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I have a 64 bit PC with Windows 7. PE9 and problem is when I "Save for Web" as a jpg....everytime I save a file it defaults back to the gif everytime. I want the default to be JPG!!  I never use gif for anything.  Pain in the rear to change the drop and setting to jpg everytime. I have a call tag in with no help yet, and have reinstalled PE9.Thanks in advance. Ray

It’s usually due to incorrect permissions settings on the OS.
Open Windows Explorer and navigate to:
C:\Program Files\Adobe
Locate the Photoshop Elements 9 folder (the one with the blue PSE logo)
Right click on that folder and choose Properties - then click the security tab and make the following changes:
1. Click on the edit button to change permissions.
2. Click Add and type the word “Everyone” in the Object names Box (without the quotation marks) and click OK.
3. Under group/User Names select everyone so that it becomes highlighted.
4. Put a check mark in the box against Allow Full Control and click Apply.
N.B. for Windows 64 bit navigate to Program Files (x86)
PSE should now remember you last settings rather than reverting to the default settings.

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  • GIF/Save for Web problem (PSE 7)

    I've tried searching for an answer to this problem but nothing seems to address quite what's happening.
    I recently had to replace my laptop, and switched from Windows XP to Windows 7.  I transferred PSE 7 from the old system to the new system, and have had no trouble with it- until now.  I have a 52-layer Photoshop-format image that I would like to save as an animated .gif, with each layer as a different frame.  File >> Save As has the option to save Layers as Frames, but if I check it, then click "Save", nothing happens.  Nothing at all.  On my old system, I'd get a new dialogue with options like quality, duration per frame, loop, etc, but that's not happening anymore, and nothing saves (if I go to find the new .gif file, it's just not there). If I DON'T choose "Layers as Frames", the .gif dialogue comes up just fine, and it has no trouble saving as a static .gif.  But it seems that it's just refusing to save it in animated format.
    I'm having the same issue with "Save For Web".  Neither the file menu option or the keystroke command will bring up the dialogue to let me save it that way.  It thinks for maybe a second, but then doesn't do anything else, and doesn't save the image.
    I've already tried resetting the layout, just in case the dialogue box was shifted somewhere I just wasn't seeing, and I tried resetting the Save For Web preferences, but neither of those things worked.  Any explanation as to why an animated "Layers as Frames" .gif is the only format that isn't saving properly?
    I've also tried opening old animated .gifs that I created with XP, and they will not re-save as animated .gifs either.  I get the "Do you want to save the changes made" dialogue, but clicking "Yes" doesn't do anything and doesn't save the updates.  I'm at a complete loss for why this function no longer works.

    Glad you got it working.
    It takes some getting use to the differences between xp and windows 7
    in regards to permissions and all that stuff. Even when you install
    programs on an administrative account, problems still persist sometimes.
    What i do is always install programs by right clicking on the installer and
    choosing Run as Administrator even when installing on an account with administrative
    permissions. I seem to have less problems doing it that way. Anyway, just something to
    keep in mind for the future.

  • PS Save For Web -- what are optimum GIF settings?

    I am making very simple buttons for a web page navigation bar as follows:
    Create new file in sRGB with proper dimensions for my navigation area.
    Fill with web page background color, #c4c0b4.
    Use Type Tool to create text in gray #666666.  (After creating these buttons, I change the text color to white for hover buttons.)
    Use Guides and Slice Tool to define shape of each button.
    Save For Web to create folder with all the buttons.
    In the Save For Web dialog I have tried several of the GIF presets -- 128, 64, 32, with dithering and without dithering.  They all look good, but I'm not sure which will give me that absolute highest quality, sharpest looking characters.
    1) Which of the GIF presets should I use for the best text appearance?  I have read the Help file and it would seem that I do not need dithering since I am using two solid colors -- #c4c0b4 and either #666666 or white.  To dither or not to dither, that is the question!
    2) Do I need more than 32 colors?
    3) In Save For Web, when I click Save and the Save Optimized As dialog opens, should I use the Default Settings under Settings, or would a custom setting be preferable?
    4) Am I correct that I should NOT apply any sharpening to text-only files such as this?
    As always, thanks to the pros here for any advice on this.

