Help-kerberos works with spnego keytab file but not in netbeans and Metro

Appreciate if someone can shed some light on this problem and guide on what else am I missing.
I'm trying to call .NET based WCF webservice (MS Dynamics CRM - OrganizationSvc) from a java client. Started looking at Metro framework for interoperability. I was able to generate all the proxy classes and was able to write the code to invoke web service. However the challenge was using Kerberos based authentication and related setup.
I primarily followed the link below which was very helpful but had to dig more to get more specific details.
Tried to follow netbeans route and hit some roadblocks in verifying the setup (krb5.conf & login.conf & wsit-client.xml). So, came across SPNEGO and used their examples, made changes accordingly and after experimenting with various configuration settings(krb5.conf and login.conf), finallyI was able to run HelloKDC & HelloKeytab files successfully.
default_realm = NA.CONVERGYS.COM
kdc =
admin_server =
[domain_realm] = NA.CONVERGYS.COM
spnego-server { required
C:\spnego-r7>klist -k C:\WINDOWS\orldwv705_feb03.keytab
Key tab: C:\WINDOWS\orldwv705_feb03.keytab, 1 entry found.
[1] Service principal: HOST/[email protected]
With these settings, I was able to successfully make the call & Hello Keytab was able to get the Ticket and authenticate.
However, when I run the example in Netbeans with the setup mentioned in the link below, I run into following exception...
1) noticed that sc:KerberosConfig element in wsit-client.xml does not get updated automatically in netbeans ide, so manually edited to put the entries.
2) also followed the setup required in glassfish domain.xml & login.conf xml.
3) also noticed that netbeans setup requires us to use C:\Windows\krb5.ini file which is nothing but krb5.conf file referred elsewhere.)
<wsp:Policy wsu:Id="ClientKerberosPolicy"
<sc:KerberosConfig wspp:visibility="private"
credentialDelegation="true" />
INFO: WSP5018: Loaded WSIT configuration from file: file:/C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/rchoppal/My%20Documents/NetBeansProjects/TestOrgSvc/build/web/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/wsit-client.xml.
WARNING: [failed to localize] WSP_0075_PROBLEMATIC_ASSERTION_STATE({}AuthenticationPolicy, UNKNOWN)
INFO: >>>KinitOptions cache name is C:\Documents and Settings\rchoppal\krb5cc_rchoppal
INFO: >>> KrbCreds found the default ticket granting ticket in credential cache.
SEVERE: WSITPVD0050: Error while Securing Request Message.
com.sun.xml.wss.XWSSecurityException: Unexpected Exception in Kerberos login - unable to continue
at com.sun.xml.wss.impl.misc.WSITProviderSecurityEnvironment.doKerberosLogin(
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITClientAuthContext.populateKerberosContext(
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITClientAuthContext.secureRequest(
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITClientAuthContext.secureRequest(
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at (i tried to search open source code, but this line did'nt match exactly)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at Method)
SEVERE: SEC2004: Container-auth: wss: Error securing request WSITPVD0050: Error while Securing Request Message.
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITClientAuthContext.secureRequest(
Caused by: Unexpected Exception in Kerberos login - unable to continue
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITAuthContextBase.getSOAPFaultException(
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITAuthContextBase.getSOAPFaultException(
... 42 more
WARNING: StandardWrapperValve[TestOrgSvcServlet]: PWC1406: Servlet.service() for servlet TestOrgSvcServlet threw exception Cannot secure request for {}CustomBinding_IOrganizationService
Caused by: WSITPVD0050: Error while Securing Request Message.
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITClientAuthContext.secureRequest(
... 40 more
Caused by: Unexpected Exception in Kerberos login - unable to continue
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITAuthContextBase.getSOAPFaultException(
at com.sun.xml.wss.provider.wsit.WSITAuthContextBase.getSOAPFaultException(
... 42 more
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Hi Gasha,
The only change I did after this, was to try and use 'KerberosServer' configuration from the wsit-client.xml. Atleast, this enabled the glassfish application to load the configuration related to keytab etc, and use it to communicate with the WCF service for negotiation.
<sc:KerberosConfig wspp:visibility="private"
credentialDelegation="true" />
login.conf has
KerberosServer { required
fyi.. Used the following way to create the keytab
Keytab was created using below instructions
ktpass -princ HOST/[email protected]
-mapUser [email protected]
-mapOp set
-pass *
-crypto DES-CBC-MD5
-out orldwv705.keytab
Targeting domain controller:
Successfully mapped HOST/ to svcMSCRMDev.
Key created.
Output keytab to orldwv705.keytab:
Keytab version: 0x502
keysize 75 HOST/[email protected] ptype 1 (KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL) vno 8 etype 0x3 (DES-CBC-MD5) keylength 8 (0x0bc27ca83891dc2a)
Also realised that we need to add 'HTTP/' & 'http/' using set SPN commands on the AD of the server where CRM is installed.
With these changes, the negotiate authentication seems to have happened using the Kerberos token from the keytab, but later ran into an error for which I was not able to get any clue to go forward. Someone in another post about this error suggested that it worked once they changed principal names, but when I tried I did'nt get any success.
This is where I'm struck now. What I don't know is if there is another setup from which we can try a similar interoperability example for ex.. weblogic 10.1 & eclipse which is more close to our real environment.
SEVERE: SEC2004: Container-auth: wss: Error securing request
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Missing argument
at javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec.<init>(DashoA13*..)
at com.sun.xml.wss.impl.filter.SignatureFilter.process(
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    Reset the TC to factory and redo the setup. see details below.
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    Post a few screenshots of the setup.

