For OCP certification

Hi all,
I wish to take OCP examination for Oracle Application Server 10g Administration 2 soon.I have completed OCA.Also OCP exam requires pre-requisite instructor led training to enroll for OCP exam from an Oracle certified institute.There no Oracle certified institues institutes for middleware in the place I live.So can I skip this instructor led training and straight away give OCP exam...would I get certificates , logs etc ??
please help
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anandk wrote:
Hi all,
I wish to take OCP examination for Oracle Application Server 10g Administration 2 soon.I have completed OCA.Also OCP exam requires pre-requisite instructor led training to enroll for OCP exam from an Oracle certified institute.There no Oracle certified institues institutes for middleware in the place I live.So can I skip this instructor led training and straight away give OCP exam...would I get certificates , logs etc ??
please help
Edited by: anandk on May 25, 2011 4:22 PMThe OCP certification requires you take the training course, the exam itself does not.
There is actually nothing to stop you enrolling and sitting (intl english appearing) for the exam. However if you pass you wont be certified until you take the requisite training and have it verified.
There is no way you will skip training and still be awarded the certification
I would have thought OAS is now superceded by weblogic and is in the twilight of its life. And there are probably diminishing numbers of courses for it ... but you seem to be lucky ....
there also be Oracle University LVC (online) classes that apply ..... (ie one does not have to get ones favourite train (eg Darjeeling express or ... ) to get there:
From my inspections of there appear to be relevant LVC online classes for asia (Please check carefully to ensure the classes are suitable .. ie not later version weblogic ones).
Rgds - bigdelboy.

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  • Is any Discussion Forum for OCP certification

    Is any Discussion Forum for solely for OCP certification? If it is available please guide me to get it.
    Thanks and regards

    Which OCP certification are you wanting to discuss?


    Hi iam completed OCP exam pending is HAND ON COURSE any body give the information about HANDS on COURSE for OCP Details. I had completed Oracle 10g DBA course in HYD wilshire techonologies this certification is helpful for HANDS ON COURSE for OCP. Please give the details Clearly.

    787725 wrote:
    Hi iam completed OCP exam pending is HAND ON COURSE any body give the information about HANDS on COURSE for OCP Details. I had completed Oracle 10g DBA course in HYD wilshire techonologies this certification is helpful for HANDS ON COURSE for OCP. Please give the details Clearly.Sometimes 'Helpful' is not enough .... See
    If your training isn't an authorized course from an authorized provider it won't help.
    Yours was possilby an WDP course.
    The problem is there can be some bad people out there.
    The company you mention may or may not be okay .... and the WDP program can sometimes be difficult to see:

  • Oracle Workshop II LVC  for OCP Certification Price

    Hi all ,
    here is a serious question that Customer Service from France,UK or the US can not answer me , I call them all but no answers!!!!.
    It's been a year since I got my Oracle OCA certification. thinking about getting the OCP; I looked at the requirement and choose to go on for the Administration Workshop 2. this class if in the US will cost $3000 for the instructor led-training or LVC (live virtual class).
    1) I do understand that according to the country where the exam is taken the price tag is different.. exple: France 2950€≈4000$ , for the instructor led training..
    therefore been a little surprise I look for the LVC because why traveling or moving if I can take it on-line. did a little search and found that for the same training(Administration Workshop 2 LVC) if I select Romania as my home country ,for the LVC training the price is 3,200 RON==> 1,056$ , with different schedules and languages available for the trainer......
    so living in France I can just go ahead and register for that LVC training with the trainer language of my choice ,this having Romania as my home country ,pay the fees of 1,056$ , take my training online and therefore satisfied for the hands on course requirement ????????
    If any one can tell me please do so??? thanks in advance.
    ps: I'm just a student having hard time to afford that training and thus searching for ways to make it.. thanks Cyrille

