Extend desktop primaty monitor

I just got my new PBG4 12" aluminum and connected an external display to it, unchecked mirror, and got the desktop extended on the LCD and the external CRT.
Is it possible to arrange the monitors so that the primary monitor, the one with the top menu bar on it, is not on the PB's LCD but on the external CRT?
I tried different arrangments but the monitor with the menu bar on top always is on the PB's LCD.
I can drag windows to the external monitor but then I have to move back to the primary (LCD) to access application menus, application windows open on the LCD, and even when the application main window is on the CRT (secondary), auto fill in forms or URLs appear on the LCD.
Is this the way it is supposed to be or am I doing something wrong

In the display preference pane, where you tried to arrange the monitors, you can drag the white menu-bar onto the other monitor.

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    Is there a method to jointly connect a second VGA monitor for extended desktop support along with a NTSC monitor (TV) via S-Video?

    duane i beg to differ. heres a download for most newer macs to do it. http://www.rutemoeller.com/mp/ibook/ibook_e.html although be warned applecare will not cover anything screenspanning doctor screws up. not that it has. i have used it on my imac for about 5 months and my youth directors ibook g4 1ghz. its great

  • Extended Desktop (Dual Monitors) on 13'' Macbook?

    I am thinking of hooking up my Macbook to my TV using the following adapter:
    http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/6934002/wo/Gs5Ps WUtnG7T3zQT50TQtAqEzED/
    I was wondering if I would be able to use the TV as a 2nd monitor, or if the Macbook's screen would turn off and only allow me to use one monitor at a time.
    The TV itself is an LCD TV, and not a TV/monitor.
    Thanks a bunch,

    You will be able to run in any one of three different modes, whichever is to your liking:
    - Extended Desktop mode where both screens are active and the TV will be an extension of the screen on the MB.
    - Mirror mode where both screens are active but run at the same resolution and have the same image on both.
    - TV only mode where only the TVs screen is used and the lid on the MB is closed. For this mode you need to have the MB plugged into its AC adapter and you need to wake it using a mouse or some other USB or Bluetooth peripheral.

  • T43 extended desktop (2nd monitor) maxes at 1280x768

    I use an HD Flat panel TV with computer monitor capability as a 2nd monitor for extending my desktop.  This 2nd monitor has a very high resolution capability (the manual recommends a setting of 1920x1080 for computer connections).  The T43 display settings dialogue limits this second monitor to 1280x768 pixels, even though it allows much higher resolutions for the T43's built-in screen (I currently run at 1400x1050).
    I see no Lenovo driver updates that address resolution issues for a 2nd monitor, but would really like to take advantage of a higher 2nd monitor resolution in my work.  Am I limited by my video hardware, video driver, BIOS, or what?  Is there a solution to my problem? 
    The product id of my T43:   2687D3U      

    Once you open up the zip, there's a "read me" in English....
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  • Firefox won't open/run on extended desktop/multi monitors

    Firefox will not boot and run successfully in any extended screen/desktop mode--only when using the local laptop screen itself.
    I wiped an older version, but even the installation sequence ran like cold molasses in... Had to drag windows to cause them to refresh, so I could see what options to click. Windows did not appear responsive to mouse clicks. They were, but took minutes to respond.
    Finally, I tried a Windows key-P and chose Disconnect Projector--and there was Firefox. But back at extended display, Firefox refuses to run.

    Try to disable hardware acceleration.
    *Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    If disabling hardware acceleration works then check if there is an update available for your graphics display driver.

  • All menus have display problem (flash) when using FF on extended desktop monitor

    I use two monitors at work. Each time I display FF on the "secondary" monitor (extended Desktop), all menus (normal menu, bookmarks, right click), flashes going from visible to hidden and so on).

    I have the same problem. Windows 7 (64 Bit), extended desktop, 2 monitor system. I have AMD HD 4800 graphics card with all AMD updates current as of 12/8/2012.
    The drop down menus display briefly (flicker) and then are not visible. If I am careful and know the dropdown line I want, I can blindly select it. This happens only on the second monitor on the extended desktop. If I move Mozilla to the primary monitor the same page works correctly.
    Disabling the hardware acceleration and restarting Mozilla resolves the issue. While I can use Mozilla, it is still not ready for prime time using hardware acceleration.
    Given that it is the only Browser or applicaiton that has this problem with displaying drop down menus on the second monitor, I would suggest that it is either a Mozilla hardware acceleration problem or Mozilla needs to work with the graphics card manufacturers to resolve a problem that only Mozilla seems to have with their drivers.

  • Using a second computer (an iMac) as an extended desktop monitor

    I have a powerbook g4 and would really like to use a separate older iMac as an extended desktop. Is there a way to turn the iMac into just a monitor recognized by my powerbook?

    Does ScreenRecycler do what you want?

  • Dual Display, 2 Monitors - Extended Desktop

    Hello Everyone:
    There isn't a clear cut answer or solution in connected a Macbook Air to 2 external monitors in an attempt to create an extended desktop. I have read older posts that it's either doable or not doable. My questions are the following:
    -Is it possible to connect a new Macbook Air to 2 external monitors for extended desktop purposes?
    -Some users have reported lag issues (mouse dragging , delays, etc.). Will this happen for sure with a Macbook Air or is it a monitor issue?
    -What's the best non-Apple monitor brand that would work best with a Macbook Air for dual display purposes? I've read that Dells have a problem in this regard.
    -What would be the advantage or disadvantage of using a dock station in setting up a dual display environment? Would this add to the lag, latency factor?
    I'm thinking of investing in a new Macbook Air, but I want to make sure I dont end up with silly issues - such as latency, monitors, etc.
    Thank you for all your help and advise.

