Google calendar one day off for reocurring appts

I have an appt that repeats every third day and for some reason when my Goole calender synchs to my Pre it shows the appt one day off of what it supposed to be on the phone.  The appt show correctly on Google but not my Pre. For exapmle if the appt is is on the 25th it show as the 24th on my pre and then every third day after that throwing the dates way off.  Is this happend to anyone else??  Is there a fix??
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I guess you havethe same problem as me... Check if the calendar you are talking about has a different time zone then your Pre... There is an annoying bug where recurring appointments in calendars that have a timezone before your pre get moved one day... sadly noone seems to be willing to address my bug report...

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  • Week view is one day off for all events

    The week view places all events one day earlier than any other view. New IPad 3G Known bug.?

    I guess you havethe same problem as me... Check if the calendar you are talking about has a different time zone then your Pre... There is an annoying bug where recurring appointments in calendars that have a timezone before your pre get moved one day... sadly noone seems to be willing to address my bug report...

  • Has anyone had a problem with the calendar being one day off this year

    the birthdays in my contacts list is shown in my calendar.  However, they are showing up on the calendar one day earlier than the actual birthday.  I assume it's because of leap year.  I'm surprised that I haven't heard of a fix for this.  Thoughts?

    I don't have to be doing anything or be anywhere near the computer.
    The machine feels warm but i don't know if thats normal or not.
    Imac, 20-inch,mid 2007
    Processor 2 GB  intel core 2 Duo
    Memory 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Graphics ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT 128 MB
    Software OS X 10.8.2 (12C54)
    No third party extensions that Iknow of

  • ICal All Day Events One Day Off

    Once again, I am unable to use my Calendar... This time because any All Day event, subscribed or synced from gmail, are one day off. Seems like a problem that has been around for some time but I just ran into on an update to iOS-5. Any ideas? Switching the dates on all of my other calenders to fit the iPhone problem is not an option.
    Also, no fix on 5.0.1

    I just upgraded from Blackberry to iPhone 5. Have Outlook on work computer, and Enterprise server. I also have calendar issues, with all my all-day events showing up one day early. I have years of data, so I can't go back and change it all manually. Have tried turning Time Zone Support on and off, with no change. The manually set zone is correct. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Only records of less than one day allowed for attendance/absence type COMP

    Hi Friends
    I configured all the process in IMG for compensatory off
    ie ,Absence types,Attendance Types ,counting rules and assignment
    but when I tried to create attendances on a particular public holiday in PA 30 then the system shows 'Only records of less than one day allowed for attendance/absence type COMP' (Compensatory Off)
    Anyone pls help me to solve this problem

    In PA30 which infotype I should maintain  and where I can see the result.
    Eg If the person works on 25/12/2007(public holiday) ,he wants to take compensatory off on the next working day.
    In this case How I can configure
    Pls help

  • Iphone 4s calender one day off last week in October and beyond

    My iphone 4s for the last week in October and beyond is one day off(ahead of schedule) after syncing with outlook?

    There are many factors that affect battery life such as a new iPhone being used more often than may be normal otherwise - the more the screen is on, more battery will be used and the brighter the screen setting even more when on, cellular reception at the time even without placing or receiving calls and the same for internet access via your carrier's cellular network, how often an email account or accounts are being automatically checked for new email, having bluetooth enabled when not being used to name a few.

  • Ical one day off

    Today I noticed many recurring events in the iPhone calendar are one day off. They are correctly defined in iCal on my Mac.
    Does anybody have similar problems ?

    I syned my iphone and wento the INFO page, and under the Advanced Section (at the bottom) I checked Replace Information on this iPhone and it fixed all my all day events.
    Now I sync normally (I do not check that box) and it remains ok.
    Still not sure how it got offset, but I'll just rewrite the calendar next time it happens.

  • [OSX 10.8.2] Birthdays in Calendar - 1 Day Off

    Just downloaded Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and sync'd my Facebook contacts with my Mac contacts. The birthday calendar shows that a number of birthdays are one day off. How do I fix this?

    It seems that when no birth year is specified, birthdays are pushed 1 day ahead.
    Any solution out there?

  • Ical reminders one day off

    All my reminders are one day off, it started about a week ago... any ideas how to fix it? Already checked the time zone in iCloud and it is correct. Thank you

    I too have noticed a similar problem.
    When I create a reminder on my iPhone 4S (and begrudgingly set a time, even though I want it to be all-day), it shows up in my iCal (Lion 10.7.4) as created the same day.
    However, if I want to edit this reminder in iCal (i.e. delete the timed 'On a Date' message that comes with it…), the date you put–in the best way that I can desribe–has a "-1 day" attached to it.
    You create a reminder on the iPhone 4S for Today, 5/29/2012.
    In iCal, you:
    1. change the date to 5/30/2012.  Nothing happens (because 5/30/2012 -1 day = 5/29/2012).
    2. change the date to 5/31/2012.  The reminder changes to Tomorrow (5/30/2012).
    3. change the date to 5/29/2012, which should do nothing, but changes it to Yesterday (5/28/2012).
    Any reminders created in iCal do not have this problem.
    I'm hoping that this will all get fixed when Mountain Lion comes out, and reminders becomes it's own separate app on the MacBook.  I really do hope they put a field for all-day, otherwise I will seriously reconsider the use of reminders.

