Help: matrix report grid lines missing for null values only on server side

I created a matrix report in pdf format. The output in great when run through report builder locally, it renders all necessary details. However, after the report being moved into AS server, the report does not show grid lines for null values.
It looks to me this has something to do with configurations and hope someone know what needs to be done.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for replying.
There should be a fix as I had same issue with same Oracle version at my previous company. DBA fixed the issue on AS server.
I found your post on 09/28/2010 with a link to patch set: Re: Null value fields disappear  in pdf output format
We worked out with the work around without install the patch.
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  • Report is showing "null" string for null values.

    hi ,
    I am new to BI Publisher and creating a report in BI Publisher. In the result set for null values, report is printing as "null". I checked the query , it gives blank (empty value) data for null values. But in report it is coming as "null" value (string "null"). I require to show the report as blank data for null values. Can you please help me to find solution for this ?.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    it shouldnt happen like that
    try these
    if those didnt work send me your template and xml to my email i can try that at my side .
    Email [email protected]

  • How to check for null values in bpel?? Please Help! very urgent!!!

    Hello Guys,
    I have a problem. I have an external webservice to which I have to post my request. My task is to create an Webservice and Service Assembly to which others would post request and get response. I have to create SA to deploy onto the bus.
    The problem is that there are optional elements in the request and response xsd's. In the Response sometimes certain feilds may come or they may not. for Example:- my response could contain a tag like this <firstName></firstName>
    I have to copy these feilds in my bpel process from one variable to another.(like in the mapper).
    My Question is , Is there any way in BPEL process or BPEL mapper where I could Check for null values in the request or response???
    Your inputs would be very helpful.

    Thanks for replying man :)
    Ok I will be more clear.
    Here is a snippet of one of the xsd's that I am using.
    <xs:element name="returnUrl" nillable="false" minOccurs="0">
                             <xs:documentation>Partner specifies the return URL to which responses need to be sent to, in case of
    Async message model.
                             <xs:restriction base="xs:anyURI">
                                  <xs:maxLength value="300"/>
                                  <xs:whiteSpace value="collapse"/>
    This means that the return URL field can be there or it may not be there. But if it is there it cant be null because nillable=false. But the whole <returnURL> </returnURL> can be there or it may not be there because minOccurs=0.
    My requirement is , if returnURL is there in the response with a value, then in my BPEL mapper I should map it else I should not map it.
    Thats the issue.
    and Yes kiran, the node be non-existant.
    So can you please help me with this.

  • Need Help : Matrix Report

    Hi Everyone,
    I Followed the steps in the link [] to create a matrix report, In the above link they used only one table EMP to create the matrix report, but my requirment is based on two table i have to create this matrix report.
    This is my sample code,
    SELECT e.DEPTNO, e.JOB, SUM(SAL),d.loc
    FROM EMP e,dept d
    where e.DEPTNO = d.DEPTNO(+)
    GROUP BY e.DEPTNO, e.JOB,d.loc
    ORDER BY e.DEPTNO, e.JOBand i need layout like below
    Can anyone help me in this,

    Dear ,
    In Matrix Report , There are 2 or more then 2 Repeating frames , As report in going out of page u may have to set the Left to Right Repeating Frame

  • How does APEX check for null values in Text Fields on the forms?

    Hello all,
    How does APEX check for null values in Text Fields on the forms? This might sound trivial but I have a problem with a PL/SQL Validation that I have written.
    I have one select list (P108_CLUSTER_ID) and one Text field (P108_PRIVATE_IP). I made P108_CLUSTER_ID to return null value when nothing is selected and assumed P108_PRIVATE_IP to return null value too when nothign is entered in the text field.
    All that I need is to validate if P108_PRIVATE_IP is entered when a P108_CLUSTER_ID is selected. i.e it is mandatory to enter Private IP when a cluster is seelcted and following is my Pl/SQL code
    v_valid boolean;
    v_valid := TRUE;
    v_valid := TRUE;
    v_valid := FALSE;
    v_valid := FALSE;
    END IF;
    return v_valid;
    My problem is it is returning FALSE for all the cases.It works fine in SQL Command though..When I tried to Debug and use Firebug, I found that Text fields are not stored a null by default but as empty strings "" . Now I tried modifying my PL/SQL to check Private_IP against an empty string. But doesn't help. Can someone please tell me how I need to proceed.

