HELP - My Mac Mini May Have Breathed its last Breadth

I have a 3 year old Mac Mini. I came downstairs over the weekend to use it and it appeared to have frozen due to software update. So, I did the hard shutdown (held the powerbutton). When I restarted, I received the folder with a blinking question mark.
So, i took out my leopard CD and tried to reinstall Leopard. No matter what I did, I always receive an error message around Unable to Unmount Disk. This happened during installation. I also tried to erase the volume - same error message. I aslo tried to verify/repair. Now here, sometimes it would work and sometimes I would get the unable to mount error message. Regardless, if the verify/repair did work, when I went to either erase or install, I received the error message.
Then, I installed leopard on my external hard drive. Computer does boot up; however, it freezes (greyed out screen/lightbox with error message to restart by holding power button). This always happens about 3 minutes after the computer boots up. No matter what. What I was trying to do is boot up, go to disk utility and erase the Mac Volume, but again it always freezes before the process completes.

And in the future I am not downloading any software updates
Software updates are not the cause of these kind of problems. Failures of systems relating to software updates are almost invariably a symptom of something wrong in the system which may have gone unnoticed or unresolved, and where the update simply acted as a catalyst for failure. If updates were problematic in themselves, you would see hundreds of thousands of complaints here after each one!
The vast majority of users download and install updates without any problems.

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  • Help! Mac Mini has a life of its own!

    My mac mini (I have an 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running leopard 10.5.5
    2GB RAM with 4 USB ports) all of a sudden is shutting down and running commands over and over on the screen. This is the computer my autistic son uses to communicate (he can't write-only type). so I need it up and running quickly...can anyone help?

    Boot from the OS installer CD - you put the CD in, start up while holding the"c" key down.
    Proceed as if you want to install the Os, until you see the Utilities menu on the top of the screen. Clcik there, then select Disk Utility. In the new window select the hard drive (in the left column), then click on Repair drive.
    After that, run Repair Permissions.
    Good luck.

  • Mac mini shut down on its own, will not restart, grey screen, spinning wheel. Unplugged everything, will still not restart. Did safe boot, will not restart after safe boot, only grey screen with spinning wheel.

    Mac mini shut down on its own. Could not restart, chime, grey screen and spinning wheel. Unplugged everything but monitor, still only chime, grey screen and spinning wheel. Started in safe boot, shut Down, will not restart.
    This happened a couple of months ago, unplugged everything and it restarted, now that won't work.

    Hi BDAqua,
    I just did the repair as you suggested. T ran the disc repair, and twice it cam back, the volume macintosh seems ti be okay, I also ran the verify and permissions repair, both came back okay.
    I was actually hoping that they would find something, so they could repair. I shut the computer down, and restated with out holding a key, and I started up great. I'm baffled.  I have moved 20 GB to an external hard drive, as I only had 10% open space.
    I have Tech Tool 6, would you recommend to run a repair check on that, or just leave well enough alone.
    I agree with you on the new Mac's, I have problems with no disc for back up, until they realize their mistake I will stay with Snow a Leopard. This is the first problem I have experienced, so I can't complain. Their last programs are not as perfected as under Steve, prior to his handling over the reins, hope this is not going to be the future we can expect from Apple.
    I will wait to here back as to your suggestion regarding the Tech Tool check
    Thanks for all your help.

  • I cannot get the new mac mini to wake from sleep and trigger the displays - this is the second mac mini I have had and both have had the same issues. It worked before on my macbook extremely well...

    I cannot get the new mac mini to wake from sleep and trigger the displays - this is the second mac mini I have had and both have had the same issues. It worked before on my macbook extremely well...
    Using 2 displays, connected via HDMI and thunderbolt
    Been on to support a number of times now - is anyone experiencing the same issues?

    I actually showed this to Apple geniuses when I took my computer to the apple store, and it's still here. In console it says:
    kernel[0]: Previous Shutdown Cause: -128
    I don't know if that's related or not, but maybe helps?

  • Help, my Mac mini will not start up, only keeps thinking on first page( white screen with apple emblem)

    Help, my Mac mini will not start properly. Only goes to the white screen with thinking. Will not go to the password section

    Are you sure about your hard disk health, any clicking noice recently?
    Go to boot menu (press option button or button left to your space bar while booting) > Select Recovery drive > Disk utility > Verify the volume on which OS X is installed.

  • Whats the best way to transfer everything from my old macbook pro to a new mac mini, i have a external hard drive which i backup to regularly via time capsule

    whats the best way to transfer everything from my old macbook pro to a new mac mini, i have a external hard drive which i backup to regularly via time capsule

    Check out > OS X Lion: How to use Migration Assistant to transfer files from another Mac

  • HT4759 My mac mini is not updating its software to OSX Lion v10.7.5.  I would like to use iCloud on my desktop along with my iphone and ipad but the auto updates are only upto 10.6.8.

