HELP!! Problems using external hard drive

I have moved my iTunes music library from my internal hard drive on my laptop to a new external hard drive in order to free up space on my laptop. The problem I now experience is that when my external hard drive is conected and turned on, my computer will not recognize my iPod. When I turn the external hard drive off, my computer will then recognize my iPod. I can use one or the other but I can't use both at the same time. Because of this problem I can't access my iTunes music library with my iPod in order to update my iPod with new music that has been added to the music library on the external hard drive.
Is it that I need a Firewire conection possibly? If so, is there any way around that? Any help would be appreciated!
MY COMPUTER (purchased new in 2006)
Gateway Laptop running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
70 gig hard drive
1.83GHz - 480 MB Ram
MY IPOD (purchased new in 2006)
80 gig - video enabled
MY EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE (purchased new in 2007)
Western Digital "My Book" Essential Edition (USB)
250 gig (NTFS)

Change the drive letter for the external drive.

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  • Help with using external hard drive to boot windows on PC

    I'm not sure if this is in the right place, so apologies in advance if not. I've looked around the internet for a good while now, and I haven't found anyone in my exact position.
    My PC's hard drive (running Windows 7) recently died; long story short, I am attempting to reinstall windows. The only other computer I have is this MacBook Pro, on which I have an .iso file of Windows 7. So I want to use my external hard drive (WD 500GB "MyBook") as a boot device so that I can install Windows onto my new internal hard drive.
    The problem I am having is that, well, nothing seems to be working. Every time I try to load the .iso onto my external hard drive and boot my PC with it, either a blank screen appears or it says "missing operating system".
    I have made sure that the BIOS is running the external hard drive as its boot priority.
    I have tried using Disk Utility to partition the external drive, then using 'Restore' to load the .iso onto the partition, to no avail.
    I have tried simply dropping the extracted .iso files onto the hard drive, this doesn't work.
    I have also tried changing the file system of the external hard drive using the 'Erase' feature (NTFS-3G (using an addon), FAT32, exFAT, all of the others), but I notice that whenever I use Restore after doing this, the file system seems to return to Mac OS Extended, which might be why it isn't booting up on my PC. Is there any way I can succesfully partition the external hard drive in a format that will allow Windows 7 to boot (such as NTFS?), and is Disk Utility even the right program to do this?
    If you want any more information from me, please let me know and I'll do my best to provide it - I'm not the most advanced mac user in the world, but I've spent days trying to fix this problem and nothing, no combination of anything, seems to work at all. So any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Here is a quick suggestion for you:
    Download Virtual Box (free PC Emulator for Mac) and install Windows 7 on your Mac (don't worry about activating it yet, as you don't need to keep it more than a few hours).  You can tell Virtual Box to use the ISO file as the DVD drive for your virtual Windows computer, so no need to burn a disk.
    Search Google for creating a bootable USB installer for Windows 7.  I found a link that gave good instructions on how to do this using DiskPart.
    Follow the instructions to make the bootable USB stick for installing Windows 7 using your virtual machine you created above.
    Use the USB stick to install Windows on your new PC.
    Remove the virtual Windows machine from your Mac.
    Remove Virtual Box from your Mac.
    I found a set of instructions and built an installable USB stick last night that worked great for installing Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) onto my older ThinkPad I had sitting at home.  The USB installer also installs in about half the time as a DVD install.  The only reason I have you create the virtual Windows PC is that all of the instructions for makeing the Windows install USB stick are written assuming that you already have access to a running Windows PC.  By doing this install, you have up to 3 days before you would need to activate it and you can build the installer USB stick and remove teh virtual computer long before that.

  • HELP with using external hard drive

    Can anyone please help? I have been using Windows based PCs for a majority of my life. I recently purchased a Macbook. I have thousands of songs saved on a Maxtor external hard drive. I recently connected the HD to my Macbook and was able to successfully copy over all of the photos I have saved and only few of the audio files but not all. I checked the audio files are saved in itunes format. Why can I not copy all of my music over? Please help! When I connect HD to PC I see the missing files that cannot been seen when I connect my HD to my Macbook. Bizare, don't you think?

