Height and width question in an applet

I have loaded a picture into an applet. Is it possible to get the pictures height and width?

I assume you loaded it into an image. In this case, you can call Image.getHeight() and Image.getWidth(). If you get -1 returned, search for a useful thread on ImageObserver.

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  • How to resize and maintain height and width ratio IR image column

    Hello, I am upgrading from 3.2 to 4.1 reports that include images in report columns. I have had good success with this except for one thing. If the height and width is fixed it distorts the photos, and if I do not have fixed dimensions the image may be too large depending on the original dimensions of the :P1_PHOTO item which is File Browse... BLOB column. I do not want to restrict users ability to upload large image files, or files with different dimensions, but I want them to display as a thumbnail size proportional to the original dimensions in the report, or maybe I need a different approach? Report region template is No Template. I appreciate any suggestions.
    select decode(nvl(dbms_lob.getlength(photo),0),0,null,'<img src="'||apex_util.get_blob_file_src('P1_PHOTO',id)||'" height="75" width="75"/>') photo from table.
    I tried using percent i.e.: width="10%" that does not work.
    I have tried several variations of <style> in page HTML header to change column width, but the image size does not change.
    td[headers="PHOTO"] {
    #apexir_PHOTO{width: 75px;}

    Try to go with max-width / max-height. However, if you have IE browser, hang on for pain. For some ideas, some links:
    http://wordpress.mfields.org/2011/scaling-images-in-ie8-with-css-max-width/ (ignore object-fit, it is not yet supported on most browser)
    etc. Be sure to try out your chosen solution on the target browser(s)!
    IE is just nasty :(
    What i have done before is not to have my browser scale my images, especially when the images can be large(r) and you expect quite some traffic. All those extra (kilo)bytes won't help it load faster. I just added an extra column in the table, like photo_thumb, and create a scaled version of the uploaded picture when it is being inserted.
    For example, i have the following process on my apex page, and i'm using wwv_flow_files.
    Have some code:
         v_id number;
         v_small_photo blob;
         v_large_photo blob;
         v_mime_type apxt_contacts_img.mime_type%type;
         v_content_type apxt_contacts_img.content_type%type;
          SELECT blob_content a, blob_content b, mime_type, content_type
          INTO v_small_photo, v_large_photo, v_mime_type, v_content_type
          FROM wwv_flow_files
          WHERE name = :P3_FIND_PHOTO;
          IF lower(v_mime_type) NOT IN ('image/jpg', 'image/jpeg') THEN
             raise_application_error(-20001, 'File for upload is not a jpg!');
          END IF;
          -- Rezise the photo so that it is proportionally 125*125
          -- ordimage is an oracle type able to manipulate all sorts of pictures
          ordimage.process(v_small_photo, 'maxScale=125 125');
          -- If contact is of type personnel, then no need to store
          -- a large photo since it wont be displayed
          IF :P3_CONTACT_TYPE_ID = 2 THEN
            v_large_photo := NULL;
          END IF;
          -- Delete previously uploaded picture
          IF :P3_ID IS NOT NULL THEN
             DELETE FROM apxt_contacts_img
              WHERE contact_id = :P3_ID;
          END IF;
          -- Insert the data into the contacts_img table as a
          -- SELECT from WWV_FLOW_FILES
          INSERT INTO apxt_contacts_img
          -- Remove the image from the apex wwv_flows_files table
          DELETE FROM wwv_flow_files WHERE name = :P3_FIND_PHOTO;
    END IF;

  • Increaseing the height and width of textfield and password fields

    Dear friends in apex 4.1 when we create a application it automatically creates a login page
    with username and password field in it
    So my question is can i increase the height and width of the username and password field in that login page
    If it is possible please help.
    and also i cannot find the html tag like <input type=text............>
    Where to find it?

    You can easily achieve this using css
    <input type="test" class="myclass" size="10">So in APEX you have to edit the textfield > HTML Form Eelement Attributes > put class="myclass"

  • How to fix accrodion panels height and width?

    I have a question regarding my accordion panel. I made 3 template files with the same accordion panel. Somehow when I reviewed it in my Outlook, the accordion panel was a different size on each html file. Where do I fix the accordion panel's height and width?
    Thank you!

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    Look at this thread:

  • Trying to determine the height and width of an image.

