GL account posting error with cost centre

Hi experts
I am trying to post Goods issue with the combination of GL account and cost centre...
The system throwing an error message saying " GL account XXXXX not valid for cost centre XXXXX or order entered"
what could be the mistake i have done... kindly reply

Z message means you have a custom validation in Place
Go to OB28 and check which validation is causing this issue..
you need to either change it so that this posting goes through or use a proper GL account in accordance with the validation

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  • RAPOST2000 error as Cost Centre blocked

    Would like to check with you on the monthly depreciation posting as if one of the cost centre of assets was blocked:
    1) 4.6C RABUCH00 run in background and failed as certain cost centre was blocked. The job re-run and the system will prompt user to enter the correct cost centre WITHOUT changing the cost centre in the respective asset master.
    2) ECC5/6 RAPOST2000/AFAB run in background but flag out error as the cost centre was blocked.
    For that scenario, does that mean we need to change the cost centre in the respective asset master IF we do not want to unblock the primary posting of the cost centre?
    Pls advise and thank you so much.

    Hi Claudia,
    this issue arises very often with the new depreciation run. But the main question should not be "how can I change the cost center within the posting so that the depreciaiton run does not fail". Because if you changed the cost center in the past processing the Batch Session, you definitely created an inconsistency. The cost center stored in FI-AA tables has not been the cost center being used in the FI and CO documents.
    If you do not need that consistency, it is in the users responsibility. But personally I doubt this procedure.
    So personally I agree on Pauls statement, it is - from my personal opinion - more reasonable to spend some time assuring data consistency, then to skip system checks accepting side effects and inconsistencies.

  • Rel. strategy is not triggered while creation of PR with cost centr

    Hi Gurus,
    While creation of PR release strategy is not getting triggered with cost centre BCWSV870. But release strategy of PR triggered for cost centre BCWSV852 (In PR changed only cost centre as BCWSV852 instead of BCWSV870). Both cost centres are similar and the both cost centres are exist in characteristics value in CL20N for the same release strategy.
    My question is why for one cost centre triggers release strategy triggers and for other cost centre release strategy is not triggered. Can you please tell how come this and rewarded for answer this.
    With regards,
    C. Sundar Rajan

    In regard to problematic PR with cost center BCWSV870, was your PR maintained with only one line item? or multiple line items?.  In additions, when defining cost center as part of the release strategy structure, did you enter all cost centers with leading zeros?  Tak a further look into OSS Note 365604 for your further investigation.

  • GL Account is blocked for Cost Centre

    Hi All,
    I try to post amount to G/L account, But SAP throwing this error. GL Account 672800 is blocked for Cost Centre 3330.
    I tried to post to another account 678200 which has the same functionality as 672800 but i done get any error . 
    Any Advice pls.

    What i feel U r using some validation for this pls check the same because we can't restrict any GL for posting to particular cost center.

  • G/L account for issue to cost centre-FERT

    Hello friends,
    here I have an issue,
    when I am running the transaction MB1A with mvt type 201,two G/L accounts getting updated, one is inventory that is assigned in OBYC , in transaction BSX.
    Another G/L account  is 'for' issue to cost centre,' where it is assigned.
    Can somebody give me the solution?
    Seetaram Functional consultant.

    Hi Friend,
    You should assign it to OBYC Account Assignement. GBB - VBR (Internal Goods Issue such as Cost Center or Order). Also check OKB9. Whether cost element has been assigned to Cost Center.
    I hope this found useful to you.

  • Account assignment category for cost centre and statistical internal order

    When issuing purchase order, we use account assignment category u2018Fu2019 for (PM) order, and u2018Ku2019 for cost centre.  What account assignment category to use, when issuing purchase order, if we want to charge to both cost centre (as mandatory) and statistical internal order (as optional entry field)?
    Do you create custom account assignment category for that purposes? 
    I reviewed Note 305385 but do not think it's relevant to us.

    Hi Stacy
    you can create a custom acct assgn category (AAC) in OME9... COPY the K to Z and make changes in it
    However, I feel the Std AAC K should serve your purpose if you want to have Cost Ctr as mandatory and Order as Optional
    Br, Ajay M

  • Posting to a cost centre from a sales order

    Hi all.  We are currently in the process of replacing a third party system which deals with publicity mailing and taking the process onto our SAP system.
    At the moment a report is run on the third party system at month end which details the months costs (freight and handling) which is then uploaded into SAP by JV in order to make the postings to the correct cost centres.
    However, the current method of raising orders via email will be replaced with raising sales orders on SAP.  The sales order will obviously allow postings to a profit centre via the material, but how do I then get the costs into a cost centre for reporting and budgetary control?
    I originally thought of using OKB9, however the relationship is not a simple one profit centre to one cost centre, and the costs have to be split across multiple costs centres.
    Any ideas would be extremely welcome.
    If you need any further info just let me know.
    Many thanks

    There are a couple of options depending on how the data comes in and how you want to disburse it. You could use a substitution rule and you could also do CO allocations as well. This is because you have one profit center and many cost centers. One to one is a an easy flow match.