    Any chance that the files not showing up on the Mac have file names starting with a period (.)?

  • My final cut is running extremely slow after having for 6 months.  I use external hard drives and save nothing on my computer.  it takes a long time to render now. do you think something is wrong with computer. took it to mac store but they fail to help

    my final cut is running extremely slow after having for 6 months.  I use external hard drives and save nothing on my computer.  it takes a long time to render now. do you think something is wrong with computer. took it to mac store but they fail to help me.  I have a 13 inch mac book pro 10.6.8 8gb 2.3 gfz intel core i5

    What did Apple tell you about what they did (or did not) find here?
    See if working on the main disk is any faster.
    USB2 is glacial, as I/O interconnects go.  And USB2 disks have been known to fail, or sometimes to drop back to USB1 speeds, too.  FireWire 800 is substantially faster than USB2, but still not as fast as the internal drive connections can provide.
    Put another way, start varying your configuration, and see which configuration changes (still) have the problem, and which don't.

  • HT203167 Moved iTunes library from one computer to another using external hard drive.  Cannot play many files.  Says they are missing but locates them in an archive file but still won't play them.  Are the files themselves part of the .itl files?

    Moved iTunes library from old computer (PC Windows 7) to new (PC Window 8) using external hard drive.  Library listing shows all music but can only play a fraction of it.  On the ones it cannot play it asks to locate, then refers to an archived version (an .itl file), and still cannot play them.  Do I just need to copy the archived .itl over, or is that not where the actual media are (do the actual media files even exist on the new computer?)?  Any advice or information on this would be helpful.

    * there any way I can filter out all the tracks with the ! so I can delete the unplaying copies as they're taking up room in my iTunes? I know how to find duplicates, but then I have to go and delete each one individually...*
    *Thank you!*

  • How to use external hard drive and iTunes together?

    how to use external hard drive and iTunes together?

    Yes I did get to that part.... I went trough external to retrive itunes folder... When I selected the folder, it said that it was locked, choose another folder... I then went to my external again to my itunes folder and and used command I to see if folder was locked and it wasn't.... it was suggested on another forum to reboot.. which I did and still same problem... All I want to do is link my external hard drive that has my itunes playlist from another Mac to my new one.. and to also use the external as the main source for adding new songs to my playlist...

  • How do I use external hard drive

    how do I use external hard drive and Photos? I keep getting a msg that there is not enough free space on your photo library volume - i even bought 500Gb of space on iCloud.... that didn't even work please help

    1. Drag the library to a volume formatted as Mac OS Extended, launch Photos with the Option key held down, select Other Library, and choose it. Alternatively, drag it to the Photos icon in the Dock.
    2. iCloud storage space is separate from that on the computer.

  • Can you use external hard drives with the HP Omni 10 5600US

    Since this a Windows tablet, can you use external hard drives with the HP Omni 10 5600US?
    I know there is a micro-sd reader for additional storage but can you use the usb for external hard drives like a regular pc?
    I tried looking at the spec's for this tablet and it said the usb port was host only. I'm not sure what that means exactly.

    Yes you can.  You'll need to purchase a USB OTG (on-the-go) cable.  I recommend using a drive that has its own power supply but I've successfully used small USB powered drives also.

  • Looking to move data from OSX 9 to Mountain Lion using external hard drive?

    Looking to move data from OSX 9 to Mountain Lion using external hard drive?

    Thanks.  I'd like to get rid of this OSX 9 after retrieving a few files.  If I wanted to erase it's hard drive before I do so, would powering off then on again and immediately start tapping the F10 button do the trick as it does with a PC?

  • First time using external hard drive for backup of computer....

