First Day With Adobe SpeedGrade CC with Direct Link

I thought it would be interesting to share my first day using the new Adobe SpeedGrade CC with everyone. Most would be embarrassed to do this, not me.
This is NOT a tutorial, but more of a way to show you what I am struggling with and what I like. So if you are having your first day with this program you might run in to similar items.
Perhaps even a product manager from Adobe might watch this and help him what they should work on next.
Issues I had:
Where are the Curves adjustments?
How do I sharpen an image?
Can you use the tracker backwards?
Why didn’t my track work?
Playback at 10fps (not real time with my Monster Computer)
How do you blend layers?
How do you zoom into the timeline?
Things I love:
Doesn’t crash like Resolve
DIRECT LINK!!!! Love it!
2 up and 3 up for shot matching.
No more XML and EDL!!!!

I'm basically a noob here too ... only been working with this for what, 5 months? 
Yea ... would LOVE the option to switch to a curves-based control, one each for luminosity/R-G-B at the least. I've put in a feature-request for that, as have apparently some others. Maybe next year in ... oh well.
Also ... you might have noted, there's no skin line in the vectorscope! Ridiculous, and that's ALSO been feature-requested by people ... again, maybe next year in ... oh well.
Still ... but dang this program does work fast in concert with P-Pro as your NLE. One bit of advice. In a P-Pro/Sg/Ae workflow, the link from/to P-Pro and Speedgrade works perfectly well both ways. HOWEVER ... your Sg grades do not come into Ae if you send the project from P-Pro to AfterEffects. Now ... if you save your P-Pro projects with it's Sg grades ... then open Ae and use its Dynamic Link feature to pull a P-Pro project into Ae, your grades from Sg come in just fine thank you.
And anything you do in Ae comes into Sg on a different layer that you aren't allowed to 'touch', so you can do fx work afore grading and see how the footage looks including the fx, but you can't touch the fx layer of the timeline (other than to turn on/off visibility in the monitor) to do anything to it.
Still ... easy workarounds, NO time to transcode/export/import ... glory hallelujah!

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    I am having problem with Adobe Speedgrade CS6 on my Windows 7 machine with the following specs:
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
    Gateway FX 6800-01e
    2.67 GHz i7 Quad-core processor
    16.0 GB RAM
    750GB primary hard drive (Seagate ST3750528AS)
    2 - 2TB secondary hotswap drives
    NVidia Quadro 4000 w 2GB dedicated RAM
    2 Acer 231SHL HD monitors running in extended dual screen mode
    Adobe Speedgrade 6.0.4x25
    It takes almost 3 minutes to open and when it does open it is slow to respond. After trying to troubleshoot it through driver updates, etc., I have done a totally clean reinstall of Windows 7, updated drivers where applicable, and disabled all malware and antivirus protection to rule out interference.  I have also tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it.  I have also applied the latest update through the program interface. The other components of the suite I have installed are:
    Premiere Pro CS6
    After Effect CS6
    Acrobat XI
    Photoshop (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
    Lightroom 4.3
    The other components, including Premiere and After Effects open fine with no problem. I would appreciate any assistance with this problem that might be offered, as I am frustrated and stumped.  Thanks in advance!
    -Carl Hayes
    "What we have here is failure to communicate." - Strother Martin as Captain in Cool Hand Luke.

    Have you get rid of the problem ?
    I've got almost the same problem. Every program from adobe production premium are working fine, but when I start movie on speedgrade windows blows off.
    It's on windows 7 pro.
    Thanks in advance

  • How to make a simple form made with adobe Muse work with Godaddy server ?

    i'm trying to do a little website for my student (excuse my english) and the simple form simply don't work with godaddy server. I put the-email adress and i receive nothing, like nothing happen. I try to place the gdform instead but muse said i can't do that.
    Do yu have a simple explication or a way around that thank you very much
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    Please refer to : to know, how you may have the forms widget provided with Adobe Muse to work with third party hosting.

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      I believe Shutterfly provide only standard prints e.g. 6 x 4 inches or enlargements from the PSE interface.
    You could save your book as a PDF file and then upload to an alternative on-line print service that can print the pages such as Blurb.

