Has anyone. Tried to return their iPad yet?

If anyone has returned their iPad yet can you let us know what Apple had to say? Did they charge you a restocking fee?

This sounds just like the marketing strategy of apple.
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  • Has anyone tried to have their glass screen repaired on the ipod touch

    I've gotten a lot of results searching for repair on the glass screen, even sites that have kits for doing it yourself, has anyone tried to have their screen repaired this way?  I know about the trade in offers, but I've seen repairs as low as $25.

    Some users posted that they did it themselves successfully.
    Some tried themselves and ended up not working at all afterwards.
    Some had a local third-party do it and it did not work satisfactorily afer it was returned.

  • Has anyone tried to connect their xbox?

    Has anyone tired to connect their xbox using the wireless Networking Adapter? Every time I try, it tells me that it is not connected. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I believe there is no issue connecting the Xbox 360 via Wired Ethernet (either an ethernet cable directly from Xbox 360 to TC, or via a wired Ethernet bridge). The problem is, as you said, when trying to connect wirelessly via the Xbox 360 Wireless USB adaptor.
    Did Apple say anything more about the fix? Timescales? I'm itching to get a Time Capsule, but not until this issue is fixed.
    Also, if I set the TC to 802.11n with backwards compatibilty (forget the exact option), will this slow the entire network down if I have a mixture of 802.11n and 802.11g devices connecting to it? I read somewhere that it will only slow the network down whilst the actual devices in question are transmitting. Is this correct?

  • Has anyone tried drawing on the iPad with a stylus?

    I have tried the Jukestyle iPad stylus to draw signatures on the iPad. Has anyone else tried an iPad stylus to use for signatures on documents and contracts? Which ones do you prefer?

    OK I do not have a Lexus, but I have a 2004 Prius with Nav and Bluetooth and as I understand it the Bluetooth is the same. It took me like 45 seconds to do it. I did not touch a manual. Go to the phone and then the set up. In my car it gives you the default password. Go to the settings-> Network -> Bluetooth on the iPhone type in the password and you are in. Uploading you phone book is another issue but can be done from you Mac or PC with Bluetooth or with a older Bluetooth phone.

  • Has anyone tried BIM360Glue on the iPad mini?

    Hi all - We're using BIM360Glue on iPad 3's at the moment with great success, but I'm wondering if anyone has used it on a Mini, and if so whether anyone has any feedback on it?

    I have...I am noticing a delay in the preset selection for editing my work in LR.  Sliders are ok...but copy and pasting edits or preset selections for files is delayed.  Trying to find a solution. 

  • Has anyone tried to return Aperture to Apple?

    Here's a question. For those of you that are unhappy with Aperture, have you called their customer service and asked if you could return it? I've always found Apple to be very reasonable. This would especially go for those who were confused by the inclusion of their cameras on the supported list that don't support their native RAW format?
    I saw a post on another forum from an individual that said he called Apple support, explained his situation to them, and they told him to return the item.
    Sounded fair to me.
    Jeff Weinberg

    I have an extra 2GB of RAM coming tomorrow. If Aperture continues to quit (crash) on me, then I will be asking for a full refund. If they choose not to refund the cost, then I will put a hold on my Visa charge. A true shame (especially since I bought stock after it split). If people sued Apple over batteries that cost $70 to replace, you can bet they will not hesitate to sue over a $500 piece of software that is obviously critically flawed.
    Note to self - never try any first-relase software again.
    I hope Apple does not bungle their Intel OS release the same way this app has been.
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  • Has anyone tried either "Sandbox"  or "IWOW" yet?

    I downloaded the trial version of Sandbox and it's very impressive. The sound is far more richer than without it. Does anyone know if this will be made avaiable for use with IPODS as well as ITUNES?
      Windows XP  

    Thanks for the tip. I was hesitating about which navigation software to install, and I just installed Marble. Looks good so far but I still have to test it on a real (short) trip.. maybe today on the way home

  • Has anyone tried putting in their old Razr sim card?

    Were you able to transfer your contacts that way?

    Sorry that I can't find the post, but last night I read that you can use the iPhone SIM card in another ATT phone, however, when you move it back to the iPhone, any contacts you added with the other phone would not be available to the iPhone. Probably the same with the card from another phone.
    Most likely you need to sync the other phone to your Mac or PC contact software and then sync to the iPhone to transfer the data.

  • Has anyone tried Kensington RAM in their Mac Pro?

    Has anyone tried Kensington RAM in their Mac Pro? I found this ram and that is far cheaper than OWC or apple.
    Please let me know what your experience has been with 3rd party ram.