    First time using external hard drive for backup of asks "Do do you want to erase disk?" In order to proceed, I have to say "yes" ... is that what I want to do? ...Seems like I'm skipping a step...

    To use Disk Utilities, attach the drive, open Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utilities and then highlight the LaCie drive in the left panel of the DU window.  In the right panel, choose the Partition button top center of the pane.  Then decide how many partitions you want on the drive, one is just fine.
    Then choose the format, the default is Mac OS Extended (Journaled) which is prefered.
    Then name the partition or drive.
    Then choose the partition table, the default is GUID which is prefered.
    Then Apply and you will get to confirm that you want to erase and format the drive.
    Quit DU and you are ready to go.

  • Using External Hard Drive as storage for iTunes Library - Problems

    I currently use an external hard drive to store my iTunes music, does anyone know why when I copy folders to iTunes library, duplicates appear - sometimes 2 or 3 copies of same song, same artist, album everything. A trud copy. Also, when you are setting up your music folder on the External Hard drive, would you copy from C: the entire iTunes tree - ie. iTunes/iTunes music/iTunes library or just have one folder called iTunes library? Also, when specifying location for finding music in preferences, again would you use entire tree of just iTunes music library.

    See Dave Sawyer's post here - it's the easiest way
    Also, make sure Windows assigns a drive letter that won't change

  • New ipod touch gen. 4 .. need to  transfer itune library to new computer using external hard drive. help

    New ipod gen.4... itunes on old computer with  windows xp... comp. wont recognize ipod touch... when plugged into usb port... put music on external hard drive ..... now must transfer to laptop...with windows vista home premium... help

    Type "move itunes library" into the Google search bar.
    Type "ipod touch not recognized by itunes" into the search bar at the top of this page by "Support"

  • I recently updated to Mountain lion 10.8 . I backuped using external hard drive using time machine . I used Lacie drive. I had to format it MAC OSX " extended journaled" before I could back up my dat and after that I backed it up.

    1) I cant seem to restore my data back from Time machine as many files seem Locked. I cant use the Migration app since it doesnt show me my external hard drive when I try to use it. Plus Ive heard that Migration app copies whole drives rather than selecting and copying some folders/data.
    2) Even if i use the time machine to restore the data , It does copy on to my mac but that locked symbol is still there .
    3) I have read that my drive wont show on migration application cuz the OS should be same before and after the backup and there shouldnt be any difference , otherwise the migration app wont show the drive. This is absurd cuz mostly ppl back up because they want to upgrade their computers . It will never be the same , I mean the OSX , cuz after i have done the back there would have been an upgrade .
    Can anyone help Linc Davis .

    If you mean you're getting the same message:
    see #C3 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.   It will show you how to locate the message(s) that describe the problem, then help you fix it.    If that doesn't help, post back with details, including all the messages, your setup (especially the destination for the backups), what you've done, and the results.
    If that's not the message you're getting, please clarify.