  • Premiere to SpeedGrade 7.1 Direct Link Crash

    When opening an adobe premiere project in Speed Grade 7.1, the application crashes.  This crash also occurs when using the Direct Link feature in Adobe Premiere CC.
    Speed Grade will open and function normaily apart from this process.
    I am aware of the bug caused by fxfactory and neat video, but I have neither of these plugins installed.
    Here is the error log that Windows produces upon crash.
    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name:          APPCRASH
      Application Name:          SpeedGrade.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp:          5267b30e
      Fault Module Name:          nvcuda.dll
      Fault Module Version:
      Fault Module Timestamp:          52676f2d
      Exception Code:          c0000005
      Exception Offset:          000000000005a8d2
      OS Version:          6.1.7601.
      Locale ID:          1033
      Additional Information 1:          741a
      Additional Information 2:          741a5fa265975a1d1d11a07a26a2d59a
      Additional Information 3:          531c
      Additional Information 4:          531c0e5785e312687e62b7e68c22f3f5

    Hey Dennis!
    Upon doing some more google searches, I turned up a related post here:
    I was also able to solve the issue by selecting High-performance NVIDIA processor for both Speedgrade and Premiere Pro in Nvidia Control Panel --> Manage 3D settings.
    System Specifications:
    Intel Core i7 3610QM 2.30 Ghz
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Nvidia GeForce 660M

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    Is it possible for a website built in Adobe Muse to  interface with a database?  I need to turn a rather robust excel spreadsheet into an easy-to-use website that links to a database that can be updated easily and regularly.  Thanks.

    Muse is a designing software. You can design websites in Muse and host it on any server of your choice. There is no native feature in Muse to convert a spreadsheet into a website. If you are good with coding, you can develop it outside Muse and call it in Muse site using iframes, if at all it is helpful to you.

  • Keep getting an access denied window when trying to print to PDF with Adobe Acrobat X with any prgram/internet except for adobe programs

    I am trying to print to PDF from Word, Revit, Firefox and all have given me a Access Denied window popup and would cancel the print.  I have Adobe Acrobat X and Creative Design Suite 6.

    So you are trying to print to the Adobe PDF printer? What is the full statement of the error (typically it indicates a folder or such does not allow access)? If you open Distiller, are there settings files available that you can view?
    In the print menu, select print to file. Then open this file in Distiller. What happens with these two steps and do you get a PDF after the second step?

  • Can you sign a ipa created with adobe's DPS with a Apple's Enterprise developers

    Now we have an app that we do not want to go through the apple store for approval and keep it in-house. And the Adobe’s enterprise is more then what any here can afford. I read somewhere that “Apple Enterprise customers can sign an app without the UDID binding”. I know here at work we have both Apple types of developer programs. So I do not understand why we cannot not use apple certifications and provisions from Apple Enterprise and make the app in the adobe cloud and then air deliver it.  Has any one tried this? Any other options or thoughts are fine then the old stand by of “Join the Adobe’s enterprise”.

    Have you found a workaround for this? I recently had to create one and set the ipad as a "test" ipad in order for delivery. Its the testing .ipa, but it works a temp solution. I dont understand why i need to be an enterprise user if i want to create and use my own app.

  • Displaying only the luma channel in Speedgrade when using direct link. Is it possible?

    The idea here is to be able to display only tle the Y (luma) channel i preview window of Speedgrade. I know that this is possible when grading in a new crated project in Speedgrade.
    Timeline/View/Channel Display. I know that there are shortcuts to display the separate RGB channels but there is no short cut to display the isolated luma.
    Do You guys know if there is a solution to customize shortcuts in Speedgrade? Or is there another method to display the luma when working in SG on a directlink created project?
    The reason for this is a project thats supposed to be graded in BW with an ability to manipulate colors/channels values underneath the bw display. Because after adding the BW "filter" or decreasing the saturation value all of the controls become "some sort" immune to  color data below the bw grade witch gives no ability to preform corrections to particular channels/ colors with live preview in BW. Of course we could try to desaturate the monitor but turning the colors back and forth every time would be a  coffin nail in production time
    Any hints greatly appreciated.
    Cheers Max

    Hey Max,
    Correct me if I'm misunderstanding your issue, but I believe Speedgrades layers apply effects linearly based on the information passed to them by the layer directly below. Could you achieve your solution by using two  (or more) primary layers, with the bottom layer being used for manipulating colours, and with the top layer to desaturate?
    If switching back and forth is important, you could add a single effects layer over the entire projectt on a track above, and then just apply a primary that desaturates to that effects layer. Then you could just switch it on and off by toggling the visibility of the track.

