Help, Itunes wont recognise Iphone 4s

When I connect my Iphone 4s to my PC iTunes doesnt recognize it. I followed a lot of tutorials online but when I try to install the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver it gives me a code 37 error. I have no idea what else to do, can anyone help me?

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  • New itunes wont recognise iphone

    recently had a virus on my computer so i wped everything. Re-installed itunes but now my phone wont sync because itunes doesnt even detect that its plugged in. Also will everything on my phone get wiped as the new itunes has nothng on it yet as i cleaned my whole system after it was infected. Please somebody HELP!

    Yes, your iphone will be wiped.
    Use your backup copy of your computer to put everything back on your computer.
    You can try reinstalling itunes on top of the current itunes to address the recognition problem.

  • ITunes wont recognise iPhone

    iPhone 5s model A1457.
    I have two Windows 7 64 bit laptops, one has iTunes 11.4 running, the other has the latest iTunes 12.0.1
    iOS was 7.something and I stupidly tried to update overthe air to 8.1.2
    Something went wrong and it is stuck in recovery mode.
    Recovery screen (iTunes logo + cable picture) lasts only for a couple seconds before it turns off.
    Cable seems to work because it worked for other iPhones I have used.
    If I open iTunes, connect the cable to my laptop, then connect the other end to my phone, the phone turns on and then goes to the recovery screen.
    iTunes does not recognise the phone.
    Since I cannot do anything else with the phone, it will turn back off in a couple seconds.
    Already reinstalled itunes the proper way (uninstall programs in order - restarted laptop - reinstalled)
    Checked device manager. I believe the phone should appear under "portable devices" or something but "portable devices does not appear in device manager.
    Also, I believe there is supposed to be something under "Universal Serial Bus controllers", but I can't see anything related to the phone.
    Tried using different USB ports, but that doesn't work. (also note: unplugging the cable from the phone all turns it on and shows the recovery screen for several seconds before turning off)
    Did something that involved turning off itunes, disabling then enabling apple mobile support (or something like that), then turning iTunes back one - didn't work

    I somehow managed to fix it.
    It seems that iTunes could only recognise my phone if I plugged it in a certain way.
    With the phone in one hand, I used my other hand to hold the cable (with thumb+ side of index finger) just under the head of the usb end.I then pushed the cable in (towards the phone). Without bending the cable, I slowly adjusted my hand till it worked. I knew this worked because I heard the notification sound from my pc.
    This wasn't an issue of getting the right cable because I have used other cables which worked on other phones but not mine (this leads me to believe the port (hole) of my phone is slightly deeper than usual. that said i usually dont have this problem of needing to push the cable in to get it to work. I do however have a problem of getting cables that work (which could be relevant). My trusty one (which isnt actually trusty) works if i move it about and orientate it in a way that it works i.e. its very tempermental
    well anyway....
    Knowing all this, I held the phone in my armpit (to free up a hand), and again reoriented the hand holding the usb cable while pushing in towards the phone such that it worked (heard the notification sound from my laptop). with my other hand I started the process of restoring the ios on the pc.
    NOW I HAD TO BE CAREFUL. If I moved out of position (even a little bit) the phone would disconnect and the restore would fail, so I had to painstakingly stay in position for the whole restore process. It took about 4 attempts but I succeeded in the end. You should watch out, even if itunes is still "extracting" the ios file my phone could still disconnect (i would only know if it disconnected when i get a failure message after it finishes extracting). i had to hold still throughout the extracting, the iphone checks, the actual iphone restoring process (where you see the loading bar on the phone) etc. after the extracting period, the notification sounds my pc makes when i plug something in went off occasionally which worried me, but i still kept still and in position throughout till i succeeded. so you cant necessarily trust the sounds completely
    The restoring my backup process was not as painstaking. I plugged everything in, wiggled the cable a little till i could see my phone in itunes, then just restored the backup easily.
    my hand aches from holding the cable for so long but i have succeeded in the end. I don't believe I have ever seen advice like what I have mentioned on the internet so i hope this will help everyone who seem to have tried everything without success

  • Help Itunes wont see Iphone yet windows sees it fine :s

    Help my iphone wont show in itunes have tried all the suggested things but hasnt worked and having uninstalled and reinstalled itunes latest version about 8 times now im getting a bit tired of it. Was running fine then i removed some old nokia phone software and now it wont show in itunes. My computer shows it as a camera and its displayed in devices as well help me this is sooo annoying!

    You might need to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service. Check out this article:

  • Camera is detected but itunes wont recognise iphone- driving me batty!

    Hi- please help- I am, ready to throw the phone at the wall!
    I have:
    Iphone 3GS, Itunes 10, Windows XP.
    I have not yet updated to IOS4.
    I can transfer pics to the pc, so I assume the usb etc is all good.
    I open itunes and my phone does not show in the list.
    I have tried every troubleshooting thing I could find-
    I have reinstalled itunes.
    I have changed cables.
    I ahve turned off, rebooted etc. many times-
    Nothing works- it has been happening for a while now...
    I am not incredibly techy- but can follow instructions
    Please help! I am over it!