    Hi Jesse,
    I tried using text links and setting the size in pixels, but the sizing changed depending on the browser settings.  Sizing in pixels is better than in points or generic sizes, but still subject to changes.  I'm on a PC and my designer-friend who is helping me with this is on a Mac.  We've done some tests and anything other than making the links with images is not consistent from browser to browser, Mac to PC.  We want to guarantee that all the text on the page will not change -- size, spacing, leading, etc.  My clients are graphic designers and art directors who will notice this kind of thing.
    As for the client changing, adding or subtracting links... well, I'm the client and I'm doing the site myself, so that's not going to be an issue.  In addition, as you see, the site is super-simple so there aren't likely to be a whole lot of major changes.  That's not to say it could not happen, but saving all my Photoshop work files is not a problem.
    Please understand, I am not arguing with you or Nancy.  If I were doing a complicated corporate or business site, I would use text links for all the reasons you lay out... no question about that.
    Thank you for the tips on saving GIFs.  I'm using Photoshop CS4 and Save For Web.  I think I now understand what settings to use.  I am using GIFs only for the text.  All of the images will be JPGs, but those are all generated automatically by Lightroom and a web gallery plug-in called SlideShowPro which not only generates the images but assembles the galleries and does all the Flash stuff.  All I do is embed the Flash galleries into my pages.  For a non-web person like me, that's nothing short of a miracle.
    Your comments were not long-winded.  In fact, I'm so eager to learn more about this stuff that I really appreciate your detailed explanations.  Thanks for the comment about my work -- I'm excited about this new website which hopefully will make it look better than ever!

  • Save for web problem for transparent gaphics

    savng any transparent graphic in " save for web&.." the transparancy of original file is shown much more opaque/darker and so it will save in png file.
    iattached file where you can see red box with 40% opaciy , but when opened in save for web it looks more like 60% opacity.
    i found solutions of some problems for color shifting in save for web , but none of them solves my problem.
    Any ideas?

    All is not as hopeless as it seems just a bit hidden in CS 3 and earlier in CS 4 the mystry was brought to the frnt though not really document as far as I know.
    The problem is simple to correct and has a logical reason why it is manifesting itself this way.
    In CS 3's  Save for Device and Web there is a small triangle at the top left had corner on the image display window that offers you a choice between the default and the problem uncompressed color, Macintosh color, Windows color and Document Color Profile which is what you are looking for since that is what you expect to match.
    There is also the option to convert to sRGB which what the web basically displays well. Which is located on the upper right corner of the dialog also a drop down.
    I hope this helps you find your way it used to drive me a bit crazy myself till I took a really close look at the dialog.

  • Save for Web problem

    I am using 'fit artboard to selected items' feature and everything looks as it should be until I try to export them through Save for Web.
    When I do that a one pxl feathered border appears on a file, like in example (border is on left and top of the image).
    I can't seem to find what's wrong, so, pls, help!
    I'm on MAC, using CS 5.1.

    I am saving as .png 24 with transparency and not interlaced.
    However, I tried other formats and I see the same problem in all of them.
    When I look at the borders in Illustrator Workspace I don't see that feather, but I can clearly see it in preview for Save for Web.
    And I also know that it's not the problem with my computer because all other colleagues (there's 8 of us) are having the same issue.
    So, I made another example, using just the plain red square and, while in Artboard Tool, clicked on it and Workspace showed that it bounded to square perfectly, but it's not :/
    Same transparent 1pxl column on the left and top of it.

