Goods Receipt Report With 101 movement type using bapi_goodsmvt_create

Dear Abapers,
        i am getting some problem, i got requirement like Goods Receipt Report with 101 movement type using
bapi_goodsmvt_create and data should upload through excel sheet.
still facing problems, i have searched sdn forum n sdn code also, but relevant answer i could not find.
What are all the inputs i need to take and please give some valuable inputs to me.
please do help ..... thanks for advance..
Thanks & regards,
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Dear Abapers,
        i am getting some problem, i got requirement like Goods Receipt Report with 101 movement type using
bapi_goodsmvt_create and data should upload through excel sheet.
still facing problems, i have searched sdn forum n sdn code also, but relevant answer i could not find.
What are all the inputs i need to take and please give some valuable inputs to me.
please do help ..... thanks for advance..
Thanks & regards,
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  • What is d BAPI for reversal of Good Receipt Note(GRN) for movement type 102

    Hi ABAPers,
       I have got requirement like this , I have done Goods Receipt Note (GRN) based on Purchse order Number using '.BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE' with 101 movement type.
       But now my requirement is reversal of good receipt note(GRN) based on Material Document Number (or) Purchase Order Number with 102 movement type. what is the bapi name i need to use. and i need to give reason for the reversal of GRN.
    please tell me the field name for reason  in bapi.
    i have searched in the net, but i could not get proper answer to this isse.
    Highly appriciate who gives answer as early as possible. I need to complete this task EOD. please give replies.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vinay Kumar.

    If your material document has specific movement type i.e. 101, if you cancel document using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL, it automatically picks associated movement type 102 defined in customizing setting, you don't need to pass 102 explicitly while cancelling.
    I have not seen reason code in this bapi, but it is required to pass reason code then you may try transaction code MBST using BDC.
    Ashok Veer

  • Creation of TO with 101 Movement type

    My requirement is:
    To create a Transfer Order(TO) with Movement Type 101 and when TO is created, checkbox "Immediate TO" should get ticked.
    For TO creation I am using : L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE
    But Checkbox "Immediate TO" does not gets checked for the PO.
    Please suggest how to proceed.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Hi Andrei
    Thanks for your reply. What you have mentioned above is correct.
    Immed. TO(Checkbox under WM tab in Material Document)
    Automatic TO Creation Immediately After TR Generation
    Indicator determining that automatic transfer order generation is active.
    Automatic transfer order generation can be initiated both during the creation of the IM document as well as during material staging for production orders (PP interface).
    After the IM document has been created, a transfer order for a transfer requirement or for a posting change notice is created, provided the following requirements are met:
    Automatic transfer order generation is active (depending upon the movement type for all items of the IM document for which a transfer requirement or a posting change notice is to be created.
    Within the entire document, the postings are executed in one warehouse number only.
    If the current document is to created for each function module, for example, from the usage decision of QM, the automatic transfer order generation function must not be switched off.  This can be the case if on the basis of the constellation in the inspection lot automatic TO generation is not appropriate (see also the documentation on the interface WM <-> QM).
    My requirement is not to use Customization i.e. I donot want to check 'Automatic TO' in customization.
    Instead I am using FM: L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE  in a program for TO creation.
    And when TO is created with Movement type '101' from the program, it should also check the checkbox 'Immed. TO'
    Just wanted to confirm if this is possible.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Post Goods Receipt(PGI) with custom condition types on purchase order(PO)

    Hi all,
    I am trying to post goods receipt with custom conditions on the PO. One of the custom conditions is freight (delivery cost). The value on this condition will post to a different G/L account (freight provision account, rather than GR/IR).
    My problem is, when posting this GR, the cost center assigned in the PO under 'account assignment' is not used for posting the custom condition, which I really need it to happen.
    Simply put, I want all postings from this PO inherit values in 'account assignment'.
    I have been looking into configurations in automatic posting and condition types, but I still have no clue where I can make it happen. Do I have to use BADI?

    Delivey cost condition will be posted to accrual accounts not to the cost center.

  • Movement Type used for How many users

    Dear All,
    I need to check how many users having authorization of "311" Movement Type. How i can check it?
    Thanks & Regards,

    These are the authorisation object which consists of authorisation field BWART(Movement type)
    M_MRES_BWA Reservations: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BMB Material Documents: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWA Goods Movements: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWE Goods Receipt for Purchase Order: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWF Goods Receipt for Production Order: Movement Type
    You can run t-code SE16> Goto Table AGR_1251> In Field textbox enter BWART-->Low textbox Enter the value(311).
    You will get list of roles. Copy those role and then Goto se16>AGR_USERS>In AGR_name textbox Multiple selection paste these role names.
    You will get list of user having access to those roles.
    Do let me know if this brings the data what is required.

