Hebrew support in Adobe Muse

Hi, im new to web design but im experienced with print. Im learing how to use Adobe Muse and like it. However, before starting my trial and subrscribing to the Creative Cloud just for Muse and later maybe business catalyst i have to make sure hebrew is supported like in the CS6 products like Indesign, Illustrator and photoshop. What about Typekit, are there collections of hebrew fonts as well? Or my only option is to export to html converting sytem fonts to images ?
In the israeli Adobe site creative cloud is not available. Does it mean i can subscribe to the service ( no need for localization, just english-hebrew enabled). There is no option for Muse in Adode assistant.
Please elaborate.
Thank you
Elad from Israel

Im learning just by watching video tutorials from Lynda.com and adobe tv. cant wait to try it but my first two web sites have to be in hebrew.
Thanks again.

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    We are aware of this and noted down for future consideration.
    For now please use a different email.

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    There is no native feature in Muse for ajax. However, if you can get your custom script, you an add it to your site.

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    I suspect your PhoneGap app was flagged as running on both iPad and iPhone. You'll need the same from DPS. You can do this in AppBuilder at the start of the wizard where it asks what kind of devices you want to support. Note that this is only available to DPS Professional and Enterprise customers. If you are a Creative Cloud customer building a Single Edition application it will only support iPad.

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    I would like to express my Adobe Muse years subscription.
    Through the site this is unfortunately not possible to arrange that through my accounbeheer online. I is getting by referred to the customer support.
    Is it only possible to arrange this via chat to or by calling to look for?

    You can join support team via chat or Phone :

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    The forums are generally the best place to initially ask questions, since fellow users can both provide answers and benefit from the discussion. The support team and development teams both monitor the forum, but the support team's first responsibility is to provide live chat and phone support and the development team's first responsibility is to develop the product.
    If you're not able to get a timely answer here, Adobe Muse Technical Support is also available via chat or phone:
    Go to http://helpx.adobe.com/contact/.
    Select Adobe Muse (just after Lightroom) from the View all Products and Services list:
    Select the appropriate topic from the Tell us what you need help with list:
    Click I still need help...
    Click Chat Now to start chatting with an agent.

    It is after hours on friday. there is no chat. I am getting error messages and can not post to my BC site.
    What is the move?
    Can not upload my updated MUSE paid site using MUSE > PUBLISH.
    When attempting to upload my MUSE site i get
    "Unknown Adobe BC error has occurred. Status: 0, 0."
    This is going on for 5 hours now. Need to get back into the site.
    Please advise what to do or how to work around.
    -Farley Allen [email protected]

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    When will Adobe Muse support ordered and unordered lists instead of forcing users to create manually formated bullet points? I've asked this question before, but never saw an answer to it. I know others have asked it as well. Adobe has set a high bar with its other solutions. It doesn't look good that Muse does not support ordered and unordered lists at this late date.

    Thanks for responding - I guess I pushed a button
    My perception of the forums and response from Adobe is based upon looking at most of the postings in the "bugs" forum. There are lots of reads, very few replies.
    Given the fact that many users have asked about bullets and other basic text formating I am surprised that there is still no sign of them. Perhaps it is felt that there are workarounds that will do. The truth is, as you noted, that none of the workarounds are great, some are not even practical. For my specific case, I would have been happy to use workaround #1, except that the line items were hyperlinks, and I needed to open them in a separate window using the javascript window.open function. As I've detailed in other posts, there is a real problem with this in Muse. Hyperlinked javascript calls are invoked via the "href=" attribute, but this doesn't work properly in a number of browsers. There isn't a way to tell Muse to use onclick instead (which works for all browsers). This led me to have to use embedded html.
    That leads me to try #2, which is to use CSS styling in the embedded html. This too gave me fits. Using a <style> section to set the attributes for <ul> or <li> did not work. I can only assume that the tags inside the embedded HTML have a Muse-generated id or class. I tried to get the bullets by setting the list-style-type in the <ul> tag itself using the style attribute, but this did not work (it should). It does work if you put the list-style-type in the <li> tags. This is pretty tedious, and led me to create text files containing the html separate from Muse so that I can use an editor to copy repeated strings. Then I cut and paste into the embedded html container.
    Note that, even though I finally found something that works, it is not visible in the design view, so you can't even tell it works without previewing it!
    I haven't tried option #3, but given the need to force the use of onclick I imagine that would not be possible with your widget. I was aware of the list widget however.
    I'll have to look at the Mucow docs and give it a try. The docs are a bit light - any plans to flesh them out?