    Hi Everyone,
    I am currently trying to work out the height and width of a number of pictures. I have tried a couple of techniques. One involved using BufferedImages, which kept on throwing null pointer exceptions. So I am now tring to use the Image class from java.awt.Image. However I need to use an ImageObserver or some such thing, of which I have absolutely no knowledge. If there is anybody out there who knows how to gather the information I speak of from a number of photos, and is feeling kind enough to impart their knowledge to me it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Well, maybe your problem is loading in the images, but I'm assuming you know what your question is since I don't feel like going into what ImageObserver does (That's what google is for).
    Anyways, to get the height and width of an image you do this:
    You initialize your image:
    Image image = getImage("file.jpg")  //I don't remember the if this is correct, it's just my memory.To get the dimensions"
    image.getHeight();If these return 0 it's more than likely because the image hasn't loaded correctly, which is why you need ImageObserver (IIRC there is a better API in the new ImageIO library, check the API).
    Best of luck.

  • Info panel/height and width

    When resizing or dragging a guide out the info panel or the height and width box dimensions ar enot live. They do not change until I let go so it is either guess or manually type in. is there a preference setting for this? If not what is the fix. Thanks!

    Well I am going to answer my own question if that is allowed. I know there are ratings and such for right answers but I figured out what was wrong/sort of. I closed out and rebooted then brought the program back up and ticked info in the window menu area and voila it is working. So a reboot has done the trick I think. 

  • What's the height and width of canvas3d

    what's the height and width of canvas3d

    I do not know if this will fully answer you question but:
    1) For a successfully executed Canvas3D, there should be a default size based on the system. If c3d is a Canvas3D object, try System.out.println( c3d ); This will given the Canvas3D object's ID, upper left corner location, and size (plus a possible status indicator whose meaning I do not fully understand). Also, the methods getSize(), getHeight(), getWidth() can be used to get the Canvas3D object's size.
    2) You can set the size and location of the Canvas3D object (which then can be added to some container of size W x H, e.g., JPanel) via:
    Canvas3D c3d;
    c3d.setSize(w, h); // where 0< w <= W and 0 < h <=H are preferred
    c3d.setLocation(x, y); // where 0 <= x <= W-w and 0 <= y <= H-h are preferred
    Note, the size and location can be set anytime after the Canvas3D object is declared/instantiated.
    I hope that the above is helpful.

  • Resizing a cluster (height and width) programatically

    Thank you to anyone who can answer this question. Is it possible to resize a cluster on the front panel programatically? If this is possible, how may I do so? I wish to affect the cluster's height and width (or equivalent)? As far as I can tell, the height and width are read only.
    Thank you again.

    Though you cannot change a Cluster's shell size directly, you can change the size of any item in the shell, which will then change the Cluster's shell size.
    So, create a property node to one of your Cluster's controls or indicators and set it to write the 'Size' properties. You can then make this your programic method to resize your cluster's shell. If you don't want to affect any of your cluster's items, then create a 'dummy' transparent control and change it.
    See attached LV 6 example.
    Good luck with it, Doug
    ResizeCluster.vi ‏17 KB

  • Can I turn off the setting that displays the height and width in a little black box when using the marquee tool?

    In Photoshop CC, on a mac...
    When using the marquee selection tool, a little black box pops up next to the curser and displays in real time, the height and width of the selection.  The same annoying box also appears when dragging an item with the move tool, displaying the numerical location of the cursor.  Is there anyway to turn off the display of that little black box?  It is driving me bonkers.

    Under the preferences cmd/ctrl-k click on "Interface". At the bottom of the UI is a drop down box for show transformation. Set that to "Never"

  • How to change the height and width of a control?

    Dear all,
    is there anyway to change the height and width of a control?
     In the property nodes, i am just able to read the bound values but cudnt write to it.
    How can i set the bound values for a control?

    Not all controls can be sized this way. For example to change the vertical size of a simple numeric, you would need to change the font size.
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  • How to determine height and width of a JScrollPane client

    I wish to display a webpage in a JScrollPane and wish to determine the height and width of the HTML content so that I can use the information to generate PDF and control the content on each page. Can anybody let me know how I can do this?
    Thanks in advance
    Prashant Baj

    JEditorPane and getSize()?

  • How to create instant quote tool for website? Customer enters height and width and price is calculated.

