Header and Footer display using XXL_FULL_API function module

Hi All,
I have a requirement that I have to display the Header and Footer in the XL file download usig the FM : XXL_FULL_API.
Data Upload  for condition type is to be printed in the header.
No. of the success and failure records will be printed in the footer.
Can any one please let me know how can I achieve this?
I have checked some of the threads and tried in sample programs I could not achieve it.
Sample code is an added advantage.
Thanks in advance.


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    I'm working on a client website and have finished the basic template layout for all my pages. Everything displays beautifully in Safari, Opera, and Firefox, but in IE both the header and footer are narrower than the container. My header uses a background image which is 1000 px wide by 100 px high. The footer has a solid background color that is different from the color of container. The width of the container, header and footer are all set to 1000 px in the css. Any thoughts on what I can do to fix this? 

    Actually, it IS live on a test server, just not uploaded to the main server yet. I'm surprised (but happy) to hear it displays fine in an old version of IE. It isn't horrible in the newer version, but I'd like it to look the way it's supposed to, especially since it's for a client. Thanks for the heads up on the gallery tab - it doesn't make any sense since all the tabs are identical except for the actual text, but I'll look into it.

  • ST22 , Need to  get the Transaction and Pgm name using a FUNCTION MODULE ?

    Hi All,
    I need to create a Report for monitoring Dumps which is seen in ST22 every day.
    The function module RS_ST22_GET_DUMPS gives the dump information . But i need to fetch the Program name and the transaction where the dump has happened for my report.(Like when we double click the alv output in ST22 and the next list gives us the complete information , Transaction , Main program name ...etc)
    Kindly suggest me and help me on this .
    Richard A

    Funcion module RS_ST22_GET_DUMPS will return the program names where the dump has taken place.
    Pass this program name to function module RPY_TRANSACTION_READ to get the trascation code of the program.

  • Error in XXL_FULL_API function module for download report to excel

    Hi all,
    I am using XXL_FULL_API function module for download report to excel, In this FM we have to fill a table called sema        = t_gxxlt_s. in this table we have a fields called
    i_sema-col_no  = 19.
      i_sema-col_src = 19.
      i_sema-col_typ = 'STR'.
      i_sema-col_ops = 'DFT'
    here in 'col_typ' if we put STR in excel it will come as a text but i wnat the time field what i have to pass ?
    and for filed 'col_ops' also ??

    Hi sridhar joshi,
    Please check this program
    REPORT Excel.
    * header data................................
    DATA :
      header1 LIKE gxxlt_p-text VALUE 'Suresh',
      header2 LIKE gxxlt_p-text VALUE 'Excel sheet'.
    * Internal table for holding the SFLIGHT data
    DATA BEGIN OF t_sflight OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE sflight.
    DATA END   OF t_sflight.
    * Internal table for holding the horizontal key.
    DATA BEGIN OF  t_hkey OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_h.
    DATA END   OF t_hkey .
    * Internal table for holding the vertical key.
    DATA BEGIN OF t_vkey OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_v.
    DATA END   OF t_vkey .
    * Internal table for holding the online text....
    DATA BEGIN OF t_online OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_o.
    DATA END   OF t_online.
    * Internal table to hold print text.............
    DATA BEGIN OF t_print OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_p.
    DATA END   OF t_print.
    * Internal table to hold SEMA data..............
    DATA BEGIN OF t_sema OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE gxxlt_s.
    DATA END   OF t_sema.
    * Retreiving data from sflight.
    SELECT * FROM sflight
             INTO TABLE t_sflight.
    * Text which will be displayed online is declared here....
    t_online-line_no    = '1'.
    t_online-info_name  = 'Created by'.
    t_online-info_value = 'KODANDARAMI REDDY'.
    APPEND t_online.
    * Text which will be printed out..........................
    t_print-hf     = 'H'.
    t_print-lcr    = 'L'.
    t_print-line_no = '1'.
    t_print-text   = 'This is the header'.
    APPEND t_print.
    t_print-hf     = 'F'.
    t_print-lcr    = 'C'.
    t_print-line_no = '1'.
    t_print-text   = 'This is the footer'.
    APPEND t_print.
    * Defining the vertical key columns.......
    t_vkey-col_no   = '1'.
    t_vkey-col_name = 'MANDT'.
    APPEND t_vkey.
    t_vkey-col_no   = '2'.
    t_vkey-col_name = 'CARRID'.
    APPEND t_vkey.
    t_vkey-col_no   = '3'.
    t_vkey-col_name = 'CONNID'.
    APPEND t_vkey.
    t_vkey-col_no   = '4'.
    t_vkey-col_name = 'FLDATE'.
    APPEND t_vkey.
    * Header text for the data columns................
    t_hkey-row_no = '1'.
    t_hkey-col_no = 1.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'PRICE'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 2.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'CURRENCY'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 3.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'PLANETYPE'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 4.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'SEATSMAX'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 5.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'SEATSOCC'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    t_hkey-col_no = 6.
    t_hkey-col_name = 'PAYMENTSUM'.
    APPEND t_hkey.
    * populating the SEMA data..........................
    t_sema-col_no  = 1.
    t_sema-col_typ = 'STR'.
    t_sema-col_ops = 'DFT'.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 2.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 3.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 4.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 5.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 6.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 7.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 8.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 9.
    APPEND t_sema.
    t_sema-col_no = 10.
    t_sema-col_typ = 'NUM'.
    t_sema-col_ops = 'ADD'.
    APPEND t_sema.
    *   DATA_ENDING_AT          = 54
    *   DATA_STARTING_AT        = 5
       filename                = 'TESTFILE'
       header_1                = header1
       header_2                = header2
       no_dialog               = 'X'
       no_start                = ' '
        n_att_cols              = 6
        n_hrz_keys              = 1
        n_vrt_keys              = 4
       sema_type               = 'X'
    *   SO_TITLE                = ' '
        data                    = t_sflight
        hkey                    = t_hkey
        online_text             = t_online
        print_text              = t_print
        sema                    = t_sema
        vkey                    = t_vkey
       cancelled_by_user       = 1
       data_too_big            = 2
       dim_mismatch_data       = 3
       dim_mismatch_sema       = 4
       dim_mismatch_vkey       = 5
       error_in_hkey           = 6
       error_in_sema           = 7
       file_open_error         = 8
       file_write_error        = 9
       inv_data_range          = 10
       inv_winsys              = 11
       inv_xxl                 = 12
       OTHERS                  = 13
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
              WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    please refer this link
    Best regards,

