Help.... built in isight on macbook

so a few days ago my built in isight was working just fine...NOW nothing, all i get when i try to ichat or go to photo booth is a blank black screen with the little camera icon with a line through it like its turned off. i think thats the problem, my isight got turned off and now i can not figure out how to get it back on for the darn life of me. please help....thank you!!

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Try the suggestions in Apple's How to Troubleshoot iSight. The reset suggested there often corrects the problem you report.
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  • Maximum FPS recording with built-in iSight on Macbook Pro

    Does anyone know if the built-in iSight on the Macbook Pro has a limit on the recording frames per second? I'm trying to make record some clips using iMovie, but it only records at 15 fps. I tried Quicktime Broadcaster with settings at 29.97 fps, but only got slightly better (17 fps). Do I NEED QuickTime Pro in order to record at 30 fps (29.97) or is this a hardware limitation?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Until you hear from some MacBook users, here are two things you can try:(0) Best video quality requires much more light that what I (and most others) consider normal room light. Try using much brighter lighting.
    As explained in this Apple kBase article, iSight switches to 15 frames-per-second to improve picture quality in what it considers "low-light conditions."
    This Apple kBase article gives you some more particulars about best types of lighting, etc.:
    Both were written for the external iSight, but the same tips may help you.
    (1) Best video quality requires lots of disk space and processor power. Your MacBook Pro has a very powerful processor, but any processor can be overloaded by the user.
    Almost all external drives will be slower than your Mac's internal drive. Record direct to your internal (startup) drive. If your internal drive has less than 10 GB available, free up some space. OS X slows down when your drive gets too full.
    If you have more than one applications running when you notice your problem, restart you Mac, launch only the application you are using to record, and check your frame rate again.If you need to post back for other suggestions, you might confirm that:
    (a) your 15 fps is the actual recording speed versus the playback speed on your Mac.
    (b) you have set the QT Broadcaster settings to 30 fps. To change the QTB frame rate, click the "Video" tab and check the box for "Enable Video Stream." Then set the frame rate and disable the video stream to make your recording.
    (c) you have set iMovie HD's default frame rate per this help instruction:
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  • Built in iSight in MacBook isn't recognized by any programme

    I own a MacBook with a built-in iSight, which isn't recognized neither by PhotoBooth nor by iChat nor by iMovie. PhotoBoth tells me it cannot open because no camera is attached or the camera is in use by another application, the other apps simply don't recognize it.
    Well, there is no other application running, only one at a time. But the camera isn't shown at the USB:high-speed bus section in the SystemProfiler neither.
    I have already tried to contact the hotline, which didn't help but rather worsened the problem - afterwards I wasn't able to even start the computer, thanks to their help. However, this got resolved later - just vanished, luckily. Well, but I will not call the hotline anymore. The problem with the camea persisted, remained the same.
    As I'm living in Austria (Europe), I'm not able to visit an AppleStore. So I hope one of you will be able to help me.
    Thank you,
    Daniel T.

    Well, you were right: it didn't. I had some hope for it helped others, see:
    Anyway, I will try to reset the PRAM and the PMU once more and if that won't help, I will send my MacBook to the service.
    Thank you for your help.
    Daniel T.

  • Wide angle lens for Built-In iSight? (MacBook Pro)

    I'm looking to use my MacBook Pro for a video conference, but the angle of the lens is so limited.
    Are there any lenses you can put over the built-in camera that allow for a wider angle?
    Right now, everyone has to sit one on top of another to be seen by the speaker. I would like to be able to create a little bit of a semi-circle so participants can see eachother while also seeing the speaker.
    Any help? Anyone heard of anything?
    I can imagine even a convex piece of plastic over the camera might do the trick. Don't know, but doesn't seem impossible. Even if there's mild distortion in the picture, the bigger view would be worth it.
    Not really looking for a fish-eye, but more a wide angle or something that gives a bit more of a panorama effect.