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    2) That works. Moved all pages (frame threading was preserved) to a new doc, exported to IDML, opened new IDML file just fine. Woo hoo! One of my editors won't be pleased that all of the tracked changes have disappeared, but at least the file functions now
    Wish I knew what caused the problem in the first place so we could (hopefully) prevent this from happening again. Any ideas?
    Thanks again for your help!

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    When I open Finder, I don't see the buffalo at all but have to go thru many libraries to find it. When I click on it ("connect") to it, It says "Select the SMB/CIFS shared volume you want to connect to: I click on the name, but it says "the alias blablabla could not be opened because the original item cannot be found. It gives the option to fix alias so I hit that and it puts me in my "documents" area and won't let me go anywhere else.
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    Message was edited by: meagain1

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    Yeah the 4gb is being recognised, my mac is running off the 5 gb in total. True, but i've seen videos where people have the exact same mac as me and have 8gb RAM. But yeah thanks for your help guys

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    I am having a really weird problem with internationalizing my JavaServer Faces web application.
    I am using Netbeans 6.0, Tomcat 6.0.10, JSF 1.2, and JTSL 1.1....
    If I use Java 1.4 to run the webapp, everything works fine!
    If I use Java EE 5 then it fails to execute internationalization of my choosen locale.
    I could just use Java 1.4 and have my site working fine, but I would really like to use Java EE 5 since it can do more. Also I don't see why it can work on one version of Java but not another. My locales are English (en) and Korean (ko).
    This is my index.jsp
        Document   : index
        Created on : 2/05/2008, 01:33:01
        Author     : Steve
    <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
    <%@taglib prefix="f" uri=""%>
    <%@taglib prefix="h" uri=""%>
    <%@taglib prefix="c" uri=""%>
        <f:view locale="#{localeBean.language}">
            <f:loadBundle basename="resources.messages" var="msg"/>
                <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
                <title>JSP Page</title>
                <h2>Hello <h:outputText value="#{}"/>!</h2>
                <h4><h:outputText value="#{msg.language}"/>:</h4>
                <h:form id="languageForm">
                    <h:selectOneMenu   onchange="this.form.submit();" valueChangeListener="#{localeBean.dropdown1_processValueChange}">
                        <f:selectItem itemLabel="English" itemValue="en"/>
                        <f:selectItem itemLabel="������" itemValue="ko"/>
                <h:outputText value="#{localeBean.language}"/>
    </html>This is my localeBean which is under the package "resources"
    * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
    * and open the template in the editor.
    package resources;
    * @author Steve
    import java.util.Locale;
    import javax.faces.event.ValueChangeEvent;
    public class localeBean {
        private String language = Locale.getDefault().getLanguage();
        private String country = Locale.getDefault().getCountry();
        public String getLanguage() {
            return language;
        public void setLanguage(String newValue) {
            language = newValue;
        public String getCountry() {
            return country;
        public void setCountry(String newValue) {
            country = newValue;
        public void dropdown1_processValueChange(ValueChangeEvent vce) {
            setLanguage((String) vce.getNewValue());
    }This is my faces-config file
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <!-- =========== FULL CONFIGURATION FILE ================================== -->
    <faces-config version="1.2"
            <message-bundle> resources.messages </message-bundle>
    </faces-config>and lastly I have my message bundle under the "resources" package which is named "messages".
    This has a key word "language" which is "Language" in the 'en' locale file and "����" in the 'ko' locale file.
    Once again when using Java 1.4 this project runs fine, however with Java EE 5 it does not.
    You may notice in my index.jsp that I have <h:outputText value="#{localeBean.language}"/>
    I use this to display the locale that has been chosen by my select box. Even when this shows a different language has been chosen the page does still not display in the correct language. According to <f:view locale="#{localeBean.language}"> then the locale of the page should be changed.
    I have looked over the web quite far for an answer to this problem. But everyone else seems to be using a similar method of loading up a message bundle and using it the same way I am. However my method does not work.
    Any suggestions or clues to what is going wrong would be really appreciated.
    Thanks in advance^^

    it seems that the
    <f:view locale="en">
    only work if a ressource bundle with the locale sufix '_en' is provided.
    Everything works now if I provide 3 ressouce files: and are identically!
    But if I delete the file always the file wins before the default properties.
    I did not expect such a behavior :-(

