Final cut pro x - Title changes are not saved!

Dear Sirs,
I have a big project I am working on in Final cut pro x that contains about 300 subtitles (created with the basic title tool), and now when I make text changes to these titles, quit the program and open the project again those changes are gone....!!! This is a serious problem for me, any help concerning this would be greatly appriciated.
Thank you,

You might not have a compatible video card. It needs to be "OpenCL" compatible. What mac are you using, and what video card? This info is available using the "About this Mac" menu item; click "More Info" to get to the video info.

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    When exporting to a DVD from Final Cut Pro X, what settings are there to make sure you making the highest quality DVD possible?

    There have been a lot of recent reports of difficulties sharing to DVD, but haven't been hearing about unreadable disks. Posibly there was an encoding error. Or it could have been bad media (blank disk).
    Does it play in your Mac?
    What brand of disks are you using?

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    There never was a trial version of FCP7. The application was only ever sold as part of the Final Cut Studio suite of applications. You might still find copies on eBay.

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    You can find the connection settings in Tools > Options > Advanced : Network : Connection
    If you do not need to use a proxy to connect to internet then select "No Proxy"
    See "Firefox connection settings":
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
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    My JDeveloper version is
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    go to <af:document id="d1" > tag and then property inspector and the n make uncommittedDataWarning to off.

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    Hello Experts,
    I making a small change to an existing Web Template namely changing the tab page 1 to tab page 2 and  vice versa.
    I could see the message Changes are saved but at the end web template is same like as it was.
    Any idea why changes are not being saved and how to over come this will be of great help.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Best Regards.

    The changes are not saved in WAD or has not affect when executing the WAD ?

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    After making changes to my iWeb site, I have re-published as well as saved all to .mac. However, the changes are not saved. How can I save the changes?

    Welcome to Apple's discussions.
    Try clearing your browser cache, and then take another look. The changes are most likely there.

  • Exporting sequence from Final Cut Pro 7, some clips are pixellated and bad quality, does this have anything to do with the fact that I changed those clips speed?

    Bit of a beginner using Final Cut Pro 7
    Am currently trying to export a sequence using quicktime conversion.  Sequence has various filters and effects over it and when I export it some of the clips are pixellated and appear to have not exported correctly.  From what I can gather the affected clips have either been slowed down or made faster.  I am wondering whether this is the reason they have not exported correctly
    Any help would be appreciated

    More information needed.
    Codec of material?
    Sequence settings? (codec)
    fwiw - do not use quicktime conversion. Use Export Quicktime with Current Settings enabled then do any format conversions in Compressor.

  • Are the sound clips from Final Cut Pro Fair Use?, Are the sound clips from Final Cut Pro Fair Use?

    I recently found YouTube had flaged a video for containing a "third party" sound clip.  All clips I've used in videos for YouTube have come directly from Final Cut Pro X.  Any idea if the sound clips are Fair Use?  I'm not sure how to repsond to YouTube and don't want to get a mark against my account due to this.

