Help! Lightroom freezes after installing.

I get this message after trying to create or open a catalog: "An error occured when attemting to change modules." Then Lightroom freezes.
I work on a Mac and have formatted and reinstalled my systemdisk with a qlean install. I had Lightroom installed and have used it for some years. But when installing the programs again I went for the Creative Cloud solution. When I tried to open my previous catalog I got this error message. And after several deinstallings and reinstallings I still get the same message and Lightroom freezes.
Anyone who can help?

Hi Ian.
Thank you for answering. But I find no such file in Preferences. I think Lightroom freezes before making the preference file. Other solutions?
Best wishes,
6. okt. 2012 kl. 11:43 skrev Ian Lyons <[email protected]>:
Re: Help! Lightroom freezes after installing.
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Have you tried trashing the Lr preference file? More details of location at
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  • [solved] makepkg freeze after installing dependencies

    If I try to create a package from the AUR
    makepkg -sfi package-name
    seems to freeze after installing the dependencies. It just stops after installing the last dependency and freezes with 65% CPU-Usage.
    If I quit makepkg after freeze and run it again, building the package works so the dependencies get correctly installed.
    Note to AUR-Helpers:
    Yaourt -> works
    Packer -> works
    pacaur -> doesn't work
    Any Idea what could cause this Problem and how to fix it?
    Last edited by mak42 (2014-09-05 20:45:42)

    Soooo I've found the guilty after digging through the source of "makepkg"
    source /etc/profile &>/dev/null
    causes the problem, if I run this command it freezes, Ctrl+C will kill the whole terminal.
    So now I know the source of the Problem, still trying to figure out why this happens...
    EDIT: Found it I'm using tdm as login-manager, to start it I've put a script into /etc/profile.d/ and this Script gave back an Error "Invalid TTY".
    If you source /etc/profile it can't complete due to this Error.
    So it was completely my fault
    Thank's for your help, now I have to find another way of starting TDM
    just put /usr/bin/tdm into ~/.bash_profile and tdm works fine.
    Actually this is already in the wiki, don't know why I didn't do that in the first place
    Last edited by mak42 (2014-09-05 21:00:19)

  • Windows 7 freezes after installing Audigy 2

    I cannot install my Audigy 2 soundcard with Windows 7.
    It is a clean install of windows 7 64 bit on a new HDD. However, after installation and driver file updates after I reboot, Windows 7 just freezes.
    ?I have tried different drivers but the same problem arises. I have tried to load? SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_8_00 as well as SBAX_PCDRVBETA2 US_2_8_00, along with the automatic updates Windows 7. Any help to rectify this situation would be?greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks?

    Re: Windows 7 freezes after installing Audigy 2?
    Thanks for your response Freddie. I just do not know how people can expect companies to keep upgrading and writing software for hardware that is YEARS old. Years old.......People (not you) clamor for Windows 7 drivers for devices made for XP, and my god, that operating system came out a long long time ago. Moving on is not just an alternati've, it is a necessity. I would never be using a Gravis sound card from 995 7 or 8 (which sounded really good back then) on Windows 7 and be frustrated as to why Gravis does not have a full suite of Windows 7 drivers. It would be nice, but it is not feasible or reasonable to expect. Creative would literally spend all of their profits writing drivers and applications for stuff that is no longer sold or worth supporting. Microsoft has even changed the sound model of Windows from scratch which means drivers have to be rewritten from the ground up, not just "slightly modified".
    I bought an HP scanner for Windows 98. Great scanner. Loved it. Windows Millenium came out, and that scanner never never worked. Not their fault really, the box it came in said, "Made for Windows 98, 98SE" not "just might be compatible for Windows ME, and whatever else Microsoft may invent."? Well what happened? HP wrote drivers and applications for that scanner for Windows ME and 2000, and that disc cost me $40........Seriously? Yes. Did I buy it? Yes.... I am astonished they are writing drivers for the Audigy's now. But I do hope you find a Windows 7 sound card, and if so, I am curious if you like it. I use my X-Fi Titanium for ) games and 2) movies. and 3) music. It works well, but I had to research which boards it works with.
    Currently Asus is quite the competitor these days, and I see they have Windows 7 drivers out. A few months ago, those drivers wreaked havoc and a lot of people's systems.