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    I have clips that worked in imovie hd before but all of a sudden the sound will not work, but they will work in quicktime....any ideas?

    Welcome to iMovie Discussions.
    Some clips - which started life not as DV camcorder clips, but might be .AVI, or somesuch, downloaded from the web, or shot as movies with a digital stills camera - may have audio in QuickTime but not in iMovie.
    QuickTime understands and replays many different file formats (..see all the different file formats QuickTime Player can handle, in the right-hand column here..) ..some of which iMovie can't handle.
    If your clips "..worked in imovie hd before but all of a sudden the sound will not work.." it might be because you'd had QuickTime open in the background, previously, or because you'd altered them in some way ..or maybe you 'Extracted' their audio, but don't have the check-boxes ticked for the audio tracks at the right-hand edge of the Timeline.
    The most important question is: were these clips originally from a tape-based DV camcorder, or did you import them from something else, e.g; web, hard disc camcorder, DVD camcorder, .AVI or other iMovie-incompatible origins?

  • Accessories working with I-Pod Nano But not with I-Pod Touch 3g

    Just wondering if the I-pod touch 3rd gen should work with accessories that work with an I-pod nano 2nd gen. Can anyone help?

    Pretty dumb question i know but I'm still kinda new to the i-pod tried it on a friends dock and it works a-ok, so i guess i'll just chuck the other stuff and buy a decent one, thanks for helping guys

  • HT204406 iTunes Match worked with 11.0.1, but not with 11.0.2

    Just as the title states, Match is not working with 11.0.2. It was however working with the 11.0.1 version of iTunes. It ried turning Match off and on as the help suggested, but now Match won't turn back on at all.

    You're using the ProPhoto RGB color space for your documents, right?
    There's a known bug (Adobe would like to call it "inaccuracy") in the color-management logic in Photoshop when said logic is run in the GPU, which is the case with Normal and Advanced GPU modes.  As far as I have seen, it appears only with the ProPhoto RGB document color profile.
    I reported this back in the time of Photoshop CS5.  They have not yet seen fit to fix it.
    Your possible workarounds include:
    Switching the Graphics Processor Advanced Mode to Basic, which moves the color-management logic to the CPU from the GPU.  That produces a more accurate result.
    Using a color profile other than ProPhoto RGB for your black and white work.

  • S-Video adapter and analog TV works with OSX 10.5 but not Boot Camp 2.1(XP)

    I bought a mini-DVI to S-video or composite adapter to use with an older analog TV. Works great with OSX 10.5 no problems. However, I currently have Windows XP running with Boot Camp 2.1 and it wont work with the TV. If I ever get an image it's three black and white fuzzy and distorted iterations of the monitor.
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    Perform a custom install from the Mac OS X 10.5 disks and install only that component if possible; if not, use Pacifist to install it. In either case, rerun the combo updater for your Mac OS X version afterwards.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How can this be achieved in SQL???????

    Hi Guys, This is my query: SELECT  distinct iy.trial_no,        iypa.amendment_no,        iy.country_code,        iy.country_desc,        iypa.amend_reg_submission_date,        iypa.amend_reg_approval_date,        iypa.amend_reg_comments,        iyea


    How can i change the language from spanish to english in affter effects CS6 on Mac Os X 10.6.8? I have download it from Creative Cloud. Is there a quick way to do that? or i must download it again in english?

  • Tabbed Panel: First Panel Content Not From a Tab?

    I am having a go witha tabbed panel which is what the screenshot is showing.  This is experimenting so I haven't had the courage to upload it yet. I would like the default panel to not contain anything except perhaps, the instruction to click and a c

  • Forecasting Models in Demand Planning.

    Hi experts, want to know in details and also to practice various forecasting models in Demand Planning, from beginning. please suggest. Regards Bhupendra

  • Cannot update iPod to 2.0 due to "unknown error (1417)"

    Help! I cannot update my iPod (5th Generation). I keep getting a message that says it cannot be updated due to "unknown error (1417)"