  • How to print header and footer in SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY

    Hello Experts,
             How to print header and footer while using the method SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY, any tips from the experts will be appreciated.

    there are four events for printing: print_end_of_list, print_top_of_list, print_end_of_page and print_top_of_page. More information about implementing these events is in this bible for ALV:

  • How to Use ECC function Module

    Hi Experts - We need to execute the function module in ECC and need to write data in Oracle table.
    We are using BODS 4.0.
    How to use function module in data flow ? how it can work as a source ?
    I just need some basic steps how to use function module as a source and do the transformation to target.

    Hi Ashwani,
    It is still not possible to use a FM as a source in DS.
    You can use a FM in a transformation but you have to start from a file or table as a source and load into a target (a FM can not be an end point of a dataflow - as it is used in the transformation and each transformation requires a source and a target.
    The scenario I described above was based on a situation where you have a source (flat file or table) and want to use a Function Module to transform your data and/or load the data in a transparant table in SAP.
    Your scenario is different, as your source is not a table/ff but a FM.
    In your case, I can see two scerio's:
    - Use an ABAP dataflow. Although I haven't got any experience with this I do believe this would be an option for your scenario. Please referer to the Data Services documentation on ABAP dataflows for further guidance.
    - As suggested earlier, you can create a bespoke (BW) Datasource based on a Function Module. Please refer to SAP help for creating a generic datasource:
    Depending on your scenario there might be a third option:
    - Use a SAP transparant table as a source. Create a transformation into the designated Oracle table. In the transformation call a FM which executes whatever logic you require. This solution will work if you have a table which produces the same number of records as your FM. If your function module produces more or less records (than there are in the transparant table), then this might become a bit tricky. It might work, but I have never tried it.
    Instead of a transparant table you can also use a table join, obviously. Perhaps part of the complexity of your FM could be resolved by using a join and you can create a new simpler FM for the remaining logic?
    Good luck,

  • Updation of material data using a function module

      i want to update fields in the mvke table,but the field is a Customer field in the table, not sap table field.i want to update the field using a program , not going to mm02. which function can i use for the updation.There is a function module MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_DARK for updation,will this funtion module update the customer fields also. Can anyone tell me about this function module and how to use this function module or MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_DARK.

