Finder - Snap To Grid Bug

If I select Snap To Grid, then Clean Up, my desktop icons will not line up on the left hand side of my desktop. I have the dock on the left side and a row of folders on that side as well.
When I select Clean Up, the finder relocates these items several inches from the left edge of my screen. I have to deselect Snap To Grid and move them back along the left edge. I cannot get them to stay on the left hand side at all.
Anyone else having this error?

Delete these files.
/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences. Drag those files to the Trash, empty the Trash and restart your Mac.

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  • How to make every folder in finder snap to grid

    Hi, does anyone know how to make every folder in finder snap to grid? Without having to go one by one into the view options?

    Open a folder, CMD+J, set it up as you want it, and click on the Use as Defaults button. That will set it for all unopened folders. For those previously opened and having other settings, you'll have to reapply it to each.

  • Snap-To-Grid Finder feature doesn't work for mounted data CDs (Icon View)

    I always use Icon View in Finder. And I AM aware of the CMD+J --> Arrange by --> Snap-To-Grid feature. I've set it for all my other Finder windows for my startup drive, and it works. (Actually, I set it to auto-arrange by Kind.) I've even used it as the default setting by clicking the "Set As Defaults" button at the bottom of the View Options window.
    But there seems to be a weird glitch where every time I insert a burned data CD with icon folders and such, my Finder window always opens a mess of icons, one on top of each other. I keep setting it back to CMD+J --> Arrange by --> Kind, and the icons organize into grids right after. I click "Set As Defaults" again. But when I eject the CD, then mount it again, Finder gives me a mess of one-on-top-of-the-other icons all over again. What gives? I just want to be able to set all my files to auto-arrange in Finder by Kind.

    But when I eject the CD, then mount it again, Finder gives me a mess of one-on-top-of-the-other icons all over again
    Of course it will.
    The CD is read-only - it can't be written to. Since the window position, view settings, layout, etc. are stored in the directory, there's no way for the Finder to write the changed settings back to the disk before you eject it.
    The issue occurs because what you're seeing is how the window was laid out when the disk was burned in the first place.
    Your solution is to re-burn the disk, positioning the icons where you want them before starting the burn.

  • How do you remove snap to grid in Garageband 10.0.2? I can't find it anywhere.

    Basically in older versions of Garageband, there used to be a setting under Control >> Snap to Grid and you could toggle it on and off. In this new version, I found that a lot of different, basic things that I knew how to do are no longer there, or are way harder to do. Snap to grid is one of those things, and I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know how to turn off snap to grid?

    Choose Edit > Snap to Grid from the "Edit" menu.
    The "Snap to grid" option is not always visible. I am seeing it only, when a software instrument track is selected, the track editor window is open for that track, and  a region in the track is selected.

  • Stopping Finder from Auto Snap to Grid

    I want to be able to move things on my desktop.  Right now all files and folders are in alphabetical order and I can't move them. If I add something new, it re-alphabetizes. I know there must be a simple button to trip to turn off this snap to grid in Name order, but I can't find it.  Please help me.

              View ▹ Show View Options
    from the Finder menu bar. In the dialog that opens, select
              Sort by: None

  • Snap to Grid behavior not working?

    I recently upgraded from CS3 to CS6. To my eyes, Illustrator's Snap to Grid functionality is either broken—or I'm not understanding a (new?) option.
    Use case: I set-up a grid with 1/8" spacing. I paste a 1/2" x 1/2" object from another file, or just copy and paste an existing one in the same file. I want it to sit, say, 2" from the top, and 4" from the left edge. In CS3, I could just use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the object around, and its edges would precisely snap, as expected, to the grid, with no muss or fuss. If it was an uneven size, the edges would snap, making it easy to at least align the left and top edges (for example) where I want the object to sit.
    In CS6, this really just plain doesn't work—either with arrow keys, or moving the object with the mouse. The objects are always—ALWAYS—some fraction "off" in one direction or another. And yes, I know it sounds like the Snap to Grid is off, but it's not. The object moves by increments of the grid (1/8" in my example), but the object is not grid-aligned, and cannot be made to be. I can arrow-key the object all over the workspace and it won't snap properly. The only way I can find to accurately position the object is open the Transform dialog, and enter the measurements by hand.
    Quite honestly, that's a pain in the butt, and it's made literally everything I do in Illustrator take roughly twice as long. This is improvement?
    I am hoping I "just don't get it." That there's an option mis-set somewhere in here. Maybe it's related to moving from Windows on CS3 to Mac on CS6, who knows. What I do know is I'm starting to hate Illustrator every time I have to fire it up these days.
    Anyone else see this? Anyone have any idea how to fix it? File a bug report?
    ADDED:  In playing with this just after my original posting, it appears that the described issues occur only with groups of objects. For example, a 1/2" x 1/2" icon composed of a square for its outer dimensions, with some other stuff layed on top, then grouped, and moved as a whole. (Although whether it's grouped doesn't actually seem to matter—an ungrouped, multi-select of the same sort behaves the same way.)