  • Laptop freezes after installing new ram card.

    i recently upgraded my ram card on my toshiba c650d laptop. after installing the ram card the laptop began to freeze while in the desktop and then it could be resumed when Alt+Ctrl+Del was pressed.
    and the laptop wouldn't wake from the sleep mode.... 
    please help me this is for im leaving my home country for studies.
    thanks for the help in advance
    Malith Ratnayake.

    Hello Malith Ratnayake,
    After changing the old RAM by the new one, this issue occurs?
    If the issue doesn’t occur when you change back to use old ram, I think it is the RAM hardware issue.
    Please contact the hardware manufacturer for better support.
    Best regards,
    Fangzhou CHEN
    Fangzhou CHEN
    TechNet Community Support

  • I am also having trouble with my cursor freezing after installing Mavericks. Never did it before. I called tech support at Apple and they had me restart computer and mouse together from a complete shut down. So far has seemed to work.

    I am having trouble with my cursor freezing between applications after installing Mavericks. Called Apple on my 3 year warranty and opened a case. They suggested a complete shut down of computer and turning off mouse. Then a reboot and turn on mouse. So far iit has seemed to work. Hope this continues??
    Hope it helps others.

    I think you can solve your problems by removing your AppleID email address from BOTH the Messages setting on your iPhone and the iMessages settings on your Mac.
    On iPhone:
    Settings > Messages > iMessage > Dissabled
    Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > touch the "(i)" < touch "Remove This Email"
    On Mac:
    Open "Messages" application
    Click "Messages menu > Preferences
    Click "Accounts"
    Select your AppleID account
    Under the "You can be reached for messages at" settings, uncheck your AppleID email address and your phone number
    Then uncheck the "Enable this account" setting
    And lastly, ask all of your friends with iPhones to delete all iMessage conversations (blue bubbles) in their entirety.
    To test, send a friend a new text using their phone number (not their email address) and watch the color of the bubble.  If it's green then you are using SMS.

  • Help: Macbook freezes after sleep and gray screen freeze on startup

    I've got a new MacBook (45 days old, minimal usage) and I'm starting to have some problems.
    When my computer goes to sleep after inactivity I have a hard time waking it. The screen turns on right away but the mouse/cursor remains frozen. The computer does not respond to any keyboard commands. I usually have to reboot the machine when this happens. I noticed this problem a few weeks ago and it has since become more and more frequent.
    I've also noticed that with some regularity my computer freezes on the gray screen during start up and never reaches the mac icon. This has become more and more frequent since I first noticed the initial problem and happens one in every 3 or 4 startups.
    I haven't installed any new software except for the regular software upgrades. Nothing extraordinary.
    Is it possible that these problems are related? Am I doing something wrong?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The grey screen on startup may be the known issue, especially if you start to get vertical lines on the screen. If you can reboot using PRAM reset, go to the displays control panel, set the resolution to something besides your current resolution, then revert to your original setting. That should fix that part.
    As far as the freezing after sleep goes, I had a similar issue where the macbook would not actually go to sleep (white light stayed solid), and opening the lid would result in a dimmed screen that I had to force-shut down the computer to get out of. After sending it in for RSD, this seems to have been resolved.

