Help Itunes wont see Iphone yet windows sees it fine :s

Help my iphone wont show in itunes have tried all the suggested things but hasnt worked and having uninstalled and reinstalled itunes latest version about 8 times now im getting a bit tired of it. Was running fine then i removed some old nokia phone software and now it wont show in itunes. My computer shows it as a camera and its displayed in devices as well help me this is sooo annoying!

You might need to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service. Check out this article:

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  • ITunes not seeing iPhone. Windows 7

    I'm wondering if anybody can help with the following.
    I'm running Win7 Home 32-bit with all of the latest updates and also have the latest version of iTunes installed. I'm trying to connect an iPhone to my PC, via iTunes, but it is not recognised by iTunes, and I keep getting an error saying that it cannot read the iPhone.
    However, the iPhone does appear in Windows Explorer (apparently as a camera, as I can read the DCIM file and look at the photos there), but as the iPhone is not jailbroken I cannot see any other files. The iphone is running iOS5.
    From searching online, it appears that the problem may be that Windows thinks it is a camera, and has atatched a particular driver to it (an MTP driver). Others also suggest that I need to have the phone installed with a different driver (usbappl).(As suggested in
    If I uninstall the phone or try and automatically update the driver then it says that there is no better driver.
    I have also tried to specifically update it with the usbappl driver (by updaing the driver and using the "have disk" option and then browsing to where the usbappl driver is installed). In this case I get an error saying that "the folder specified doesn't contain a compatible driver for your device).
    Can anybody suggest how I can get Windows to update with the correct driver, or some other way of getting iTunes to see the iPhone.
    Many thanks for your help.

    If you haven't already done so, work through the entire troubleshooting steps on, including 1-6 at the bottom.  Often restarting the AMDS (step 3) will be necessary.  If all else fails, uninstall iTunes and all of its components as described here: and reinstall iTunes.

  • Help, Itunes wont recognise Iphone 4s

    When I connect my Iphone 4s to my PC iTunes doesnt recognize it. I followed a lot of tutorials online but when I try to install the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver it gives me a code 37 error. I have no idea what else to do, can anyone help me?

    Try Here >

  • Fixing the problem of Itunes not seeing iphone in windows 8 feb 2014-heres how.

    Control panel, uninstall every apple program including bonjour and quicktime and mobile device drivers. restart computer, download itunes...worked fine on our 2 computers.

    Hi dvalva,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    I recommend going through the troubleshooting steps in this article if your iPhone is not recognized by iTunes for Windows:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • Itunes wont read iphone, thinks it's a digital

    I dont know what happened, but when I first got my PC with vista 64, and had itunes installed with the iphone, everything worked. 3 days ago I reformatted my drives and reinstall windows and all my programs. I got itunes working with all my music and whatnot, but when I plug my iphone in to toss music on it, itunes wont read it. Windows knows it's there, but everytime I plug it in, the lower right hand corner the "windows is installing new driver blah blah" pops up, and then get an error message saying it couldnt install the driver. I go to device manager and windows thinks it's a digital camera. I did the whole update driver with the "c:\windows\system32\drivestore\usbaapl_" thing, and I got this message:
    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.
    (usb icon) Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    The system cannot find the file specified."
    I have been googling the crap out of this and I am at wit's end with this. I've uninstalled/reinstalled itunes, cleaned registry, wiped all apple programs from the PC, anything google told me to, hahaha. Serious, I cant find any forum or web article to help me past this point. Please help...

    I think I got it. I've had the same problem as you and many others. I went to device manager and found iPhone under imaging devices. Here's what I did:
    Right-click -> properties -> driver tab -> update drivers (launches Hardware Update Wizard) select...
    No, not this time (next) Install from a list ... (next) Don't search ... (next) Now there should be two choices under model. Select the Apple Mobile Device. This is not digitally signed so you'll get warnings but continue. When I did this iTunes picked up my iPhone right away.

  • 11.1.5 installed yesterday now it wont see iphone or open itunes

    11.1.5 installed yesterday now it wont see iphone or open itune - has anyone encountered a similar problem?

