Hello i am having trouble installing itunes 10.5 on my laptop i have windows vista. it says error 7 windows error 998. i now have no itunes. i have tried to uninstall itunes but it still wont work and keep coming up with that message. please help!

i am having major trouble installing itunes. i had itunes working fine and i went to update it as it told me there was an update which i thought i did. i went on my laptop the next day and it said "itunes was not installed correctly error 7 windows error 998"
i read a few articles on here but i am having no joy. i uninstalled itunes and reinstalled and that did not work. i also unistalled some other apple things cant remember the names sorry!
i am not a whiz on a computer so really need some help please!!

Installing, and uninstalling, applications never touches or removes the data.
Clean out and uninstall all the apple programs and software thru Programs and manually.
Might want to use Revo and CCleaner
I always use manual standalone installers (and keep a couple backup versions)
itunes 10.5 may affect iTunes media playlists, not sure, depends on what you have.
A search of these forums will show some threads.
I'd clean up vista, you need SP2 or later, and specific error message?
I wonder as you arenot the first with a dell if maybe the OS or included software.
Security programs like Norton and older versions of Kaspersky have been implicated.
Also settings in IE that affect pop-ups and plug-ins.

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