    Use Preview Bounds didn't help, but your raster effects question got me wondering... I am using a rounded corner effect in every instance where I have observed this. At least with a couple of quick tests, removing the rounded corner effect via the Appearance panel seems to have kicked it into expected behavior. Interesting.
    I'd still make a case that this is a bug, and to the best of my recollection, it is NOT how it worked in CS3; I use the rounded corner effect pretty regularly... I would certainly have noticed this "in the old days." 
    Thanks for the clue. I'll find a way to deal with this knowing where the issue seems to be. I also just filed a bug report on it; I feel strongly that it is one.

  • I am trying to organize a zip file with a bunch of links and files. But when I drag an image file to a folder, it always "Snaps to grid" instead of just landing where I put it.

    I am trying to organize a zip file with a bunch of links and files. But when I drag an image file to a folder, it always "Snaps to grid" instead of just landing where I put it. All of the files are going into the same zip file but I want them visually in the space that I put them and not at the bottom of the snap to grid folder location they are looking like.  I am trying to  drag and drop files in groups so that I can group them for now, but image files always do their own "sort by" when I drag them from my web pages. Links don't do it though.  I tried resetting the folder, and deleting the DS files. No luck.

    You keep asking variants on this same question. You've had replies in all your other threads. If you can't find them, go here and click where it says Activity:
    Thomas Cannon Jr.

  • Why doesn't the desktop 'snap to grid' work with Snow Leopard?

    I've recently upgraded my OS to Snow Leopard and I do a lot of work with photo folders which I keep organized on my desktop. Since upgrading the 'snap to grid' function in the view options of the desktop preferences has stopped working. For some reason the folders and files on the desktop keep snapping off the screen or on top of each other so that I cannot find them easily. I've had to turn off the 'snap to grid' and the desktop no longer looks organized and is not easy to navigate. Why is this happening? AND, how do I fix it? It seems to me the snap to grid shouldn't have gone out the window with an upgraded OS. I'm very organized and borderline OCD so this is FRUSTRATING me to no end!!!
    Anyone have any ideas?

    It's working for me in 10.6. Try moving this file in your Home Folder/Library to the trash -- don't empty it yet.
    When finished go back to the Desktop>View Options and select Snap to grid.
    If that doesn't do it, open Terminal in utilities and copy/paste this command, then hit return. Don't attempt to type it in by hand. If you make a typo or get the spaces wrong, there could be a disaster. When finished go back to the Desktop>View Options and select Snap to grid.
    rm ~/Desktop/.DS_Store

  • [CS3 - Win] Smart Guides not showing up when Snap To Grid enabled

    Has anyone else encountered this bug?
    AI CS3 13.02
    Smart Guides are turned on, but hovering over items does not show the cyan hints, snapping to anchor points / paths etc does not work. This only occurs when Snap To Grid is enabled. If you then go and turn it off, the Smart Guides start working again as expected.
    Is this a known bug?

    Thanks for the reply Mike. Smart Guides work perfectly for me provided Snap to Grid is turned off.
    I can see there being a conflict between snapping to grid and smart guides in CS3 - which takes precedence? From a UX perspective, if these two snapping modes are mutually exclusive, there should be at the very least an alert letting you know the other mode is disabled; the menu item should be greyed out. Or if it's truly an either-or situation, then the menu needs to be revised such that both snap to grid and smart guides are within the same submenu, and only one can be selected at a time, toggle with CMD+SHIFT+OPT+U.

  • How to snap to grid in Keynote 6?

    How do I enable snap to grid in Keynote 6.0?
    From the Keynote 09 manual (the most recent manual I could find):
    To turn on master gridlines:
    1 Choose Keynote > Preferences, and then click Rulers.
    2 Select either or both of the horizontal and vertical Master Gridlines checkboxes.
    (...etc) The check boxes mentioned under step 2 are no longer there. How does this work now?

