Frozen help

I dropped my blackberry z10 the top left corner cracked a lil but since my pho e has been frozen, stuck on screen. It won't let me like slide to open like my screen isn't working properly. I've tried holdingbutton for 10 sec and taking my battery out

Hi and Welcome to the Community!
Given your description and at an internet-distance, I can only deduce that the fall has caused some internal damage...which, of course, cannot be healed with software. Only in-hand evaluation by a qualified technician can provide you with a proper diagnosis and estimate. Given the fall, I doubt your warranty will be of any use...if you happen to have any insurance on the device, then that may well be useful. Otherwise, you will be looking at 100% out of pocket costs to repair the damage that has been done.
Good luck!
Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • My Iphone 3gs has frozen-help me please ??

    Hi there,
    I'm new to the site;
    And I'm in despair.My Iphone isn't jailbroken or anything like that. So this is how it begins;
    I downloaded the alarm clock app on my Iphone 3gs on Tuesday evening, so I could set my alarm for the following morning, it downloaded fine. I woke up the following morning to the phone vibrating twice every 5 seconds or so and the phone was frozen on the passcode screen.
    I have tried the home button/sleep button reset to no avail.
    I have tried tried connecting it to itunes and doing the restore-i click the restore button but it only ends up updating which then fails due to the 3259 error code?!
    I have tried doing this in the recovery mode but it still doesn't work.
    I have tried searching endlessley on both google and youtube for hopeful fixes but I am beginning to loose hope?!
    I have only had the Iphone two weeks as my cousin's contract expired, so I bought it off her.
    If anyone could help me I would be very grateful,

    Either you need to update iTunes on your computer to the current version or you have firewall software that is not allowing iTunes to connect to the activation server.

  • Adobe DNG converter has frozen, help please x

    Can anyone help, my Adobe DNG converter has frozen and wont work, I have uninstalled it and updated to the latest one, now I cant find the updated one on my computer as it wont show up under search, and the other one has frozen and wont work..... Help please as I now cant edit any photos!!!!!

    I'm having A very Similar program with DNG Converter 8.4 and 8.6! The Program was working fine until 2 weeks ago, now when I open the software, it doesn't load completely and when I click the application window up, all of the information fields are clear, showing the desktop through the window. Anyone else no what to do about this? I'm running Windows 8.1

  • Ipod mini frozen help

    I can use my ipod within itunes but i can't scroll or anything it's like it's frozen. Do I need to repair it or what? Help please!!1

    See this.
    How to reset the iPod if it appears frozen or doesn't respond.

  • Ipod disconnected in middle of sync, now frozen help

    i disconnected my 4th gen ipod in middle of sync to itunes. now frozen with a picture of cable and itunes logo. if i plug into computer says i must restore and lose everything. have 1000 pictures not backupped. please help!

    That's not good news. I'm sorry to say those photos may be gone.
    Before giving up, you might try to force the iPod to restart. I've seen them "realize they're OK" after doing that, but rarely.
    To restart, hold the sleep/wake and home buttons together for about 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

  • My ipod 3g has a picture of a usb connection and itunes logo and i cant do anything with it its frozen help!!!!

    Itried to sync my ipod 3g and it froze so i tried to reboot it, and now its got a picture of an USB concetion and an arrow pointing to an itune logo, cant do anything with it now its just frozen on that i can turn off and turn on ipod but it goes to same picture all the time can anyone help with this problem

    The the picture from usb to iTunes on your iPod means that you have to connect your iPod to iTunes on your computer
    And restore the last backup or set it up as a new iPod.

  • My iPod Is Frozen Help Me

    Wat To Do When My iPod Is Frozen
    Also Is There A Way To Transfer Non Purchased Music & Videos Back To My Computer Without Buying Software
    Also How Do U Transfer Pictures When On Manuall Mode
    Please Help Me

    You may need to reset it. Put the hold switch to the OFF/White position. Now toggle it ON/orange then back off again. Then press and hold both the MENU and center buttons on the iPod and hold them for a good 10 seconds or so. Your iPod should reboot starting with the Apple Logo screen.
    And to your other question(s):
    How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer using iTunes7
    How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer using iTunes6
    Copying from iPod to Computer threads...
    Also these useful internet articles...
    iPod: Frequently Asked Questions

  • My ipod is frozen help

    I just plugged in my Ipod to download some songs and now the thing is frozen and i don't know what to do please help

    Post this in the forums that says "Connecting iPod to Windows" or something like that the people there can offer some help.

  • Centro Keypad Frozen - Help!