    I am trying to create a instant quote tool for my site.. so customer type in there height and width and a price appears but I have no clue where to start.. is there any tutorial or would someone kindly give me some advice on how to do this on dreamweaver. I havent used Dreamweaver in years and I cant even remember anything now
    Kind Regards

    Well this is what I have soo far.. so I want to enter the height /width then if they want to add extras such as fixing options and cut out it will add to the product price ????
    <!doctype html>
    <div class="summary entry-summary">
            <h1 itemprop="name" class="product_title entry-title">Ral 1000</h1><div itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Offer">
        <meta itemprop="price" content="160" />
        <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="GBP" />
        <link itemprop="availability" href="http://schema.org/InStock" />
    </div><div itemprop="description">
        <script src="https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js" type="text/javascript">
    <script type="text/javascript">gapi.plusone.go();</script>
    <p>6mm, low iron, toughened glass, PAR
    <div class="shortcode-google-plusone"><div class="g-plusone"  data-size="standard" data-annotation="none"></div></div><!--/.shortcode-google-plusone-->
    <form class="cart" method="post" enctype='multipart/form-data'>
            <table id="price_calculator" class="simple_price_calculator">
            <td style="text-align:right;">
    <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>
    $(document).ready(function() {
    $('#width').keyup(function() {
    var height = $('#height').val();
    var width = $('#width').val();
    var price = (height * width / 1000000 * 325).toFixed(2);;
    $('.price').html('Product price: &pound;' + price);
    <p><label for="height">Height (mm)</label>
    <input type="text" name="height" id="height">
    <label for="width">Width (mm)</label>
    <input type="text" name="width" id="width">
    <div class=" product-addon product-addon-add-fixing-option">
                <h3 class="addon-name">Add Fixing Option </h3>
        <p class="form-row form-row-wide addon-wrap-1738-add-fixing-option">
        <select class="addon addon-select" name="addon-1738-add-fixing-option">
                        <option value="">Select an option...</option>
                        <option data-price="5" value="silicone-adhesive-tube" >Silicone Adhesive Tube (<span class="amount">&pound;0.00</span>)</option>
                        <option data-price="5" value="screws-and-drill-holes" >Screws and Drill Holes (<span class="amount">&pound;6.00</span>)</option>
        <div class="clear"></div>
    </div><div class=" product-addon product-addon-add-extra-layer-multi-coloured-fine-glitter">
                <h3 class="addon-name">Add Cut Out and Notches </h3>
        <p class="form-row form-row-wide addon-wrap-1738-add-extra-layer-multi-coloured-fine-glitter">
        <select class="addon addon-select" name="addon-1738-add-extra-layer-multi-coloured-fine-glitter">
                        <option value="">Select an option...</option>
                        <option data-price="8" value="1" >1 (<span class="amount">&pound;25.00</span>)</option>
                        <option data-price="15" value="2" >2 (<span class="amount">&pound;50.00</span>)</option>
                        <option data-price="25" value="3" >3 (<span class="amount">&pound;75.00</span>)</option>
                        <option data-price="25" value="4" > (<span class="amount">&pound;100.00</span>)</option>
    </p><p class="price">Product Price: &pound;</p>
        <div class="clear"></div>
    </div><div id="product-addons-total" data-type="simple" data-price="160"></div>
            <input type="hidden" name="add-to-cart" value="1738" />
            <button type="submit" class="single_add_to_cart_button button alt">Add to cart</button>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Untitled Document</title>

  • Dynamically size movieclip to fit text's string height and width

    I am trying to dynamically size a movieclip to fit the size of a text's string height and width (This text is inside the movieclip)
    here is my code so far..
    var Font1_ = new Font1();
    var Format2:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
    Format2.size = 36;
    Format2.align = TextFormatAlign.CENTER;
    Format2.font = Font1_.fontName;
    var MessageBox:MovieClip = new MessageBoxMC();
    MessageBox.Text1.defaultTextFormat = Format2;
    MessageBox.Text1.embedFonts = true;
    MessageBox.Text1.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
    MessageBox.Text1.wordWrap = true;
    MessageBox.Text1.width = 800;
    MessageBox.Text1.height = 400;
    MessageBox.Text1.textColor = 0xFFFFFF;
    MessageBox.Text1.cacheAsBitmap = true;
    MessageBox.Text1.mouseEnabled = false;
    MessageBox.Text1.text = String("Use the Arrow Buttons to move");
    MessageBox.width = MessageBox.Text1.width;
    MessageBox.height = MessageBox.Text1.height;
      MessageBox.x = 400;
      MessageBox.y = 200;
    this isn't working for me.. anyone know the best way to do this?
    I also want the text to be centered in the movieclip, with a border of around 2-4 pixels
    I am also not sure if i should be using text.length? any advice and input is greatly welcomed.
    thanks in advance!

