Having trouble with old calendar events being resent to recipients directly from iCloud?

I use an iPad2 and have limited iCloud services turned on. Somehow, iCloud is reinviting my wife and daughter to a couple reoccuring events I set up in 2006. It has sent each one over a dozen times. The messages have my email but reference that these are iCloud invitations. Odd since I do not have iCloud turned on for calendar items.
I use Outlook 2011 on my Macs and they tie to a corporate Exchange server.
Anyone seeing anything similar?

See the post by jmb667 in this thread for instructions to fix everything. https://discussions.apple.com/message/16410330#16410330
Then, if you’re using iCloud to store your contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and notes, don’t also sync them to your device using iTunes.  I use iCloud and have no sync selections selected in the iTunes Info panes for my iDevices.

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    Has anyone started having trouble with google calendar syncing / showing up on their iPhone 4s or iPad 2? As of today it no longer shows up. Thanks.

    Let me re-qualify my issue. Under my Google Calendar account I have the main calendar I originally set up when setting up my account. I then set up several other calendars under this same account such as events, work, family and so on. All the calendars showed up on my iPhone and iPad with no problem and worked great for a year and a half now until yesterday. My main calendar does still show up but the others no longer appear on my devices. Going on line to look at my Google calendar/calendars everything is fine with all of them. Any thoughts as to why they no longer show up on my iPhone or iPad? Thanks again.   

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    My iphone 5 keeps on losing contact details and i am also having instances of old text messages being resent when I am actually sending newly written text messages help please?

    My wife is having the same problems as a reciever. She works in a school as a teaching assistant and her teacher sends messages that are mixed with previous texts from ages ago.
    Can anyone shed some light on this problem or is it only her and this poster?

  • TS2446 Hello, I'm Bethany and I'm having trouble with my apple ID I tried to buy something from he app store and they assed me some questions and anyway i have locked my account and don't know how to unlock any help with be very helpful thanks.

    Hello, I'm Bethany and I'm having trouble with my apple ID I tried to buy something from he app store and they assed me some questions and anyway i have locked my account and don't know how to unlock any help with be very helpful thanks.

    Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • Trouble gettin old Calendar events from iPhone to iCloud.

    I had some initial problems sync'ng Calendar events between my iPhone 5S and the iCloud account from my PC.  After performing one of those iCloud 24-hr resets, all new  events will now syncronize between the iPhone and iCloud: create, modify and/or delete.  However, none of the events which previously existed on my iPhone appears in the iCloud calendar even though the settings on the iPhone for Mail, Contacts and Calendars is Sync: All Events. 
    Any suggestions?

    You should start by resetting your sync history and see if that resolves your issue. To reset sync history:
    1. Open iTunes
    2. On the Edit menu, click Preferences.
    3. Click the Syncing tab.
    4. Click the Reset Sync History button.
    If that does not help, then you can follow the additional troubleshooting steps in this article:
    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer B.

  • I am having trouble with my calendar on my iPhone.

    I can send invites fine.  I can recive calendar invites fine.  But if someone changes something with an event and sends an update I get the email that there is an update but it will not actually update in my calendar.  Please help, this is getting to be a problem.

    I was having the same problem of not being able to sync my ical with my iphone, I tried everything everyone said on the net, but the solution turned out to be different. You have to set up your icloud on both your mac and iphone. And if you are like me your mac wasnt probably setted up.
    on Iphone:
    settings - icloud - turn calendar on
    on Mac:
    system preferences - internet accounts - click on icloud and follow the instructions (asks for itunes ID etc)
    as soon as both were on icloud, it synced perfectly
    Good luck

  • Having trouble with syncing calendars between iPhone 5s, iPad, MacBook Pro after changing apple id

    I signed out of an old apple id on my iPhone 5s and signed in with a current apple id.  Backed up my iPhone to the cloud.  After this, I lost the calendar information on my MacBook Pro (Phone and MacBook Pro used to have calendars that were synced).  I also signed in to an iPad with this current apple id.  I have checked the apple id that I am signed into on all 3 devices (iPhone 5s, MacBook Pro, iPad 2) and it is the same on all 3.  The phone has my calendar info.  The MacBook Pro and the iPad are blank, but they do communicate because I can send a test appointment and it will show up on the MacBook Pro and the iPad but not the phone.
    Contacts were not affected.  I have the contacts on all three devices. 
    I have gone thru most of the troubleshooting on the apple website.

    michellefromwheaton wrote:
    I just tried and it says that it's not available But I do not have another Apple ID. "This email address is not available for use as an Apple ID. You may already have an Apple ID associated with this address. Please try again or sign in using your existing Apple ID." The only thing I did that started this nightmare was go into Apple ID and click edit for email and enter the new one. That's it. 
    Because your old AppleID is used used an you alternate email.
    Remove it as your alternate email.

  • Is anybody else having issues with Google Calendar events showing up incorrectly on weekends only.

