Help in regards to file names when importing to iTunes.

I recently bought an iPod and I'm dying to use it but at the moment, I can't due to an annoyance I have. I have all my mp3's neatly organized like this: Artist - Song Name.mp3
The thing is, that's only the file name. I never bothered to modify their ID tags. When I play the songs in iTunes, it sometimes looks like a mess but I didn't mind since I just simply looked for the songs I wanted via the Finder. As you know, to hear tracks on the iPod, you gotta copy your playlist from iTunes so that means that all those tracks with their gibberish names get passed to the iPod. As you can imagine, this is less than convenient as I won't obviously be able to recognize the darn songs. I am further stressed due to the huge amount of songs I have and since it wasn't until recently that I switched to Mac (best decision ever...), I have a huge library of songs that were never identified on my PC. All I did was basically typed in the artist name followed by the song title.
I browsed through some sites in hopes of finding something that would help me but I have to admit, I barely understand just what I am exactly looking for.
I would really appreciate your help in any way possible, I'd really like to enjoy my iPod as soon as possible.

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    I have a problem in RH8. When I import a html-file that has a topic title that is different to the file name, RH somehow overwrites the topic title with the file name. The html-files that I need to import into my help project DO have a topic title (with the html tag 'Title') so this is not caused by an empty og non-existing title tag.
    I have searched the forum and found that this was also an issue in RoboHelp 6 and by then fixed in a service pack. I have long ago installed the two service packs to RH8, but I can see in the 'read me' for the service packs, that this has not been dealed with.
    I also have RH 7 installed on my pc, and the problem does not occur in a RH 7 help project.
    Best Regards

    Yes, I am sure I am not mixing up Topic Title and Topic Heading.
    The files are generated in a Access database created by our own developers. We have used this database for generating html-files for our RH-projects for years without any problems.
    Below I have copied the HTML code from one of theese files (with the file name '10001.htm') before importing it into RH8:
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    An agreement is a written obligation between a project and a contracting party regarding the
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  • Wrong date in file name when importing in Lightroom 5.0

    When I import files in Lightroom 5.0 and select the rename check box and use a custom template that includes the date (year, month, day) the files import with and incorrect date (not the current date).  The rest of the data in the file name from the custom template is correct.  How can I get the date correct?

    Using the date option when you rename adds the image capture date, not the current system date. I don't think there's a way to add "current date" automatically, though not sure why you'd want to. The vast majority of users who use "date" in their file names want the capture date, not import date.

  • Fix variable text (File Name) when importing INDD into INDD

    More of a fix request than a new feature:
    Simply put, the variable text (File Name) shows the file extension when the document is imported into another INDD regardless of the variable text specifications in the originating document. This is unexpected and undesired.
    Please see problem description in this thread:

    Seconded. Currently, I don't use this variable in this way, but I can envisage future scenarios where it would be a problem.
    And it seems a strange thing to miss out on ... (why would an INDD file behave different?)

  • Incorrect file name when importing pictures from camera

    I am using PE 10 on Mac Snow Leopard.
    When I import pictures from my camera and select "Rename Files" with "Custom Date" + "Shot Date" (any format), the file name includes the custom name correctly, but the date part of the file name is some random date (with a weird year: 1913, 1969). Note the example shown on the Photo Downloader is usually the one used. The shot date in the meta data is usually correct. This appears to be similar to a problem when using the "Create Subfolder" option.
    Any ideas why or a work-around?
    I was using PE 8 and did not have this problem.

    Hi dannrendon2,
    Have you successfully run the PSE10_Hot.dmg file? You will not see any change in PSE10 or PhotoDownloader , it is just for fixing the issue of incorrect date format .
    Please follow all the steps mentioned in KB article link mentioned above. Finally when you installed the updater there would be a message of successful installation .
    If there is a failure in your updating process [In your case it is second attempt of updation, there may be a failure] , uninstall your application , check if there is any residual file in application folder under Elements Organizer or Photoshop Elements (delete them). Now again install PSE10 and try to update PSE10_HotFix.dmg updater. There should be a successfully completed message.

  • Uploaded home movies revert to the original file name when added to iTunes?

    I have Home Video files that I have renamed from the original file names.  When I add these files to iTunes, the files revert to the original file name at the time the file was created.  How can I add these files to iTunes with the new file name without having to rename every Home Movie that has been added?