  • Safari, Quicken Essentials, other apps freezing after installing Maveric

    Okay, I installed OS X 10.9 when it first came out.  Then started having issues with apps freezing, like Safari, Quicken Essentials and other apps.   I noticed this only after installing Maverick.   The only time the freeze would go away, would be after re-starting.    Then, it seemed the app would freeze again ONLY after I have been away from the computer for a while (maybe screen saver mode causes this issue?).   After not being able to figure it out, I un-installed Maverick and went back with TimeMachine and stayed away from Maverick thinking the issue would get fixed and letting bugs go by.  I just re-installed Maverick a few days ago and the issue is still there.  So, before I un-intsall again, I figured I would check here for any fix or if anyone else was having the same issue. 
    Example would be, as soon as you try to open the app, it immediately freezes and you get the round twirling circle that goes on indefintely.    The only time it will work, is after you re-start and then you can open it up.  If I leave the computer un-attended for a few hours and then come back, freezing happens again.   Not all apps act this way.  FireFox seems to have no issues. 
    Anyone else having this issue and if so, have you found a resolution? 
    Here is my EtreCheck
    Hardware Information:
              iMac (20-inch, Early 2009)
              iMac - model: iMac9,1
              1 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2 cores
              8 GB RAM
    Video Information:
              NVIDIA GeForce 9400 - VRAM: 256 MB
    Audio Plug-ins:
              BluetoothAudioPlugIn: Version: 1.0
              AirPlay: Version: 1.9
              AppleAVBAudio: Version: 2.0.0
              iSightAudio: Version: 7.7.3
    System Software:
              OS X 10.9 (13A603) - Uptime: 0 days 0:19:50
    Disk Information:
              WDC WD3200AAJS-40H3A0 disk0 : (320.07 GB)
                        EFI (disk0s1) <not mounted>: 209.7 MB
                        Macintosh HD (disk0s2) /: 319.21 GB (131.14 GB free)
                        Recovery HD (disk0s3) <not mounted>: 650 MB
              OPTIARC DVD RW AD-5670S
    USB Information:
              Apple Inc. Built-in iSight
              Seagate FreeAgent Go 1 TB
                        EFI (disk1s1) <not mounted>: 209.7 MB
                        MacOS FreeAgent Drive (disk1s2) /Volumes/MacOS FreeAgent Drive: 999.86 GB (198.29 GB free)
              Apple Inc. iPad
              Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver
              HID compliant-mouse HID compliant-mouse
              Apple Inc. BRCM2046 Hub
                        Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB Host Controller
    FireWire Information:
    Thunderbolt Information:
    Kernel Extensions:
    Problem System Launch Daemons:
    Problem System Launch Agents:
    Launch Daemons:
              [loaded] com.adobe.fpsaud.plist
              [loaded] com.macpaw.CleanMyMac2.Agent.plist
              [loaded] com.realvnc.vncserver.plist
              [loaded] com.rim.BBDaemon.plist
    Launch Agents:
              [loaded] com.divx.dms.agent.plist
              [loaded] com.divx.update.agent.plist
              [loaded] com.rim.BBLaunchAgent.plist
    User Launch Agents:
              [loaded] com.macpaw.CleanMyMac2Helper.diskSpaceWatcher.plist
              [loaded] com.macpaw.CleanMyMac2Helper.scheduledScan.plist
              [loaded] com.macpaw.CleanMyMac2Helper.trashWatcher.plist
    User Login Items:
    3rd Party Preference Panes:
              Flash Player
              Flip4Mac WMV
    Internet Plug-ins:
              Default Browser.plugin
              DivX Web Player.plugin
              Flash Player.plugin
              Flip4Mac WMV Plugin.plugin
              QuickTime Plugin.plugin
              Unity Web Player.plugin
    User Internet Plug-ins:
    Bad Fonts:
    Time Machine:
              Skip System Files: NO
              Auto backup: YES
              Volumes being backed up:
                        Macintosh HD: Disk size: 319.21 GB Disk used: 188.08 GB
                        MacOS FreeAgent Drive [Local] (Last used)
                        Total size: 999.86 GB
                        Total number of backups: 37
                        Oldest backup: 2013-10-01 11:06:49 +0000
                        Last backup: 2013-11-12 22:43:48 +0000
                        Size of backup disk: Excellent
                                  Backup size 999.86 GB > (Disk size 319.21 GB X 3)
    Top Processes by CPU:
                   5%          WindowServer
                   2%          System Information
                   1%          firefox
                   1%          EtreCheck
                   1%          fontd
                   0%          SymDaemon
                   0%          plugin-container
                   0%          loginwindow
                   0%          ocspd
    Top Processes by Memory:
              385 MB   firefox
              238 MB   mds_stores
              156 MB   Safari
              147 MB
              82 MB
              74 MB    Finder
              74 MB    WindowServer
              49 MB    plugin-container
              41 MB    Preview
              33 MB    mds
    Virtual Memory Statistics:
              4.78 GB  Free RAM
              1.87 GB  Active RAM
              480 MB   Inactive RAM
              645 MB   Wired RAM
              635 MB   Page-ins
              0 B      Page-outs