    user647922 wrote:
    because let say I only understand English and I live permanently in France , .....ce n'est pas bon, mon ami, vous pourrait être pris pour un tour!!! ;-)
    More seriously I don't think there has been any issues with people going to a different country to do training. Indeed some people will have had to have done it because it was not offered or was not offered at a convenient time in their own country.
    However Oracle charges differently for the same course in different contries, and differently for different locations in the same country. At least a proportion of this relates to the expense cost of the location, and some probably relates to an acceptable price point for the country in question.
    Obviously some have done it for economic reasons; and i have seen training offered by companies on this basis.
    Lets take a example, lets say bigdelboy decides to take a dataguard course. He looks at the price for London UK and he looks at a price for Bangalore India.
    Now the price in India is about 1/3 of that in London. however for bigdelboy there's the airfare to think about, the travel to think about, bigdelboy might have to consider travel innoculations and hotels and not knowing the area, and no logistical chance of a satisfaction guaranteed repeat and maybe even a visa to think about. (Whereas perhaps for bigdelboy's work colleague 'Fred' who is native to India and has family in Bangalore has a different cost/risk/benefit consideration).
    (Thereagain if bigdelboy was prepared to take 4 * 5-day course consecutively the cost/risk/benefit might be different .... mind you one 5 day course at a time is enough to make the head throb).
    Overall students will occasionally squeal about this but most can appreciate (at least to some extent) different pricing in different countries.
    However with LVC's this looks a little different.
    Obviously LVC's are priced similarly to real classes.
    Obviously if I could buy an LVC from Bangalore at 1/3 the price of one from London while sitting in the parchment makers supping a lemonade then I'd probably go for the LVC from Bangalore!
    Anyway this would drive a big torpedo through the Oracle University cost model and cause a lot of fall out.
    - I've never taken one but would probably be concerned about it being less effective than classroom training.
    There are probably some other good reasons for keeping an LVC within country though, these may IMHO include:
    - Trainer would typically have more empathy with the country's culture.
    - Less risk of internet delays / disruption to individual class members.
    - Possibly issues with payments for services between countries.
    Quite frankly IMHO Oracle University have little option but to impose this LVC from within country rule to seriously disrupting their training organisation or seriously increasing prices in some countries. In fact if they were forced to drop this rule they might well be forced to discontinue LVCs.
    Basically the business people at Oracle University are not totally stupid and have calculated that if the allow people 'residing' (whatever that is defined as) in high cost counties to take LVC's delivered low cost countries they are likely to have significant problems and they will ensure this does not happen. I suspect people trying to circumvent this could have their course stopped and course fees foreit.

  • Reg: Hands on Requirement for OCP Certification in 10G

    Hai all,
    I am called Prabhu Prashant.R I Live in India(in Chennai). I've passed OCA in 10G and waiting to attend OCP. I am preparing by myself. but you all know that Oracle is insisting to complete a Hands on Requirement Course for certification Purpose. My question is should I complete the course only from OU or can I complete that course in any of the Workforce Development Partner. If there are any one existing in India, learned people please provide me the name of them. I could not afford OU courses because It costs a Hefty.Please Help!!!!.

    You can take a required course not only at Oracle University, but also from the Oracle Authorized Center.
    See the details from the following links

  • Complete the Course Submission Form for OCP certification

    Hallo!I am an Oracle newbie currently studying for the Oracle 10g Administration OCP exam.
    From my research,I have gathered that for me to obtain my OCP certificate, I must Complete the Course Submission Form where I must confirm attendance in an approved hands-on Course undertaken by an Oracle Accredited Training Institution.
    I am studying privately for the OCP exam.
    How can I get my OCP certificate in this state?

    807913 wrote:
    Hello ,
    I'm new to this site and I'm planning to do OCA and OCP Certificate on oracle 11g.
    I have an 1.5 years of experience on oracle as a DBA role,
    But i don have certificate to prove that,
    So please can u send me OCA and OCP course materails for to my mail id.
    Or else send me the proper link to download the files and please guide me to how to proceed,,
    I ll be waiting for the good and useful reply.
    Thanking You
    [email protected]
    1) Please read ::
    We, well certainly I, really hate it when people publish a link asking ofr information in this way. At best you will most likely get unauthorized learning material or material in breach of copyright.
    And part of the process is learning to seek out hte material for yourself. The DBA needs to do this.
    Hopefully careful study of the above links will put you on the right path.
    Edited by: bigdelboy on 05-Nov-2010 15:37 (Actually this thread hiack is a duplicate post. How I hate duplicate posts too).