    See SQL report for LIKE SEARCH I have just explained how Select list return value works..

  • Checking for null value in arraylist

    i have an excel file which i i am reading into an arraylist row by row but not necesarrily that all columns in the row mite be filled. So how do i check for null values in the array list.
                        int cellCount = 0;
                        int emptyRow = 0;
                        HSSFWorkbook workbook = new HSSFWorkbook(new FileInputStream(file));
                        HSSFSheet sheet = workbook.getSheetAt(0);
                        Iterator rows = sheet.rowIterator(); 
                        myRow = new ArrayList();
                        int r = 1;
                             while (rows.hasNext())
                                  System.out.println("Row # " + r);
                                  HSSFRow row = (HSSFRow);
                                  Iterator cells = row.cellIterator();          
                                  cellCount = 0;
                                  boolean isValid = false;
                                  while (cells.hasNext())
                                       HSSFCell cell = (HSSFCell);
                                       switch (cell.getCellType())
                                            case HSSFCell.CELL_TYPE_NUMERIC:
                                                 double num = cell.getNumericCellValue();     
                                                 DecimalFormat pattern = new DecimalFormat("###,###,###,###");     
                                                 NumberFormat testNumberFormat = NumberFormat.getNumberInstance();
                                                 String mob = testNumberFormat.format(num);               
                                                 Number n = null;
                                                      n = pattern.parse(mob);
                                                 catch ( ParseException e )
                                                 //System.out.println("numeric: " +cell.getNumericCellValue());
                                            case HSSFCell.CELL_TYPE_STRING:
                                                 System.out.println("string: " + cell.getStringCellValue().trim());
                                            case HSSFCell.CELL_TYPE_BLANK:
                                                 myRow.add(" ");
                                                 System.out.println("add empty:");
                                       } // end switch
                                  } // end while                    
                             }// end while
                   } myRow is the arrayList i am adding the cells of the excel file to. I have checked for blank spaces in my coding so please help with how to check for the black spaces that has been added to my arraylist.
    I have tried checking by looping through the ArrayList and then checking for null values like this
      // do something
    // i have tried this also
    //do something
    }Edited by: nb123 on Feb 3, 2008 11:23 PM

    From your post I see you are using a 3rd party package to access the Excel SpreadSheets, you will have to look in your API for you 3rd party package and see if there is a method that will identify a blank row, if there is and it does not work, then you have to take that problem up with them. I know this is a pain, but it is the price we pay for 3rd party object use.
    In the mean time, you can make a workaround by checking every column in your row and seeing if it is null, or perhaps even better: check and see if the trimmed value of each cell has a lenth of 0.

  • BCExeption: The IDOC metadata for null is not available in SID

    <h3>Hello Guys,</h3>
    we need some information about the error message: The IDOC metadata for null is not available in <SID>
    We use a Business Connector 4.8 and the backend is an ECC 6.0, we have an inbound xml scenario with FTP.
    We pick up the ORDRSP from the vendors ftp-server and we would like to drop it to our backend system.
    We can read the xml file into a string, but not send to the backend system, we use following steps:
    - bytesToString
    - stringToDocument
    - documentToRecord
    - recordToIDOC
    - lockSession
    - createTID
    so far works perfekt
    - sendIDoc
    - releaseSession
    On the step "sendIDoc" we see the described error message, but what is the message from the message?
    Any Ideas?
    Thank you and regards,

    Hello Michal,
    thank you for your quick answer!
    In my opinion, i don't need any input for this service, because we pick up all data from the vendors ftp - server in a definied time interval.
    All needed fields are available in the xml file. In the result tab is the IDocList filled correct, but no sending to the backend system because the error is displayed.
    Is it a problem with my concept?