    JoeScafone wrote:
    ...  Do you recommend something else that would take it's place?   Like a free program, since I paid something for CleanMyMac2.
    No. Using CleanMyMac2 can result in deleting required system components that must not be deleted, and cannot be deleted using normal means. Reports of misery resulting from using it or similar "cleaning" utilities are common on this site. You should demand your money back.
    OS X maintains itself very well. Periodic "cleaning" is not required and can only result in degraded performance at best; a corrupted and useless Mac at worst. The perceived need for aftermarket utilities is probably attributable to many new Mac users who became inured to them after years of using Windows PCs.
    Though Norton / Symantec's garbage has a different purpose, it is capable of doing nothing beneficial will also cause the same results.
    A much better question is "how should I protect my Mac":
    Never install any product that claims to "speed up", "clean up", "optimize", or "accelerate" your Mac. Without exception, they will do the opposite.
    Never install pirated or "cracked" software, software obtained from dubious websites, or other questionable sources. Illegally obtained software is almost certain to contain malware.
    Don’t supply your password in response to a popup window requesting it, unless you know what it is and the reason your credentials are required.
    Don’t open email attachments from email addresses that you do not recognize, or click links contained in an email:
    Most of these are scams that direct you to fraudulent sites that attempt to convince you to disclose personal information.
    Such "phishing" attempts are the 21st century equivalent of a social exploit that has existed since the dawn of civilization. Don’t fall for it.
    Apple will never ask you to reveal personal information in an email. If you receive an unexpected email from Apple saying your account will be closed unless you take immediate action, just ignore it. If your iTunes or App Store account becomes disabled for valid reasons, you will know when you try to buy something or log in to this support site, and are unable to.
    Don’t install browser extensions unless you understand their purpose. Go to the Safari menu > Preferences > Extensions. If you see any extensions that you do not recognize or understand, simply click the Uninstall button and they will be gone.
    Don’t install Java unless you are certain that you need it:
    Java, a non-Apple product, is a potential vector for malware. If you are required to use Java, be mindful of that possibility.
    Disable Java in Safari > Preferences > Security.
    Despite its name JavaScript is unrelated to Java. No malware can infect your Mac through JavaScript. It’s OK to leave it enabled.
    Block browser popups: Safari menu > Preferences > Security > and check "Block popup windows":
    Popup windows are useful and required for some websites, but popups have devolved to become a common means to deliver targeted advertising that you probably do not want.
    Popups themselves cannot infect your Mac, but many contain resource-hungry code that will slow down Internet browsing.
    If you ever see a popup indicating it detected registry errors, that your Mac is infected with some ick, or that you won some prize, it is 100% fraudulent. Ignore it.
    Ignore hyperventilating popular media outlets that thrive by promoting fear and discord with entertainment products arrogantly presented as "news". Learn what real threats actually exist and how to arm yourself against them:
    The most serious threat to your data security is phishing. To date, most of these attempts have been pathetic and are easily recognized, but that is likely to change in the future as criminals become more clever.
    OS X viruses do not exist, but intentionally malicious or poorly written code, created by either nefarious or inept individuals, is nothing new.
    Never install something without first knowing what it is, what it does, how it works, and how to get rid of it when you don’t want it any more.
    If you elect to use "anti-virus" software, familiarize yourself with its limitations and potential to cause adverse effects, and apply the principle immediately preceding this one.
    Most such utilities will only slow down and destabilize your Mac while they look for viruses that do not exist, conveying no benefit whatsoever - other than to make you "feel good" about security, when you should actually be exercising sound judgment, derived from accurate knowledge, based on verifiable facts.
    Do install updates from Apple as they become available. No one knows more about Macs and how to protect them than the company that builds them.
    Summary: Use common sense and caution when you use your Mac, just like you would in any social context. There is no product, utility, or magic talisman that can protect you from all the evils of mankind.