    Essentially, you need to check for a change in .textWidth or .textHeight, which are different from .width and .height.
    This code works for me (assumes a background box called bg and a foreground text instance fg inside a moveclip and an X and Y bounds offset variable to say how far away you want the box from the text and a textFrameNudge to provide a tweak value).
         // Resize background box
         thisBox.bg.x = thisBox.fg.x - boundsOffsetX + textFrameNudge; // I'm using .4 as the tweak value for textFrameNudge
         thisBox.bg.y = thisBox.fg.y - boundsOffsetY;
         thisBox.bg.width = thisBox.fg.textWidth + boundsOffsetX*2 +textFrameNudge*thisBox.fg.getTextFormat().size;
         thisBox.bg.height = thisBox.fg.textHeight + boundsOffsetY*2;

  • Popup window height and width is not as expected

    Hi I am using this peace of code to create a popup. But this popup is not created with
    the specified height and width. It is created with a default size. Please tell me how to
    rectify the problem?
        l_api_main            type ref to if_wd_view_controller,
        l_cmp_api             type ref to if_wd_component,
        l_window_manager      type ref to if_wd_window_manager,
        l_popup               type ref to if_wd_window.
      l_api_main = wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
      l_cmp_api = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( ).
      data: l_i_question type STRING_TABLE,
            l_wa_question type string.
      l_wa_question =  'Issue no. xxxxxxxxxxx created succcessfully. '.
      append l_wa_question to l_i_question.
      l_window_manager = l_cmp_api->get_window_manager( ).
      l_popup = l_window_manager->create_popup_to_confirm(
                  text                   = l_i_question
                  button_kind            = '1'
                  message_type           = '1'
                 close_button           =
                  window_title           = 'Information'
                  window_width           = '500'
                  window_height          =  '500'
    l_popup->open( ).

    Hi Mainak,
    have a look to Thread:
    Popup Sizing
    As you can see there is not yet a way to set the Popup size.
    You have to find the good combination of fields and length in order to get a nice UI.
    The WDA engine try to set the best size, help it...

  • How to resize the calendar height and width

    how to re size the calendar height and width...
    Ie i need to fix this calendar region  7 cross 4 format in my page

    If the text exceeds the container, which can happen in a scrollable container where you have to scroll to see some of the text, then the values getContentBounds returns are estimated values. This is because we don't want to force the text to recompose all the way to the end of a very long TextFlow in order to return a value. However, if you want to get the exact amount, and don't mind taking the time to recompose, call textFlow.flowComposer.composeToPosition(), before calling getContentBounds. This forces all the text to recompose to the end, and then getContentBounds will return the fully calculated value instead of estimating.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi all, I have a bit of a newbie problem. We have Livecycle (8.0.1) deployed and I'm trying to get up to speed on things so am working through the "Creating Your First LiveCycle ES Application" found in the Workbench help. I'm running into a problem

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    Hello, I've had this problem since I started using Muse. When the homepages of sites I build are viewed on a tablet, they shift left, leaving a blank gap along the right side. Strange thing is that it only happens on the homepage, and the header (whi

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    Hi, We are in SRM 4.0. Running clssic scenario. I have scheduled these 2 reports "BBP_GET_CURRENCY" and "BBP_GET_EXRATE" and also executed the job. Initially the data is updated, but it was missing with the xprimary flag entry in TCURC table. For thi

  • Itunes for Windows update

    After the last update, when I open the iStore or the iMatch the app closes immediately, I can only listen to music I cannot click any menu.

  • Post upgrade - InfoOject not contained in InfoCube

    Hi... After ugrading, we have an update rule that will not open.  The error is "InfoOject not contained in InfoCube".  Is there an easy way to repair or determine cause without recreating update rule from scratch?