    I had same issue.  I flollowed and the actual part that fixed it for me was step 5.  Once I finally found it under DEVICES under "portable devices" the connected type of device was only listed as "Apple Iphone" and nothing was listed under the Universal Serial bus Controllers.  After I followed the directions to install the proper mobile device driver then Itunes was able to see my phone.  My PC then also has the correct device listed under the Universal Serial bus Controllers. 
    It is not enough that your connected device says "Apple Iphone" ... so read into the directions step by step for your OS.  I think this is the fix for most new connection issues seen with Itunes 11.1.5!  Nice bench testing Apple.

  • Itunes wont see ipod

    been having problem and did the 5 R's total restore and now ipod is empty like its new, but now itunes wont see it when I plug it in. it does nothing. In my computer I see the ipod at F drive but it wont do anything from there on out. Any ideas.

    See if any of these articles help.
    USB drivers are not installed properly or are out of date.
    iTunes 7 doesn't recognize the iPod.
    iPod appears in Windows Explorer but does not appear in iTunes.

  • TS1717 help itunes wont open i tried trooubleshooting and it says its incompatible what do i do?

    help itunes wont open i tried trooubleshooting and it says its incompatible

    bmr1296 wrote:
    i have to answer my security question which i forgot, what do i do?
    See Here > Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security
              Ask to speak with the Account Security Team...
    Or Email Here  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • ITunes wont sync iPhone (unknown error)

    iTunes wont sync iPhone... gives unkown error -50

    Have you figured out a solution yet? Mines doing the same thing (but its showing a different error message.) My pc wont recognize it either! it says the device has malfunctioned =(

  • I get itunes "error 0x800000A" (itunes wont connect Iphone 4)

    I get itunes "error 0x800000A" (itunes wont connect Iphone 4)

    In the course of your troubleshooting to date, have you worked through the following document?
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Unknown error containing '0xE' when connecting to a Windows PC

  • Itunes wont see the music on ipod classic

    itunes wont see the music on ipod classic

    If you can see the songs but they are "greyed out" it's because you have the iPod set to transfer songs automatically. That is also why the padlock icon appears at the bottom of iTunes next to the space used/available.
    If you want the songs to be bold and selectable/editable, then you need to change to manage the content manually.

  • Itunes wont see my iphone

    I am running itunes 11.1 on Windows 7 Starter (1.6 GHz, 1 GB, 32 Bit System).  My iTunes wil not "see" the iPhone when I plug it in.  It will see
    my kids iPod, but not the phone.   When I run the diagnostics, under "Ports" the check box is red beside "No iPod, iPhone, or iPad found".  I have followed the advice of many forums and tried the following, with no success:
    * Updated iTunes and the Phone
    * Uninstall and Re-Install Itunes
    * Verified that Apple Mobile Device is installed (however, I cant get it to show up under device manager, where the USB ports are listed)
    *  I have stopped and restared Apple Mobile Device
    *  I have done my best to check for thrid party conflicts, and have found none.
    Any other recomendations would be very helpful.

    Cheers guys!
    I had the same issues for weeks and I just couldn't figure out what was happeing after iTunes latest update. FInally figure it out with some help from a post bellow. This is what I did.
    1. Uninstall all the "Apple xxxx" softwares (Apple Aplication Suport, Apple Mobile Support, and Apple Update Software)
    2. Go to the Music/iTunes/ dir and rename all files here as such "xxx-bak" so "iTunes Library-bak" so that your files and iTunes config are not changed during the following step
    3. Uninstall iTunes entirelly.
    4. Reinstall a fresh coppy of iTunes (with your iPhone connected
    5. After installation Delete all new files (those not ending with "xxx-bak" rename tag
    6. Restore all renamed files to their original names/titles by deleting the added "-bak" and run iTunes again - BINGO!!!
    This should do the trick! I hope it works for you guys too!