  • How to print a pdf file of compounds A3 and A4 with adobe mac

    how to print a pdf file of compounds A3 and A4 with adobe mac, windows with the option I choose paper source by PDF page size mac but I can not find it. how to get it thank you

    I think if you use the start-command, the execution is asynchronously and you won't get the correct process-id. Try to execute Acorbat directly without the cmd /c start in front of it.

  • Problem logging to room with adobe ID - redirects to developer portal

    First of all: I have used the service ca 9 months ago with great success but have not used since.
    Anyway I have a meeting room and I have problems accessing the room with adobe ID via the room link & browser.
    I can easily log in as guest vua browser & room URL. But while logging as admin the browser automatically redirects me to the developer portal instead of entering the room.So I have no access to the room as admin, but only as guest. This seems not right. Am I missing something here??
    I can of course change the guest to room admin via the SDK manager, but I need to enter the room as simple as possible via browser as admin to share video-audio.I rmembrer that it worked really easy earlier.

    Ok I'll try to answer your questions.
    Yes I am trying to put Room URL's to browser address bar.
    I have room created via the LCCS SDK Navigator Room console.
    The room console provides me the room URL like:
    While putting the URL into browswer Address bar I can easily log into the room as guest.
    But using the same LCCCS username/password I am redirected to the LCCCS portal instead of entering the room as owner. Earlier it used to log me into the room as owner to be able to share my video/audio.
    I can of course log in to the room as guest and upgrade the guest user to room owner via the LCCS SDK Navigator Room Console - and be able to share the video / audio after that.
    bottom line I need now-and-then a solution to broadcast live audio-video to my customers.

  • Adobe Reader Performance with Protect Mode On

    We are getting very poor performance in opening PDF documents with Adobe Reader XI with Protected Mode on, particularly for users remote from our central server.  With Protected Mode off, performance is much better (10-20X faster opening).  Note that we are running Windows 7 with Application Data Roaming and Adobe Reader XI with Protected Mode on, Protected View off, and Advanced Security on.  We have diagnosed the problem as follows: We are using the Windows 7 Application Roaming Data feature to house some profile data for our remote users, and when they try to open a PDF document with Protected Mode on, Adobe sends numerous I/O packets (approximatel 6000!) across the "wire" for security checking against the Application Roaming data file on the central server, thus greatly slowing PDF opening.  We would like to know the following: 1) Is there a way to turn-off Protected Mode for company server stored documents, while keeping it active for documents received from external sources (e.g. from the internet, e-mail, etc.). 2) is there a way to have Protect Mode security verification done only on the local machine profile data and not on the centrally stored Application Roaming Data file (thus greatly reducing the "across the wire" I/O traffic).  Thanks for any help, CCB.

    I don't think any of the scenarios you are envisaging are possible.  Protected Mode is enabled/disabled on a user basis (in HKEY_USERS).

  • Using fonts bundled with Adobe applications

    I use the Adobe CS6 Design & Premium / Middle East Version.
    I have a question regarding the use of the fonts bundled with Adobe applications.
    I design and sell greeting cards  and printable items you can download and print at home or at a print house.
    Before I send the file  to a client I convert the type to a shape (Photoshop) or create outlines (Illustrator/Indesign) and sometimes I send a pdf file.
    Am I allowed to use these fonts for these purposes??
    Is it ok to use these fonts that way?
    One more question,
    How can I find out if a font is bundled with Adobe or installed with my OS? is there a list of adobe fonts that are installed with CS6?
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Thank you!!

    it is an allowed use. But if you are sending them a pdf, you need to convert the fonts to outline nor rasterize it. Adobe allows embedding of their fonts in pdf files. However, not all font houses allow this. If you have a font that doesn’t allow embedding, the Adobe app will not embed the font.

  • Speedgrade CC 2014 becoming increasingly slow while working on a project that was direct linked from Premiere CC.