  • Purpose of instructor led training requirement for OCP?

    What is the purpose of requiring OCP candidates to take an instructor led course? It all seems a bit random / superfluous. Costly too if one does not have an employer willing to pay for the training.
    My Oracle Press "OCA/OCP Oracle Database 11g All-in-One Exam Guide" doesn't even hint that classes are a requirement for the OCP; the most said is: "The OCA qualification is based on two examinations; the OCP qualification requires passing a third examination." (pg. XXIX). An incomplete characterization, correct?
    And "To prepare for the OCA/OCP examinations, you can attend Oracle University instructor-led training courses, you can study Oracle University online learning material, or you can read this book." (pg. XXIX). Prepare for the exams, sure. But why would such a book omit the not insignificant detail that a perhaps expensive course is required to get the OCP? Seems discourteous to the reader.
    From via
    I say it seems random and superfluous because of the following list:
    "These foundation courses meet the Hands On Course Requirement for OCP-Level certification:
    * Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL
    * Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL Ed 1 LVC
    * Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I
    * Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals l Ed 1 LVC
    * Oracle Database 11g: SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals
    * Oracle Database 11g: SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals Ed 1 LVC
    * Oracle Database 11g: Develop PL/SQL Program Units
    * Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I
    * Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Ed 1.1 LVC
    * Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II
    * Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing Fundamentals"
    A modest Intro to SQL course will count? But an OCA will already have that knowledge. Obviously, one should choose a course with higher-level content. But I'm not sure I understand the logic of the OCA-grade courses being eligible. And for those funding certification without financial assistance from an employer, the question that suggests is this: what is the least expensive way to satisfy the "instructor led" course requirement? I cheapest price I see from Oracle is a 3 day class costing $1,800. It would also cost 3 days of vacation time, or unpaid leave, if an employer is not supportive of certification.