  • MIGO Goods Receipt - error with Movement Types on GR from Inbound Delivery

    I am getting an error message when processing a Goods Receipt (MIGO) against an Inbound Delivery with as 2 lines with different movement types, a standard 101 and a 970 (the latter being a user defined movement type for free goods).
    The error message I get is 'Movement type 970 is not allowed; only 101 is allowed
    Message no. BORGR622'
    This error message only occurs with a Goods Receipt against an Inbound Delivery, we are able to process a similar Goods Receipt using MIGO against a Purchase Order, with two different movement types 101 and 970, without any issues. 
    It is only a problem with a GR against an Inbound Delivery which is necessary in our MM solution.
    As anybody and ideas how to resolve this?  I cannot see anything obvious in config, and have not spotted any SAP OSS notes either.
    I should mention that we can process a single line Inbound Delivery and Goods Receipt for the Movement Type 970 also!

    Thanks for the reply.  The Price Control Indicator is 'S'.
    The solution was set up at my company before I joined, but the different movement type is to enable the free goods stock to make a Finance posting to a Bonus Stock GL Account.  Bonus stock sale update the same account.
    As I mention the '970' movement type worked fine with Goods Receipt against a Purchase Order (it was coded into to the user exit). 
    The MM procedures were changed to use the Inbound Delivery matched to the PO, this had a result that when the Goods receipt was posted in MIGO it posted as 101 movement, as the PO number was not being recognised.
    By making a further change to the user exit we able to suggest the '970' movement type, but now get the BORGR622 error I refer to.
    '511' is not possible against an inbound delivery either.

  • Post extra goods recieved with 501 movement type

    Hello experts,
    I have a requirement that after PO, at the time of MIGO if extra quantity is received from vendor then that extra quantity should automatically get posted in background with movement type 501 and the actual quantity will work as normal.
    Like: if purchase order is of 100 quantity and quantity received from vendor is 150 then at present when i am trying to post error message is coming "quantity exceeded by 50 quantity" but I want this 50 quantity should get posted with 501 movement type automatically in background.
    How should I do this??
    Please help.

    Is it possible if I ask abaper to debug the code and insert some code within.
    Is it the right solution to insert programming lines within standard sap transaction code???
    NOT possible
    I have some question for you
    1) What will be accounting posting for 501 it will same as 101 or different
    it will different
    2) system will generate two accounting document or one
    If two how you will post MIRO ,because 501 not link with PO
    kailas Ugale

  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE-Goods receipt in with sd-delivery in another plant?

    Hello to all.
    I have a strange situation.
    We use the mentioned bapi to post goods-receipts.
    In this case we use  the movement type 101.
    Inside sap-standard , inside the migo, there is a possibility to do the same, online.
    And also, if a sd-delivery from another plant is present.
    The posting initiated by the migo is more complete as it fills the entire document flow properly.
    I would like to trigger exactly this behaviour in the background, via RFC-call.
    As I now use the BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE, the documentary told me, that this is not possible.
    How else can I achieve this ?
    Does anybody know the solution ?
    Will I have to do it via WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 instead ?
    Best regards
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    Refer Note 424014 - BAPI: Goods receipt for the outbound delivery
    When you post a goods receipt for an outbound delivery (with reference to a stock transport order) with Bapi BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE, you must fill the following fields so that the purchase order as well as the delivery are updated correctly:
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-MOVE_TYPE (Movement type): generally movement type '101'
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-DELIV_ITEM (Delivery item)
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-PLANT      (Plant)
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-STGE_LOC   (Storage location)
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-ENTRY_QNT  (Quantity)
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-ENTRY_UOM  (Unit of measure)
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-PO_NUMBER  (Purchase order)
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-PO_ITEM    (Purch. order item)
        GOODSMVT_ITEM-MVT_IND    (Movement indicator) = 'B'
    Now the order history and the document flow of the delivery are updated. In order to use fields DELIV_NUMB and DELIV_ITEM, you must implement the enhancements of Note 356665.
    If the delivery note number / delivery (field MKPF-XBLNR) is supposed to be updated in the material document header, field GOODSMVT_HEADER-REF_DOC_NO must be filled with the delivery number when you call the Bapi BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE.
    The field should only be filled if the delivery number is unique.The delivery is transferred at item level (table GOODSMVT_ITEM, field DELIV_NUMB) so that different delivery numbers can occur in a material document.In this case, there is no unique delivery so that a blank field GOODSMVT_HEADER-REF_DOC_NO would be useful.