    You can pretty much forget about monetizing that specific video. 
    [Okay... I'm going to ramble now...]
    To avoid problems with youtube, you need to post a copyright (like this: @2013 by Your Name) on the video (I recommend within the first 10 seconds) -- and you better have it *right*. If you use other audio and video, as long as you have secured the proper permissions for use, you can still claim a copyright to the video you post on YouTube -- it is your creation (but it better not be a single clip of somebody else's work being passed off as something you did -- just to be clear -- your videos need to have original content that you created in order to justify the © you put on it. If you use *other stuff* as long as it's *with* permissions, it's still your video.) [If your video is going to be monetized -- make absolutely sure you have that permission for *commercial* use! Quite a lot of sources will specify that their materials *cannot* be used for any commercial use without further permissions, if at all. With Apple Loops (pro apps music and sound) you do have that express permission to be used in commercial works as long as it follows the EULA. More below.)]
    You also need to specify the music and/or sound effects are "licensed from Apple Computer and used with permission" and you might as well state they are "made with Apple Loops". YouTube understands the EULA of the Apple Pro software (Logic, STP, FCP/FCPX, etc...) -- but even Apple licensed all that stuff from outside sources. Apple just takes care of paying "them" for it in advance so you don't have to (you buy it with the cost of the software license.)
    You cannot use any of the "music beds" by themselves, in their entirety (all those nice long demo pieces everybody likes so much and you hear several times a day on [local] TV commercials). The EULA actually specifically states this (although you might have to read it two or three times until it becomes clear...LOL). Even loops are not to be released "as is", in their entirety, in any "derivative work". So, basically, make sure some other sound is mixed in with it (if it's music, add drums or other percussion, harmony, or duck it under talking, etc...)
    The point is, no matter what audio source you have, if it is *music* (or foley) and EVEN IF you are the creator of that music or sound effect, you need to specifically put it in writing IN the video (not in the description). You need to reference the source (e.g.: stock footage by and state it's being used with (or by) permission. [According to YouTube: I have copyright infringed MYSELF!!! just for leaving out all this *stuff* from my subsequent videos (music that I composed and performed myself on guitar... I was livid... but it stuck!).]
    I can pretty much guarantee that within minutes of  posting your video (if it is monetized) -- some real live person at youtube puts eyes on that video to make sure it is properly "signed". I can tell by how long it takes for the monetize checkmark to go from dark to light green -- usually less than 10 minutes.
    If your video is not monetized, and it's not a blatant violation, they probably will let you off with a warning, tell you that you don't need to do anything "right now" and it won't count as a mark against you... If it IS monetized, it won't be - they'll turn it right off and your chances of winning a challenge are almost 0 (unless you can PROVE you own the material -- and  I have won a challenge -- see * below);  and you will probably see a "Copyright Notices" (or similar) item in the menu on your channel settings. If you can redo the video - pull the old one, put in the new info and re-up it.  It's a royal PITA, but in this day and age, it's a necessity.
    All videos destined for youtube should be treated as mini motion pictures and be prepared as such with full "disclosures" in titling... Welcome to  21st Century Pox [This statement is not meant to be derogatory to 21st Century Fox or imply any association or criticism or slander, and is only to be intended to be received as a parody on a common phrase that is currently still in use... No words were harmed in the formation of this pun.]
    Get the point? YouTube tries to tell everybody -- but they've done a pretty lousy job of doing it. It's taken me, oh, I guess a year or so to learn to "behave" after wandering through a mire of confusing information from too many different sources -- and even if I am the sole producer of 100% of all the content in the video, I *still* have to place that © and "commit" it; it is *not* taken on faith.  I actually had to go back and reread all my licenses and interpret the legalese to figure it out. It would have been simpler if they just put it: Your video is a miniature professional production. Make sure it includes all titling to reflect all participants -- *just like you'd see in a modern major motion picture or a major broadcast television series* -- I think everyone would pretty much understand what that involves. You don't have to get quite that extreme, just cover you bases and your a©©.
    I tried to cover it all... but I'm pretty sure I haven't... so... good luck!
    *How I won my challenge with an Apple Loops composition:
    1) the music, even though using "canned" loops, was an original complex composition (I'll argue theory with anyone about this... it will be based on limited sets and recombinants as well as the theory of instrumentation and timing. In other words - I massage the heck out of loops until they don't sound anything like the originals. I almost never use audio loops -- always MIDI.) [BTW - this was another instance of copyright infringing myself - I had used the same music in a previous video I produced a year or so earlier... when I, like you, thought I was "free" to use the clips as I saw fit.]
    2) the music I used in the video was originally created in Logic and I made sure the ID3 tags were filled in with my name and copyright information
    3) I have a YouTube Associated Website (think this is a "partner" thing... and google "sanctioned") but if you see it, make sure you associate your domain. [I think you might be able to create a Google+ account and associate a domain that way if it's not part of your YouTube settings.]
    4) I uploaded the original mp3 with the ID3 tags to my associated domain.
    5) in the challenge, I 1) attached the original mp3 (w/ID3 tags); 2) gave youtube a link to the copy on my associated website for *verification* that the files belonged to ME; (and they already had the URL to the video in question -- a basic 3 point verify.)
    It worked. They accepted the verifcation. (And this was the first challenge I've been able to win.) [This was very recent. What about the others? I might get a chance to complete the verifications, but I know for some, I've used up my challenges. The only other option is to pull them and redo them...]
    One last word of advice: It does not pay to get "huffy", indignant, or righteous with YouTube in a challenge. They don't care.  <-- read that again a lot more slowly...  They have their own behinds to take care of — and your video (and/or account) lives (or dies) by their grace. If you read that and infer that I have been those things, then yes, I have... to absolutely no avail... even though I thought I was right (to the best understanding I had at the time) — they have rules. Be respectful. In general, they're pretty relaxed about all this even though it might not look that way to many users. Once you get the rules down, everything goes a lot easier... even if it is a little more work. You have to take responsibility for your own work.