    Dana N wrote:
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply Hans.
    TO expose the candidate to techniques related to the new features rather than traditional techniques that are commonplace in the industry.That makes sense to me. But many of us like to tinker with new features on our own.In my experience, many, many more people want the OCP without doing any work. Some will use pure memorization or out and cheating to get there.
    It's unfortunate that you and I get penalized by those.
    And to ensure that the has had at least some hands-on time, instead of only pure theory. While some people may get hands-on at work, many others do not
    have that opportunityh, especially in the are of new features.Then it might make sense for OCP certification to allow submission of proof of work experience in place of the HOC, as is the case with other professional certifications.
    Yes, that would be nice.
    But difficult to verify. and you would be surprised how many organizations have very narrow definitions of the job. Experimenting not allowed in some places.
    It all seems a bit random / superfluous. Sad, from an instructors and OCP's point of view, to hear you think of it that way.I don't mean to say there isn't anything new any of us couldn't pick up, say, even from an Intro to SQL course. There's a vastness to most technology topics and we can't master every facet. But the cost/benefit ratio may be terribly low for those who are already Oracle professionals with many years of on the job experience. The reality as well is that some instructors are duds--that's the case anywhere. And for my learning style, I prefer self-guided / on-my-own study.
    Costly too if one does not have an employer willing to pay for the training.No doubt.
    My Oracle Press "OCA/OCP Oracle Database 11g All-in-One Exam Guide" doesn't even hint that classes are a requirement for the OCP; the most said is: "The
    OCA qualification is based on two examinations; the OCP qualification requires passing a third examination." (pg. XXIX). An incomplete characterization, correct?A topic to discuss with the authors, and publisher. We (the user community with whom you are talking) have little to no control over this.Wonder if the authors participate in these forums. I realize you, as a user, have no control over this. But a book blessed by Oracle via Oracle Press, I respectfully submit, can and should do better--by including details about the HOC requirement.
    Some do. But much more effetive would be to lodge a formal complaint or inquiry.
    "These foundation courses meet the Hands On Course Requirement for OCP-Level certification:
    ...All of which will ensure you have had time becoming acquainted with SQLPLus, DBControl, and perhaps SQLDeveloper.I already use all 3 tools. Would love to take all the courses listed; but I'm not independently wealthy or otherwise.
    So would I. ;-)
    As well as logging in (you would be surprised how many OCA candidates do not know how), these all give you an opportunity to issue SQL and PL/SQL
    commands. Scary, but seems beside the point. The HOC requirement is one solution to this problem, but it seems like a sub-optimal one. Again, this punishes Oracle professionals already working in the field who'd like to become certified. Why is there no regard for them? One way to correct this, if this is a genuine concern on Oracle's part, is to include a "live" aspect to the exams. Then, if this causes a fail, those who flunk might be interested in taking HOCs to remedy this. In this day and age, I'm certain training could involve interactive SQL*PLUS sessions, etc. Only a failure of imagination and will could prevent I suspect; particularly in a world of virtualization. I'd consider a redesign of exams before I'd require people to pay for classes they may be unable to pay for. It's a bit of an insult to working Oracle professionals who want to add certification.
    I agree to some extent. Again, the issue is the consistency in experience. I have met people with 10 years of experience, and others with 10 times 1 year of experience.
    A modest Intro to SQL course will count? But an OCA will already have that knowledge. I wish this was consistently true. Then I mispoke. But the HOC still punishes existing Oracle professionals.
    I sympathize. I'm an independent, and all exams and certification costs come out of my own (corporate=me) pocket. But life in the professional fast lane is not
    cheap. This topic has been the source of some contention for quite some time.
    Unfortunately a number of people have been unscrupulous in their method of getting certification - cheating, using gunners, and so on - and I see this as one of
    the few ways to combat the issue. If the cheating issue is just left alone, the value of OCP (and any other certification) is effectively lost.The unscrupulous, I'm afraid, will always be with us. This problem is not solved, I'm also afraid, by requiring a costly HOC. It is in my opinion one potential solution of many, and not at all the best one. I wonder how other vendors with certifications handle this. I do know that some industry-generic certifications require proof of X years of work in the field (e.g. GISPs), as well as providing proof of various contributions to the field. This could be gamed as well I suppose. But the honest should not be punished along with the dishonest.Basically I agree with the sentiment. Implementation is the issue.
    Bottom line: in my view, a few alternate solutions to the HOC are:
    1) Allow submission of work credentials to substitute for the HOC
    2) Incorporate hands-on aspects to the exam, e.g. a SQL*PLUS simulator.
    I'm sure the brilliant minds at Oracle, or a suitable contractor, could easily accomplish #2. And #1 might be a true bar-raiser. It seems highly unlikely to me that, say, requiring an Intro to SQL HOC course raises the bar more than a few millimeters.There have been many discussions around this. Several of us have even considered non-vendor certifications as a route to accomplish this.
    It is an imperfect world. But hopefully the steps will correct some of the deficiencies.
    I am sure Paul and the rest of the Certification team would be happy to hear more feedback on how to implement practical verifiable real-world experience alternatives to the HOC that do not increase Oracle's costs.
    Since both are unlikely to happen any time soon, what is the least expensive option for the HOC and where do I find a list of courses and institutions that offer them? In my view, Oracle should provide this information as a courtesy. No reason not to unless there is a revenue motive; and the author of the blog posts you sent me assures us the addition of the HOC is not a revenue enhancement maneuver. I'd be more inclined to believe it if those words were backed-up with helpful actions like the one I've proposed--since such a thing seems not to exist.All courses and course locations are available through (and have been available for years) as well as the price. Oracle's policy does not allow for much price variation for education. The exception is when bulk purchased are negotiated, which is outside what you and I can talk with them about.

  • The course I did to gain OCP certification in Oracle Database 11g does not appear on the courses submission list on the website of pearson vue.