    Hello andintroducing
    One disadvantage of the built-in iSight is its lack of any easy way to mount accessory lenses like those that can be used with an external iSight equipped with this Kaidan iSight Accessory Kit. This kit includes a threaded lens adapter ring that can be used to mount a 37-mm auxiliary wide-angle lens. The adapter ring can also be purchased separately.
    On occasions when you need a wider field of view than your built-in iSight offers, other than rigging some wide-angle auxiliary lens to your MBP, the best I can suggest is to consider a second webcam that has a wide-angle lens. I have tested with a MacBook user who was comparing video from his built-in iSight with a QuickCam® Fusion™. The external camera offered a much wider field of view, and the video quality was fine. If you consider this alternative, I suggest you take your MBP with you when you shop. Doing so will let you "try-before-you-buy" so you can be certain whether the webcam is wide enough for your needs.
    If you do not want to use a second camera, you can buy a wide-angle auxiliary lens for a camcorder and mount it in front of your built-in iSight.
    Depending on your ingenuity and skills, you might want to mount the auxiliary lens with some kind of hanging mount like bent wire that would hold the lens in front of your iSight. Another simple method would be some kind of adhesive like double-sided tape or TAC Adhesive Putty.
    Neither of these mounts would be very stable, esthetically pleasing, or permanent, but they could provide a quick, easy test to determine whether it would be worth the time and cost to develop a more elegant solution.
    If you do try some of these suggestions, please post back your results. Whether you find what works or what does not, your information will be helpful to those who have the same need.
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  • Built-in iSight for MacBook Pro OS X 10.4.11 Not working

    This was working before, and all of a sudden it won't work! I can see it in the system profiler under USB, but in PhotoBooth it comes up as a green screen and in applications like Skype and iChat I just get a black screen (or once it showed that I did not have any video connected). All of my software is up to date, I have restarted a dozen times, I tried to take the battery out, but nothing works!
    Let me know if anyone can help!

    Hello MOVA
    Thanks for that new info.
    If you have not installed any new hardware since your Mac worked correctly, it is possible that your problem may be hardware related. However, here are a few other ideas that you can try before you take your Mac to an Apple Technician for service.
    To avoid possible conflicts while you do your testing, disconnect all unnecessary peripherals, restart your Mac, and make sure you do not have any running "Login Items" that might conflict with iSight apps.
    (1) It is worth trying another account. Use System Preferences to create a new account and test there. It will not take long and, if a new account corrects your problem, it is a much simpler remedy than some other possibilities.
    (2) It sounds like you have followed the suggestions in the Troubleshooting link for the reset. If you are not CERTAIN, repeat the process to be sure.
    (3) Some iNtel Mac laptop users have reported success after unplugging their Macs and leaving the battery out for half-an-hour to overnight. You might want to try disconnecting EVERYTHING, including both power and peripherals, for a few hours to see if it help you.
    (4) If someone might have removed the QuickTime file shown in MacOS X Hints article to purposely disable your built-in iSight, you will need to restore the file to its correct location in order for your built-in iSight (or any other USB camera) to work.
    (5) Apply the 10.4.11 Combo Updater. Use the following method:
    • Backup your Home Folder, or at very least, your important files.
    • Repair permissions. (Click here if you need help.)
    • Then download and apply the Mac OS X 10.4.11 Combo Update (Intel).
    • Finish with another Permissions Repair, and then check your iSight again.
    Users have reported fixes to a variety of audio, video, connectivity, and software conflicts and unreliability issues after properly applying Combo Updates.
    We will watch for your status update (and, hopefully, your notice of success.)
    EZ Jim
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  • Re: help.... built in isight on macbook

    I am experiencing the same problem on my MBP. I was in the middle of a video chat using Skype, when the window froze, the green status light went out, and my conversation got cut off.
    Now, the camera is not accessible by any program. I too get the camera icon with the line through it in iChat and Photobooth.

    Welcome to Apple Discussions, Hello Globalmark
    An internet service interruption could have caused your Skype freeze.
    Before you go back to work on Skype, try the suggestions in Apple's How to Troubleshoot iSight. The reset suggested there often gets iSight working again. Test your iSight with Photo Booth, iMovie, etc. to be sure it is working.
    If you still have a problem with Skype after you know that your iSight is working with other apps, see Skype's comprehensive Help system for help with your Skype-specific problems.
    If you cannot find the answer you need from Skype's Knowledgebase, Troubleshooter, User Guides, or dedicated Skype-user forum, you can get technical support directly from Skype.
    EZ Jim
    PowerBook 1.67 GHz w/Mac OS X (10.4.11) G5 DP 1.8 w/Mac OS X (10.5.2)  External iSight

  • Built-in iSight in Macbook Pro 4,1 not recognized.