    My mac mini is not updating its software to OSX Lion v10.7.5, which I need for iCloud.  I would like to use iCloud on my desktop along with my iphone and ipad but the auto updates are only upto 10.6.8. 

    You need to get the newer version from the Mac App Store.

  • Mac Mini doesn't share its internet connection

    I have a Mac Mini 3,1 (intel core 2 duo, 2GHz), with Snow Leopard 10.6.8, and an inbuilt AirPort Extreme with the Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( firmware.
    I am trying to share its ethernet connection to the internet with an iPhone 3GS via WiFi.  I am able to turn on internet sharing.  The iPhone recognizes the wifi link and I am able to connect the iPhone to the computer.
    However, when I bring up Safari on the iPhone, the iphone timesout trying to go to any webpage, even a simple one like  In the Network settings on the mini, the Ethernet link shows the green "connected" symbol, but the airport link shows the amber "self-assigned IP" symbol.
    I have tried connecting the iPhone in exactly the same manner with a current generation iMac and it browse the internet with no trouble at all.  Why won't the mac mini work as flawlessly as the iMac?  Can anyone help?

    Yes, Ethernet is at the top of the connection list.  See picture.
    Airport is also on.
    Internet sharing is on.
    No encryption (i.e. no WEP is being used).  And the channel is set to automatic.
    Moreover, the airport network settings are set to DHCP and I have tried renewing the DHCP lease.
    Any ideas?  I have trolled the forums and have found no solution.  I've tried selecting specific channels, I've tried DHCP with a manual IP addres, I've tried with and without encryption.  I've also tried creating a computer-to-computer network with the iPhone.  Nothing seems to work.
    Yet, when I use internet sharing on an iMac running SL 10.6.8 everything works fine.

  • Help! Mac Mini Start up issues

    Help! I've had my Mac Mini since about November 2005. I've never had an issue with it, until now. I realize that there are other topics with this same issue, and I've looked through them, but I'm not sure if my problem is the same.
    All of a sudden, I can't seem to get it to start up correctly. After hitting the power button, the screen will display a folder with an alternating finder icon and question mark. I checked the manual that came with the Mini itself, and followed the suggestion of holding down the option key at start up. When I do that, the screen only shows a back button and a forward, no hard disk icon to select, so I get stuck at that screen.
    I was able to start up the computer by following the second suggestion in the manual of holding down the Command, Option, P and R keys until it makes the start up noise twice. After that, I replaced the keyboard/mouse from wireless to USB and the computer started up just fine for a day or two, and now it's back to requiring me to hold the Command, Option, P and R keys when starting up. I also tried to avert the problem by selecting the start up disk in the system preferences, and that didn't help either.
    I have two questions:
    1. Could this be due to a keyboard issue? The one I was using was a wireless Microsoft one (only thing I could find locally) and after reverting to the old keyboard off of my old iMac, the problem seemed to be solved, but has since returned (the keyboard off of the old iMac isn't reliable either).
    2. Is there anyway to fix this without losing everything on my hard drive?
    (note: this is running with a G4 processor, not the intel based one).
    Thank you
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    The alternating finder and question mark during attempted startup is an indicator that the system can't find the MacOS install on the hard drive, or that the hard drive is failing. The fact that when you started up with the Option key down you did not see the internal drive as a startup option also points to that issue.
    1. Could this be due to a keyboard issue? The one I was using was a wireless Microsoft one (only thing I could find locally) and after reverting to the old keyboard off of my old iMac, the problem seemed to be solved, but has since returned (the keyboard off of the old iMac isn't reliable either).
    No, this isn't a keyboard issue. Keyboards that are faulty or not entirely compatible will simply prevent you from changing the way the system boots, or from properly using the system once it's running. Swapping to the old keyboard is likely only associated with this problem because you also reset the parameter RAM at the same time.
    2. Is there anyway to fix this without losing everything on my hard drive?
    The problem is that if the hard drive is failing, your data may well be already corrupt, but a good first place to start is to find your original install disk - the one that came with the system - and insert that. Then reboot the system, and hold the C key down to try and get it to boot to the install disk. If that doesn't work, try holding the Option key down again to get to that same boot loader screen you had before, (with the install disk still inserted). That should give you the option to select the install disk and get the system started up from that.
    If the boot loader screen still shows no available drive even with the correct install disk in the drive, then chances are that the hard drive has failed, though it may be the optical drive/hard drive stack has come disconnected.
    If you can boot to the install disk, open Disk Utility from the Utilities menu and see if the internal drive is shown. If it is, select it and then click 'Repair Disk'. That will try and identify any errors and if any are found, will attempt to repair them. If you get errors that it can't fix (typically it will report 'error on exit') then the drive has probably become corrupted and you'll either need a good utility such as Alsoft's Disk Warrior to try and fix it, or perform an Erase and Install to reformat the drive and install MacOS from scratch. This latter option will wipe your data of course, so should not be done unless you don't mind loosing your data, or have tried everything else and have no alternative!