    The course I did to gain OCP certification in Oracle Database 11g does not appear on the courses submission list on the website of pearson vue, I sent an email to [email protected] from < email address deleted by moderator >, without an answer in 7 days since 01/28/2015, the email is below, the title of my course is in Portuguese.  What should I do in this case ?
    Dear Oracle.
    I am sending this email because recently I passed in the exam 1Z0-053 Oracle Database 11g: Administration II, which is the last examination necessary to acquire the OCP Certification. However, in the path to the certification I need to prove that I participated in an Oracle Official Training.
    Searching for the course on the pearson vue site, I have not found the course name on the list. So I am sending this email with the course information required for certification. I attended to the course in college FIAP (, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, from March/2010 to March/2011. Accessing the link above is possible to verify that the educational institution is an Oracle Partner. The title that I got was "Graduate in Oracle Database Management".
    In this email I attached a copy of the FIAP Certified Course (front.jpg certificate, certificate back.jpg). I’m also sending the data from my profile in the pearson vue site (Pearson VUE - My profile.pdf), and my scores in the exams for OCP certification (1Z0-051.pdf, 1Z0-052.pdf, 1Z0-053.pdf ).
    If you need any further information just let me know and I will provide.
    Please acknowledge this information and grant me the OCP certification (Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional).
    Italo Moisés dos Santos.
    Oracle Testing ID:  < deleted by moderator >

    Sorry, I expressed myself badly.
    When I access and start submission process  of the course, in the first step “Select the track for which you have completed a certification requirement” I selected the option “Oracle Database 11g Administrator OCP”, in the second step I selected “ILT = Instructor Led Training”,  but when I got on the third step “Which course or requirement did you complete?”  I have to choose the course name that I did, the course name that I did does not appears in that list, so I do not know which one to select, even having at the end of the form the option “Other ...(Course or requirement is not shown above. Please enter title below.)” the course name I did is in Portuguese/Brazil, the name is “MBA em gestão de banco de dados oracle” in Portuguese, which in English would look like "Graduate in Oracle Database Management".
    I sent an email to [email protected] containing the information that I found necessary to obtain certification.
    But if I have to do the process in the pearson vue site, should I put the course name in Portuguese or in English ?
    Only the email I sent is not enough ?
    Thanks for the help, and sorry for my english !

  • Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification?

    Hi all,
    I am lil bit confuse to decide about my oracle core dba certification.
    Please help me to know, as per the present requirements of the business organizations.
    ***Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification?***
    Hope u guys answer me earliest.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Most likely, it doesn't matter too much. I doubt that most employers are terribly concerned with what recent version of Oracle you have a certification on.
    That said, if it matters
    - What does your organization use? What are their plans to upgrade? If your company still uses 9.2 primarily and has plans to upgrade to 10.2 this year, you're probably better off with a 10g certification. If your company is already running mostly 11.2, you're probably better off with an 11g certification.
    - What do most employers in your particular part of the world tend to use? What do job postings in your particular part of the world generally list?

  • Hands On Course Requirement for OCP(DBA)-Level certification

    I HAVE passed 1Z0-051 , 1Z0-052 AND 1Z0-053 EXAMS.
    Can I do Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing Fundamentals hands-on course for OCP DBA level certification?
    Or anything else , What is best for me?
    and what is cheapest for me?
    Is hands-on course taken is mentioned on OCP certifiate?

    Brijesh_Kumar_Tripathi wrote:
    I HAVE passed 1Z0-051 , 1Z0-052 AND 1Z0-053 EXAMS.
    Can I do Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing Fundamentals hands-on course for OCP DBA level certification?
    Or anything else , What is best for me?
    and what is cheapest for me?
    Is hands-on course taken is mentioned on OCP certifiate?Yes you do Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing Fundamentals but also you can do Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II or Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning Release 2 .Please refer

  • Guys i did my OCA Certification. KIndly suggest me as what i should do now for a good job in india beside completing OCP certification?

    I want to work and i need to know what are the scopes & what i should do to get a good job which has further growth and what courses can i do beside OCP certification. I am confused so kindly help me. Also, i completed my OCA 6 months before does it effect in getting jobs?

