File numbers not shown in Photos

When iPhoto displayed thumbnails the file number was always shown which was useful in selecting a specific image.  The numbers are not shown in Photos. Can I change this?

When iPhoto displayed thumbnails the file number was always shown which was useful in selecting a specific image.  The numbers are not shown in Photos. Can I change this?
Photos can display the titles of the photos below the thumbnails. But while iPhoto used the filenames with the file numbers as titles as a default title, if no title had been assigned, Photos does not do that.  Filenames are only shown in the Info panel for a photo. You have to copy the filename to the title filed manually.
A posted an AppleScript to help with this task as a user tip, see this link:  Photos for Mac: Batch Changing the Titles to the Filename
For a discussion on how to improve this script, see:  Re: Re: Where are photo file names?

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    location not shown on photos on ipad

    What model of iPad is it, wifi-only or wifi-plus-cellular, and have you got Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera set 'on' ? Only cellular models have a built-in GPS chip, for a wifi-only iPad to potentially be able to record location details on a photo it needs to be connected to a wifi-network, and that network needs to be in Apple's database

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    Is your portlet a mobile portlet ?
    if yes you can specify that it is not a "mobile only" portlet.

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    well, so far i'm impressed with my airport extreme, very stable and amazingly fast, but....
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    I have a similar problem with drives attached to my Airport Extreme. The files on the drives are visible when I access them from my MacBook, but not from my XP laptop - no files visible at all on either drive. If I then connect them up directly to the XP box using USB, then all files are visible once again.
    Any assistance on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

  • MP3 file comments not shown in iTunes, but are in Windows programs

    Ok, am orgaising my music collection. I use iTunes on Mac v7.6, Leopard
    There is no comment shown in the itunes for the MP3 files, but if I goto Win XP (boot camp) and either do a list in explorer, or use a program like tag & rename or MonkeyMedia then I can see comments there.
    1) why is this
    2)how can I get iTunes to show them properly
    3) how can I list them in Mac, so I can delete them
    please help

    Ok so without the file you say you cant tell - how will I be able to check? ie if you had the file(s) how would you check and I will use your procedure.
    But if they are windows comments how come Media rage and Musorg see them and not iTunes? In fact if they are "windows" comments how do they how in Media rage and Musorg and not iTunes - i just been thing about that. Surely if they were it wouldnt show up in these.
    Also in Media Rage and Musorg, there is only 1 comment field as in iTues but Rage and Musorg show the comment whereas iTunes does not.
    Is there an app that can show whats actually embedded into the MP3 file? ie the tag details or something? Windows or Mac to see what is going on?
    I will send you a file, but would like to know how I check myself, its bugging me!!!

  • Folder Not Shown But Photos Are In Lightroom

    I work on a Mac.  I keep newer images on my hard-drive, and older images on a network drive.
    I decided to move all of my 2014 folders and files from my hard drive to my network drive.  The wrinkle was: the directory on my network drive is the exact same as my hard drive, and the network drive also serves as my backup location. This means the files and folders on my hard drive already existed on my network drive.  I simply needed Lightroom to find them there.    Because they are already on the network drive I cannot simply drag/drop the folder within LR, or LR will give me an error (folder already exists).
    So, I backed everything up.  Made certain that all the photos were imported into LR from the hard-drive folder (called 2014), then, I renamed the folder on my hard-drive to "2014_Local".  Voila!  Lightroom can't find it.  So, I right click on the folder from within LR and tell LR where to find it... on the network drive.
    Uh oh.  Lightroom created a new "Volume"  (My network drive is "home", LR created "home-1".)  I think I've managed to get past that by having LR "merge" the folders.  Now the photos are all in LR, but the direcory (2014) does NOT appear in the left-hand panel where my files and folders are listed.  I can see the photos.  I can right-click and ask LR to "Show In Finder" and the source is right.  I can search and find files in LR and they do in fact point to the 2014 folder on the network drive, but the folder and subdirectories for the 2014 version on the network drive just do not appear in LR.  My file list is: 2012...2013... AnAlphaDirectory...   Where is the 2014 folder inside the LR directory structure?
    What in the world?
    Can anyone help solve this mystery?

    I deleted the preferences file after rebooting, restarted LR5 and Voila! the "missing" folder appeared.
    For future reference by others: I think the key is restarting LR. Others of us have noticed that when you rearrange the folder structure across drives using Update Folder Location, LR's display of volumes and folders can get confused; but restarting LR fixes the problem.

  • Camera/jpeg picture number not shown in Photos ?

    Hi  In iPhotos the JPEG picture number was shown but cannot find this in Photos, has it been removed ?

    There's an Automator workflow application that user léonie has posted that will put the file name into the Title field for any selected photos when it's run.  It's in this user tip: Photos for Mac: Batch Changing the Titles to the Filename

  • Photos not shown in Photos-Application any more

    Suddenly the pictures i have taken with the phone do not show up any more in the standard photos application.
    It shows only one picture this month..... but they are still existing on phone memory.
    Looks like the library information are corrupted.
    Anybody having an idea how to restore? Can do that with music, but could not find it in photos-application ?

