Filename and sequencing of print orders?

I ordered a set of prints through Aperture.  Before printing, I changed the names (for version & masters) to a date/time format.  They came in and look great, but on the back they just have some nonsensical codes. 
Also, the prints are TOTALLY out of order.  Just random, and I ordered 110 of them.  Even though the album I created before ordering they are sorted by filename (and hence date).
So now I have to reorder them and
Of course, there's no way to contat apple about this.  1800myapple gets you to an automated system that will give you a tracking #, but if you request an operator, it just says "sorry, we can't help you" and hangs up.
I want to use this service again.  It was comparably priced, especially with the flat shipping fee.  The colors are way better than what I usually do which is just print them for pickup at walgreens.  But if I have to sort and label each one myself, I may have to look for alternate services.

Even though the album I created before ordering they are sorted by filename (and hence date)
Yes, It is a pity that you cannot specify the sorting order when printing:
As a workaround: Duplicate your original image files (you can delete the duplicate masters afterwards)
and rename the original files with a number prefix by batch changing the version name and applying the change to the original files
or print a caption onto the image or the border of the image using the BorderFX plug-in
To duplicate the original files/masters create a new, empty project named "DuplicatesToBePrinted" or similar; then drag the images from the album you want to print to this project with the options-key held down. This will duplicate the original masters image files. Any edits you do to these images will leafe the other images untouched.

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    Hey hans,
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    Unfortunately, it is not possible since there is no way to do any kind of substring extraction with filenames in LR rename templates. It's one of the many areas in LR that has been lacking since the beginning, and the features to do this are apparently way down on their priority list of improvements that could be made to the DAM features in LR.

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    Hi Davis,
    Well, if you are able to log on the BPS application (thus, a Web Interface if I'm not mistaken) then it means that some user is logged on the ABAP-side. It is either a "personal" user or a technical (common) user, that is used for anonymous access.
    You will certainly be able to track down this user with the SM04 transaction.
    You should be able to add a button to the BPS page. One idea would be to call an URL with an ICF service behind that will be able to process the parameters contained in this URL.
    It will be this very ICF service that will call the BAPI.
    Try these links
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,

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    Can we add New View Objects/View Links for the existing "Preview and Print" Order Acknowledgement.
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    Looking forward for your response.
    Thanks in advance,

    You can do that. You should first create the new business objects(AM, VO, VL) in jdeveloper, create your new regions in jdeveloper, associate the AM to the top level region(stackLayout) you create. Use personalization and add a stack layout in the Preview and Print page, set the extends property to point to the new region which you had created. Donot forget to deploy all the files in middle tier before doing the personalization.
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    iPhoto '11 is working well.
    The reviews usually only show the comments of people who do not like the changed features.
    To get an idea what to expect, when you upgrade, look at the iPhoto '11 support sites.
    The video tutorials:
    Browse the help, to see how it works:

  • I had ordered a photo book print two years back. I want to reorder the same book again now. However, I have lost the album project in iphoto. Is there any way to see my print order history and reorder the same book for print ?

    I had ordered a photo book print two years back. I want to reorder the same book again now. However, I have lost the album project/photos from iphoto.
    Is there any way to see my print order history and reorder the same book for print ?

    No.  Apple only keeps the pdf file for a book for 30 days.  Without the library and book project you won't be able to reorder the same book.
    Even though the horse is out of the barn the following tutorial might be of help for future books, i.e. create a new library for each book): iP08 - Archiving an iPhoto Book for Editing and/or Ordering at a Later Date

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    gombaig wrote:
    I had the same issue too, email, facebook, Twitter  ect, all greyed out.
    What ist the solution?
    Did you read the thread?
    here is one
    I had the same issue, email, iMessage, Facebook,etc.. plus print all greyed out. I went up to the File menu, clicked on the Switch to Library drop down. Since I only have one library it was already selected, hit choose and all of the functions work again. Seems the system wasn't acknowledging my original library once I updated to Yosemite or 9.6. Either way, it works now.
    If that does not work here is another suggestion
    Try repair permissions with Disk Utility.

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    When creating a Sales Order, the user can enter a "downpayment' in the Payment Means window. When doing this 8.8 will create an AR Downpayment Invoice + Payment.
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    How can I stop the invoice and payment from printing, but still print the Sales Order?
    - terry

    Has this question been answered.  I can not find a method to prevent these docuemnts from printing as well.

  • Changing the print order for payroll checks and payroll deposit advices

    How do you change the print order of payroll checks and deposit advices?