    Hi, just noticed iSight stopped working after trying Photo Booth days ago. I used before some months ago, so I cannot say for sure when stopped working. At first looking for in forums and Apple support pages, I tried reseting NVRAM and SMC controller twice and installed a clean OS in a different partition (Snow Leopard), but the problem occurs in Lion 10.7.2 as well.
    At boot time, the Console log OS X trying to enumerate a bus but giving up later.
    12/25/11 11:53:08.000 AM kernel: USBF:          0.612          [0xffffff800fe53c00] The IOUSBFamily is having trouble enumerating a USB device that has been plugged in.  It will keep retrying.  (Port 4 of Hub at 0xfd000000)
    At boot time, the Console log OS X trying to enumerate a bus but giving up later.
    12/25/11 11:53:08.000 AM kernel: USBF:          3.605          [0xffffff800fe53c00] The IOUSBFamily was not able to enumerate a device.
    System Information/Profiler won't say there is an USB device recognized like sample bellow:
    Previous I had this working as:
    I suspect of a hardware problem but I am not sure if this is iSight component/part or logic board problem (maybe in USB controller). Have anyone seem this before and repaired or had a Mac serviced? I would like to try replacing iSight with a new part in after market before looking for replacing a logic board? Laptop is almost 4 years old so not valid Apple Care anymore. I can try getting both parts but cleared wanted try the iSight first as it costs about $30 plus shiping. Getting a new logic board is a way more expensive as I have to pay import duties to Brazil almost doubling the sale price. AASP probably charges $1800 to repair the laptop, mostly because of the expensive price to import a logic board.  Weigthing my options considering machine age and fix costs.
    Also, I have no tried running Boot Camp (which I don't have installed) to see if get it to work somehow.

    A Possible.
    There used to be a document on resetting the Firewire ports.
    Basically this involves shutting down the computer for 15 minutes with all the firewire devices disconnected.
    For Laptops the Power card should also be removed.
    The process allows for the numbering process to discharge so that the current numbering is lost.
    All devices then get renumbered when they are reconnected.
    It has never been that clear as to whether this also works for USB ports.
    However it may be worth a try and it does not cost anything.
    8:59 PM      Thursday; December 29, 2011
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
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     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • Help needed - Macbook not recognising built-in iSight

    I have had my Macbook for 4 years and had no problems with the built-in iSight until today. I tried a Skype call and realised the green light wasn't showing. I looked in all files to see if the computer recognised it was there and - nothing! It would appear it has 'disappeared'!
    I have tried the KB article stuff 2090 but it doesn't make any difference....
    I am by no means any kind of computer genius and am totally stuck. If anyone could help that would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks,
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    Don't know how or why but it's working again! Hopefully that'll be it!!
    Thanks anyway for reading this!

  • MacBook Pro no longer recognizes USB external hard drives or built-in iSight

    I have an older MacBook Pro 17" Intel that I use with various external USB hard drives (8 of them). It is connected to my LG 720p 32" flatscreen and works perfectly. Recently, when visiting, I disconnected my external HDs and connected my MBP to my brother's LG 1080p and it was OK.
    When I returned home and reconnected my external HDs and TV, it would not recognize the HDs and couldn't find my built-in iSight. Viewing System Information, the USB buses showed an assortment of items, such as the Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad, IR Receiver, and Bluetooth USB Host Controller in the buses. The High-Speed Bus showed an external HD as a Vendor-Specific Device, but none of these appeared on the desktop. I plugged in my external iSight to Firewire and it showed up in Photobooth, iChat, and Skype.
    What is the problem and can I fix it myself or must I take it to be serviced?
    Has anyone encountered the same problem? Got any answers?
    I really would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.

    I have never heard of this before, but the fact that your external iSight works shows that at least some parts of your Macv's AV circuitry are undamaged. 
    Depending on exactly how you "disconnected" your "external HDs and connected" your "MBP to" your "brother's LG 1080p", I suppose it is possible that your software settings have been compromised somehow.   Here is what I would try if my system showed the symptoms you describe.
    (0) Start by making a current backup if you do not already have one.
    Then try any of the following you have not already considered or used.  Use them in any order you think appropriate and test after each one to determine if the problem is resolved:
    (1) Shut down (do not merely restart) your MBP.  Wait a couple of minutes before starting.
    (2) Test in a different user (NOT the "Guest") account:
    (3) Reset SMC
    (4) Reset PRAM:
    (5) Repair your startup disk:
    (6) Reinstall Lion and apply the 10.7.2 Combo Update:
    (7) Contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service
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  • After upgrading to Lion, my Macbook Air's built in iSight camera has disappeared.  I'm not sure how to get it recognized again.