    As Phillippe indicates -- which OCA you mean makes a big difference.  My guess is you are referring to the DBA OCP, but I could be wrong.  I have written a number of articles targeted to people looking to start their Oracle career.  Links to four of them are below:
    DBA or Developer? Deciding which one suits you best. - CertMag
    Oracle Certification Prep: I know nothing about Oracle... but I want to be a DBA.
    Oracle Certification Prep: The path to becoming an Oracle DBA
    Oracle Certification Prep: Oracle Certified but not Oracle Employed

  • Hints and tips about OCP certification 10g

    in a few weeks I will have my certification test for OCP Oracle 10g.
    For this I'm interested in hints and tips for the test. Did somebody completed this test (not the upgrade one) and could tell me please the main topic, some tips for best preparation and so on? Are the questions only "multiple choice" or are there also "fill-in" questions?
    Thank you in advance

    Hi Dana
    It's all multiple choice. If you are going for OCP I assume you will be writing 10g DBA 2. The following link has exam details like passing score, points per chapter, etc.

  • Help..Oracle could not trace my WDP hands on course for OCP 10g

    Dear All,
    Can somebody on Oracle (OTN team) could help me to validate & check my WDP hands on course as below detail :
    Class Name :
    Location : CV Informit Indonesia
    Student Id : 62156
    Student Name : Zulfirman
    Schedule : 25 March 2011 - 10 April 2011
    (10 sessions @ 3 Hours)
    I have put above information on VUE, but then come up an email response from oracle asking my hardcopy certificate course.
    I have contacted the INFORMIT, they said it takes 2 up to 3 month to get the certification from OU indonesia.
    Since it take long time to get the training certification, I come back emailing the oracle to ask for speed up, then they said they need to check further about my training detail.
    FInally they come up with an email that asking me to ask INFORMIT to email the oracle confirming that i have already completed that course.
    Worstly, i have not in that city anymore where the INFORMIT located, but i drop informit an email just now to forward oracle request to them.
    Question :
    1. Can someone help me to validate my training instead of waiting oracle with the emailing back - forward ?
    2.Why ORacle unable to trace my detail WDP class above ? Is it because of a cheap WDP training so they dont provide a connected server between WDP training provider & OU or Oracle headquarter ?
    3. The Hardcopy certification for WDP student take too long. What is the std lead time for WDP student to have thier training certifiaction ?
    Thank You,

    user4761616 wrote:
    Hi Brandye Barrington,
    they didnt provide me an exam voucer. For your info, i have already passed all the exam required for OCP track.Which is an indicator of something not right. Mabe not your fault. Maybe the Institution. Maybe WDP.
    My goal to get this training is to refresh me about the topic & to claim my OCP status.
    you can check my exam history using my ORacle Testing ID (or Oracle Certification Program ID): XXXXXXXXXXWell you've just 3.2 (iv) No Misconduction of the of the agreement you make before taking this exam by disclosiing your Oracle Testing Id to another person ... aka the whole internet!
    For your info,
    I hve just got confirmation from my WDP training centre (Informit). They have emailed "[email protected]" to confirm that i have officialy registered with WDP training centre by showing to them (them = oracle) the screen shot or print screen of regsitration form from WDP website, where my name alrady been registered inside the WDP system.
    Ho Ho Ho !! The WDP training center are well enoughton the ball to know that email address have been withdrawn. ( ).
    Perhaps that document does show a registration number.
    Now i can only wait, wheter oracle still could not accpet that email from INFORMIT as a proof or i have to wait for my certification hardcopy (take 2 or 3 months ahead)
    Emails can be faked. And I am reasonably certain a percentage of WDP Training centers would not apply the rules properly if they could get away with it.
    If i still have to wait for the scan hardcopy certification, then for sure, i really upset with ORACLE, due they could not manage best communication & sychronization database between ORACLE - WDP TRanining Centre, & me as a unlucky candidate due to their bad communication on both system.
    IMHO I can see from this and other threads that WDP or the training centers fail to publish clear and precise information of what is involved so the students can authoratively check on an oracle website. IMHO The WDP Traiing centers have a degree of control which they can use to mislead students.
    And I assume you have access to the following :: ... and if not why not ? ( I dont .. i am not WDP).
    If ORACLE is a great database company, then they must already predict such issue in early as possible instead of waiting such complaint raised in.
    Oracle is Great. Larry is Great. Any Oracle RDBMS version with a zero in it may be a bad vintage.
    But IMHO you may be right wrt WDP.
    Again, Pls help me on this..
    Besr Regards,
    Zulfirman,PMP,OCAWhen one does training at OU the attendance is properly recorded and there are nless real issues with attendance not being recorded.
    With WDP institutions as far as I can tell this is not perhaps as well auditted and there is perhaps room for shenanigans; faked attendance, etc.
    As far as i know when WDP was started (oracle 9i) the students used to have to attend the whole track of a specially constructed coiurse to get the credi ( I used to call it a never mind the quality feel the width training). And the training was spread to ensure the pupil had time to absorb the training. And it might be taught by non Oracle Professionals. WDP can however now be used for a single session set of part of track being sufficient for the training requirement (This may be simply a never mind the quality appreciatethe cheapness approach).
    This may all seem off topic for you.
    However please realise Oracle Certification (whcih operates independently of WDP who do there own thing) need to establish training has been properaly attended. And if there is a loophole many WDP candidates wll rush towards it.
    This however does give me a chance to kick Oracle to ensure WDP has its house in order.

