Final Cut Pro 7: problem creating Blu Ray disc

Hello, I've a problem using FInal Cut Pro 7. I want to create a Blu Ray disc using the "Share" function, but during the process - after many hours - appears this warning message: "SHARE WARNING - NSEXPETION RAISED BY 'NSPORT TIMEOUT EXCEPTION' REASON = CONNECTION TIMEOUT: DID NOT RECEIVE REPLY". Someone can help me? What does it mean? Thanks! P.S. Duration of my film (in the timeline): 35 minutes.

Yes. It will only burn Blu-Ray if it is the Pro version though.
Compressor will also burn the Blu-Ray if you set it up to do so: section=3%26tasks=true

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  • Problems creating Blu Ray Discs with AME Presets in CS4

    After several weeks wasted (months back) with an ATI 5750 graphics card in Win 7/and CS4 (not working correctly) - I finally resolved by swapping with a NVidia GTS250 card .....but all my troubles are not over yet ....
    I'm running Premiere CS4 and have finally just got down to testing creation of a Blu Ray test disc from some AVCHD 1920x1080 HD footage I am editing from my new camera.
    My work in CS4 is just testing at present as I used to use CS3 [still have on my dual core machine with Matrox RTX2]  - and have successfully created Blu Ray discs from HDV material in CS3 - but using Blu Ray MPEG 2 settings.
    New machine Win 7 - 64 bit
    Premiere CS4 is at 4-2-0 version
    Encore at 4-0-1 version
    These are the last updates
    I've selected a short test piece (about 2 mins)on Premiere timeline and initially tried Media export using Adobe Media encoder.
    I selected H264 BluRay codec in media encoder. Hi quality 1080 25 fps.(PAL)
    This creates dual MP4 Video and Audio streams
    Encode process goes OK, just slightly slower than real time, (I'm using i7-930 Quad Core and Win 7 64 Bit)
    Now - when I come to input the encoded video file into Encore as an Asset - Encore freezes and the whole machine locks up !!!
    Audio file imports OK but the Encore software does not like the encoded Video file
    I've re-installed Premiere and Encore twice in case of bad install. It wasn't that.
    I also found Adobe Media player couldn't play the file created by AME either - but it would play on a Premiere timeline?
    So is Adobe Media encoder messing up here ?
    So - .....3 hours of testing later ....I stumble on a Support thread from someone on the Forum that they found AME preset has "HIGH" in the Encoding Profile Preset - when it should be MAIN ?.
    Not sure what these settings do - but tried changing that parameter and re-encoded the Video file with H264 BluRay setting - all to no avail as when I try importing again the machne just locks up ?
    My final search in Premiere help file about creating BluRay discs ONLY talks about using MPEG 2 BluRay setting for creating BluRay discs
    It does not specify H264. Why is that?
    Can one of the moderators / experts confirm if H264 Blu ray format  is supported for BluRay disc creation in CS4 please??
    Better still please tell me the exact settings for Adobe Media encoder so it will import into Encore without having to be transcoded again.
    H264 should work - yes ?
    Final comment
    As an alternative method, I tried sending the short timeline in Premiere (using Dynamic Link)  to Encore to test that route for making a BluRay disc
    Bearing in mind the sequence is only about 2 mins long - when I ty to Transcode using the engine within Encore - the process takes a ridiculously long time and twice it has crashed just before the end of the process......
    Can someone explain why the encode process in Encore takes such a long time as I thought it used the Adobe Media encoder engine as well.?
    Adobe Media Encoder is much faster used stand alone mode.
    Encore seems to not use that ?
    Anyway - conclusion is that using Encore to encode the tmeline is a non starter as it takes too long.
    why so slow  on such a fast machine?....I know HD encoding is demanding but not that demanding with a decent machine.
    So the question is ....
    How do I encode in the most efficient and fastest way possible (using H264)  for Blu Ray authoring into Encore without need for more Transcodes?
    Any help or suggestions welcome as I'm now hitting my head against the wall :-)
    I have not gone through Adobe Support desk as it is usually a waste of time.{Dear VP of Adobe Customer Service - please do get this sorted out in the near future  if you want to retain loyal customers....}
    I cannot believe how disappointing  CS4 is turning out to be.
    After investing in a very fast PC machine etc the whole user experience is somewhat of a let down.
    Why so many issues for such a small test??

