G/L Account blocked Error while posting goods delivery in VL02n transaction

Our Requirement is to change the G/L account which is  proposed by  OBYC(automatic account determination ) as per the movement  typ and order reason from a Ztable. We need a place to code this logic before this OBYC check happens due to which we getting the account blocked error.
Please suggest some user exit or enhancemnet point where we can place this logic.

hi Ramki.,
I had configured  a Surcharge on delivery in the condition type to be calculated on the qty delivered. Say for every Gallon, a surcharge of 0.2 cents is charged. I had maintained ths surcharge as a separate condition type and assigned it to a separate G/L a/c.
Now during PO creation, in the header , the price remains the same as i give for the Unit price.
IN the conditions tab in Item level, the surcharge is added on to the gross price and i get a Net Price.
Without saving the PO, when i go to see the Print-preview, i see only the Gross price.
After saving the PO, in print review, i see
1. Unit gross price under Sl.No.1
2. After the Item description, immediately, there is qty ordered x unit price + surcharge and them following  Nett price
3. At the bottom right corner of the PO, i get qty ordered x unit price only . Surcharge amount does not appear.
How do i get the Total Nett price i.e qty ordered x unit price + surcharge to appear on the bottom right of the PO.
Is it a standard functionality for the Total price to appear or does it involve the role of ABAP programming.???
Do clarify my doubts

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  • Auth error while post good receipt thru vl02n

    During Post good receipt thru t-code vl02n i am facing error as - "You have no authorization for this transaction with movement type 653"
    In the role i have given auth for vl01n,vl02n and vrre
    So pl guide to resolve this issue

    please perform the transaction again. On error type /osu53 in transaction window. System will open new session and you will get details of Missing Authorizations. Give it to your Basis person to grant those missing objects.

  • Tax code error while posting Planned delivery costs in Import Scenario

    I am getting on error while posting Planned delivery costs in MIRO for Import Purchase Order with zero value tax code v0. The error is
    "Tax code V0 country IN does not exist in procedure ZAXINN"
    For Import I defined a pricing procedure which contains all condition types for CVD, Ecess, SEcess, Additional Customs Duty and Others.
    While making Import PO im putting V0 tax code. I assigned the Tax Codes to the Company code.
    Please let me know what config is missing.

    Is you ZAXINN assigned to the country India
    and is your taxcode (created in FTXP) created for country India?

  • Error while posting goods receipt

    Hi All,
    I am getting error message while posting goods receipt.
    The error says posting only possible 2007/06.....
    Thanks in advance

    Go to MMPV give your company code and the period and the fiscal year and execute.

  • Error while posting journal entry: -5012/unbalanced transaction

    Hi everyone,
    I got this error message when trying to add a FA Retirement.  FA is dated 26.May.08, depreciated for the month of May 2008 and would like to be retired on 01.June.08 (sale with customer).
    FA G/L Account Determination is completely defined.
    Would appreciate any reply.  Thanks in advance!

    Hi Jac,
    1, There is a known issue in a lower version before  2005A SP01 PL30when you try to run a retirement operation for a fixed asset with Net Price equal to the Net Book Value, it failed and you got the following error message:
    21141 error while posting journalentry: -5012 /Unbalanced Transaction.
    If you are in this scenario, please upgrade your Fixed Assest to the latest patch.
    2. If you are not in above scenario, this problem is possibly caused by the incorrect configuration of accounts in G/L
    Account Determination.
    There should not be 'Default VAT Group' related to these accounts except for account 'Default Revenue Acc. Retirement' in G/L Account Determination.
    1) Go to Administration - Setup - Fixed Assets - Open G/L Account Determination;
    2) Select an Account Determination Group;
    3) Under the G/L Account Determination window, open the account linked to 'Balance Sheet of Asset Acc.' by clicking on the yellow arrow;
    3) The Chart of Accounts window will open, click on the'Account Details' button beneath the window to open G/L Account Details;
    4) Empty the field 'Default VAT Code';
    5) Execute the Retirement functionality again.
    You can also refer to SAP Note 1050423 for reference. https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1050423
    I hope it is helpful!
    Ivy Zhang
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Error while posting Goods issue for the reservation

    I am getting an error while trying to post the Goods Isuue for the reservation using MIGO transaction. The error is 'Level AR belongs to cash position (source symbol PSK)'.
    Please help me in solving this if anyone has any idea, let me know what am I supposed to do.

    I think Cash Management (TR-CM) module implemented in your system.Please post this in Finance forum.

  • Error while posting goods in MB1C

    Hi All
    I am trying post goods mvt type 561 in t-code   'mb1c'   . I am geting an error message saying:<b>Field selection for movement type 561 / acct 799999 differs for Vendor goods    
    movement (014)  Message no. M7093. </b>   I am sure that there is some FI configuration    
    is missing.  Please guide to setup FI side configuration for this issue.
    Prasead K

    hi prasad,
    try TCODE:OMWB
    and give material number to which u want post goods
    in movement type field give 561 and enter
    then select account assignments button
    next screen select screen layout button
    here u can find the difference field selection for the gl acc and mv type so correct them.
    definitley this will solve ur problem
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            sandhya reddy

  • Runtime error while posting goods in MB1C

    When in MB1C i am trying to post goods.While saving i got message 49 number ranges should be defined.I done it clear in FBN1.So when i am saving posting goods i am getting runtime dump error.So how can i solve this problem

    Please Ensure you have Maintained No ranges in FBN1 & OMBT.
    Go to OMBT and Check whether No Ranges are assigned for Group Material Documents for Goods Movement and inv Diff.
    If the Problem Persists, Please Contact your abaper.