  • Please help, itunes wont give me option to sync from my iphone

    I have an iphone 4s and I just downloaded itunes on my hp with windows and the new itunes doesnt give me an option to sync my mnusic library onto my computer from my iphone. ive tried restarting it and unplugging it and they dont give me any options!

    iTunes will only transfer music purchased from the iTunes store from your phone to your iTunes library.  To do that, authorize your computer for the Apple ID(s) used to purchase the music in Store>Authorize This Computer, then connect your phone to your computer, open iTunes and go to File>Devices>Transfer Purchases.
    Music from other sources on your phone (such as from ripped CDs) must be extracted from your phone using 3rd party software such as Touch Copy (PC or Mac) or PhoneView (Mac only).
    If your iTunes library is still on your old computer, the best solution is to copy the entire iTunes folder (not just the music folder) from your old computer to your new one, as explained here:

  • New itunes wont recognise iphone

    recently had a virus on my computer so i wped everything. Re-installed itunes but now my phone wont sync because itunes doesnt even detect that its plugged in. Also will everything on my phone get wiped as the new itunes has nothng on it yet as i cleaned my whole system after it was infected. Please somebody HELP!

    Yes, your iphone will be wiped.
    Use your backup copy of your computer to put everything back on your computer.
    You can try reinstalling itunes on top of the current itunes to address the recognition problem.

  • Itunes not seeing iphone, vista, USB, error 1611

    After 8 hours of work and researching everything on the web and including here, I have restored my Iphone.
    Background: Itunes loaded on an toshiba laptop running 32 bit Vista.
    After plugging in and my iphone sync, I got the usual update message and finally decided to update. Well during the middle of the update the proceess aborted. I went to restore and that aborted.
    1. I tried an new cable and that did not work and started to get a 1611 error.
    2. I took the iphone to apple genius and he recovered the iphone from the broken restore and my phone was working with all data lost.
    3. I plug the iphone back in at home to restore my back up and Itunes would not see my iphone.
    4. I read serveral sites and articles on this site. I found that none of the articles got to the root problem. Several articles on the site need to be updated.
    Here are the results of my finding.
    1. After you find that your iphone will not connect to Itunes ( thus it does not show up in the device section of the left panel), you need to go to the device manager in windows (go to start - start search - type "dev" - select device manager.
    2 Open up the Universal System Bus section. You should see two things if your system is working properly when you iphone is plug in. One you should see the apple mobile device usb driver. Two you should see your card reader. You need to have both of these. If you dont have either your your system is not going to reconize your IPhone. I had one driver in there that said "unknow device". This was not the iphone in error!!!! As stated in articles on this site. This was the Card reader software by Realtek on my system. Because i did not have a card reader i could not see my Iphone.
    STEPS to fix.
    1. Shut down.
    2. Unplug all USB devices.
    3. Reboot to safe mode.
    4. Delete out all USB drivers.
    5 Shut down.
    6. This is important!!! unplug your power cord.
    7. This is important!!! take out your battery!!
    8. Let it sit for 5 minutes with out any power.
    9. Put in battery and plug in computer.
    10. reboot the machine to normal startup.
    11. Let it add all the USB drivers.
    12. You should now see your USB card reader. If not try it again.
    13. One you have your USB card reader driver. Plug in your Iphone.
    You should be working.
    Another helpful hint. If you reload Itunes like I did. Which was a wasted step. Because the Card Reader was the problem and reloading itunes will not fix this. Take a backup of the registry key that has your Iphone name. You will save some time.
    Good Luck and I hope this helps someone.

    What version of Windows Vista are you running (32-bit or 64-bit)? Please note that 64-bit versions of Vista are not supported as stated in the minimum requirements:
    In addition to iTunes and Quicktime, you will also want to remove/reinstall Apple Software Update and Apple Mobile Device Support as listed in:
    If you are still having issues, you may want to test the iPhone in a new user, or use MSCONFIG to see if there is any software that might be conflicting with the iPhone. For more information on using MSCONFIG, see this article:
    Good luck,
    Jennifer B.

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