    Picking up on my original post about H264 - as I have a dual boot machine I also have a clean  installed Win 7 /64bit partition which I use for general bits of work.
    On that I have CyberPowerDVD SW installed which plays all Video files fine including BluRay material etc.
    Interestingly when I try to play the file that AME has created from the BluRay H264 preset it says 'It cannot play the file as it is a format it does not recognise...'
    This is really weird and would suggest AME is not encoding the file corrrectly??
    I have already removed and made a re-install of CS4 on my main [video editing] partition but there were some fragments of CS4 left intact
    How do I completely remove everything?
    I tried the CS4 clean script but it said it relied on Microsoft CLean Up utility and gave a link
    When I loooked on Microsoft web site the link to download it had been removed?
    Also Adobe say the CS4 remove script is no longer supported ?
    Can anyone advise on the correct tool/procedure to completely remove CS4 from a Win 7/64bit installation so I can then try re-install of CS4 one more case the installation is corrupt in some way
    I can't explain why I am having this problem otherwise if other people find AME encodes OK with H264 BluRay preset.

  • Final Cut Pro X problems since updating to Yosemite

    F C P X works the same as it did with M L OS. I ran into a problem when I went to Share with a Blue Ray Recorder. It Transcoded fine until it gets to 66% then it stops. I tried several times with same results. I have a Wedding completely done with now way to burn to DVD BR. Any thoughts?

    Try Here:
    Re: Blu-Ray burning error after Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 update.

  • Annoyed with JVC/Final Cut Pro import problem; will they ever fix this?

    Annoyed with Final Cut Pro JVC import problem; will they ever fix this?
    I've shot footage on JVC GY-HD111E in the UK in 720p/25p PAL mode.
    I'm trying to import lots of short clips (average 10 seconds) into Final Cut Pro (latest version with 720p/25p support) with a new Mac Pro maxed out with ram and 3 extra internal HDs.
    Problem is, on a scene-break i.e. pause/stop, Final Cut detects this and creates a new clip, but it takes about 5 seconds to 'searching for media" before it starts the new clip. Because some clips are only very short, this 5 second delay sometimes means I only get the final few frames of a clip, rather than the entire 5 seconds or so of it.
    JVC UK are blaming Apple and are saying it is up to them to fix it as Premiere and Edius does not have this problem.
    However, Symbiosis in the UK (who do HD-Connect box) say that the JVC ProHD cameras do not wrap the shots up properly at the end, they are kind of left open and this creates problems on scene-breaks.
    I've tried turning off the "create new clip on timecode break" etc, but it does not make any difference, when I do this it simply quits capturing on a scene break. Besides I have about 300 cutaways like this and I don't want to spend the rest of the year breaking them up on the timeline as this would be a futile and long workflow.
    I'm importing and working on a native HDV 720p/25p timeline and this is the way I want to work. I've already imported and edited 4 hours of footage, but these 4 hours were easy as all 4 tapes had no start/stop points, they were recorded continuously from beginning to end of tape for 64 minutes each time so importing was no problem; 1 clip per tape.
    But now I've come to my 5 tapes containing hundreds of cutaways I'm kind of screwed and need some advise on how I can import them natively in HDV without losing this 5 seconds off the beginning of each clip whilst FCP searches for the media each time.
    I've been told this issue is definately with FCP, any ideas how I can get around this?

    I haven't heard of this JVC/FCP problem, so I can't comment on it. However, whoever shot the cutaways didn't do you, the editor, any favors.
    I've been doing video since 1984, and I've got to say, anyone who shoots a scene that is only 5 or 6 seconds long on tape is making a huge mistake, and it's been that way since the beginning of computerized editing in the late 70s.
    Shoot at least 5 seconds of pre-roll before the shot begins, then roll tape for at least 5 seconds after you've got the shot. That's the protocol I've followed for 22 years now. Tape is cheap, edit suite time isn't.
    But laying down only 5 to 6 seconds for a scene is wrong, IMO.

  • Final Cut Pro color problem

    So I just got myself a new 24' LED monitor for my home edit suite, and I have been very pleased with it.  I just happened to open FCP to see adjust my workspace for the bigger setup, and I noticed a strange problem.  In FCP, the viewer and the canvas look very dark, like the brightness is turned down.  It also looks that way on my laptop monitor, which has always been my second edit monitor. 
    However, my project exports look nothing like that on the same monitor.  I thought perhaps the monitor wasn't calibrated properly, but the Quicktimes look fine.  I've attached a screen shot of the problem.  The image on top is the Quicktime, and the image on the bottom is the FCP canvas.  What's happened to my FCP?  Is it some sort of color profile or does it have to do with the resolution?  Is it a FCP setting or a monitor setting?  I don't understand why it changed how it looked on my laptop monitor, since nothing changed with it.  Any insight would be fantastic!