  • In Report I have a 2D axis system. How do I properly calculate the grid line interval for exactly 10 dots per tick

    Having trouble getting the dots to line up correctly with the ticks of a 2D axis.  I would like to have exactly 10 dots per tick.  The programming is no problem.  I set the D2AxisGridInterv variable after opening the 2D axis object.  I can't seem to figure out how to calculate the number that results in exactly 10 dots per tick.  I also have tried manually iterating to get 10 dots and have not been succesful.  What is this number based from?  It says as a percentage of the diagonal of the worksheet.  I can get pretty close to 10 dots per tick, but it is always off just a bit.  Is there really a way to get scientific based dots on a 2D axis so that the data can be analyzed from a printed plot?

    Hi Ryan,
    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "dots", but I'm going to guess you meant grid lines set to dot display.  In that case you can align the grid lines to the axis sub-ticks, then set the sub-ticks to invisible.  The sub-ticks can be set to N of them per axis tick.  Attached you will find an example of 10 dotted vertical grid lines per X axis tick.
    Let me know if you meant something else,
    Brad Turpin
    DIAdem Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments
    Attachments: ‏30 KB

  • Matrix report vertical line problem

    Development tool:
    Report Builder (64-bit) on Windows 7
    Solaris app server with the following software versions:
    Oracle Forms and Reports 11g
    FMW is
    WLS is
    This is a report with a matrix.  The rows across have multiple fields and some of those fields may wrap depending on the amount of data in an individual field.  The matrix portion contains a single data item that does not wrap (basically just a single word status with some conditionally color formatting).  I have added a vertical line to the matrix item so there will be grid lines between each column.  All the frames are set to vertical-expand and horizontal-fixed.  I have also tried setting all the frames to vertical-variable and horizontal-fixed.  The problem is the vertical line does not expand when the data items in the across row cause a wrap and expand the height of the row vertically.  I've tried setting the vertical line to stretch with the same frame that encloses the across rows.  When I do this the vertical line disappears.  As soon as I set any value in stretch with frame the line stops showing.  I've tried all the combinations I can think of for printing on first, last, all and base printing on anchoring or enclosing and nothing works.  The line will only show if I leave the stretch with frame as null but it looks terrible when it is the height of one row but the actually row of data across may be a larger size due to field wrapping.
    Any suggestions?

    You will need to include an additional column of your date column to your SQL statement.
    e.g Your original column - to_char(your_date_column,'Month') "Months Name".
    Add a new column - to_char(your_date_column,'MM') "Sort Column".
    In the Matrix Row, include this new column field also. In the Data Model, move this new column field to the top. Remove the Break Order property to NONE for your original date field (Months Name).

  • How to avoid # in the report output in BEx for null characteristic values?

    Hi All,
    In a query output, # values are shown for the charactersitics which are null. I would appreciate if someone would help showing null instead of # in the reports for the null values.

    There are various options.
    1. Exclude the # in filters for that chararcteristics, it will remove all # values.
    2. Display the text for that Characteristcs which will be displayed as "Not assigned".
    3. If you want to display as "Null", Change the entry in text table of the charaterictics for value # as "Null".
    4. While updating this filed in cube/DSO write routine to replace #/blank with "Null".
    I hope it will help.

  • ESS - Create Expense Report Link is missing for few users

    We are on ECC 6.0 Ehp 3 with EP 7.0.
    We are using the ESS and in that Standard SAP provided Travel and Expenses Module.
    For few of the users, the Create Expense Report  link is missing eventhough the user is assigned with the  Traveller Role
    Request you to let me know if any setting needs to be done in the back end/infotype to make the Create Expense Report link visible in the portal.
    Appreciate your help.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Same happened on our side.  User is already set with the proper roles, with the correct info types but when logging in the Portal- she, too, could not view the link for Create Expense Report (which is supposed to Create an expense report for a trip without a travel plan).
    When i use my userid, and just switch personnel number to her number, I could create an expense report on her behalf. 
    That made me conclude that her traveller roles are fine.
    Pls help.

