http://forums.adobe.com/message/2276578 may also help, with more help in message #5

  • Is the MP4 export in Premiere CS6 better than in CS3 ?

    I am thinking of upgrading from CS3 to CS6 Premiere Pro.
    The CS3 exporting MP4 is not that good, and I actually find Sony Vegas does a better job.  Is the Premiere Pro export in CS6 better than in CS3?
    Also, are there any issues importing CS3 projects into CS6  ?

    I upgraded from CS3 to CS6.
    The H.264 (MP4) exports are so much better it is amazing. There used to be tutorials on how to get good YouTube videos. Now we just export to a YouTube (or Vimeo) preset in HD and it shows up darn near perfect.
    I can import CS3 projects into CS6 without a problem.

  • Can't export 720p .AVI in Premiere CS6

    I have a bunch of 720p videos that I'd like to export as .avi, but none of the codecs or presets availible allow for this. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using Premiere CS6 on a Windows 7 64-bit PC

    Let's take a closer look at this.
    When you say "AVI" do you mean the old NTSC or PAL AVI that was used with the original DV cameras? If so, that codec can't handle the larger 1280X720 frame as Ann pointed out.
    Why do you want to export to AVI? Because you always did in the past? Or is there another reason that would help us help you?
    Is it just that you want an archive? Something you can edit again? There are ways to do that. Lagarith creates a fairly large file. Is hard drive space an issue? If not, then Lagarith is fine. There are other, more compressed codecs that you may or may not find acceptable.
    My camera, for example, records an all I-Frame file at 72Mb/s and if I want to back it up, I merely export to the same all I-Frame format at the same data rate.
    What does your camera record?
    Once you tell us what the whole story is, we might be able to point you down the correct path.

  • Music slightly out of sync when exporting in Premiere CS6, format problem?

    Hi guys, i have a quick question.
    I edited together a promo for a local band and everything is perfect in the sequence as far as being on point with the music at certain beats and such. However when I export it the music is slightly out of sync, which is bad when you edited everything specificly to the song. I am not using ANY audio from the footage but instead layed a music track over everything. I'm not sure what else to do, could it be a format problem? I am using h.264 (see below), but would AVI or anything else work better? any help is appreciated thank you!
    I am exporting directly from inside Premiere CS6 using a custom H.264 preset. 24fps, VBR 2 pass encoding. Target 7MB, Max 11MB. (with render at maxium bit depth, and render at highest quaility selected.)
    I put the audio settings to high, 320kbs AAC format.
    I use a custom built PC with an i7-3770K, 32 GB RAM, and I exported to a 120GB SSD.
    Any other info you need just ask.any types for uploading to vimeo so it doesn't get out of sync there? thank you in advance!
    Also, any types for uploading to vimeo so it doesn't get out of sync there? thank you in advance!

    I dont think that you will really get a problem while exporting in any of the given formats. But i would really like to check if the audio layer is exactly same as of the video. for eg - if my audio is 00:05:30 and my video is 00:05:20 , we might face issue with the sync.
    We can try to put more black video to make it a match with the audio and then try to export.
    Where do you have the media files , on a internal drive like c: or desktop? In case not , try to move the media files to desktop and then try to export.
    Also instead of exporting the files to your 120GB SSD , try to export it on the desktop.
    Hope it helps.

  • No more exporting clips from Source Monitor in Premiere CS6?

    In Premiere CS4 I used to double click a clip on timeline (to open it in Source Monitor), and then immediately hit File>Export Media. It would then automatically selelct this specific clip for export without the need to set In and Out points. In Premiere CS6 it doesn't seem to work, meaning that if I want to export individual clips from timeline, I need to create In and Out points for each export , which is quite time consuming comparing to CS4, especially when working with many clips. I already found 2 useful features, that were just eliminated in Premiere CS6, and I don't understand why to destry something that works?!
    Or is there another way to do it?

    Jim Simon wrote:
    CS6 works just like CS4 did on this one.
    Not in my case (I'm on Mac, maybe in Windows it's different?): in CS4 I double-click a clip in a timeline, it opens in the source monitor, and I click Export. I immediately get only this specific cut selected as a work area without any need to mark in/out, or to define work area. In CS6 just doesn't happen... Can you confirm that CS6 also does it and can you tell me your configuration and version?