  • OS "freezing" after installing 10.5.3

    After installing the 10.5.3 update, my computer (MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz core2 duo) now "freezes" - screen locks, cannot perform any action, have to restart - and I am at a loss as to what to do. It isn't any specific application that I can pin down, it seems to just happen randomly.
    It happens more often when it has less RAM than usual (I have 3GB, when drops below 1.5 left) but I cannot say that this is the reason at all, just a hunch.
    The computer is not more than 1yr5mo old, so not sure what to do.
    I have considered restoring from TimeMachine [~5 days ago] as a full system restore, but don't want to go that route unless it's absolutely necessary. Has anyone had this issue, in any capacity?

    I am having a similar issue with our iMac 08 at work after installing 10.5.3. No matter what I have tried. I cannot get it to startup. I keep getting the greyed out screen that says you need to restart. I have repaired permissions, reset PRAM several times... and restarted. Still the greyed out screen appears. I know all the files are there as I have gone in using FireWire Target Disk mode. Does anyone know of anyway to fix this without reinstalling Leopard?

  • My iMAC sometimes freezes after installing Mavericks.

    My iMAC sometimes freezes since installing OSX Mavericks.   I have to RESTART to get computer to respond to keyboard and trackpad. Anyone experiencing similar problems?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    You have not provided ANY useful information, please carefully read Help us to help you on these forums and then repost. Please do not leave out details.

  • When to delete lightroom 3 after installing 4

    when do you delete lightroom 3?   Before or after installing lightroom 4 upgrade?  What is the best way to do it?

    Other than saving a little space thre's no need to delete Lr3. However, if you really must then simply drag the application to the trash (Mac) or run the uninstaller (Windows). Either method will only remove the applicaion whilst leaving catalogs, presets, etc etc behind for use in Lr4.

  • Help...after installing Yosemite my computer don't work

    after installing yosemite my Mac restart automatically, then white color in my monitor appear and i wait after 1hr and there is no action going on.
    i reboot several times but same thing happen, just white color in monitor only no apple icon shown..
    please help.....

    Smbsstt thank you so save my day...
    now installation complete and it works....
    thank you so much...

  • Finder is freezing after installing Yosemite. Having to relaunch every other day.

    After installing Yosemite, I went to finder and noticed that the text was blacked out and it was frozen ( not allowing me to go anywhere in the finder). After relaunching the finder it started working fine. But since then I am having to relaunch the finder every day or every other day. Is there a fix for this or no? Just wondering as its beginning to be an issue. Haven't had this issue before and I'm on a mid 2013 Macbook Pro Retina.

    I have a Late 2013 retina MacBook Pro, and i've the same issue than you... I don't really know from where it comes from...
    Do you have a third party software to browse external device in NTFS format such an external hard drive?
    I have a path to explore since i noticed this bug the first time i tried to browse my external hdd.
    Here is a screenshot of the bug :
    Or when i browse local ssd (where Yosemite is installed) i got a blank folder...
    I got graphic glitches when entering Time Machine for exemple.
    I'm using the last version of Tuxera NTFS (trial version) supporting Yosemite...
    I've no problem so far with Mavericks which is working flawlessly...
    My install of Yosemite is a clean install without any third party software/drivers, the problem is here with or without Tuxera NTFS installed. I did two clean install in the passt two days.
    Many thanks if Apple could do something for this bug.
    I did an Apple Diagnostic and there is no mistake with the hardware according to the result.

  • Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro Freezing After Install on Brand New Dell Optiplex 580

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a solution to an issue I am having.
    I installed Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 onto a brand new Dell Optiplex 580 running Windows XP (AntiVirus was not installed yet).  When launching, it freezes 3-5 seconds after opening and I need to open Task Manager to kill the process.
    I have tried:
    Repair install
    Deleteing Preferences folder and letting the program recreate it
    Manually starting and restarting the FLEXnet service
    Running in compatibility mode
    Applying the updates for Adobe Acrobat Pro (up to 8.2.4)
    Running Adobe without background services
    Manually uninstalling and reinstalling
    Thanks for your help in advance,
    Message was edited by: ssd008

    Another possibility to check is the free space in the TEMP folder. I believe Acrobat uses the TEMP folder for temporary storage. You might even consider increasing the size of the TEMP folder. At least this is something else to check.

  • MacBook pro 2009 is slow and freezing after installing mountain lion. Cannot get iPhoto to open fully, other apps are freezing.

    Help! I thought I was doing the right thing by installing Mountain Lion on my 2009 MacBook Pro. It took forever to download correctly and now it is performing so poorly (freezing during applications, have to use force quit, have to use power button to shut it down, etc.) that I wish I never installed it! I want my old operating system back!

    Boot in safe mode.* This will cause certain caches maintained by the system to be rebuilt. The instructions provided by Apple are as follows:
    Be sure your Mac is shut down.
    Press the power button.
    Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold the Shift key. The Shift key should be held as soon as possible after the startup tone, but not before the tone.
    Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator (looks like a spinning gear).
    *Note: If FileVault is enabled under OS X 10.7 or later, or if a firmware password is set, you can’t boot in safe mode.
    Safe mode is much slower to boot than normal.
    When the login screen appears, reboot as usual (not in safe mode) and test. There's no need to log in while in safe mode.

  • Screen freeze after installing VGA driver on z77a-g43

    Board : MSI Z77A-G43
    Bios : 2.9
    VGA : HIS HD 6970
    PSU : Seasonic gold 760w
    CPU : Intel Core i5 2500k IvyBridge
    MEM : 2x4 Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600
    HDD : seagate 2G sata3
    OS : Windows 7 32bit
    No OC.
    my computer with the components is described above.
    Previously it was working well. A few days ago, I have installed some windows updates and updated to the latest bios through the msi live update software. After that, the computer has the problem that the display suddenly suspends and I have to restart it through the hardware reset.
    Then I reinstalled the OS, I found that with the windows VGA driver dated 2010, it works fine with the transparent theme disabled. But when I try to install the latest driver( no matter from amd or windows update), it will cause the sudden screen freeze problem.
    I cannot remember which version it was before I upgrade the bios. I tried to clear the CMOS and it does not help.
    Any idea ?
    Thx for your help

    Quote from: Froggy Gremlin on 07-April-13, 15:35:39
    Not really sure how to proceed. The good news is with the W7 64 Bit, all 8GB of RAM are now fully supported. As a suggestion, do you have a friend, relative, or coworker that may have a VGA you can possibly test with? nVidia or AMD? A poorly written driver can cause problems as you seem to be finding out, or possibly something is wrong with the VGA itself? Along the lines of testing other VGA's in your machine, maybe test your VGA in other machines?
    I think there is something wrong with the software of the motherboard. the os went to black screen even when i am using the integrated graphics only with win7 64bit. the os works well before i install the dedicated vga driver downloaded from msi official website. after i installed the vga driver, the screen went to black after the windows start screen.
    moreover, i think the fresh os installation does not clear all the previous memories. after i changed the device installation settings to never install driver from win update, every time i reinstall the os the setting remained unchanged. I thought the default setting was always install from win update.
    the brand of the 6970 is HIS.
    btw, is there any way that i can give more details on this problem so that maybe you can understand better?
    thanks very much.

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