Fonts hard to read at small font sizes in browser.

Recently i switched to Arch 64-bit and everything seems fine but the fonts at some places.
This is what they look like:
This is my .fonts.conf:
<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'fonts.dtd'>
<match target="font">
<edit mode="assign" name="rgba">
<match target="font">
<edit mode="assign" name="hinting">
<match target="font">
<edit mode="assign" name="hintstyle">
<match target="font">
<edit mode="assign" name="antialias">
I have installed ttf-ms-fonts, ttf-dejavu, ttf-liberation and ttf-tahoma.

If I zoom out a bit in Firefox I get which isn't perfect but is quite readable.  The interesting thing is that I don't have the nasty looking serif font in the text box.  Is one of us missing an installed font?
My /etc/fonts/local.conf
<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'fonts.dtd'>
<!-- *** FONT ALIASES AND FIXES *** -->
<!-- Fix poorly specified font family names -->
<match target="pattern">
<test name="family" target="default" compare="eq">
<edit binding="strong" mode="prepend" name="family">
<string>Trebuchet MS</string>
<match target="font">
<test name="family" qual="any">
<edit mode="assign" name="family">
<string>Trebuchet MS</string>
<!-- *** FONT REPLACEMENTS *** -->
<!-- Replace Arial with black weight with Arial Black -->
<match target="pattern">
<test name="family" target="default" compare="eq">
<test name="weight" compare="more">
<edit name="family" mode="prepend" binding="same">
<string>Arial Black</string>
<edit name="weight" mode="assign">
<!-- *** BASE SETTINGS *** -->
<!-- Check that these links to /etc/fonts/conf.avail exist in /etc/fonts/conf.d
<match target="font">
<edit name="lcdfilter" mode="assign">
<edit name="antialias" mode="assign">
<edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">
<edit name="embeddedbitmap" mode="assign">
<!-- *** BASE VARIATIONS *** -->
<!-- For bitmap fonts turn (auto)hinting off -->
<match target="font">
<test name="scalable" compare="eq">
<edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">
<!-- For bold fonts turn (auto)hinting off -->
<match target="font">
<test name="weight" compare="more">
<edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">
<!-- For italic fonts turn (auto)hinting off -->
<match target="font">
<test name="slant" compare="not_eq">
<edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">

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    Bender02 is right -- openoffice adjusts its own colors to match the colors of the gtk theme by default.  The easy solution, for openoffice, is to go to Tools/Options/Appearance and set the background color to white and font color to black -- or whatever you like.
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    Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems: <b>View > Zoom > Reset</b> (Ctrl+0 (zero); Cmd+0 on Mac)

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    Turn off hardware acceleration in options>advanced. It is a problem with Directwrite.

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    I think it's a point worth making.  It is virtually unreadable.  
    On reflection, I'm wondering if there is an obligation in some countries to provide such information with a device.   This could be Apple's way of complying while spending the absolute minimum.

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  • Right side menu too small font size of letters in Windows 8.1 High DPI screen

    Hi, I just own a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and high resolution screen.
    When I start Adobe Reader, the document area seems to be readable, with "normal size fonts", but the options menú in the right side uses a very small fonts size and is hardly readable.
    I tried to change it using the Windows "change menu, title, icons size, but withpout success.
    Any solution for it?
    By the way, in a Lenovo Ideapad U430 Touch, there is not "magnyfying glass" combination key and the zoom function of the touch screen doesn't work either in that right side menu área (it works in the document area, not in the right side menu area).
    Any help will be welcomed.

    Hi, Pat, test done.
    Thanks for your suggestion, it was somehow helpful, or, let say, half and half.
    It was helpful in the way that when I opened the preferences Windows I was not able to see the full window, there was a part of the right side of the window that was out of the screen. So, when I changed the "scaling settings options and behaviour" from "Auto" (default value) to 100% everything was in the display.... So, this was of high help.
    BUT I was not able to find any way in all the suggested document for making the fonts used in the right window of the Adobe Reader, the one where the "Tools" and "Comments" menus are displayed more readable, bigger size, than the one that the product uses by default in the High DPI display.
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    Any other idea that could help for changing the fonts used in the "Tools" or "Comments" menu window?
    Thanks and kind regards.

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    This also happens on two computers i own and also on my friends computers.
    I am using java 6u12.
    Windows xp sp3.
    All the computers i tested this on are set to hebrew locales. but the last time i tried changing the locale thinking this was the problem it didnt help.
    What is causing this, and is there any way to fix this?

    something is still causing it to have a really small font. That something is in its source.... you can't change it (though you can, by changing it and compiling it once again yourself)
    1. JTextArea has small font under windows look and feelTry running following program to check the font of text area in different look and feels:
    import java.awt.BorderLayout;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.UIManager.LookAndFeelInfo;
    * Testing JTextArea in different Lnfs
    * @author talha
    public class TextAreaTest extends JFrame{
        private static LookAndFeelInfo[] lnf;
        private static int total;
        private static int current=0;
        public TextAreaTest() {
            super("JTextArea Test");
            JTextArea area=new JTextArea(30,70);
            JPanel panel=new JPanel(new BorderLayout());
            JButton button=new JButton("Change Look and Feel");
            button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
                public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                    try {
                        current=(++current) % total;
                        setTitle("JTextArea Test... Current LnF : "+lnf[current].getName());
                    } catch (Exception ex) {
        public static void main(String args[]){
            SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
                    new TextAreaTest().setVisible(true);
    2. SwingSet2 source code tab has small font.Don't worry about it, its in small font for me and for everyone....