  • Check for null values in conditional formatting when no rows returned.

    I have a report that is showing facts for different months.
    For some months there is no row in the facts table.
    But in the report, I have to show a * when there is no data.
    If there is a row in the facts table with null value for data, the conditional formatting successfully shows a * when data is null.
    But when no row is present in the facts for a particular month , conditional formatting is unable to detect any null, as none exist.
    How we can check that no rews returned for a particular month and then show *?

    which obiee version r u using?
    My Blog ref:
    in obiee10g its working fine.expect obiee11g
    also see the bug reference
    How to replace null as 0 in  obiee11g pivot table view?
    obiee11. also have the same issues.

  • Export a report but one PDF for each value of characterisc

    Hi gurus!
    I have a big problem, and dont know how can solve
    Info to SAP    
    I have read this note, 1069368., and not solve my problem, the client wants to
    export the report per city, therefore how can we do it? one page per
    city, it is not sense to create 1000 report for it and not efficient...
    Do you know how we can do?
    For example, I want to see all sales per shop, however I need to send
    this information to many people, but one shop report per client,
    therefore I need one pdf per shop or one page pdf (like document) per
    shop separatly one shop per page.

    You can't drill down according to a characteristic and send it as each report for each values of characteristic using Web Template as far as I know.
    You have such provision in BEx Analyzer - "Add Drill down according to Characteristic in New Worksheets"
    This will give a data for each characteristic value in each worksheet.
    Eg:If you have a Characteristic "City" and drill down in New worksheet,then the data will be shown for each city in each worksheet.
    Insert a Analysis grid and Navigation pane,assign a Data Provider and then right click on the Characteristic in Navigation Pane-> You will get an option "Add Drill down according to City in New Worksheets".
    Then you can broadcast this workbook through Email to intended receipients.

  • Column values shift towards left for null values when export to excel

    Post Author: pssuresh
    CA Forum: Exporting
    I have a strange problem when using crystal report 10 export through C# Code. Consider in a row there are 3 columns and i am exporting to excel. ex.Student_id,Student_name,Student_Section. If Student_name values are null, then student_section values get displayed under student_name. There is a column shift towards left when there are null values. If anybody has already faced this problem, please post ur answer.
    Note:  When i just export to excel directly from crystal report, it works fine. i face problem only when i export through .Net code. I guess it is the problem with some formatting through code. if any body has fix, let me know.

    Post Author: pssuresh
    CA Forum: Exporting
    Thanks for your reply. Even i have done the same thing yesterday to solve that problem. But we have nearly 100 of reports and started migrating now. The best solution crystal reports suggest is this.

  • Check for NULL value (Recordset field)

    Hi y'all...
    A little question, so just for the weekend...
    I've a query that returns 4 fields, the fisrt three always containing data, and the last one an integer, or NULL. If I get the value with <i>rs.Fields.Item(3).Value.ToString();</i> it always contains an integer. The NULL values are always converted to '0'.
    How can I check if it is a NULL value?

    Okey, found a workaround, using the SQL function ISNULL()...
    SELECT ISNULL(U_MyVar, 'null_value') FROM [@MyTable]
    Now I can check if the value has the value <i>"null_value"</i>. If so, that field was <i>null</i>

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I tried this on CS5: docRef = app.activeDocument;; alert("docRef.saved= " + (docRef.saved).toString()); and I got a "false". It seems that the method doesn't update the related property. Also on document window title there is still

  • Ant with jDeveloper, reading the environment

    I should like to use Ant to build and deploy our J2EE applications. The main reason is to get better control of what's put inside the WAR and EAR files eg. correct application.xml/orion-application.xml, correct property-files which might exist in dif

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    I think people have asked about this topic, but I didn't see anything specifically relevant to my problem. I have had the desktop icons disappear, as other people have, but I can't open Finder to work out the problem either. Nor can I open any progra

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