    I believe this is the difference between  broadcast gamma output via something like a AJA KONA card and a regular monitor gamma. Go into Final Cut Pro- System Settings and select the Playback control tab. Change the Gamma Correction from "Accurate" to "Approximate"
    When you reset this you can then start to calibrate your monitor. Without that gamma setting changed you can crank all of your monitor settings to maximun brightness and you'll never ever see the pluge on your color bars.
    Good Luck,

  • Moving from Linux to Final Cut Pro, Need Help Creating Same Mpeg-4 videos

    I am seeking to move into Final Cut Pro to develop these types of videos that I have previously been creating in Linux.
    How can Final Cut Pro make these videos in the format specified below (OR VERY CLOSE TO IT)?
    Please let me know what settings with screenshots, etc. will make final cut pro output in this way.
    MINIMUM output requirements Video codec: Mpeg-4 (divx) with 2400 vbitrate, Audio Codec: MP3 and File container .avi
    I look forward to your help, below are the details I've used in Linux, so please help me create these videos using Final Cut Pro.
    I need this information by the end of the week.
    To Convert from a captured uncompressed video to MPEG-4 (Divx) with MP3
    audio at 2400 bits using mencoder
    mencoder -ffourcc divx capture002.avi -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc -lavcopts
    vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=2400:v4mv:mbd=2:trell:cmp=3:subcmp=3:mbcmp=3:autoaspect:vp ass=1
    -vf harddup -noskip -mc 0 -o test.avi
    -------------VIDEO ------------
    Video Encoded to Codec (MPEG-4) with ffourcc divx (divx4)
    Video Bitrate = 2400 (vbitrate=2400),
    Allow 4 motion vectors per macroblock (slightly better quality) (v4mv)
    Motion estimation=2 (mbd=2)
    Trellis searched quantization. This will find the optimal encoding for
    each 8x8 block. Trellis searched quantization is quite simply an optimal
    quantization in the PSNR versus bitrate sense (Assuming that there would
    be no rounding errors introduced by the IDCT, which is obviously not the
    case.). It simply finds a block for the minimum of error and lambda*bits.
    Sets the comparison function for full pel motion estimation (cmp=3)
    Sets the comparison function for sub pel motion estimation (subcmp=3)
    Motion Search Algorithm (mbcmp=3)
    Same as the aspect option, but automatically computes aspect, taking into
    account all the adjustments (crop/expand/scale/ etc.) made in the filter
    chain. Does not incur a performance penalty, so you can safely leave it
    always on. (autoaspect)
    Activates internal two (or more) pass mode, only specify if you wish to
    use two (or more) pass encoding. (vpass=1)
    duplicate frames (harddup)
    no skipping (-noskip)
    ------------- AUDIO ------------
    Audio Encoded to Codec (MPEG-3)
    ------------- FILE CONTAINER ------------
    File Container (.avi)

    I need this information by the end of the week.< </div>
    Not likely.
    Easiest solution is to produce your edited material in FCP and then move the fully rendered, self-contained movie, in whatever format you are producing, to your Linux machine and use its encoder/transcoder.
    Compressor will do the job for MP3 and MP4 but you will need to purchase the DIVX codec or transport it to your Mac. You need to talk to DiVX and you need to open the manual for Compressor. Compressor is not easy to learn how to use i na day but whatever you were using on your Linux box was much more difficult to learn.

  • Final Cut Pro 5, problems with switching between HDV and DV

    I recorded a movie in HDV 1080i50 and captured it into Final Cut Pro 5. I think the capture was done correctly (but the video was captured by another person), with Easy Setup on HDV 1080i50 and the camera set on HDV 1080i.
    The sequence in which I edited the movie had its settings on DV PAl which was necesary for me to export the video for DVD. Of course I had to render the clips many times in the DV mode. Later I wanted to export the movie to tape in the original HDV format so I changed the sequence settings to HDV 1080i50.
    There I encountered a problem. The frame became very small while the aspect ratio was huge (1920x1080) and it didn´t matter though I copied the clips to a new sequence (with its settings on HDV).
    Does anybody know why this occurres? Is it possible that the frame size distorts if I change the sequence settings from HDV to DV and again to HDV? Because I have also tried to put the original audio/video files into a new HDV sequence and there the frames dimensions are correct.
    Best regards - Einar Hjartarson

    I think your workflow is completely wrong.
    Edit in whatever codec the footage is, then export via
    Compressor > Advanced Format Conversion
    It's that simple.
    You can't just change your sequence settings to whatever you want the footage to be.

  • Hi, i've made a video in final cut pro, the problem is that when i export it not the entire video is played, just the first 3 seconds

    i made a video in final cut pro x. The entire thing isn't that long, however when it comes to sharing it only the very first few seconds are playe.

    see where the clip ends and then the timeline becomes black? when i add on an extra clip that line thing with the arrow does not move and if i try to export the video not all of it is played, just till that arrow.

  • How do I create Blu Ray Disc with DVD Studio Pro ?