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    I have started an adobe muse query about an adobe muse file that cant be opened. I had a response back asking for the file to be emailed. I sent the required info and I havent heard back since (over 48 hours). I emailed again to ask if they had received my email but again no response.
    Not sure how to proceed now..... and I really need to make some progress with this job.....

    I just checked that your file is already with the Engineering team and they are checking if  it can be fixed or an older version of the file can be recovered.
    According to the update we have, the file has pretty severe damage and they are trying to check  if it can be fixed.
    Please accept our apologies for a delayed response on your e-mail.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sachin Hasija

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    Add, customize, and style contact forms directly within Adobe Muse, for sites hosted with the Adobe Business Catalyst service.

    So, now the video has been removed. Is this an indication that some pulled the trigger on the forms too early. That's not such great customer service. One of the reason I decided to go ahead and pay was because this was one of the features I need for a customer site. Of course, I can do this another way but I have been trying to consolidate everything under the Adobe prodict umbrella. What's the deal????????????????

  • Adobe Muse APTEE Licensing NOT WORKING!!

    I am an IT Professional working for a major University in Missouri. We have an Apple computer lab of 26 20" iMacs, all running Adobe Creative Cloud with an Enterprise license. This license includes Adobe Muse (with its own serial number). We use Active Directory to manage users/group policies on all computers, and manage users on our Apple computers.
    According to Adobe's support site, you can create a prov.xml file using APTEE and then apply it to serialize the Muse product installation for a computer lab environment.
    I can only get this to work for EXISTING users. When a NEW user logs in to his or her account, they run Muse, and it asks for a subscription, as though Muse is not serialized. According to Adobe, you click on Existing Subscription anyway, enter your Adobe ID, and then it should still open. It doesn't..........it says the "subscription does not have a license for Adobe Muse" and gives the option to BUY or QUIT.

    If I remember correctly, I would advise you to update your Creative Cloud Packager and recreate the deployment package. More, at http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/packager.html
    If you are still having issues, check in the proper forum: http://forums.adobe.com/community/download_install_setup/creative_suite_enterprise_deploym ent
    Or contact Adobe support.

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    I get this message when trying to open  muse. It happened after an upgrade.
    "Adobe Muse.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience."
    Is there anything I can do?

    Please send me ([email protected]) the MuseLog.txt file from your Documents folder.
    Then please delete the "MBLStore" and "OOBE" folders found in
    on Mac: <yourusername>/Library/Application Support/Adobe
    on Windows XP: <youruser>\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe
    on Windows 7: <youruser>\AppData\Local\Adobe
    and delete the "AdobeMuse" folder found in
    on Mac: <yourusername>/Library/Preferences
    on Windows XP: <youruser>\Local Settings\
    on Windows 7: <youruser>\AppData\Roaming
    Then launch Muse. It will go through the first launch experience of asking for UI language, AdobeID, etc.
    Please let me know whether or not that works. Thanks.

  • Adobe Muse - "Publish" Button Not Working

    I am trying to upload a website from Adobe Muse to Business Catalyst. Whenever I click "Publish" the window pops up and just says "Signing in to adobe business catalyst..." and never actually advances past that. It just keeps loading, and never gives me the chance to actually publish my site. I've waited and waited, trying several times, hoping it would eventually work, and it never does. What can be done about this? I need to this to work, as the website needs to be published very soon, Any help would be appreciated!

    The Internet Options set in Internet Explorer in some cases (like this one) control the settings for all applications on your computer, regardless of whether or not you've selected IE as your default browser.
    The symptoms you describe sound like something is interferring with Muse contacting the BC servers. My first idea was related to the fact BC increased the minimum security level supported a few months back, thus my question about what levels of SSL/TLS you have enabled. Your settings are fine.
    Assuming you can visit your site in the browser without any problem and can login as admin to your site (add "/admin" to the URL for your site to login to BC directly in the browser) that would make it unlikely there's a corporate/enterprise-level firewall or proxy server interferring. Though if Publish works from your home network and not from work, that would point back to a corporate firewall or proxy issue.
    Do you have Norton or other anti-virus/anti-malware software installed that may be configured to prevent applications other than your browser from accessing the internet?

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