  • Premiere cs6 cc cannot export to media encoder

    Suddenly today, Premiere cs6 cc sequence export to queue not appearing in media encoder.

    This sounds like a glitch in Dynamic Link that is the communication portal between Premiere and AME.  I know this sounds too simple, but alot of time a simple reboot solves this problem. 
    Also, you wrote "Premiere CS6 CC sequence".
    So are you using Premeire CS6 or Premiere CC? 
    You should also keep Premiere and AME in sync. 
    So if you update Premiere to 7.0.1, you should also update AME to 7.0.1. 
    Otherwise there could be a mismatch in Dynamic Link.  


    hello to all, the program is not running Premiere Pro CS6 upgrades and does not export more in XML format, there is the option in the dropdown menu of exporting premiere.
    com and I need to know I can do to reappear the option to export XML in premiere pro CS6
    thanks to those who will help me

    I have a similar issue. This is the article you should probably read: http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/kb/features-presets-missing-premiere-pro.html

  • Why wont premiere CS6 export .mp4's?

    why wont premiere CS6 export .mp4's?  Everytime i try to export h264 mp4's the final export is an unrecognizable .m4v file.
    I read about this 'bug' in a thread started over 8 months ago,  and read that the 'work around' is to export with audio on. (my videos have no audio channels, so why would i want to save them and make them larger, by encoding them with audio?)
    I am preparing to switch from Final Cut 7, to Premiere Pro, but i'm concerned to do so as this bug apparnetly was never fixed by adobe, almost a year later.  There seems to be no way to encode an .mp4 without audio using Premiere Pro CS6 or Media Encoder CS6.  Is there any kind of patch or another way to export .mp4's?

    That is exactly my point!  Why should I have to export an audio channel and increase the file size to work around a known bug of the software...
    We export about 100 videos a day and it will add up.  These are files that will be online, and size is an issue.
    I'm just not sure that we'll want to invest in software with a known bug that hasn't been addressed after months. 
    I was hoping that maybe there was a patch or update that I haven't found yet.  Thanks all.

  • Error message ''Disk Full' when trying to export with CS6, works fine in 5.5

    I get an error message when I try to export media in Premiere CS6 that I don't have in CS5.5
    I use export media for a AVCHD 60fps sequence with a few photoshop images on top of the main track. In the export settings I choose ''match sequence settings'' which gives me a .mpeg I- frame, 1920 x 1080 P, 60fps, quality 50, and a I tick the ''use maximum render quality'' check box at the bottom.
    It used to work fine but now I get a message: Disk Full where there is 1.5 TB free on the disk?
    I have the exact same sequence made in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and it exports fine.
    It started to act weird after I used the queue for the first time and it went to the CS6 encoder.
    Since I used that once and it gave me that message for the first time, even when I try to do the same thing directly in Premiere CS6 , I always get the same error message.
    Question 2, is there a place to change the settings from 50 to 100 for the quality of this export profile?
    By the way I can export with other profiles without problems but this setting is the only one that I've seen that lets me keep my 60 frames per second in the export
    process. (Example: I can export this sequence in the H.264, 1920 x 1080, 30fps, high quality preset, using the maximum render quality in CS6)

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the input but if you read my message correctly and until the end I already can export to other settings and I want an answer to this problem. There's no logical explanation to why this suddenly wouldn't work with the same sequence that it used to do fine with and that CS 5.5 handles fine.
    As I said earlier this is the only setting that lets me export my sequence with the 60 fps, that I know of, for further and easier manipulation. As my main camera provides me with these 60 fps I'd really like to be able to have them left in that transition phase and, no, I'm not gonna give up until I know, really, what's going on and solve that problem. If this is a bug it needs to be fixed, if not I want to know what's happening.
    Also there's no answer to my question 2: Question 2, is there a place to change the settings from 50 to 100 for the quality of this export profile?
    So for you experts out there the question is still hanging.

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