    Thanks, but I see no grid option or equivalent. I see a way to align objects to each other, and to some manually placed guides, but no grid.
    In Keynote '09, I had set up the grid at 10 pixel increments. I deliberately did not align objects to each other, because there are so many objects on a slide, some of which may be off-grid. This grid setting seems to have been lost when upgrading from '09 to 6.0, and I must now rely on more accurate eye-hand coordination.

  • Illustrator CC will not snap to grid, no matter what!

    I apologize if this seems a redundant post, I've read many people asking this but have seen no definitive answer, so I wanted to simplify the question and see if we can get a real answer:
    I'm using Illustrator CC, and snap to grid DOES NOT WORK FOR ANYTHING. For instance, if I try to draw out a rectangle, the top left corner will not snap to the nearest grid where I start to drag it out. For another instance, if I use the pen tool, it WILL NOT snap to grid. To be clear, I have "snap to grid" checked under the view menu, and do not have "snap to point" or "smart guides" turned on. Alternatively, any combination of these being on/off still will not yield a snap to grid. I have also experimented with the "align new objects to pixel grid" under the "transform" window on and off, which did not help either. Even with that checked on, existing objects will not snap to the grid. In short, nothing snaps to the grid - this is occurring on 2 different computers, one at home, one at work, both running the same version of illy CC. I don't get it, it seems like there are a lot of people having this problem but I cannot for the life of me find an answer, it seems like a life-or-death option that should be available, I know that I am lost without it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
    As a caveat to this, I have tried most every option under preferences, so unless you know of something hiding deep, I doubt that changing a preference is going to be the solution here. Thanks all!

    Thanks Larry,
    I have seen this posted as a solution, but to be clear it is not just a matter of rectangles not snapping, NOTHING will snap to the grid. Not a rectangle, not an existing object, not the pen tool, nothing. Even if I create a rectangle and go through the steps of expanding it to get rid of this new "live" feature, it still will not snap. So, I'm afraid that rectangles are not the culprit here, and I know from reading the forums that others are having the same issue with snap to grid simply not working at all.

  • Handles in CC2014 do not snap to grid

    Hi All,
    when I draw with the Pen tool I use the snap to grid option. In older versions the Handles also snap to the grid.
    In CC 2014 this is not working anymore. Does anyone have the same experience?

    Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form

  • Rectangular marquee does not snap to grid even though snap to grid is checked under view

    Hey all,
    I cannot snap to a grid even though snap to grid is checked under view > snap to > grid. Unless I am zoomed in all the way, when I drag marquee, it always snaps two pixels above or two pixels below where I'm trying to snap to grid, which is the green line I created. I don't know if this is a Photoshop bug but it's clearly not snapping to the grid for me unless I am zoomed in all the way, but then at that point, I have to drag it across the whole document and because I'm zoomed in so far, it takes several minutes.Any reason why snap to grid not working in PhotoShop CS4?
    Thanks for response.

    it always snaps two pixels above or two pixels below where I'm trying to snap to grid, which is the green line I created.
    Green lines for the Grid? Did you change the color in the Preferences specifically?
    And your use of the singular »line« is a bit suspicious – are you sure you are talking about the Grid and not Guides?

  • Images won't snap to grid.

    Hi forum, I need some help. I just created a new file in Illustrator and I have show grid as well as snap to grid. When I create a box, it works but when I move the box it doesn't snap. Any idea why?

    I am afraid you may have come across the Live Rectangle bug, sorry, feature where it refuses to align to the Pixel Grid.
    To get round it in each case, it is possible to Expand the Live Rectangles to get normal old fashioned rectangles, or to Pathfinder>Unite, or to use the Scale Tool or the Free Transform Tool.
    A more permanent way round that is to create normal old fashioned rectangles, after running the free script created by Pawel, see this thread with download link:

  • Snap to grid not working

    I am going crazy with the snap to grid function not working. I have read through all of the topics I could find on the forums and nothing has worked. I am working on a huge grid with a shape needing to be snapped into each space and nothing snaps at all. I have tried the un-tick align to pixel grid, the un-tick align new object to pixel grid...nothing works. None of the shapes align to the grid.
    Please, has anyone any suggestions of what to do next? I cannot envisage moving a thousand shapes into a grid accurately manually...
    Suggestions will be much appreciated!

    If they are jump in then you are snapping to something. Usually snap to pint is overridden by grid.
    Do a view >> show grid if you have not so you can see the grid.
    A screenshot would help, so we can give you good advice.

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