  • All of the birthday's and holidays on my iPhone are one day off.

    All of the birthday's and holidays on my iPhone are one day off (one day early).  I sync it with my iPad and my iPad is correct.  Does anyone know why my iphone is one day off?

    Go into Settings...Mail, Calendar and Contacts and siwtch off the Contacts section from the account in question.
    The phone should ask you if you want to keep or erase the contacts stored on you phone.
    However, if they aren't synched to anything and only exist on your iPhone, you'll have to delete them all one by one

  • In iCal, "Available Meeting Times" greys out working hours one day off, MS Exchange

    I am using iCal, accessing an MS Exchange server. When setting up a meeting, "Available Meeting Times" greys out the non-working hours of potential meeting participants. However, the days are one day off. E.g. the working hours of my collegues are displayed are Tuesday-Sunday instead of Monday-Friday. The dates and times of meetings are relayed correctly. Only the display of the working hours seems to be off.
    Needless to say that my collegues are using Windows Outlook, and everything works there.

    I still have the same issue. Had it ever since at least 2010 and meanwhile we switched Exchange-Servers and I'm on Mavericks, but still. Looks to me as if iCal requests something like "getWorkDays" from teh Server. The Server probably replies [2,3,4,5,6]. When the week starts on Sunday, this is perfectly fine. But if the Week starts on Monday, this will give you Tue-Sat as available Days. So it might be a bug in either Exchange or iCal to treat that information correctly, but I'm not obv. not sure about that.

  • All of my holidays in iCal are all one day off? How do I fix this?

    All of my holidays in iCal are one day off... How do I fix this?

    Can you help me figure out why all of your Holiday's are different from your other events?
    When/how were these Holiday events entered?
    Have you checked iCal>Preferences...>Advanced>Turn on time zone support?

  • Only records of less than one day allowed for attendance/absence type 1002

    Hi All,
    I am getting an error while maintaining my sick leave absence type
    "Only records of less than one day allowed for attendance/absence type 1002"
    how to resolve this

    Bcz recently i made a change like this
    For our sick leave
    "First 14 days(1- 2 weeks) Full Salary
    Next 14 days (3- 4 weeks) 75% Salary
    Next 14 days (5- 6 weeks) 50% salary
    Next 28 days (7- 10 Weeks) 25 % Salary
    More than 10 Weeks no Salary"
    so what i did is
    I mantain one Sick leave type and counting rule as -
    seq no 1 for "First 14 days(1- 2 weeks) Full Salary
    seq no 2  for Next 14 days (3- 4 weeks) 75% Salary
    like this for all the conditions
    and in deduction rule I maintained deifferent Absence quotas
    Plz suggest me this solution will work out

  • Is there a possibility for a one-day-test for "Adobe ExportPDF"

    before I order "
    "Adobe ExportPDF"
    I would like to test this service /OCR-Engine.
    Does anybody know how good the OCR is for documents which have been scanned in with a flatbed scanner and tranfered into PDF with 300dpi?
    Does it recognize german documents? Could I test this for one document, before I buy the service for one year?

    Hi Ajlan,
    thank you for your reply.
    Is the Adobe ExportPDF service (engine) equivalent to Adobe Acrobat XI
    pro software?
    Or is it different. I ask especially, if the Adobe ExportPDF service
    give me back a word/spelling checked/corrected PDF or just as in Adobe
    Acrobat XI pro, whereafter I have to do the correction myself.
    Thank you
    best regards
    Am 19.02.2014 04:19, schrieb Ajlan huda:
          Re: Is there a possibility for a one-day-test for "Adobe ExportPDF"
    created by Ajlan huda <> in
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  • ITouch syncs calendar one day out

    I use a PC and MS Outlook. When syncing the calendar to the iTouch, for some events it either puts the event in one day earlier or shows it occuring over 2 days. When I change it on my iTouch, and then sync, it changes the entries on Outlook (not Express). I have looked thru many discussion boards and cannot find an answer. Anyone out there able to help??? Al

    I had a similar experience the other day. It was the first time I was setting my email up in Outlook (I normally use Entourage) and I didn't set my time zone before I synced the calendars. It assigned me to some weird pacific time zone and time-shifted all of my appointments by about 16 hours.
    I'd suggest checking to make sure that your iPod and Outlook at both set for the same time zone and then re-sync.

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