Get error "TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined" and can't load web pages. Problem with Firefox 5?

I tried repeatedly to load Firefox 5. The Error "TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined" keeps coming up. The browser loads but any URL I enter doesn't load. Sites activated by buttons do load. Internet Explorer works.

07-05-11 When I turned on my laptop (Vista) this morning, I got a Start in Safe Mode and Repair message so I did. It suggested a System Restore, I hit OK. When it started like normal, I waited a few minutes then TRIED to launch Firefox 5.0 but kept getting a Mozilla Crash Report dialogue. So I instead opened Firefox 4.0b12 --error free-- so I could get here to get help. When I tried the Run... firefox.exe -profilemanager step, I get the subject error. When I try to open FF 5.0 in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key simultaneously, I get the subject error and no launch (though no Crash box either). I will try to let the FF 5.0 Updater run when it appears again but it never lets me choose when to Ask Again so I don't think it'll show again until tomorrow. Sigh. Oh, and like someone at a different version of this error blog re WinVista 32bit, now I'm getting the issue of Enter not executing the URL typed in the address bar; I had to click the arrow.
I hope the Update is to fix this problem.

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