    Folks, I think that I'm in trouble... I created 3 HD projects with DSP (i do not have the tapes and fcp project anymore, neither the HDV 1080i mov file) and I need to be burned it with a Blu-Ray Media, and play it with a BR Player... So far I made the following steps:
    1-) In FCP, I exported some Quicktime Movies with HDV 1080i60 codec (movie with chapters, menu bg movie, extras).
    2-) In Compressor, I used the preset HD MPEG-2 19,0 MBPS for videos, and Dolby digital professional 2.0 for audios.
    3-) In DSP I created a HD DVD Project (DISC window, GENERAL tab, DVD STANDARD = HD DVD; DISC WINDOW, DISC/VOLUME tab, DISC MEDIA = BLUE LASER, LAYER OPTION = OTP) with movies, extras, menus...
    4-) In ADVANCE BURN (under FILE MENU) I chose BUILD.
    5-) Now I got a HVDVD_TS folder, with my movie compilation...
    NOW, my doubt is... The folder HVDVD_TS can be burned on a BR Media and be played on a BR Player ?
    If not, what can I do with my HVDVD_TS folders to be compatible with Blu Ray ?
    thanks a lot for any help.
    Best Regards

    That can't be done. Get the tapes back and start over. Get the new Toast in the tutorial I posted to make a Blu ray disc.
    You could try this tool to demux the streams, transcode to QT then re-encode for Blu Ray but I wouldn't go that direction unless you know what your doing. You would also be encoding twice which is not good.
    Get the original source back and go the toast route from the start.
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  • Final Cut Pro 4:  Problems exporting video using QuickTime conversion

    just recently updated my Mac to version 10.4.11 -
    Ever since, Final Cut Pro won't let me Export my video using QuickTime Conversion.
    Its starts exporting, then freezes at 79%. A general error message pops up.
    I know its not a space issue, because I have 20GB left and the video i'm exporting is only 2 GB.
    I installed all the software updates.
    Can anyone help? Do I need a new version of Final Cut?

    1) this is the final cut express forum not the pro.
    2) 10.4.6 is not the latest, try updating to 10.4.11
    3) after any system update you must run disk utility to repair permissions or errors that may not have been addressed during the upgrade process.
    4) have you tried exporting as a reference movie then playing it in qtpro, if ok then export.
    5) what are you trying to export too?

  • Final Cut Pro X problem

    final cut pro x doesn't open my final cut pro files?
    Does anyone know how I can fix this?

    FCPX cannot open legacy FCP projects, if that's what you mean. There us no fix. The applications are entirely separate.

  • Creating Blue-ray disc - H.264 Codec?

    Hi, I know I can use MPEG-2 for Blue-Ray. Is it possible to use H.264 Codec for Blue-Ray in Compressor? (it should be much more efficient then the MPEG)... How can I make it work?

    How long is your video?
    I have made Blu-Ray discs using Compressor and the latest Toast Titanium on standard DVD discs.
    In compressor just encode your video using the HD DVD codec supplied.
    Then, using toast select Blu-Ray disc (if you have a Blu-Ray burner) or select Blu-Ray on DVD (this will create a bluray disc on a standard DVDR although you will be limited to around 30mins)
    I have done this succesfully a few times and played back using PS3 with no problems.

  • How to redownload final cut pro on different computer without installation disc?

    I purchased a laptop that has final cut pro on it but it didnt come with an installation disc or anything. I need to put my final cut pro on a different computer...What can I do?

    Final Cut Pro X is an app from the Mac App Store. There is no installation disc.  Since you said it came pre-installed on your computer, I'm assuming that means you aren't able to go to the Purchased tab of the Mac App Store on a different computer to redownload it. Therefore, I would suggest using an external hard drive or FireWire or thunderbolt or USB connects,etc. to transfer the application between computers along with all the library files from the system library library and 'hidden library'

  • Creating Blu ray disc using FCP

    I'm curious to know how people are creating a data file for a Blu Ray Disc that use FCP? i.e Toast w/ a third party burner.

    Will you be using Encore or Toast to encode the video file?
    In either you should start a video file exported as self contained current settings from FCP, and encode that to either h.264 blu ray mpeg2 HD in the settings of either Encore or Toast.
    What are your sequence settings in FCP?

  • Fcp 7 project through compressor 3.5 or share re: creating blu ray disc

    Am I missing something but it seems you can't send a fcp project to compressor 3.5 via the "send to" option as there isn't any appropriate settings for blu ray, only HD DVD.
    But you can through the share option. Is that the case or am I just getting too old for all this new high tech stuff??
    "Roger Retired"

    Hi iamfrustrated
    I'll have to tell you I don't have much experience with compressor, I've been using Episode to transcode my DVD files and Encore to author my DVD's and I am just getting started with burning Blu-ray. But I would think you could simply burn a Blu-ray disc image to your hard drive from within compressor and then even use toast if you want to turn make additional copies. Is that perceivable?

Maybe you are looking for

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