  • HT201237 Final Cut Pro X 10.0.8 not working under Yosemite

    I have Final Cut Pro X 10.0.8 and it stopped working under Yosemite. Are there any fixes or work arounds? Oddly enough, my copy of Final Cut Express 4.01 still works!
    MacBook Pro 13" (Late 2011)
    12 GB RAM
    180 GB Intel 530 SSD

    I'm not seeing Final Cut in my purchases on this device ...
    However ...
    I did change my Apple ID a few times since 2012 (I kept forgetting it and also wanted to consolidate with my other Apple devices ... )
    I actually have Final Cut 10.0.8 installed on two computers. I updated Final Cut on the laptop last year to 10.1 .... but KEPT the old FCP version on the desktop because I liked it.
    However, since I updated to Yosemite on the desktop last week, Final Cut 10.8 will not open --- and I don't have an "update option" in the App store.
    Will this happen on my laptop if I update to Yosemite? That device is running Mountain Lion, I think.  But I would hate to also lose Final Cut 10.1 ... it's all I seem to have left.
    Do I have to purchase Final Cut again for both computers? Thanks very much for your help, it is very appreciated!

  • Final Cut Pro X 10.0.9 not working after installing Yosemite

    Final Cut Pro X 10.0.9 is not working with Yosemite I installed today, what do I do?

    UUpdate your software. Only 10.1.3 or 10.1.4 work with Yosemite. Significant changes since your version.

  • Final Cut Pro: Ingested AVCHD clips are sometimes distorted

    Apple has released this support info:
    Last Modified: February 03, 2009
    Article: TS2572
    AVCHD clips you transcode to ProRes from the Log and Transfer window are sometimes jumpy or distorted.
    Products Affected
    Final Cut Pro 6.x, Perian Quicktime component
    This may happen if you installed the Perian QuickTime component.
    To temporarily disable Perian while using Final Cut Pro:
    Open System Preferences.
    Click the Perian icon at the bottom of the System Preferences window.
    Select the General tab in the Perian preference pane.
    Click Remove Perian.
    If you would like to enable Perian after you finish working with your AVCHD clips, return to step four but click Install Perian to enable it.

    1. FCP does not work with material this is not "native". To see what "native" formats FCP supports, look at the standard presets. If you don't know what a FCP standard preset is, do some research. The Manual is a wonderful place to start.
    2. FCP does not work well when you play material from the system drive. Editable media MUST be stored on a non-system drive.
    The key points to understand are - if your material is not a FCP native format (codec), convert it to one (pro res 422 works just fine) and use a non-system drive as your media storage/ playback drive.
    If you do this and you still have problems, post back. We'll do what we can to help.

  • Final Cut Pro 7 crashed and will not open (only gives unusual error)

    Final Cut Pro 7 (from Final Cut Studio 2 installation) crashed sometime yesterday at 8 and any time it was opened it oulde give an error saying that this version of Final Cut wasn't supported by G4 and needed to be upgraded to G5. This is far from true though since it's been working properly and without trouble for about 2 months.
    Also, and I'm not sure if it's related or not, but stopped working after this happened. Of course, I want to know what could have caused this to happen. Could it have been from switching any settings or working with certain HD footage?
    It's a MacBook with Snow Leapord if that helps.

    yeah, you have to be careful with your terminology, otherwise you start a firestorm.
    Given the ONLY information we get in solving issues is what people write, accurate terminology is critical to solving the problem. If people need someone to read their mind, then they should to take their problem into a repair facility where the tech people can directly deal with the machine.
    Have fun.

  • My Final Cut Pro X Trial Version is not working. Please Help!

    I downloaded the trial version of Final Cut Pro X yesterday (which is a .dmg file) and when i tried to open it, am message pops up saying it's not recognized. I tried duplication the file then repairing it using Utilities.. But it didn't work. Someone please help me.

    i tried that....

  • Final Cut Pro X 10.0.07 not working with Mountain Lion?

    I have just installed Mountain Lion on my computer two weeks ago, and just now I needed to use Final Cut Pro X 10.0.7 to edit a video for a client.
    Every time I open FCPX it doesn't open normally.  It doesn't bring up it's normal purple background, just the wording.  And when it opens and I scroll over a video, it won't bring it up in the viewer.
    When I go to import footage, it opens the import window but it's just a grey screen.
    What can I do?  I need to have FCPX working by tonight!

    Use FCS Remover to trash the app and try reinstalling it.

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