    Using the function Module BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA , you can also update the custom fields.
    This is the documentation for the extension fields:
    <b>Reference Structure for BAPI Parameters EXTENSIONIN/EXTENSIO
        You use this structure to transfer the material's customer-defined
        fields. For information on transferring these fields, see the function
        module documentation.
        Besides the table fields already defined, customer-defined table fields
        can also be supplied with data. Since these fields are created by the
        customer, they are known only during the runtime and must therefore be
        determined dynamically.
        The structures BAPI_TE_<NAME> (<NAME> = MARA, MARC, MARD, MBEW, MLGN,
        MLGT, MVKE) and the relevant checkbox structures BAPI_TE_<NAME> (<NAME>
        = MARAX, etc.) must first be extended by the customer to include the
        fields required. The standard structures contain only the corresponding
        key fields. When including new fields in these structures, make sure
        that the field has the same name as the field in the database table. In
        addition, the fields in the structures BAPI_TE_<NAME> may only be of the
        type CHARACTER. The data element BAPIUPDATE must be used for the fields
        in the checkbox structure (except for key fields).
        The two parameters EXTENSIONIN and EXTENSIONINX are used to transfer the
        data to the method. The field STRUCTURE contains the name of the
        structure (for example, BAPI_TE_MARA or BAPI_TE_MARAX) used to identify
        the work area (for example, WA_BAPI_TE_MARA or WA_BAPI_TE_MARAX) to
        which the data is transferred. The remaining fields for the parameter
        EXTENSIONIN or EXTENSIONINX contain the data for the key fields (for
        example, the material number) and the data for the customer-defined
        fields. The number of characters reserved in the two parameters for the
        content of a customer-defined field must be the same as the number of
        characters for the corresponding work area field. If the number of
    characters required is smaller, the remaining characters in the two
    parameters must be filled with blanks. Only then may the content of
    another field be transferred. Here too, remember that the data is
    written to the database only if the corresponding indicator has been set
    in the work area.</b>

  • Need to add Header  and footer in an alv grid display output.

    How can I add header and footer in an alv grid dispay output.
    For the grid display, I am using the function module "REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY".

    call function 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'
                i_callback_program      = gd_repid
                i_callback_top_of_page   = 'TOP-OF-PAGE'
                i_callback_html_end_of_list = 'END_OF_LIST_HTML'
                is_layout               = gd_layout
                it_fieldcat             = fieldcatalog[]
                i_save                  = 'X'
                t_outtab                = it_ekko
                program_error           = 1
                others                  = 2.
    FORM end_of_list_html USING end TYPE REF TO cl_dd_document.
      DATA: ls_text TYPE sdydo_text_element,
            l_grid     TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid,
            f(14) TYPE c VALUE 'SET_ROW_HEIGHT'.
      ls_text = 'Footer title'.
    adds and icon (red triangle)
      CALL METHOD end->add_icon
          sap_icon = 'IL'.
    adds test (via variable)
      CALL METHOD end->add_text
          text         = ls_text
          sap_emphasis = 'strong'.
    adds new line (start new line)
      CALL METHOD end->new_line.
    display text(bold)
      CALL METHOD end->add_text
          text         = 'Bold text'
          sap_emphasis = 'strong'.
    adds new line (start new line)
      CALL METHOD end->new_line.
    display text(normal)
      CALL METHOD end->add_text
          text         = 'Nor'.
    adds new line (start new line)
      CALL METHOD end->new_line.
    display text(bold)
      CALL METHOD end->add_text
          text         = 'Yellow '
          sap_emphasis = 'str'.
    adds and icon (yellow triangle)
      CALL METHOD end->add_icon
          sap_icon = 'IC''.
    display text(normal)
      CALL METHOD end->add_text
          text         = 'Mor'.
    *set height of this section
          e_grid = l_grid.
      CALL METHOD l_grid->parent->parent->(f)
          id     = 3
          height = 14.
    ENDFORM. "end_of_list_html.
    This will solve  it. Post if you need more help in this.

  • Header and Footer in Block ALV Display

    Hi All,
    My requirement includes to ALV Block List Display with header and footer.
    I have made two forms TOP_OF_PAGE and END_OF_PAGE . I have pass the form and name of event to an internal table it_events.
    This it_events[] is then passed to FM ' REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_APPEND' . But only Top of Page is working.
    Am I missing any thing in the code? or I have to use something else.
    Pls Help

    For end_of_page you need to use Events as follows:
    DATA : it_event TYPE slis_t_event,
           wa_event TYPE slis_alv_event.
    *&      Form  BUILD_EVENTCAT
    FORM build_eventcat .
          i_list_type     = 0
          et_events       = it_event
          list_type_wrong = 1
          OTHERS          = 2.
      READ TABLE it_event INTO wa_event WITH KEY name = 'END_OF_LIST'.
      wa_event-form = 'END_OF_PAGE'.                          " Sub-routine that will be used to write
      MODIFY it_event FROM wa_event INDEX sy-tabix.           " Modify it_event
      CLEAR wa_event.
          i_callback_program          = sy-repid
          i_callback_top_of_page      = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'
          is_layout                   = g_t_alv_layout2
          it_fieldcat                 = g_t_fieldcat2[]
          it_events                   = it_event[]
          t_outtab                    = <fs_final_itab>.