    When working with pictures it is easy to find the library files.... i have deleted them all, and on restart they are automatically rebuild. But they do not include old pictures then... only the new ones. So unfortunately that does not help.
    Also Nokia Support was not able to send any useful answer.
    So it looks like the library was destroyes for any unknown reason... and then started to work normal again, but simply forgot all old pictures.
    Pictures are still available.... but simply not in the list of the library.
    It is a pitty that you can not rebuild the library, as you can with music.....

  • Canon .CTG files should not display in Photo Downloader

    Please make an option in Photo Downloader to exclude certain file types such at
    b Canon .CTG
    files which should not be downloaded. I would like a preference to exclude file types from being downloaded. Thank you.

    Make sure Adobe hears you. You're not addressing Adobe here. Either file a bug report form or post in the New Features Requests section.

  • After a crash with Win XP Professional, I am missing all the important Profile files. How can I recover passwords and history if the key3.db and places.sqlite files are not shown in the profile folder?

    I only have a large urlclassifier3.sqlite file in the old default profile folder. Help!

    Sounds like boot sector corruption to me! I suggest you download Testdisk a product of CG Security. Use the latest version that is NOT beta. Boot the computer to a bootable CD such as Hiren's Boot CD. Run the DOS version. Do NOT write anything to the hard disk, such as a log! Do a deep search for lost partitions. When given the opportunity, look at files and folders. Finally, do a rebuild of the boot sector, and compare that to the current boot sector and backup sector. The write a verified version of the boot sector back to the hard disk. Note: Testdisk 6.11.3, under DOS, will show DELETED FILES IN RED. You can then OFFLOAD them to another drive or USB stick. Good luck.

  • File sizes not shown in Finder

    Only a few sizes are shown for applications and folders in the Finder window. If I select a folder and then press Command-I, the size will be shown in the information window, but still not showing in Finder. Any thoughts?
    Macbook 100g   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Hello Chris
    This is a View Option. Whilst you have a folder open, do View>Show View Options. In there you will find that you can have the folder sizes displayed and calculated automatically. You can also change this setting for all windows if you want it.

  • Downloaded files are not shown in the folder indicated in Options

    "Options" shows that downloaded files should be in a a particular folder. I go to that folder via Windows Explorer and they're not there...other files are, however. So -- how can I access the downloaded files via Windows Explorer if they're not being saved as indicated. Where else could Firefox be putting them? (for testing I checked the "downloads" window list on firefox and compare to the files in the same folder on Windows...two completely different lists).

    When you are in the Firefox Downloads window, right-click a file and select '''Open Containing Folder'''. That will open the folder that downloaded file was saved to.

  • Higher level/consolidation numbers not shown in Excel

    Can not see consolidation numbers at higher level in Excel sheet. They are showing MISSING.
    But data for the certain member combinations are for sure loaded and existing in the cube because we can see them from Excel.
    Any idea about this issue?

    You need to calculate the data if your cue is BSO. So you need to execute the calculation.

  • Shared albums not shown in Photos for Mac

    I upgraded my iPhoto library to Photos yesterday and the main photo content migrated fine. I have two OS X devices - a MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini.
    On my MacBook Pro, if I enable the sidebar in Photos, I see:
    <Other shared albums - both my own and from another iCloud user>
    Albums<Various Albums>
    On my Mac Mini, I only see:
    Albums<Various Albums>
    So Photos on the Mac Mini is not picking up on existing shared albums. If I go to View | Shared it prompts me to "Start Sharing" (as if I haven't done this before). If I click Start Sharing and then create a test album the sharing dialog just vanishes after I select and email address to share with.
    Anybody else seeing this? Any ideas?

    Ok. I followed another suggestion and tried restarting the computer. It seemed to bring up the libraries. At first, I saw no pictures from the shared photos as they reported zero photos when they came up. However, leaving it open for a while seemed to bring back more and more of the libraries, and that was only after restarting the computer a 2nd time. I did get almost all my shared photos back, but each time it seems to stop and not bring all the photos back. I'll try restarting another time as it seems to be the big thing here.
    The syncing activity in Yosemite seems to have some internal limit, where it stops attempting to grab photos from the stream and/or share, and then Photos only tries looking again after a computer restart, not a restart of the application.

  • File names not shown in Recent Files list

    On my Samsung Galaxy S3, when I access the Recent Files list, the files I have downloaded in the last few weeks mostly have names like downloaded_file-51.pdf . In the Documents List under /storage/emulated/0/Download,  the names appear correctly. Older files appear correctly in the Recent Files list.
    Has anyone else seen this problem?

    We are able to reproduce the issue at our end and will try to fix the issue as soon as possible.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
    Adobe Reader Team

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