  • Help ! Mac Mini doesn't start up !!!

    Hi !
    I have an Intel Dual Core Mac Mini, with Bootcamp. The 80GB hard drive is splited in 65 GB (Mac OS X), and 15 GB (Win SP2). Default partition OS X. Until yesterday it worked perfectly for 3 months.
    Problem: When I start up the Mini in OS X, normaly or choosing the OS X partion I just have the grey Apple and the turning wheel. However if I choose the Windows partition it works.
    Start up Atempts: I already tried starting up normaly, waited for more than 20 minutes, nothing. I also tried restarting form windows, nothing...
    I connected the Mini to a friend's iMac as a Firewire Hard Disk and all my files are there, so Im reluctant to reformat the entire disk without first trying to recover my partition.
    What was I doing before ? I was downloading (OS 10.4.7 Update) but it wasn't even installed since the conection broke, I removed Butler wich make hangout the start up for to long, and I worked a few minutes in other programs, and the shut down went somewhere else, when I came back some hours later there was just the Desktop and NOTHING else no way to do ANYTHING. I shut down and got stuck.
    If someone can help I would apreciate it !
    Mac Mini Inte Dual Core 1.6 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   Boot Camp Windows SP 2

    Normally I would suggest you startup from your install disk and run the Disk Utility. But, if you have access to another Mac and can attach your Mac mini in FireWire Target Disk Mode, that might work just as well. With your Mac mini connected, run the Disk Utility on the Mac mini's hard drive. Your files may still appear even if there is some file directory damage. At least with your friend's Mac you might be able to backup some of your important files if you do end up needing to erase and install...

  • Mac mini shuts down on its own during sleep shows a prolonged white screen when starting

    10.9.4 2.4 f 8 g menmory ..shuts down by itself when it sleeps..when I restart in the am I get a prolonged white screen.  took it to a genius bar who found it checked out ok. but found a slightly loose monitor jack was loose...recomended more ram which I did . then reinstalling my os which I have not done...iphoto lost everything my brother Tim used to say whattttttt ?

    From the news page here...
    See if it's related to this...
    It also seems to be related to later OSX versions, like 10.8.x & 10.9.x
    The 2012 macs (and later apparently) (also later OSX versions on earlier Macs can do it also), not waking normally from sleep after hours being in sleep. (noted here ...
    "Why 2012 iMac/2012 Mac Mini won't Wake After Hours of Sleep (Hibernates/Powers Off)")
    The sleepimage file still reappears even if never slept. Delete it (hibernate off, etc) - within minutes its back.
    A note on that here -
    About iMac sleep...
    Try this: "sudo pmset autopoweroff 0" and "sudo pmset standby 0"
    Two users reported that the opposite worked...
    Try this: "sudo pmset autopoweroff 1" and "sudo pmset standby 1"

  • Help my Mac mini wont work with the airpot

    I have got the Mac mini Intel Core Solo G5 model and ive got a ibook G4 my G4 works great and fine but my mac mini does not. I connect to the base station fine useing the drop down bit on the taskbar in finder and enter the password and it connects. But when i do network assistant and it asks for me to eneter the password again it just basicly frezzes for a min then says invalid password when i know that it is the write base station password. It did work once but froze again and said could not connect. and when i go into the airport utlity it can't descover the base station even though it says it is connected with a full signal, im doing the excatly same things i did with my ibook but it just wont work. Please can someone help me and tell me what i have to do or give me some support this is my last hope as apple aren't intrested. I will be very gratful!

    The software update was for Intel based Mac computers and does not specify Core Duo or Core 2 Duo:
    AirPort Extreme Update 2007-001
    This update is recommended for all Intel-based Macintosh computers and provides compatibility with AirPort Extreme base stations and networks.
    This is the update that generated a fix at because some folks have been having issues with connection with their internet provider and some people have had issue with their airport systems just shutting down.
    It was part of an auto update that was received. One of my Macs is a MacBook Pro Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) and this upgrade (download) was part of the update check that is automatically performed.