    Speedgrade CC 2014 direct link from Premiere Pro CC 2014.  The application is becoming increasingly slow when making any adjustment or just selecting any buttons on screen.  While working for and hour on my project it is now bordering unresponsive.  In addition it is causing the Finder to become slow and any other applications such as Safari and Mail. 
    I'm on a Mac Pro5,1 OS 10.8.5, 6-core intel xeon 2.93GHz, 16gb Ram, Ati Radeon HD 5770 and NVIDEA Quadro 4000 cards. 
    I'm hoping this is just a setting in speed grade and not a bug.

    First, Davinci and  the Adobe DVA's (digital video apps) utilize resources very differently from each other. That said, your hardware is making me green ...
    This is something that should fly on your system, so ... I would definitely suggest my previous thing of running that benchmark testing ... it will tell you how your system runs the Adobe stuff, and indicate if anything could be modified so it would work better. Some people with FAR less a system than you're running fly through a DL session. Even my system with only four "real" cores (8 "logical" ones ... whatever ... ), 16Gb RAM, and a GTX770/4Gb vRAM and multiple internal & eSATA drives to split things up for throughput sustained stuff, has been running pretty smoothly. Even though it wasn't using much of the video card, which screams for many people in the Adobe DVA's. This latest set of improvements has pretty much nearly eliminated Sg using it ... so we'll have to puzzle out WHAT is causing Sg and the other apps to ignore my card when in identical setups it's a real beast.
    That's the kind of thing that can drive the engineers up the wall. Some of the systems that have had terrible problems such that users have been on here complaining that "no on could possibly be running "serious professional footage & effects" on a system like theirs, didn't you idiots test it?" ... have received the response ... that Kevin or Al or someone is running a completely identical system to almost all tiny respects ... and is flying with 6k footage running a ton of PrPro & Ae effects then worked heavy in Sg. And coasting at it. Not that they at all challenge that the user's system is nearly unusable at the moment ... but figuring out why on two nearly identical setups it works so differently can be rather tedious with hundreds of thousands of lines of code involved, various plugins, and maybe a 2/3rds moon on the third Tuesday.
    Like mine. I know quite a few people use this card on the Adobe apps and it's really flying for them. It's been re-installed twice on mine, Windows and all monitoring systems see it fine, but ... even after multiple installs and CC cleaner attempts and such it's not "seen" properly by any Adobe app. So ... off  to run the benchmark to see what all in my system is doing fine ... and if there's any hint as to why that card isn't getting used.
    Also ... it would maybe be useful to get Dennis Weinmann or Fran Roig to jump in, maybe get a sample of your project file or info on those LUT's or something, to see if they've got any ideas. Trouble is most of Adobe's staff is on Winter Break for the next week plus.

  • Adobe Speedgrade: el procesamiento por GPU se ha detenido

    Mi máquina es una Intel Core i7 a 3.4 Ghz con 16GB en memoria Ram, 2GB de vídeo con una tarjeta gráfica Nvidia GT630, tengo windows 8.1. El programa no me ha funcionado bien, cierro todas las demás aplicaciones y programas, me desconecto de internet, dejo la computadora con todos los recursos disponibles para el programa y ni bien abro, al mover cualquier control me dice: El procesamiento por GPU se ha detenido y me dice que es por fatla de recurso, alguna luz sobre el tema?

    I think you ran into an issue with the 8.1 & 8.2 releases. In an attempt to get safer playback for systems with low video resources, there was a "feature" added to stop the program from using the video card if insufficient video resources were detected. Unfortunately this was a bit more inclusive than expected ... for instance, my video card has 1536 CUDA cores and 4Gb of very fine vRAM ... not an underpowered video card. When that release first came out I could not work in SpeedGrade in a Direct LInk mode with a project from PrPro without getting the insufficient resources warning and a totally unusable program. After a while mine just started working again, but for some, this has not been fixed.
    The Sg team has stated here they are aware of this and working on fixing this in the next release which they do not publish a schedule for. Typically they do a demo of a new release at NAB in Vegas coming up next month, and a month or two after that release it. So we're probably a couple to three months from the next release, IF they follow their previous pattern. I have no knowledge whatever of anything specific other than the above.
    Wish I had better info for you. Sigh.

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