    Yes, extended desktop works with monitors set to differant resoultions. the Monitors pref pane allows you to select relative arrangements and rez of all monitors composing the extended desktop.
    personally I run a dell CRT at 2304 X 1728 @ 60Hz along with an NEC 6FG a 2048 X 1280 @ 60Hz off a radeon 9800pro on an MDD.

  • Can I use a second monitor and have an extended desktop

    Thinking of getting a new imac. Maybe the "20. I was wondering will I be able to hook up a second monitor and be able to either mirror the desktop or have an extended desktop. Will it work in windows?
    ibook   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
    ibook   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Travailler avec 2 écrans ? Je suppose que ma question est la même, mais je ne suis pas sûr !?!
    Question : si l'on branche un 2e écran sur la prise monitor d'un iMac 20' (2006-01), est-il possible, de se servir de ce 2e écran pour y mettre les palettes de ces logiciels, tout en ne gardant que la fenêtre principle du fichier sur l'écran de l'iMac ?
    To work with 2 screens? I suppose that my question is the same one, but I am not sure!?!
    Question: if one connects a 2e screen on catch monitor of a iMac 20' (2006-01), is it possible, to be useful itself of this 2e screen to put the pallets of this software at it, while keeping only the window principle file on the screen of the iMac?
    Thank you.
    G4/1,25MHz + iBookG3(Green) /366MHz + Epson SC980   Mac OS X (10.3.7)  

  • Screensaver eMac monitor while in extended desktop mode?

    Officially, eMacs can mirror to an external display but cannot do extended desktop. Since my 2005 eMac's built-in monitor is only functioning correctly at low resolutions (see http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2013835), I'm using a program called Screen Spanning Doctor to run it in extended desktop mode. My eMac is running Mac OS 10.4.11.
    *I'm searching for a way to run a screensaver and/or turn off the eMac's built-in monitor while I continue to use my external monitor.* Is that possible? I've configured my external monitor to function as the primary display while the eMac's built-in monitor is the extended display.

    Hi all,
    I've found a solution to my problem!
    I'd forgotten that Mac OS X allows each monitor in an extended desktop configuration to have its own desktop picture. I copied all desktop pictures to a new folder, used the procedure described at http://www.macworld.com/article/51937/2006/07/savedesk.html to copy all Apple screensaver photos to that new folder, and then configured System Preferences => Desktop & Screen Saver => Desktop to use that new folder and change the picture every five seconds. EDIT: I selected "Random order" too.
    This won't be too distracting since I'm using an external monitor as my primary display. Also, this solution should require only a tiny percentage of my computer's resources. Thanks again to all of you for your great ideas!
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  • Connect additional monitor as extended desktop

    Hi to all,
    it is possible attach another old PC flat VGA monitor to my iMac as extended desktop?
    I don't need mirroring.

    Yes. You will need a mini-DVI to VGA adapter
    <http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wa/RSLID?mco=52 0F02E0&fnode=home/shopmac/macaccessories/displays&nplm=M9320G/A>

  • Dual Monitor (Extended Desktop) Information Requested

    I am gathering information regarding the addition of an additional monitor to serve as an extended desktop for my iMac 2GHz Intel Core Duo (purchased in early 2006).
    1) Is it possible for this 2 1/2 year iMac to have an additional monitor?
    2) My iMac has a Mini-DVI port on the back. While looking at other monitors, I have been seeing 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA), Video - 24 pin DVI-D, and Video - HDMI interface inputs
    3) Which one of those interface types is recommended?
    4) Does Apple require a proprietary cable to connect with the above mentioned monitor?
    Thank you for any information!

    Yes it is possible to have an additional monitor. I would compare the 20" iMac display to DVI quality although I believe HDMI is the highest quality (probably comparable to the 24" iMac displays). You will need a mini-DVI adapter to connect any display (see link below). I would recommend a DVI connection using a monitor the same size as your iMac that can handle the same resolution as your iMac display. If unsure what this resolution is go to system preferences>displays.
    You can also read some of the reviews from this mini-DVI adapter as most of them are trying to do what you are doing. You will also need a standard DVI cable (sometimes included with monitor) to connect to the new monitor to this adapter. There is also a mini-DVI to VGA adapter - although I wouldn't recommend this connection because it will be lower quality than your regular display. And a cable that connects DVI to HDMI if you decide to go that route.

  • External Monitor - Mirror Only ... OR is Extended Desktop possible ?

    If I connect a monitor to my new Intel iMac must it mirror the built-in monitor or can it be set to extend the Desktop ??
    I have seen a bit of software called Desktop Spanning or something like that to make extending the desktop accross a second monitor connected to an earlier type of iMac. Will that work or is that necessary with the new iMcs ???

    All the intel macs support extended desktop, no hack needed.

  • Can the 2nd monitor be an extended desktop?

    i know its a silly and simple question but im new to hooking up a second monitor. So if i get the right connector from the apple store and hook up a second monitor can it be an extended desktop or will it only be a mirrored image?

    Can the 2nd monitor be an extended desktop?

  • Displaying front row on external monitor (extended desktop)

    I've buyed a MacBook (black) and a VGA cable to connect to an external monitor. I've configured as extended desktop, no problem to work with regular apps...
    But i would like to display Front Row on the external monitor, and not on the internal... it should be possiible as i see many people talking about this kind of configuration, but i do not success...
    Can someone tell me how to display front row on the external monitor, or point me where i can configure front row ?
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks, it's a good beginning, but it make the external display also the default for everything else like menu bar,... i do not want to use the whole macbook on the TV, i just want to use the DVD, video clips, photos,... on the TV... it seems for me a regular use : using the mac for the softwares,... and the TV only for the multimedia display...

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