  • Training for OCP

    I wanted to know how to do the training for Oracle certified porfessional certification. I was interested in the approved instructor-led online course. I am aware that training + exam(1Z0-043) + hands-on course requirement form are the requisites for OCP.
    I hope, my question is clear.
    Please, help in solving the doubt.

    mani's wrote:
    Hi Aman,
    Since My query is also regarding the same OCP training and ur id ( lycos 1 ) is not working :) , I thought of putting my query right here.
    Hi there Mani,
    Well first, I am not sure what's the error with the mail id. Its working for me and I have just sent a mail to myself to test it out. Its really working! Not sure what error you faced and why?
    Sorry!!!, for trespassing No issues at all!
    in feb09, our company got us trained on Oracle 10g sql tuning which was conducted by an oracle university faculty in Hyderabad.
    I am planning for Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional (OCP certification) exam and had a small query in this regard and no its not about exam dumps :)
    The certificate that we have got from oracle says
    Course " Oracle database 10g: SQL Tuning (Hosted) PRV"This has no problem. This means that the course you guys have attended must be hosted some where in the Oracle networks but not in your company. This is nothing but the title that the course was hosted by Oracle. So no issues as such are in it!
    The doubt that I have is, whether this training will suffice the hands on course requirement for appearing for the Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional (OCP certification) ?Yes this training does qualify for the OCP10g course as its a listed course in the approved courses for the 10g OCP , see here,
    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated
    Hope this should clear the doubts and help you. Good luck with OCP.

  • "Instructor-led class" compulsary for OCP(O9i)

    I am really interested in taking to become an OCP.(Oracle 9i) But I am a little upset that it is compulsary to take an "Instructor-led class" in order to get the OCP. However, if we start off with the OCP track before Sept 1st we don't have to take this class. (As I understand from
    I wonder if it is enough if I pass "Oracle9i: SQL " or should I pass the first 3 exams (O9i SQL, O9i DBA Funda I & O9i Funda II) before sept 1st so that I can skip taking the "Instructor-led class". If any one has an answer to this please do reply.
    Also, I would like to know if the follwoing books will be useful for exam preparation.
    1.     OCA/OCP: Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL Study Guide OCP:Exam 1Z0-007 (ISBN:0-7821-4062-9)
    2.     OCA/OCP: Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals I Study Guide OCP:Exam 1Z0-031 (ISBN:0-7821-4063-7)
    3.     OCA/OCP: Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals II Study Guide OCP:Exam 1Z0-032 (ISBN:0-7821-4064-5)
    4.     OCA/OCP: Oracle 9i Performance Tuning Study Guide OCP:Exam 1Z0-033 (ISBN:0-7821-4065-3)
    Thanks in advance !

    I am Oracle 8i OCP DBA. First I want to upgrade to OCP DBA 9i. Then simultaneously, I am interested for OCP Developer 6i.
    As I am DBA, so I have my one paper SQL cleared for OCP Developer already. Will this suffice for Sep 1 deadline for waiver of regular classes for Oracle Certifications?
    Please respond.

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