    After upgrading to Lion, my Macbook Air's built in iSight camera has disappeared.  I'm not sure how to get it recognized again.  Help -Sami

    Well, if you did then you may be able to track it, if you did not it's not possible.

  • Built-in Isight for External Monitor with Macbook closed

    Hello Apple Community,
    I'm having trouble using my built-in iSight through my external monitor. My set-up is that the Macbook is closed and I run everything through an external monitor. I'm unable, however, to use that external monitor's iSight with any applications. They either say that there's no camera available or something along those lines. The iSight shows up in the system profile under USB, and I've tried resetting various things, but all of that seems geared more to the macbook than to the monitor. I've also woken up the macbook (where the iSight works fine) and tried mirror/non-mirror modes. When I use a camera-based application via the macbook, it doesn't give me an option of which camera to use, relying only on the macbook's. Is there a way to use the external monitor's camera instead?

    Does one of these help you, Abe?
    (1) Your Profile "Products" info shows " MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.1) ".  If this is correct, you may be using an early MBP and/or display.  Have you checked for the firmware update?
    (2) Consider Apple's suggestions from the "If the built-in iSight camera, microphone, speakers, or USB ports on the display are not working:" section of
    (3) If you are using a non-Apple external display, contact the seller or manufacturer for help.
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    Mac OSX 10.8.2

  • MacBook Pro Built-in iSight not found.

    As the title suggests the built-in iSight camera on my MacBook Pro has stopped working.
    All i get when i try and start photobooth is "photobooth cannot open b/c no camera is attached or the camera is in use by another application. Make sure digital video camera is attached and turned on. If you are using the camera with another application close that application before opening photobooth again.", in Skype and iChat the camera just does not show up at all.
    Things i have tried to figure this out;
    - Restarted in safe mode and rebooted.
    - Created a new user account.
    - Cleared the PRAM.
    - Reset the SMC.
    I had gotten it working a few days ago via some random combination of the above, but it has gone again now and nothing i'm trying is bringing it back.
    This has become a really annoying issue, esp. as it would be really nice for my girlfriend (currently in the US) to see me when we talk.
    I'm going to make an appointment to see the techs at the Apple store, but i'd really like to get around this issue without it having to be sent off as i am a contractor and this is the machine i do all my on site work on.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
    My comp;
    MacBook Pro 15"
    2.33 Core Duo 2
    2Gb Mem
    160Gb HD
    OS 10.4.8
    MacBook Pro 15" 2.33 CD2 Mac OS X (10.4.8)
    MacBook Pro 15" 2.33 CD2   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Thanks for your reply Ralph.
    This does seem to be a strange intermittent problem. On Wednesday i started Skype and the camera was working. It proceeded to work for an hour or so, then abruptly stopped working. I restarted and it worked again, until i moved the screen back a little, then it stopped again and i couldn't get it back.
    Now this morning i start my laptop at work and photobooth is working again.
    I haven't taken it to the store yet as i bet 9/10 it will work for them until i get home lol.
    I was wonder also though if there could be some process running that would cause it to lock up. That or could it be a little more serious like loose wiring?
    Thanks again,

  • Macbook 10.5.8 Version Built in ISight problem with YM 3.0 beta version

    I am using my Macbook built in ISight with the latest version of Yahoo Messenger for Mac, the 3.0 Beta. Every time i will use the YM webcam, it will only last for about 1 minute and will not work anymore. This is happening since i bought my macbook last November 2008. it will be a year next month and still the ISight is not working properly with YM. When i checked from the store where I bought my macbook, they said it happens in YM coz according to them YM is not yet fully applicable with apple laptop models and recommended to use other messenger instead. My family and friends are using YM only to keep in touch with me so I don't have a choice but continue using YM. Its really disappointing coz I even downloaded the other version of YM before this 3.0 version, but same problem still exists.
    Can anyone help me on how can i fix this problem? or if there is really a solution on this..I've always wanted to have a macbook laptop but having this kind of problem really made me think if i did a right decision to buy this laptop. it is indeed an expensive laptop but i cant enjoy it fully...
    please help me!!!