  • Images should grow or shrink when the user chooses a larger or smaller font size in ADE.

    Hi All,
    I use percentage values (in "width" attribute within "img" element) for image that should grow or shrink when the user
    chooses a larger or smaller font size. The adjustment affects not only the size of the text but also images but the images
    are getting distorted or blurred when user chooses larger font size in Adobe Digital Editions.
    Can anyone, please guide me; how to get non-distorted and non-blur images in epub package?
    If I directly use images, without svg format i.e. png or jpg files, then images get overlapped on body-text in two column display in ADE.
    if I directly use jpg or png with width attribute varying in percentage value then image shrinks and grows as user chooses smaller and larger font size but the problem of distorted image remains as it is
    <div class="media-group"><img src="images/pa0000016g26001.png or jpg" alt="Image" width="60 or 70%" /></div>
    Attached is the package (Book.epub) which has test cases.
    Please find below sample coding used in attached epub package;
    In XHTML:
    <div class="media-group"><img src="images/pa0000016g26001.svg" alt="Image" width="100%" /></div>
    In SVG:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!-- Generator: Adobe Illustrator 12.0.0, SVG Export Plug-In . SVG Version: 6.00 Build 51448)  -->
    <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "" [
    <!ENTITY ns_svg "">
    <!ENTITY ns_xlink "">
    <svg version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" x="0px" y="0px"
    width="386px" height="554px" viewBox="0 0 386 554" enable-background="new 0 0 386 554" xml:space="preserve">
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    Hi DenisonDoc,
    There is no option right now to set properties globally primarily for Text fields. You may make sure fields doesn't contain anything.
    Select all the text filed from the form and right click any of the selected field make sure all of them are selected choose properties --> Appearance there you can choose Font Size and Font type.
    - End users cant change size and type of font. It is up to designer.
    Ajlan Huda.

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    I'm using firefox 6.0.2 It's making problem with Bangla font ONLY on FACEBOOK others bangli website FORNT SIZE are OK. On the FACEBOOK it shows Bangla font in a very / Too small! I change font SIZE in firefox setting but i can't solve. Pls HELP me ..

    Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems: <b>View > Zoom > Reset</b> (Ctrl+0 (zero); Cmd+0 on Mac)
    You can use an extension to set a default font size and page zoom on web pages.
    *Default FullZoom Level:

  • Performance Assistance (F1) : very small Font size

    When we press a F1 key on any field. The Performance Assistance(help) pops up.
    1.The problem is the user cant read it as it has very small font size.
    How to change the font size and Make it Bigger.?? So it become Readable

    Hello Anupam,
    Please follow below steps to change the font :-
    1. Open SAP GUI
    2.Go to options
    3.Select SAP Signature Theme,
    4.Select Font and change the font
    5.Login into SAP.

  • Fonts are pixelated, fuzzy, hard to read and i do have cleartype ON

    I have two monitors one acer x203h and one dell 17 inch monitor. The acer uses firefox and the dell uses chrome. Let me repeat my cleartype is ON. Firefox does render the page correctly most of the time and then just turns pixelated, fuzzy, hard to read, etc. Moving the page up and down sometimes helps sometimes not. I move firefox to the dell monitor and it pixelates less but still does. The chrome doesnt pixelate on either monitor but it does look a bit fuzzy. I do have IE but only use it for windows updates. The larger the font the less chance of the font pixelating.
    Current font is Arial size 18. Proportional is San Serif with the rest of the choices being Arial. Allow pages to choose their own pages is checked off.

    The switch helped, I am using Firefox 19.0.2
    I hope that changing doesn't create problems elsewhere.

  • I updated my iPad to 7.0.6 but I find the new look very irritating.  In mail I can no longer swipe left on a message to erase it.  The font in calendar is so small I can't read my appointments.  I happen to like the yellow paper that was in notes.

    I updated my iPad to 7.0.6 but I find the new look very irritating.  In mail I can no longer swipe left on a message to erase it.  The font in calendar is so small I can't read my appointments.  I happen to like the yellow paper that was in notes.  Can any of these preferences be adjusted?

    You have to swipe from right to left to delete mail.
    In the settings, accessibility you can make fonts bolder, that helps a bit.
    THe yellow paper...sorry, no tweak for that unless you find a different notes app to use.

  • Adobe Form's First Page printing perfectly on 132 column sheet but further pages prints with small font size

    Dear All,
    We are facing a strange behavior of adobe form.
    we made form for SAP CRM which is printing in 132 column(28cm * 33cm) sheet. what we are observing is, first page is printing perfectly on the pre printed Invoice sheet but if invoice has more items to be displayed then second  page prints with small font size or you can say second page seems to be zoomed out to smaller page size. In Preview Second page onwards also looks perfect. Now we are in a fix what to do to come out of this issue.
    efforts made:-
    Adobe Page Size Adjusted.
    Select paper Source by Page Size ticked in Adobe form properties
    But still result is non satisfactory. Please Help.
    Ashkar Rizvi

    See my answers below:
    a) The size of the pages of PDF which you are printing. LETTER
    b) Does all pages of the PDF are of same size? YES
    c) What is the page size set in the Printer and what is the actual size of the paper which you have put in the tray? LETTER
    d) Does this problem also happens on the virtual printer which you might have on your system (Try either Microsoft MPS Document writer or Adobe PDF Printer) No VIRTUAL PRINTERS
    Thank you for attempting to help me with this... we have tried everything and haven't been able to resolve the problem.

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