    My Google Calendar syncs with my iPhone and it seems that since the last IOS upgrade, weekend events are showing up incorrectly.  For instance, an event that should be Sunday 7pm until Monday 7:30am shows up on the calendar view from Sunday 7:30am until 7:00pm.  When I click on the event to edit it, it says that it is Sunday 7p-Monday 7:30a (which is correct); it's just displaying in the wrong timeslots on the calendar view.  My Time Zone is set correctly, and this is only happening to events on the weekend.  Other events that are identical show up correctly on weekdays (Monday - Friday).

    So, don't use youtube.

  • I am having trouble with lightroom and photoshop being too slow.

    Currently I am using LR 5.6 64bit andCS5 64 bit. Is the programs are running too slow because I am using 64 bit? If so, how do I get the other versions. I just started having this problem with the new upgrades.
    Please if anyone knows what to do please answer right away. I have jobs that I need to get out.

    Thank you both for replying. My processor is 3.2 Ghz. Ram 8gig 64 bit operating. Size of files are 29.6m
    available Ram is set to 7170 range in MB i have set to 5019. I have the sync set to sync everything.
    When I am importing into lightroom a new scan card, Raw, Canon D 5 Mark II raw. my Lightroom changes to DNG. It can take several minutes to edit. LR will spin quite a while when I try to look at a file in library or develop module after the files have been imported to lightroom. I have my preferences set to hold for 30 days so it should not take so long for files to refocus when I close lightroom and then reopen later. When I bring photo into photoshop, it sometimes it will not open if I have another file open in Photoshop. It takes 30 seconds for a file to open in photoshop from Lightroom.When I zoom in on a photo in LR it takes up to 30 seconds to focus.

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    I am currently receiving calendar invites that i know are displaying incorrectly in my calendar and i am unsure how to fix this.

    Yes its all correct. I have just discovered that a separate calendar was set up with incorrect settings from the originator. I have checked all my settings and I'm good to go. thanks for your response

  • I am having trouble with my ipad not being recognised in itunes when I connect

    Hi I need to connect to my itunes account with my ipad to manage content. I have an IMac and when iI connect via USB or WIFI itunes doesn't "find" my Ipad. I have had it for over a year and it has always worked before. I have read a lot of the posts on here and tried rebooting both, reinstalling, different leads and USB sockets (iphone picked up fine ) and nothing is working. Does anyone have any ideas as I'm stuck with a useless Ipad at the moment. I considered going to the apple store but from posts on here they seem to be useless as well. Thank you.

    Device not recognized by iTune

  • Anyone having trouble with their calendar? I just lost 3/4 of the info I had for 2012 and 2013?

    I was just adding a date into my calendar and I all of a sudden lost 75% of the info I had in there for 2012 and 2013? Any one have any ideas?

    System data is the OS or operating system.  That is where the recovery stays separated from the rest of the storage so that it doesn't get corrupted.  It is not accessible and non-movable.

  • I am having trouble with old Itunes account on my new computer

    All of my new music will not sycn onto my computer's itunes account. The itunes account is not even recongnizing my iPod. What do I do from here?

    Not to worry, you're not the first to expect Print to finish by returning you to the edit mode. The thing is that Printing is so hit and miss with this version of the app, you will probably want to stay in the Print window for more than one attempt.

  • Is anyone using VMware fusion and having trouble with USB devices not being recognised

    I have an Terratec Axon AX50 Guitar to Midi interface. The editor software is not Lion compatible so I have attempted to run that bit in Windows 7 on a virtual machine.
    The problem is that the VM machine will not recognise the USB device, even though when it asks which machine I want to connect to it names the device correctly.
    Any Ideas ?

    Device not recognized by iTune

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    ok I have a link <a href="als.htm?row=10" (when you click
    on Insurance Agent forms button) on my index page
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    with row10 open.......Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yep....with me there is always a but....
    after the page loads from clicking on the button on index,
    with row 10 active, it no longer loads correctly by itself.....I go
    to the menu and refresh the page by loading the als.htm url fresh,
    the page no longer loads right.
    var dsAgents = new Spry.Data.XMLDataSet("als.xml",
    var params = Spry.Utils.getLocationParamsAsObject();
    //Set an observer so that when the data is loaded, we update
    the current row to the url param value
    dsAgents.addObserver({ onPostLoad: function(ds, type) {
    dsAgents.setCurrentRow(params.row); }

    ok, I changed the code to the below and the page functions as
    expected but with 2 errors .......I have no idea how to fix them
    the page is
    one error is about the code and one is about the menubar
    var params = Spry.Utils.getLocationParamsAsObject();
    //Set an observer so that when the data is loaded, we update
    the current row to the url param value
    var defaultRowNumber = 0;
    var defaultObserver = {};
    defaultObserver.onPostLoad = function(ds, type)
    // This is a one-shot observer. Let this notification
    // before removing it from the data set's observer list.
    setTimeout(function(){ ds.removeObserver(defaultObserver); },
    if (typeof params.row != "undefined")
    defaultRowNumber = parseInt(params.row);

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