i was getting this error whenever i tried to sync my ipod touch to itunes.. i had 10.5 version of itunes so i waited till apple updates it .today apple udated itunes and still after udating to 10.6 version i am getting this error please i have tried many things like download mobile me i uninstalled itunes and the reinstalled it but nothing seems to work please i haven't sync my ipod from last month and i want to sync some songs in it please please help..........................i have also tried to reset sync history from edit/preferences but nothing is working what should i do should restore my ipod touch or create a new id and start all over from beginning??please help....thanks

i tried searching more problems like this but everyone has given a link to a page which gives steps to solve this issue and i have already tried that before but nothing worked ...should i restore my ipod but i am worried that if i restore my ipod and if i cannot sync my ipod then i  wont be having anything on my ipod.....do u any specific solution that can solve this issue 100%??

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