  • MM Release Strategy with Cost Centre

    My characteristics for the release strategy is Accnt Assigmnt (KNTTP), Cost Centre (KOSTL) and Amount (GSWRT). I link all to the ceban straucture, and for the cost centre, I entered in the value tab the cost centres that I am using, and I entered the cost centres in the release strategy. Everything seem OK for the release strategy, but the release strategy is only selecting the strategy according to the values and not considering the cost centre, what can I do let it consider the cost centre and the value. I have been struggleing with this problem more than a week now. I tried everything that I can think of. Can someone assit me in this matter. I am on ECC 6.
    Thank you.

    Refer OSS Note :: 52225
    Solution ::
    Purchase requisition release strategy with classification does not work as expected when the characteristic for cost center KOSTL is included.
    Message  ME297 is displayed.
    Additional key words
    CEBAN-KOSTL, KOSTL, Cost center, Release strategy, OMGQ, ME297
    ME51, ME52, ME53
    Cause and prerequisites
    Numeric values used for the cost center characteristic in the purchase requisition release strategy with classification is not recognized. CEBAN-KOSTL is a CHAR field of length 10.
    Enter leading zeros for the cost center value in the release strategy. eg. If the cost center value is 123456, while entering this value for the cost center in the release strategy, enter it as 0000123456.
    Cheers !!!!!!

  • Track Subinventory with cost centres

    Hi Experts,
    In my company, there are around 20 Cost centres which transacts between each other. We follow FIFO accounting. There are many locations of these cost centres, hence items needs to be shipped for internal requisitions.
    Now I am designing the Inventory Org Structure, where I should be able to track all cost centre wise transactions (accounting entries). Can I :
    1- create each cost centre as Inventory Org?
    2- create physical location wise Inv Org and under which all cost centre as subinventory? if yes, then how can i track accounting for each cost centres, for any subinventory transfers, move orders etc or inter org transfers?
    3- please can you suggest any possible structure?
    Thanks a lot.
    Need the reply ASAP....
    Edited by: 914168 on Mar 6, 2012 9:03 AM

    I would go for cost center wise Inventory Org for better tracking of accounting transactions, as each inventory org will be mapped to different account codes.

  • Report with Cost Centre/Cost Element/Internal Orders required

    Hello SAP Gurus
    I need to run a report in CO where the output displays actual line items for Cost Centre, Cost Elements and Internal Orders in a single report. Is anyone aware of any SAP Std reports that provide this information. So far I havent found any

    You can use this one S_ALR_87013602 for totals, but, of course, it does not split between cost objects. For line items, you can build simple SQVI based on COEP table.

  • Revenue account Assinment to different cost centres

    The requirement from the user is that they want to allocate the revenue in different cost centres according to order reason(this functionalioty is availablke in SD revenue determination :as assign cost center. Transaction code is OVF3.
    Please let me know how to assign the same cost elemnet to diffrent cost centers.i have tried ovf3 but not luck of there is any other way or i am missing some thing pls let me know.

    solved self

  • Post Invoice with cost difference - TECO in accrual order

    Hi experts,
    I have the following problem:
    I want to post an invoice in MIRO with a different tax code (--> that results in a different cost) than in the original purchase order and already performed goods entry. The accounting assignment is done with an accrual (internal order). This internal order has been set to TECO and does not let me post an invoice with a different cost than in the purchase order.
    Is there a workaround without resetting the status of the internal order from TECO to OPEN?
    Thank you,

    Hi Srinivas,
    I need to set the VAT tolerance with 1 or 2 p.
    Hence its not available in OMR6.
    Any other settings ?

  • Balance in transaction currency (Accounts Posting error)

    Dear All,
    I got the below mentioned error message while, I am trying to post a invoice to accounts. Can anyone could help me in this context,
    Thanks & Regards,
    Balance in transaction currency
    Message no. F5702
    A balance has occurred in transaction currency 'INR' with the following details:
    Exchange rate '00', amount '        13,395.00-' and currency key 'INR'.
    The data in the transaction currency were transferred from the calling application.
    System response
    Your data cannot be processed in FI.
    The error is probably in the calling application.

    Dear Dilip Kumar
    Goto SPRO --> Logistics General --> Tax on Goods Movement --> India --> Basic Settings --> Maintain Excise Registration.   Select the respective excise registration and go into that by clicking the lens on top.
    Here check whether a tick mark is appearing in "Excise Registration is Liable to AT1".  If not, put a tick mark and then generate invoice.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Account Posting Error

    On posting my billing document to accounting I am getting an ABAP runtime error "GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE". As I understood it, it was to do with number range assigment for accounting document. But I have already assigned number ranges to my a/c docs(1, 14 and 49 -as I was asked by system). Moreover, with the same configuration I used to post the billing to accounting successfully. What could have gone wrong? Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance.

    Dear Narendra
    This is bcoz Account Assignment Group was not flowing in billing and hence the error.  First check in customer master whether you have maintained the Account Assignment Group and if so, check in billing document at header level.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Invoice posting error with WBS element

    I have created purchase order with account assignment category P with WBS element. Quantity 2 numbers and unit price 10000Rs. I checked WBS element in this u201CAVAC Availability control activeu201D check box is selected. Now I am trying to post invoice for this PO with amount 25000Rs with tax amount 1200Rs but getting an error saying u201Cavailability controlu201D cannot post invoice.  Help me in this regard

    It would be a great help if you would send the error code from the error message.
    Kind Regards,
    Arminda Jack

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