  • Use external hard drive to copy music to second computer

    Ok, here's the situation and what we're wanting to do. I'm so confused by all of the iTunes file manipulation, copies of music, libraries, playlists, etcetera.
    We have a home computer (Win. XP) that has a slave drive in it. We use the slave drive for image, video and of course, our iPod music storage.
    I have a work computer (Win XP Pro) that also has a slave drive in it, and I use it for image and video storage.
    I have an external portable Maxtor USB hard drive.
    My wife and I have different music tastes, but both of us do mutually like about 70% of the music on our home computer. It's that other 30% that we can't stand of the other person's music. Since iTunes makes it near impossible for us to use multiple iPods on one copy of iTunes (without jumping through hoops (such as computer user accounts, manual vs. automatic management, using Playlists, etc.) and confusing us to no end), I'd like to simply copy all of our music onto my external hard drive, carry it to work, put a fresh copy of iTunes 7 on the work computer, copy the music off my hard drive and onto my work computer's slave drive. Then do a fresh setup of my iPod again (since it's been loaded with some of her junk by accident).
    I don't want to change my home computer's settings or anything. My wife does 90% of the music purchases. I'd just like to pick and choose what I want from home and I'll manage it at work on that computer. You see, she has her iPod setup to put any and all new music onto her iPod. If she buys an album, all of it goes on her iPod. Me, I like to pick and choose which songs go on there.
    So, how is the best way to copy the music, library, whatever it is I need onto my external HD and then copy it onto my work computer's slave drive?
    From then on, if we add songs/albums at home, how should I best keep taking the new songs/albums over to my work computer so I can manage my own iTunes/iPod? Can I just go in and copy the files out of "iTunes Music" folder onto a zip drive and then drop them in the work computer's "iTunes Music" folder?
    BTW, I've decided my next computer will be a macbook. It will be my first Mac and I'm really looking forward to seeing what all the Apple/Mac fuss is about. But GESH, I'd thought Apple was a little better than all of this non-sense. I hope it's just that I'm really confused by iTunes and not yet up to the Apple/Mac way.
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    Thanks ed2345!
    I was thinking maybe I could just use the "Moving your iTunes Music Folder" instructions all the way down to, BUT NOT INCLUDING steps 11 & 12. Instead, once the consolidation and copy to the external drive was done, I'd just need to go back up and point to the original iTunes Music folder, right?
    I have no problem manually adding to the work PC during the week as we add new stuff to the house. Is just copying the new music out of home iTunes Music and onto a USB zip drive to carry to work and then drop in the work iTunes Music folder the way to do it? If so, that's easy enough for me!
    As far as playlists, I thought had a pretty good understanding of what they were, but your use of the words "points to songs" better cemented my understanding of what they were. I thought they were duplicating songs into miniature libraries. I would have no problem doing as you suggest (creating a JJ Playlist) and then pick-n-choosing through the library. However, is there a not problem with two different iPods (both are Nanos, but hers is a 4GB and mine is an 8GB) plugging into iTunes (at different times of course) under the same computer user? Will it recognize that my 8GB Nano is connected and not her 4GB and then let me manage my iPod manually or by only updating "JJ Playlist"? And then 5 minutes later after I've unplugged she could go in and it would do her automatic full sync?

  • Backup problems with external hard drive

    I bought a WD passport external hard drive and copied my itunes library onto a file there. I re-set the location of the library on itunes to the drive on the external hard drive. So far I have not deleted anything from my computer hard drive. However, when I am in itunes and click onto a song, nothing comes out of my speakers. Everything looks normal, as if the track is playing, but nothing is happening. I tried buying a new track off of itunes online, downloaded it, and installed it on my ipod; it plays fine, on my ipod, but will not play on the computer. Something is obviously wrong, but I can't figure out what has happened. Any help out there?

    It sounds to me like your iMac is on it's last least the internal hard drive. If you can't make a new Time Machine backup I would advise you replace your iMac as soon as possible.
    Assuming your three-week old backup is sound you should have no problems moving everything over to a new Mac. I would recommend you use the Setup Assistant that appears when you start up the new Mac (and note: It only appears the first time you start the new Mac; you can move everything over later on via Migration Assistant, but you may see issues with accounts if you opt for that route).
    I don't think you need the Genius Desk for Setup Assistant. You only have to power up the new iMac, answer a few "....From Another Disk..." When it asks how you want to move everything over....connect up your Iomega external drive...and wait for it to finish. (Could take several hours depending on the amount of data you're moving).
    A couple of notes:
    1.  If your Iomega is a Firewire drive you'll need a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter to connect it to your new iMac.
    2.  If you need to load CDs or DVDs remember the new iMacs don't contain an optical drive. You would need to get an Apple SuperDrive or third part external burner if you need that functionality.
    I'm puzzled by the comment made in Seventy One's post questioning the reliability of the new iMacs. I upgraded from a 24" early 2008 model to a 27" model and everything works flawlessly. I hardly ever see the beachball anymore.

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