    Welcome to Discussions, Marianne Bayogos
    Problems like yours, especially those involving known-unreliable (Beta) software, can be difficult to resolve. You need to start by troubleshooting to determine the source of the problem. Then you will KNOW what to fix. You seem like a fairly experienced user, so try any of the following you think might help in any order you like.
    (0) You can use the suggestions in to determine whether iSight is causing your problem. Be sure to try with more than one user account and with some other apps, too.
    If your iSight works properly with all other apps in every user account you test, your Apple hardware and software is NOT the cause.
    If you can eliminate iSight as the source of your trouble, you will need to either switch to other ways of communicating or troubleshoot other system elements that might be causing the problem. Here are some other things you can consider if you don't get better suggestions here.
    (1) Sometimes a restart restores function on internet connected applications. Shut down everything and restart your entire system including modem, router, and Mac in that order. To eliminate possible communication hardware problems, allow self-test to complete on each device before starting the next.
    (2) If you updated or installed any other software immediately before the problem began, check their websites to see if there are known issues with your system configuration or installation. If these are no know issues, carefully following the developers' instructions, reinstall any recent software additions that you think might be causing a conflict with YMM, use Disk Utility to repair permissions, and try again. Doing this reinstall will reduce the possibility that some recent addition might be conflicting with your new YMM Beta.
    If you find conflicting software, follow the instructions and uninstall to see if removing it will restore proper function to your favored communications apps.
    (3) Check YMM's Help:
    for help with installation and communication requirements/ configuration topics.
    If you do not find the answers there, check the dedicated YMM forum (use the "Ask Other Messenger Users" link on the help page) to see if your problem has already been solved by other users who post there.
    (4) You can also take your MacBook to a different location and see if the connection works when you access the web via a different internet connection.
    (5) I no longer use YM because I often encountered problems like those you describe, but my testing from several years back showed that Yahoo! seemed to support the Windows version of their messenger app better than the Mac version.
    Because your iNtel Mac can use Boot Camp, VMware Fusion™, Parallels™, or VirtualBox to run Windows® software, there is another alternative available to you. Choose which method you want to use to run Windows®, add the required software to your iNtel Mac (if you have not already done so), and then install and use Yahoo! Messenger for Windows.
    (6) If all else fails, and if your family and friends are willing to try something "new and improved" (does NOT work with Yahoo! Messenger), you can both install and try a different video chat app such as Google Talk or Skype.
    (7) Alternatively, you can try the web-based video chat sites like or Defcom's recommended TokBok.
    EZ Jim
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  • Macbook built in iSight problem.