    OK I have done some more work and think i have the issue resolved. The problem lies with file formats specifically .mp4 and .m4v
    I suspect the files you are importing are mp4 files. When I do this i get the same behaviour of file names changing their name after playback. When i convert my files to m4v format and import the issue disappears.

  • Omit Photoshop file names when importing layers

    Is there a way to prevent Premiere from adding the name of the photoshop file to each layer imported? When I import a layer, it uses this format layername/filename.ext.
    Then, when I try to make a sequence from that layer, it uses the filename part of the clip name instead of the layer name. I'd like to just have the layer name in the bin.

    No...the actual filename given to the audio file eg "ultraviolet - U2 (Achtung Baby).mp3

  • Files Renamed when importing to LR4 and now can't find them in LR3

    Help!  What should I do???
    Yesterday I installed LR 4 Beta.  I had a folder with 300 images in it on LR 3, obviously all files had names.  I imported these photos into LR4 to work with LR4 and they were renamed in the process.  Now in my LR3 folder, all the files still have there old names and the "missing photo ?" and I assume that's because the name has been changed and LR3 can't find them.  Any thoughts on an easy fix?
    Matthew Kraus

    Thanks so much for helping me with this.
    I must admit, I didn't pay too much attention when importing this "test"
    group of photos to LR4, therein lies my problem.  Now that I look at the
    import settings that were used:
    1. Files were not added or copied, they were "moved" to a new location and
    also renamed.
    2. Files were renamed starting with "264" using my regular import template.
    Listed below are the first 10 photos with their original LR3 and he
    changed LR4 names.
    1201_001 changed to 1201_264-2
    1201_002 changed to 1201_265-2
    1201_003 changed to 1201_266-2
    1201_004 changed to 1201_267-2
    1201_005-Edit-Edit changed to 1201_268-2
    1201_005-Edit changed to 1201_269-2
    1201_005-Edit changed to 1201_270-2
    1201_005-Edit-Edit-2 changed to 1201_271-2
    I have a back up of my images on an EHD from several days ago which has the
    original file names, but this backup only has 203 of the 268 images I
    imported yesterday and are renamed.
    Thanks again,
    Matthew Kraus
    2012/1/11 Dorin Nicolaescu-Musteață <[email protected]>
       Re: Files Renamed when importing to LR4 and now can't find them in LR3 created by Dorin
    Nicolaescu-Musteață <> in *Photoshop
    Lightroom* - View the full discussion<>

  • Same file name when downloading new pics

    The prev camera I had (Sony Cyber shot/Steady Shot?)always kept dynamic file numbers/names however now have Nikon D90 and now if do search on a file number now get numerous pics under same file name as new camera restarts at same number all the time.
    Is there an easy way to deal with this. I would really not want to have to rename all files as soon as I download them. That can be over 300 pics at a time.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    When I say file name I mean the name/number that appears under the pic in iphoto.
    Yes that is the file name
    Do most people leave these numbers or change them, do you know?
    Most people leave it - some preprocess all photos and assign meaningful file names and then import
    I know you can assign words to them and then retrieve them by calling up all pics associated with that word(s).
    You can assign a title (which can optionally be used as the file name when you export photos), a description, keywords, and a rating
    Do you have any other hints for me? Do you use the Mangler software you referred to in the prev post?
    Normally I do not modify the file names - if I get photos from someone else I usually use name mangler to identify the source (which I could do with keywords but for photos that are not mine I prefer having the file name show the source) - once in a while I will change some but normally I just import directly from the camera and ignore the file name

  • Ipad only uses one file name when uploading images via email

    We have an image tool that uploads images to a template website. The problem is the file names for these images must be unique any duplicate file names will be rejected. Some of our users want to be able to upload from the field but Ipad only assigns the file name "photo.JPG" to jpegs. It doesn't seem to include the sequential extension that actually does exist for the image on the file name when uploading. Is there a way to get ipad to do so, or is this something that Apple maybe want to consider looking into. I can easily see the average Joe emailing themselves images and hitting save only to replace and lose an older image because let's face it, not all users are on MACs and PC's do not allow multiple files to have the same file name in the same folder.