    Hi there crazytalk,
    Could you provide the community with a little more information to help narrow troubleshooting? What operating system are you using and what program are we printing from?
    You can say thanks by clicking the Kudos Star in my post. If my post resolves your problem, please mark it as Accepted Solution so others can benefit too.

  • Printing Order acknowledgement and pick list

    SAP 2007 A
    Please follow scenario:
    Create sales order with 3 line items. If we print order acknowledgement only display is correct. If we print either the pick list only or the order and pick list combination we sometimes see the three items repeated on the pick list and sales order prints fine. This only occasionally happens and we cannot see any pattern as to why it happens. Anyone ever experience this and/or have a suggestions as to what may be causing the problem

    What is your PL?  It sounds like a bug to me.

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    We are trying to convert our Data Modeling tool from Oracle Designer to SQL Developer Data Modeler. We send out 4 data model reports with each release of our software: Table Definition, Sequence Implementation, View/Materialized View Definition and a pdf of the Data Model Diagrams. I have been able to print reports for the Table Definition and Data Model Diagrams but cannot find a way to print out the Sequences and Views in the schema.
    Is there a way to print off a report that is formatted like the Table Definition report in SQL Developer Data Modeler but for Views and Sequences?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Justin,
    There is no built-in reports for Views & Sequences. But you can use reporting repository to create custom reports.
    If you export your models to DB you'll see that Views data is in table called DMRS_TABLEVIEWS. Sequences are not exported not reporting repository at this stage. There is table called DMRS_COLUMNS which has field Auto_Increment_Sequence_Name, but that's it.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Uploading photos and allowing visitors to order prints

    other than flickr (dont like the interface) and picasa (i
    think it's windows only), how can i allow visitors to a site or
    plug to order prints from kodak or another company?

    I had the same symptom and tried several times to order some pictures. It turned out that 3 of the pictures I was sending were somehow corrupt. Don't know why. This is how I figured that out and fixed it.
    Symptoms: when I ordered prints, the file transfer would go for a very long time and just not stop. The info pane in the lower left hand corner of iPhoto would read 55MB for the selection I wanted printed but the file transfer dialog box would read "transferring 54 of 60MB" or something just off. Usually the of number would be about 10MB greater than the actual size. Then the transfer would just hang and hang and hang and not finish.
    A few times I got the same error you described.
    I looked through the order to find out if I had any 10MB, or bad data photos and I didn't. They were all taken with the same camera and imported with the same SD card and card reader.
    I thought it was the network and called iCare. I spoke with the iPhoto application team at iCare and they suggested it was a bad photo. Since I couldn't tell using iPHoto which one was bad I just ordered pictures 10 at a time and noted which ones went through and which ones didn't. I used the order history web page (a link is provided in the e-mail you get confirming your order) to cancel the orders that did go through (you have 90 minutes to cancel after the order goes through).
    Eventually, the 3 bad files of the 150 were found, I exported them and re-imported them and that fixed them.
    Of note, this took about 15 different orders/cancellations and my credit card company froze my account since it was suspicious and the iPhoto order prints transfers wouldn't even start. Oh well, after calling them, my order for all 150 photos went through.
    Hope this helps you narrow down the problem you are having. You can always try ordering one print or re-ordering a print you know has worked in the past in order to eliminate network/iPHoto problems and then cancel that order.
    Good luck, post your findings,

  • Files size and print ordereing

    Just wondered.
    When I have 5 raw pictures and want to order these at Kodak with Aperture, are the images are going to be downscaled to a jpeg format automatically?
    Or are the full raw images going to be send to the Apple/Kodak print order service? If so, this will take a ling time to upload.

    Yes, it converts the RAW to compressed jpeg and then sends them to apple.
    The problem with the online printing service is that they do not provide a ICC profile.
    Macbook pro 2,16Ghz 15"   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Sequencing of Purchase order and Good Issue acc. to Production order date

    Hello ,
    We are using Direct procurement scenario ,During MRP run we generate a Plan order(which have dates); which converted into Production order later.For these production order material is needed (components). And for procuring components we need to create purchase order.
    Assumption :- Each component have same Procurement lead time
    Our requirement is Purchase order and GI in Production order should be done sequentially, means Based on Production order date ,FIFO based Purchase orders are created and GI done in Production order. Production order with earlier production date have purchase orders earlier and we do GI in production order accordingly.
    Kindly suggest

    Hello Dario
    Thanks for your reply. Our requirement is to put a check on system that GI for production order should be done FIFO wise
    means as MRP generate 3 production order of same material each at different date , we want issance of components to be done on FIFO wise in production order

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