  • Keychain "login" Problems   Can't remember my Keychain password.  Admin Password also does not help. Mac Mini(Late 2012) OS 10.10.2

    Series of Keychain "Login" Problems.
    Hardware: Mac Mini (Late 2012)  2.5 GHz Intel COre i5,  4GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    OS X : 10.10.2 upgraded yesterday
    Mail wants to use "login" keychain.   I enter Password but no success.
    CalendarAgent wants to use "login" keychain.   I enter Password but no success. wants to you "login" keychain. Password, not successful.
    At some point in past days I was offered to rename Keychain, so I did.
    In Keychain Access, I deleted "Login"    and selected Delete references.
    Just now I went into ~/Library/Keychains and found Login.Keychain and Login_renamed.Keychain.
    I have renamed Login.keychain -> Login-old.keychain.
    I renamed Login_renamed.keychain-> Login.Keychain.
    In Keychain Access, I added "Login" back.  This should be the renamed keychain.
    Original problems still persist.  No noticeable changes.
    Keychain wants to use the "Login" keychain.   Can't remember my password or it is incorrect.

    I turned off and turned on the computer.  When restarting it said that it could not use the Login and did I want to create a new or use and alternate?  I created new and for the moment things seem to be working under the command of the "New Login"
    That still doesn't really alleviate the problem of the old login.

  • Help getting mac mini and canon printer set up on network

    I have a Canon pixma ip4000 printer and mac mini 1.66 duo OSX 10.4. Trying to get these to print on a network.
    Canon was originally hooked up to a windows xp pro box, but mac wouldn't print to it.
    Bought a print server (buffalo lpv3-u2) and can't get it to work either. Whether I connect through bonjour or apple talk, I can see and connect to the printer, but either the job just sits in the queue "ready to print," or, more often, soon after starting the job it gets stopped. Restarting it means it just gets stopped again.
    I have tried canon drivers, guten-print, and printfab. None work.
    Printer works just fine if it's connected directly to the mac.
    Windows PC's print to printer through the print server just fine. Why won't the mac "just work?"
    It seems like it would be more economical just to buy another printer for the mac and be left wondering why the mac wouldn't play nice with others.
    Oh, well,
    Thanks for any help you can offer!!

    I'm surprised you manage to get any print via the print server. I previously tested a Netgear and D-Link print server connected to a Canon iP6000D and couldn't get the Canon drivers to work. The only option was to use Gutenprint, and at the time there was no iP models so the S800 was the best compromise. The only 'print server' I found that would work with the Canon drivers was an Airport Extreme Base Station, which I am still using to this day.
    Re the quirky, this is not just a Canon issue, other vendors have the same issue when you configure the printer the way you have. The way to avoid it is to purchase the right product for the job - finding what is right is often the problem. For the record, Canon makes a number of BJ and Laser printers with wired, and in some cases wireless, network support. These devices therefore have drivers that have been designed to work on a network, unlike the drivers you currently have. At work I have an iP5200R, which I connect to from XP using Ethernet, and I also connect to with my MacBook Pro using Airport (wireless). No driver connection issues, full driver support with status feedback and no need to have the XP PC on in order to print.

  • Help With MAC Mini Server and New SSD

    Hey Guys,
    I just got a Mac Mini Server. I swapped out one HD for a new SSD. A Crucial One.
    I am booting in recovery mode and it only sees one HD and says it is 1.5 TB, (1 tb regular and the new SSD is 512)
    I just want to run osx on the SDD .. help

    I'm unsure of the proper procedure as I'm not experienced dealing with Fusion Drive setups. If Disk Utility shows you have a 1.5 TB drive, then what do you see when you boot the computer and check disk drive space using Get Info? I know you can revert the volume you have back to standard format if you don't mind using the Terminal in your Utilities folder:
    Open the Terminal and paste or enter the following at the prompt:
    diskutil list
    Press RETURN. This will list for you the device information for your HDD. Here is an example of the output:
       #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
       0:      GUID_partition_scheme                        *120.0 GB   disk1
       1:                        EFI EFI                     209.7 MB   disk1s1
       2:                  Apple_HFS Yosemite                119.2 GB   disk1s2
       3:                 Apple_Boot Recovery HD             650.0 MB   disk1s3
    You want what you see at the top left - /dev/diskn, where n is the integer number. Then enter or paste at the prompt:
    sudo diskutil cs revert /dev/diskn ; replace the n with the integer number found above.
    Press RETURN and enter your admin password when prompted. It will not echo to the screen, so be careful typing. Press RETURN again. Wait until it completes the process which is when the prompt returns.
    Given the potential danger when using the Terminal in this way, please be sure you have first made a reliable backup. Better safe than sorry.

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