    I am having problems with my built in iSight.
    I've tried to track all the way to see where is failing and I get the following on the Console Log.
    Jun 15 22:53:11 frviana kernel[0]: USBF: 631.251 Built-in iSight[0x2be9b00]: error getting config. err=0xe00002ed
    Jun 15 22:53:12 frviana kernel[0]: USBF: 631.760 [0x2b24f00] The IOUSBFamily is having trouble enumerating a USB device that has been plugged in. It will keep retrying. (Port 2 of hub @ location: 0x3d000000)
    Jun 15 22:53:16 frviana kernel[0]: USBF: 635.601 [0x2b24f00] The IOUSBFamily was not able to enumerate a device.
    It initially appers on the system information as an USB device but after I try to use it for the first time on any application, example: Photobooth I get this error and it disapeer from the system information.
    I am running the following processes:
    Active Memory: 110.25 MB
    Free Memory: 836.90 MB
    Wired Memory: 150.77 MB
    Used Memory: 424.10 MB
    Inactive Memory: 163.09 MB
    Total VM: 7.10 GB
    Number of processes: 53
    ID Process Name User CPU RSIZE VSIZE
    0 kernel_task root 2.30 50.96 MB 1,017.06 MB
    1 launchd root 0.00 516.00 KB 27.66 MB
    23 dynamic_pager root 0.00 168.00 KB 26.61 MB
    27 kextd root 0.00 980.00 KB 27.53 MB
    31 KernelEventAgent root 0.00 628.00 KB 27.18 MB
    32 mDNSResponder root 0.00 1.12 MB 28.38 MB
    33 netinfod root 0.00 564.00 KB 26.91 MB
    34 syslogd root 0.00 420.00 KB 26.63 MB
    36 configd root 0.00 2.20 MB 29.24 MB
    37 coreaudiod root 0.00 1.10 MB 28.64 MB
    38 diskarbitrationd root 0.00 1.04 MB 27.11 MB
    39 memberd root 0.00 652.00 KB 27.64 MB
    40 securityd root 0.00 2.20 MB 28.68 MB
    42 notifyd root 0.00 460.00 KB 27.19 MB
    43 distnoted root 0.00 816.00 KB 27.01 MB
    44 DirectoryService root 0.00 2.46 MB 29.46 MB
    45 blued root 0.00 2.12 MB 37.17 MB
    50 coreservicesd root 0.00 8.96 MB 39.99 MB
    54 update root 0.20 220.00 KB 26.59 MB
    63 WindowServer windowserv 3.60 19.36 MB 339.29 MB
    65 ATSServer frviana 0.00 6.23 MB 146.06 MB
    66 loginwindow frviana 0.00 7.42 MB 351.14 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/
    76 lookupd root 0.00 1.23 MB 28.50 MB
    87 crashreporterd root 0.00 204.00 KB 26.59 MB
    122 sh root 0.00 616.00 KB 27.06 MB
    123 OSXvnc-server root 0.00 3.04 MB 294.39 MB
    124 dyndnsd root 0.00 7.89 MB 109.98 MB
    128 translated root 0.00 248.00 KB 36.07 MB
    146 nfsiod root 0.00 184.00 KB 28.61 MB
    151 ntpd root 0.00 404.00 KB 27.07 MB
    162 rpc.lockd root 0.00 192.00 KB 26.65 MB
    170 automount root 0.00 1.11 MB 29.00 MB
    175 mds root 0.00 3.88 MB 42.33 MB
    180 automount root 0.00 1.07 MB 28.71 MB
    185 mdimport nobody 0.00 2.38 MB 38.59 MB
    189 httpd root 0.00 1.44 MB 28.15 MB
    190 httpd www 0.00 408.00 KB 27.72 MB
    191 pbs frviana 0.00 2.05 MB 54.16 MB
    197 Dock frviana 0.00 4.32 MB 348.64 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/
    198 SystemUIServer frviana 0.00 7.82 MB 347.52 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/
    200 Finder frviana 0.00 15.09 MB 362.47 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/
    202 mdimport frviana 0.00 3.50 MB 60.37 MB
    204 Microsoft AU Daemon frviana 0.00 8.72 MB 400.53 MB
    205 iTunes Helper frviana 0.00 1.72 MB 326.04 MB
    206 iCalAlarmScheduler frviana 0.00 3.61 MB 330.61 MB
    214 System Profiler frviana 0.00 8.11 MB 346.67 MB /Applications/Utilities/System
    216 Console frviana 0.20 7.97 MB 347.09 MB /Applications/Utilities/
    222 System Events frviana 0.00 3.29 MB 293.91 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/System
    225 TextEdit frviana 0.00 7.61 MB 347.31 MB /Applications/
    226 AppleSpell frviana 0.00 1.90 MB 37.75 MB
    230 cupsd root 0.00 1.63 MB 27.85 MB
    232 Activity Monitor frviana 10.70 12.18 MB 435.16 MB /Applications/Utilities/Activity
    233 pmTool root 0.80 1.17 MB 36.45 MB
    Any idea? It has been 3 days only that I bought the Macbook.

    My macbook had the same problem. It began after I installed bootcamp, which I have since updated to 1.1. Whenever I boot into windows xp and then back into Os X, the isight stops working. In photobooth I get a blank green screen with a few scribbling lines of static at the top, but in ichat I get the "in use by other application" error.
    I tried a system X reinstall, a bootcamp reinstall, zapping the PRAM, etc. etc. What really killed me was that the isight camera continued to work FINE in windows, but not at all in Os X (I could almost hear Bill Gates snickering).
    The solution turned out to be resetting the power management unit by unplugging, removing the battery and holding down the power button for 5 seconds. Works without having to zap PRAM after.
    The annoying thing is that I have to do this EVERY TIME after I have booted into windows if I want the camera to work in Os X.
    As other users have pointed out, bootcamp now includes a package that updates the isight firmware.
    Interestingly, this does NOT happen on my intel iMac, only the macbook.
    I'm hoping for a more elegant fix.
    Anyone else?

  • Please can someone help,my in built camera on my Macbook Pro is not working what can i do to activate it back.

    Please can somone help my in built cameral on my MacBook Pro is not working, the green light does not show again and the camera is not working . what can i do to active it back.

    Yuu can try to reactivate your iSight camera by opening up iMessage.. navigate to Preferences/Audio Video,and then click on Camera. IT shoudl be grayed-out if you only have one camera hooked up to your machine. If you have an external camera, then disconnect it from your machine. 

Maybe you are looking for

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