  • Itunes wont recognise iphone 5 after io6 update

    have tried re installing itunes, re starting both the phone and the computer

    Done. For what ever reason. I didn't change anything but it works now

  • My iphone doesnt show up in my itunes. It shows up when i plug it into another laptop. Similarly, when i use someone else's iphone, that shows up in my itunes. Obviously my itunes wont recognise my iphone. Please help

    My iphone doesnt show up in my itunes. It shows up when i plug it into another laptop. Similarly, when i use someone else's iphone, that shows up in my itunes. Obviously my itunes wont recognise my iphone. Please help

    Hello ashbyy123,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information, take a look at:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    2. Check the USB cable
    3. Verify that Apple Mobile Device Support is installed
    4. Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service
    5. Verify that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed
    6. Check for third-party software conflicts
    Have a nice day,

  • I have updated my laptop , iphone and ipad to io7 ans 11.1, Itunes wont' recognise either peice of equipment, cannot sync a tjhng, any suggestions?

    I have updated my laptop , iphone and ipad to ios7 ans 11.1, Itunes wont' recognise either peice of equipment, cannot sync a thing, any suggestions?

    only also check the lightning to usb cord.

  • Itunes not recognising iphone 3GS. iphone is in a loop of searching..with image of connector to "itunes" on screen. Very frustrating - please help

    itunes not recognising iphone 3GS. iphone is in a loop of searching..with image of connector to "itunes" on screen. Very frustrating - please help

    Check first if your iTunes is up-to-date. If it's updated, try using a different cable or try plugging it to a different USB port.

  • TS1717 help itunes wont open i tried trooubleshooting and it says its incompatible what do i do?

    help itunes wont open i tried trooubleshooting and it says its incompatible

    bmr1296 wrote:
    i have to answer my security question which i forgot, what do i do?
    See Here > Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security
              Ask to speak with the Account Security Team...
    Or Email Here  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • ITunes wont sync iPhone (unknown error)

    iTunes wont sync iPhone... gives unkown error -50

    Have you figured out a solution yet? Mines doing the same thing (but its showing a different error message.) My pc wont recognize it either! it says the device has malfunctioned =(

  • I get itunes "error 0x800000A" (itunes wont connect Iphone 4)

    I get itunes "error 0x800000A" (itunes wont connect Iphone 4)

    In the course of your troubleshooting to date, have you worked through the following document?
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Unknown error containing '0xE' when connecting to a Windows PC

  • Itunes wont recognise my iphone 5

    Ive just got my iphone 5 back from being serviced and tunes wont recognise my 'fixed' iphone 5s.  All my data was backed up to itunes on my pc and i need to restore it to the phone.  Help!!!!

    does it show up in my computer as a camera or not at all?
    have you tried connecting to other computers to see if it's detected there to verifcy that the conector is not damaged and causing the device not to be recognized by the computer?

  • Itunes wont read iphone, thinks it's a digital

    I dont know what happened, but when I first got my PC with vista 64, and had itunes installed with the iphone, everything worked. 3 days ago I reformatted my drives and reinstall windows and all my programs. I got itunes working with all my music and whatnot, but when I plug my iphone in to toss music on it, itunes wont read it. Windows knows it's there, but everytime I plug it in, the lower right hand corner the "windows is installing new driver blah blah" pops up, and then get an error message saying it couldnt install the driver. I go to device manager and windows thinks it's a digital camera. I did the whole update driver with the "c:\windows\system32\drivestore\usbaapl_" thing, and I got this message:
    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.
    (usb icon) Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    The system cannot find the file specified."
    I have been googling the crap out of this and I am at wit's end with this. I've uninstalled/reinstalled itunes, cleaned registry, wiped all apple programs from the PC, anything google told me to, hahaha. Serious, I cant find any forum or web article to help me past this point. Please help...

    I think I got it. I've had the same problem as you and many others. I went to device manager and found iPhone under imaging devices. Here's what I did:
    Right-click -> properties -> driver tab -> update drivers (launches Hardware Update Wizard) select...
    No, not this time (next) Install from a list ... (next) Don't search ... (next) Now there should be two choices under model. Select the Apple Mobile Device. This is not digitally signed so you'll get warnings but continue. When I did this iTunes picked up my iPhone right away.

  • Iphone 4 unresponsive and flashes apple logo but itunes wont recognise it . when plugged into the mains it turns onto recovery mode and asks to be plugged into itunes, when i unplug it from the mains it turns straight off again

    please help! my iphone randomly went unresponsive, when plugged into itunes it flashes apple logo and itunes doesnt recognise it and when plugged into the mains its in recovery mode, asks to be connected to itunes, but immediately turns off when unplugged from mains

    You could try to do a hard reset, sometimes resetting the phone helps. Hold down the sleep/wake button on the top and the home button until you see the apple logo, this make take a minute or two but this might help.

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