    Hello Palm Forums -
    I have a Centro with Verizon... I went to make a call today and keypad was frozen. No buttons work. However touch screen does work. Tried to hotsynk and nothing happened. Tried hard reset and when asked "erase all data?" palm ring dosnt work so i cant press up to choose yes or no.
    please advise or point me in the right direction.
    p -
    Post relates to: Centro (Verizon)
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    I'm out of ideas.  Since you can't do a Hard Reset, you can't determine if it's a software problem.  If the phone is under warranty, I'd return it ASAP to Verizon.
    I would have suggested downloading the "Hard Reset" program from, but you can't Hotsync...     BTW, what happens when you try to HotSync?  Since you can still use the screen, what happens when you Open the Hotsync app, and tap the big Hotsync icon in the middle?  What happens when you tap the Hotsync button on the cable?
    Can you get to the Prefs icon and check all the Keyguard settings?
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  • My 3GS screen has frozen help?

    My iPhone 3GS screen has frozen. This is the 2nd time it has done this but I cat remember how to fix it. Help?

    Reset, hold both home and power buttons until the iPhone begins to start, usually takes about 10 seconds of holding both buttons. If still problem, connect iPhone to Wall Charger and Reset, this can often take 20 seconds time of holding both buttons.

  • My 515 is frozen :( help ? what do i do ?

    i just bought it today   
    and i really like it, it is very nice 
    but      now its frozen        it just shows which song its playing, but there is no music :(
    can you reset it som way, i have tried everthing (i think)
    is there anyone that can help :( it sucks because it is only 4 hours old   
    please somebody helt mee     

    I have two solutions for your reference!!
    1. Please pressing "FM / A->B key" + "REC key" meantime, and it will power off, open power and try again!!
    2. Update correct firmware and try again!!
    Please do according to firmware update procedure of the following:
    1.Please download and install the latest firmware(v3.00.13) and driver!!(
    2. After firmware unzipping, it will show some files, please replace driver installation files (C:\Program Files\MSI\MS-5515)
    3. Please press sustained “play key” first, then plug your mega player 515 in your PC.
    4. Please go to "start" (below left corner) and enter "programs" and choose "MSI MS-5515" update now!!!
    5. After update success, you can release of your finger.
    Please note: The stage 3 is very importantly, please must press “play key” first. Then connect your PC.
    Hope to solve your issue!!

  • I pod is frozen HELP!!

    my ipod is completely frozen and i have followed all the steps given to me but nothing is working! the light has remained on for nearly 2 hours and its not responding at all. can anyone help? cheers, nick.

    " i have followed all the steps given to me "
    What steps are those? Have you tried holding the MENU and SELECT (center) buttons until you see the Apple logo to reset it?
    (I'm assuming this is an iPod nano?)

  • I'n Frozen Help......

    My 30 GB bad boy Ipod is on the fritz. She is locked up. The screen says "Do Not Disconnect".
    I love this little girl but she is broken and cant get up.
    Please help. I tried the R's and I get no response when I hold "menue and select" in hold or out of hold.

    Marah, I had the exact same problem a few minutes ago and I feel like a dummy because as I was reading the troubleshooting instructions to reset, I wasn't reading them correctly!!! To reset you need to hold the menu and the center white button down together!!!! Like an idiot I kept pressing the play/pause button!!! I literally was freaking out!!! and realized that I was not processing the information correctly!!!
    My Nano had been frozen for hours!!! and with just that it works just fine!!! I am posting this as a new thread because I think there a probably quite a few out there that may be doing the same thing and not realizing it!!!
    Good luck!!!
    Dell   Windows XP  

  • Ipod Frozen - HELP

    My ipod mini was working fine i added another 30 songs to it and it was still working fine.
    I safely removed the ipod from my computer and it froze.
    It has frozen on the 'now playing' screen, none of the buttons work and it isn't actually playing anything.
    So i reconnected it to the computer but the computer doesn't recognise it now.
    I have tried the '5 R's' they don't help, i have been all through the apple website and can't seem to find anything.
    Is there something simple that i'm missing?
    Does this mean it won't turn off until the battery has run down?
    And if so will this reset it?
    And is my best bet to send it back under the warranty?

    If the computer won't recognize the iPod, try these.
    Your Windows PC doesn't recognize iPod.
    iPod appears in Windows Explorer but does not appear in iTunes.
    iPod does not appear in iTunes.
    Fast user switching in Windows XP is not supported.
    Strange iPod behavior.
    When restoring the iPod, put it into disk mode first.
    Putting iPod into disk mode.
    Leaving the iPod to discharge for around 24 hours is a recognized troubleshooting step then try the 5 R's again.

  • IOS 5.0.1 - iphone frozen. help!!

    I updated my iphone with ios 5.0.1 and my phone is frozen with it asking me to connect to itunes.  itunes wont recognise that the phone is connected through the usb port.
    help please!

    Be sure and do a update on the phone when it is Fully charged up. Also I would suggest taht you intall Battery Doctor + from the App store (its free)
    Also disable wifi icloud connection, just do it thru the usb to computer connection.
    Then do the following

Maybe you are looking for

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    I cannot get the position, rotation, scale or opacity commands to do anything.  I change the numbers and the picture stays the same.  If I apply the Luma Key to track 1, select "key out brighter" and adjust the tolerance, the bright areas turn black,