  • How to place header and footer  in OO-ALV program using class

    How to place header and footer  in OO-ALV program using class tell me wat r the class we shold use and their attributes as well

    Hi Venkatesh,
    Take a look at this how to [ABAP Objects - ALV Model - Using Header and Footer|https://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/x/xdw]
    it's explaining how to define the classes and use it for display an ALV with Header and Footer.
    Marcelo Ramos

  • Header and Footer in not displaying correctly on each page in Adobe Forms

    Hi experts,
       I need your little help on Adobe Form.  I have develop a customer account statement and facing problem.
         In header and footer part I have to display customer address. It is ok if data is of one page. But when data is overflowing, customer address is showing only at first page in header, and not displaying address neither in header nor in footer(footer section will print on last page, it may be either first page or third page ) on other pages. (Address is table type data )
           Header and footer Section address has been designed on Master Page.
    Please help me to resolve these two problems as soon as possible.

    I found this post which I hope helps:
    This can be done by bit of tweaking using JavaScript. 
    Actually the problem was, the header was printing continuously in subsequent pages and once the header data was over the rest of the pages contained blank header. But we need have to print same header for each group of items till that group of items finish in the specific page. And for new group of items different header will be filled and so on.
    So to overcome this issue, create the item table in such a way that the header data is also included in the item table for each group of items. In the layout, select your header field and the event READY LAYOUT and write the below JavaScript code. This event is called for each page for that header field, so you can directly map the item table value and put it in your header field.
    // Get the current page
    var currpage = xfa.layout.page(this);
    // variable to store number of fields in that page.
    var fields = 0;      
    // Get the number of fields
            fields = xfa.layout.pageContent(currpage-1, "field", 0);
    // Loop on each field on the page
            for ( i=0; i<= fields.length-1; i++ )
    // Check if the field is in the item table column (it will be actually header data column in your item table)
                if ( fields.item(i).name == "TL" ) 
    // Fetch that value and store in your header field.
                           this.rawValue = fields.item(i).rawValue;

  • How to display 2 layouts with 2 different Header and Footer in a template.

    I am using XML Publisher 5.5. I have created one template which is having two layouts. I am using <?Start: Body?> and <?end body?> for displaying Headers and footers. Now my problem is, I need to display first layout with it's associated Header and footer and then second layout with other header and footer. But the two layouts should come in single template file. How is it possible?. Is there any work around? Please help me as this is the urgent requirement to my client.

    No problem. Select Insert -> Break from the menu bar. Then select a "Section Break" - Next page.
    Header 1
    Page 1
    <?end: body?>
    Footer 1
    ==================Section Break (Next Page)=================
    Header 2
    Page 2
    <?end: body?>
    Footer 2
    Worked like a charm.

  • Header and Footer Not Displayed

    I have created an rtf template and have a header and footer sections, but they are defined within the body with tags, e.g., <?template:header?> and <?end template?>. In the header section, for example, I then call <?call:header?> to display the header. When I preview the data in PDF from BI bublisher, everything is just fine. But, when I then register the template in Oracle Applications and run it as a concurrent program, the header and footer are not displayed at all in PDF output. It's as if the header and footer are totally being ignored. I even tried just putting plain text in the header and footer in the rtf template, but it's still being ignored. What could be the issue? I also tried increasing the header and footer margin area thinking that perhaps there's too much to display and I'm not giving enough space, but this didn't seem to help either. I'm working in a different instance as I have switched job. I have worked on other rtf templates and have integrated into Oracle Applications, but never run into this issue before. I've always been able to display header and footer. Could I need a patch of some sort or am I missing some setups that I'm not aware of?

    Have you verified that the XML/BI publisher version that the server is running is the same version as what you are running on the desktop? Not sure if this will make a difference, but worth a check.
    If they are the same, can you post the tags you are using exactly as they appear in your template?

  • Adapter module to check header and footer

    Hello All,
    Is there any standard/custom adapter module to check the presence of header and footer in the Incoming flat file?

    Hi Moorthy,
    Check this list of standard modules available
    I didnt find any standard module that you could use for you requirement.
    If you are looking to handle the header and footer of a flat file you can try using the key field parameter in the File content conversion.

  • Header and footer in ALV using CL_SALV_TABLE

    How to add header and footer for an ALV report using CL_SALV_TABLE. I know how to add header lr_table->set_top_of_list_print( lr_header )
    but how do I make it aligned center.
    Also how to add a footer
    I want it to look like Current page of total pages
    What is the system variable for total pages.

    this should be the Method:
    Best Regards

Maybe you are looking for

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  • A "To" email address disappears completely from email once it has been sent? In "sent" folder ok.

    A "To" email address disappears completely from email once it has been sent? It is in "sent" folder ok, the To field is clear and the cc field is as it was. Not sure if the email has gone to the person or not?

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