    Based on the description, you could send email to external addresses without the Twin Oaks software. However, with the Twin Oaks software, you couldn't send successfully.
    For this issue, I recommend you enable message tracking and check whether you could retrieve message tracking log entires when you send emails to external addresses through the Twin Oaks software.
    If you couldn't retrieve message these tracking log entires when you send emails to external addresses through the Twin Oaks software, it means that the Exchange server is OK and the crux of the problem is the Twin Oaks software.
    Here is an article about message tracking log for your reference.
    Best regards,
    Belinda Ma
    TechNet Community Support

  • Keeping file names when rendering out DPX to QT

    I am trying to convert a dpx sequence to a quicktime to use for offline editing. When I export the files it does not keep the original file name. It replaces the file name with 1_g1, 2_g1 and so on. I cannot find a way to tell color to keep the orginal file name on export. I still new to Color , but I am quite familiar with encoding programs. Is there really not a way to keep the meta data including the original file name when exporting files?

    There's a Chapter on this in the online Color Help...

  • How can I keep tabs on the file size when importing from the Event Library into a Project? I want to ensure the movie will fit onto a 4.7Gb disc?

    How can I keep tabs on the file size when importing from the Event Library into a Project? I want to ensure the movie will fit onto a 4.7Gb disc?

    iDVD does not care about file sizes, as it compresses the file to the standard DVD format of mpeg2.
    It only cares about length i.e. max 2 hours including titles etc.
    iDVD encoding settings:
    Short version:
    Best Performance is for videos of up to 60 minutes
    Best Quality is for videos of up to 120 minutes
    Professional Quality is also for up to 120 minutes but even higher quality (and takes much longer)
    Professional Quality: The Professional Quality option uses advanced technology to encode your video, resulting in the best quality of video possible on your burned DVD. You can select this option regardless of your project’s duration (up to 2 hours of video for a single-layer disc and 4 hours for a double-layer disc). Because Professional Quality encoding is time-consuming (requiring about twice as much time to encode a project as the High Quality option, for example) choose it only if you are not concerned abo
    In both cases the maximum length includes titles, transitions and effects etc. Allow about 15 minutes for these.
    You can use the amount of video in your project as a rough determination of which method to choose. If your project has an hour or less of video (for a single-layer disc), choose Best Performance. If it has between 1 and 2 hours of video (for a single-layer disc), choose High Quality. If you want the best possible encoding quality for projects that are up to 2 hours (for a single-layer disc), choose Professional Quality. This option takes about twice as long as the High Quality option, so select it only if time is not an issue for you.
    Use the Capacity meter in the Project Info window (choose Project > Project Info) to determine how many minutes of video your project contains.
    NOTE: With the Best Performance setting, you can turn background encoding off by choosing Advanced > “Encode in Background.” The checkmark is removed to show it’s no longer selected. Turning off background encoding can help performance if your system seems sluggish.
    And whilst checking these settings in iDVD Preferences, make sure that the settings for NTSC/PAL and DV/DV Widescreen are also what you want.

  • File name not importing into iPhoto

    I keep my photos on an external disk and import them from that disk into iPhoto. When I import, sometimes the file name is imported into the caption field and sometimes it does not.
    Any ideas why? I have search for others posts but can't find any. I did check the permissions of the files representing both results and the permissions are the same.

    What is displayed in the title field under the thumbnails?
    Have you tried selecting the offending photos, going to the Photos->Batch Change menu and selecting Title to File Name option?
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  • How do I get my photos to sort by file name when sync'd to the iPad?

    How do I get my photos to sort by file name when sync'd to the iPad?  The default sorting method changes the order of pictures when sync'd from my pc.

  • How to retain numerical order (Of file names) when combining files in Acrobat (9) Standard

    How to retain numerical order (Of file names) when combining files in Acrobat (9) Standard, please see the attached screenshot for a clearer explanation.
    I understand that if we prefix all files with leading zero's this will probably resolve the issue but I just wondered if anyone new the answer. The ironic situation is that version 6 has no problem.
    I have spent over an hour with techincal support who were unable to provide me with an answer

    It is not clear how you are trying to do the order. Have you tried to select a set of files and then use the arrow buttons to move them in the list? If you select the heading, that will typically reorder the files by that heading and undo everything you had done before.
    You should be able to select groups of files and move them up and down in the list. All of those options appear on your view, so what is the real question?

Maybe you are looking for