  • Error while posting unplanned delivery cost

    while posting in MIRO am getting this following error. "Maintain account determination (table T030B) for posting key UPF". can someone explain me the step to configure this in OBYC.

    Click on the description of the error. There itself it will show the way to proceed. Click on that it will take u to OBYC screen.
    Or otherwise Go to OBYC and enter chart of accounts. And double click on UPF and enter the details.

  • Error while posting XML from a scheduled transaction to another transaction

    When I try posting an XML from one transaction to another in a different project by calling it as a webservice, it doen't hit the other transaction.
    I see this in the Netweaver error logs:
    java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file
    at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method)
    at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(ZipFile.java:111)
    at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(ZipFile.java:127)  [see details]
    XML AssignXml Parse Error
    org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file.... [see details]
    [Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file.
    More interestingly it happens ONLY when I schedule the parent transaction, when I trigger it manual everything works fine.
    Any help appreciated.

    Hi Srinivas,
    I see that this post was marked as answered. Could you please elaborate on how this problem was fixed?
    I am experiencing a similar issue:
    I am trying to get the Active Portal application running in MII 12.1.7 (also 12.1.8) and all went well up to the point where the ActivePortalMonitor transaction is scheduled. In the logs I also receive the  org.xml.sax.SAXParseException.
    The culprit is the XMLQuery block in that txn. Just like with your situation, when ran from workbench it works; when scheduled it doesn't.
    I tried replacing the XMLQuery with other blocks that get the same result, i.e. XMLLoader or HTTPLoader + StringToXMLParser; and in all cases the XML fetching element bombs out.
    I also built a simple txn that does an XMLQuery on another txn and then dumps the output in a file. Same thing: when run from workbench it runs fine; from scheduler it gives "SAX" error
    I would post the specific error log, but it is always varying, here is one example:
    [ERROR] [Untitled_0]org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Open quote is expected for attribute "DIR" associated with an element type "HTML".
    Any help/hints are much appreciated
    Kind Regards,

  • Error while posting return delivery to backend system

    Hi All,
    We are facing problem when we are posting return delivery. Currently we are in ECS implementation. Our SRM is 7.0 EHP3.
    Scenario goes as, SC is created then PO is created then further confirmation is created and on creating return delivery of this confirmation, this return delivery goes error in process.
    Now on further analyzing, I found out that outbound IDoc in SRM is getting posted successfully but when ECC receives this IDoc it is saying please enter reason for movement 122. This reason for return is already entered while creating the return delivery. But this reason is not flowing in IDoc (Message Type MBGMCR and Basic Type MBGMCR01) in SRM and further to ECC. This field MOVE_REAS in IDoc is populating blank.
    Can anybody help me resolving this problem? Any pointers or SAP notes related to can also be suggested.

    Hi Siddarth,
    Please implement the note below, which is included in SP05.
    2007628 - Return delivery cannot be posted in backend system as reason for return delivery is empty

  • Error while posting Inbound Delivery

    I am trying to post inbound delivery and getting error that there is no item avaialble on the Purchase order. Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Check Confirmation Control Key of resp. purchase order.
    Also check for the said inbound delivery, have you created shipment for this?
    If no, create with respect to Inbound delivery using transaction VT01N and then do GR agianst Inbound delivery.
    Please check and revert.
    Edited by: Hrishi on May 30, 2011 10:53 AM

  • Account Determination Error When Posting Goods Issue Against Sales Order

    Hello SAP Experts,
    We are currently experiencing a problem during goods issueance against sales order (VL02N). The system terminates the issueance and gives error:
    "Account XXXXXX requires an assignment to a CO object".
    We have tried maintaining the GL account in OKB9 and assign a default profit center there but i didn't work. The material master also contains the profit center. We were only able to post the transaction if we try to default the a cost center in FS00. However we dont want to assign a default cost center as cost centers differ by plant. We are wondering why it asks the cost center considering that it already contains the sales order assignment. We checked the field selection of the GL account, movement type and even the posting key and all showed that the cost center is not required. We are now in a dead end situation here. Please please help us.
    Thanks in advance!

    Message no. KI235?
    Please check this link,
    [Account Determination |"Account 'xxxxxx' requires an assignment to a CO object"]

  • Error while posting Goods issue

    I am trying to do a PGI for a delivery.It first goes to the "Detailed data for Handling unit XXXXXX" Screen and then if I click BACK , it goes to " Display Handling Units " Screen and then gives me an error :
    Risk of posting several mat. documents for one
    delivery->long text
    It gives me an option for EXIT.
    Please let me know how to handle this error.Any inputs in this regard will be helpful.Thanks.

    Hi Priya,
    I was also encountered similer problem while creating a sales contrct using BAPI.
    First of all check if you have got any notification on your SAP Buisness workplace (SBWP).
    Check whether all required data are filled.
    check for any customization which is creating any problem.

  • Account determination Error while posting to FI

    Dear gurus,
    At the time of billing there is an error "error in account determination table T030K" the posting is not happening to FI. I am using a manual condition for excise.
    I have checked in the OB40 settings. G/L account is assigned to that particular key and tax code.
    Please guide me as how to go ahead.
    Thanks & Regards

    Check the following:
    1.  In the line item of SD, which is the Acct key is appearing.
    2.  In the same item, check the tax code.
    After getting the above input, Check table T030K for the combination whether GL Account is specified.
    You need to jointly take help of SD.
    Hope this helps.

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