  • BORGR 649 error message while posting with 105 mov type

    Hi Gurus,
    I faced a problem when I try to post with 105 mov type, when material doc is related to Inbound delivery.
    Explained better:
    I did a purchase order with inbound delivery confirmation.
    I carried out Good Receipt (related to Inb delievery) with mov type 103 (blocked stock from PO)
    When I try to post stock with 105 mov type, the following error appear:
    "Movement type 105 not allowed as it is not assigned to item category"
    Msg ID: BORGR
    Msg no: 649
    I already checked delivery item category configuration, movement types involved and transactions allowed for each mov types.
    Take care that the error mentioned doesn't occur if posting is related directly to purchase order, instead of inbound delivery..
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Sandra_PF
    in the inbound delivery the mov type is not 105, but 101 (correct, it's the default value for Inb delivery)
    With transaction MIGO I do 2 different operations (in 2 different moments):
    1°) Good Receipt referred to Inbound delivery (103 mov type - Blocked stock from PO)
    2°) Stock posting with 105 mov type, to transfer stock from Blocked to Unrestricted
    Here the system notice me that is not possible, because the mov type 105 is not assigned to the delivery inboud category.
    Please note that we did the same thing in another system with the same configuration, without any problems..

  • Storage location not found in MIGO for 101 movement type

    Hi all,
    While posting goods receipt in MIGO for purchase order using 101 movement type,i am not getting the storage location field..Though goods is getting posted in migo transaction,it is not getting updated in the stock while seeing it in mmbe...
    can anyone help me..

    When ever we purhcase a material , it can be for two purpose
    1. Material to Stock
    2. Material for Direct consumption
    If you wish to stock the material Material No is required and Cost Center Assignment is not required. In this case when you create Goods Receipt (MIGO) storage location will be asked.
    If you have given a Cost Center or say any other Account Assignment, then at the time of GR (MIGO) storage location would not be asked, as the system assumes that it is for that particular cost center.
    I think in your case you have given some Account Assignment category in your PO. Please check.
    Hope it is of your use. Please reward.

  • Clarification on Account grouping -OMWN for 101 movement type

    Hi SAP MM gurus,
    In OMWN - Account grouping , I am not able to find any entry for 101 (Goods receipt for Purchase order B and with no consumption posting ) with Value and Quantity updates . There are entries for 101 movement type with special stock indicator but not able to find any entry for standard good receipt for Purchase orders ( No Special stock Indicator , Value and Quantity update checked , Movement type indicator B and No Consumption posting ). There are no issues with the accounting posting for goods receipt with standard purchase order with BSX being debited and WRX being credited. I am trying to understand the logic for this posting and I am not able to understand from where (customization settings) this posting is derived from. May I request your valuable inputs in understanding this logic.
    Thanks in advance for your immediate response.
    with regards,

    Hi there,
    Not sure where you want to go... but here is a tip
    Would it make sense to have value and qty update and no consumption ? it can either one or the other but not both.
    Now in prg there are further checks that makes other option possible like a GR for PO that is not valuated.
    Remember that these key determination behind the account grp / TE key is a kind of black box where the prg is hardcoded to sort out what keys to take.
    I hope this helps... Cheers

  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE with a movement type of 262

    when  I do a goods movement using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE with a movement type of 262. If I supply the reservation number it creates the material document with a movement type of 261 ignoring the 262 . why ?

    Check if GM_CODE in the import parameters is set to "06" for the reversal movement type. If not, please set it to 06.
    Sachin .

  • Goods receipt report including purchase requisition no.

    Hi Experts
    My requirement is that I want to see any goods receipt report including purchase requisition no. is there any standard report is available where i can see GRN. material document no. purchase order no. & Purchase requisition no.
    please suggest .

    Hi Kumar,
    No such single report is available , you have to go for Z report.
    Use teh table EKPO & MSEG with the commpn field as Purchase order number.

  • Difference between Return Po and Retuning with 122 movement type

    Dear Experts,
    i need some clarification on Return Po and retuning goods with 122 movement type in the context of Excise invoice.
    in our previous company we used 122 movement we capture excise invoice with J1IS and referring the incoming excise
    and return the material to vendor.
    in present company we are directly doing return Po and capturing excise invoice with J1is,here we are not capturing against the
    incoming excise,please clarify me.

    Refer the below thread:
    Difference between 102, 122 and 161
    In terms of stock movement, both 122 and 161 represents the return delivery to your vendor. The difference takes place in terms of how you are returning your delivery to your vendor - It is movement type 161 that SAP will automatically propose if your return PO is referenced. Otherwise, 122 movement type will be used instead.
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  • MB1A requires Serial number with some movement types

    I am using MB1A for goods movement. The client has a movement type (X82) which when I use it does not require serial number for goods movement. There are other movement types which when I use them in MB1A do require serial number. Now, I copied movement type X82 to a new movement type (X68) (IMG activity 'Copy, change Movement Types', option 'Copy all'). I did again the exercise in MB1A with new movement type X68 and what happened: SERIAL NUMBER IS REQUIRED!
    Do you know about any additional configuration in order to achieve that there NO SERIAL NUMBER is required? I appreciate a lot your help as I am a little bit hurried with this issue!
    Thanks in advance,
    Dominik Ley
    Santiago, Chile

    X82 ??
    All movement types are 3 digit (non-alpha). Are you absolutely sure you have an X82 movement type ?
    If you have that is quite an unusual bespoke development.
    Nick W

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