    NewEgg: " Memory returns allowed for 30 days, subject to 15 percent re-stocking fee. "
    So YOU are the expert about which are the correct modules. a mistake costs you 15 percent plus shipping.
    I prefer to do business with mac-centric vendor who lend me their expertise and tell me what memories work in my Mac, "Guaranteed or your money back."
    OWC is one that does business that way.
    Data Memory Systems does as well, and that is the outfit I use.
    The last 1333 8GB module like these I bought from them came with a large flat heatsink installed. I put it in my Server. The price has fallen a bit since then, and now they are asking US$78, but "Guaranteed."
    http://www.datamemorysystems.com/_apple_info/Apple_Mac_Pro_12-Core_Xeon_Westmere _2.93GHz_Memory_1632.asp

  • Has anyone tried iUsers for sharing an iPad?

    Trying to figure out the best way for my wife and I to share an iPad.  There is a free download called iUsers that seems to have the right functionality, but the user reviews are from mid-2011 when it was still in Beta.
    Has anyone tried this more recently?  Would like to know your experience.

    Honeycroft wrote:
    I'm interested to hear the merits of jail breaking? Why can't it be discussed James, it's a free world!
    Because it is contrary to the term of use you agreed to when you registered for this forum and began posting. If you want to know more it, you will need to go elsewhere.

  • Has anyone tried to trade in the their iphone5 for the gift card that can be used to buy iphone6?

    Has anyone tried to trade in the their iphone5 for the gift card that can be used to buy iphone6?

        csa3, I want to make sure you are able to take advantage of this offer. Have you submitted a Preorder for the iPhone 6? If so, you can submit your appraisal before September 30, 2014 using the following link: http://bit.ly/GGnDDC
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

  • Has anyone tried to pair the Tzumi bluetooth headphones to their iMac?  My iMac will detect the device, connect to it for about 2 seconds, then shows a status of "not connected".  Multiple attempts get the same result.

    Has anyone tried to pair the Tzumi bluetooth headphones to their iMac?  My iMac will detect the device, connect to it for about 2 seconds, then shows a status of "not connected".  Multiple attempts get the same result.

    Edge has very clear restrictions, one being that you must have 6 months of clean payment history which you don't. Either wait until April 14, or good luck at Sprint.
    I am unsure how it can be determined the payment mix up was the fault of CS, but regardless, the mix up was done. There can be any number of reasons why a payment could be missed without any fault on your part, however you are still the responsible party for the account and must live with the repercussions.

  • Has anyone tried to connect iPad 2 to harman kardon Nova 2.0 speakers

    Has anyone tried to connect iPad 2 to harman kardon Nova 2.0 speakers?

    I had the same question and unfortunately the answer is no. The iPad wasn't designed to be part of a stereo system. Check Best Buy or Radio Shack even Walmart.

  • Has anyone tried to use the Online Edition of Quickbooks and Tiger?

    I work from home as an editor. My employer has just set up payroll using the Online Edition of Quickbooks. When I tried to to login I got this message from Quickbooks:
    "For business and tech reasons we designed Online Edition specifically to run on Windows. We do not offer an alternative version at this time. Customers have reported using a PC emulator, such as Microsoft's Virtual PC, to run Online Edition on their Macs. This may decrease application performance in terms of speed. We encourage you to research this approach to see whether it will work for you."
    Has anyone tried this?
    Also, they set up Online Edition to run with Internet Explorer. I use Safari.

    i donot know the server he used in his example. All you need is to
    replace the server deployment descriptors he used to weblogic descriptors. then rebuild. go to admin tool--localhost:7001/console
    and login with weblogic as username and password
    then on ejb you can then deploy the ejb.read on the console.

  • Has anyone tried a *real* role-link ? - (bea support pls respond)

    Has anyone tried using different role-name and role-link in the security-role-ref section of web.xml.
    isUserInRole method fails with this.
    given a section in web.xml as:
    u would say isUserInRole("xyz"); right?
    but weblogic 5.1 always returns false
    it instead behaves properly with isUserInRole("xyz"); which is wrong behaviour.
    Please correct me if i am wrong.

    I don't have a definitive answer, but I would guess you won't find a tech support service dedicated to the Flash Player since it is free software and customers apparently have problems getting tech support for the products they buy.  But here are a couple of things worth considering.
    Try posting/looking thru the Flash Player forum...
    Try submitting a bug report...

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    Hi while creating production order with co01 i entered long text in longtext tab of the production order after that  in display mode  co03  that long text is not visilbe. tell me why and what are the setting required. thanks RAVI