  • Photoshop CS3 color management "Save for Web" problem

    This problem is getting the best of me.......
    After spending 3 full days researching this problem, I am no closer to finding an answer than when I started. I still cannot produce a usable image through the "Save for Web" feature of Photoshop CS3. I have read web page after web page of "Tips, Tricks and Recommendations" from dozens of experts, some from this forum, and still I have no solution... I am exhausted and frustrated to say the least. Here's the simple facts that I know at this point.
    I have a web design project that was started in PS CS1. All artwork was created in photoshop and exported to JPG format by using "Save for Web". Every image displays correctly in these browsers (Safari, Camino, FireFox and even Internet Explorer on a PC).
    I have recently upgraded to PS CS3 and now cannot get any newly JPG'd image to display correctly. My original settings in CS1 were of no concern to me at the time, because it always just worked, and so I do not know what they were. I have opened a few of my previous images in CS3 and found that sRGB-2.1 displays them more or less accurately. I am using sRGB 2.1 working space. Upon openning these previous image files, I get the "Missing Profile" message and of course I select "Leave as is. Do Not color manage". CS3 assumes sRGB-2.1 working space, opens the file, and all is well.
    The problem is when I go to "Save for Web", the saturation goes up, and the colors change. The opposite of what most people are reporting. Here's another important point... new artwork created in CS3 does exactly the same thing, so it's not because of the older CS1 files.
    I have tried every combination of "uncompensated color", "Convert to sRGB", "ICC Profile", etc. while saving. I have Converted to sRGB before saving, and my monitor is calibrated correctly.
    I have tried setting the "Save for Web" page on 2-up and the "original" on the left is already color shifted before I even hit the "Save" button. Of course, the "Optimized" image on the right looks perfect because I am cheating by selecting the "Use Document Color Profile" item. Why do they even have this feature if doesn't work, or misleads you?
    Does anyone have any ideas what could be happening here? Why is this all so screwed up?
    CS1 worked fine out of the box.
    Final note: I do have an image file I could send along that demonstrates how it is possible to display an image exactly the same in all 4 of the browsers I mentioned with no color differences. It is untagged RGB and somehow it just works.
    I am very frustrated with all of this and any suggestions will be appreciated

    >> First of all... I'm using an Adobe RGB image master... I open it and get the Profile Mismatch Screen... I choose Use Enbedded profile... all looks well. Next I go to Proof Setup > Monitor RGB... again all looks well, no change that I can tell.
    This has further confused the issue on several points, not the least of which version PS you are doing this with?
    >> AdobeRGB> Convert to Profile > Working Space sRGB-2.1... all still looks well... but now, when I go to Proof Setup > Monitor RGB... I see the insane oversaturated look that is driving me nuts.
    That is your strongest sounds like you have a bad system or bad monitor profile. To rule out the monitor profile: Set sRGB as your monitor profile in System Prefs> Displays> Color.
    >> Adobe RGB image master... I open it and get the Profile Mismatch Screen... I choose Use Enbedded profile... all looks well. Next I go to Proof Setup > Monitor RGB... again all looks well
    That doesn't make sense, stripping an embedded AdobeRGB profile should desaturate the color in Softproof MonitorRGB, especially the reds -- you have something wacky going on there.
    At this point I think you need to review the links and get a grip about how color management and profiles work...
    BTW, forget about setting ColorSync in PS COlor Settings, use Adobe ACE.
    I think SFW is fixed under CS3 :) By default it Converts to sRGB and strips the profile.

  • Photoshop CS6. Save for Web Problem - Don't remember folder location

    Found one more problem with Save For Web in Photoshop CS6.
    1. New Document
    2. Choose - Save for web
    3. In dialog window Photoshop CS6 offer to save in - os My Document Folder
    4. Ok, every time I don't really need to save in os folders - I save files to my folders. So, change folder ...for example to disc D
    5. Create another New document
    6. Choose Save for web
    7. And.... - Photoshop CS6 offer to save my file in os My Documents AGAIN !!!
    So, in fact it's real uncomortable!!! ...if I save different files for web frequently ....I need every time change My makes me nervous.......
    Here - compare with CS3: CS3 remember "old" folder location even at another session (for example - after reload os)
    Is there any fix this problem?
    p.s. Testing on:
    OS - windows 7 64 bit
    cs6 - 64 bit extended
    cs3 - 64 bit extended

    Noel, Yes! In your example everything works like on your video. May be my explanation was not so clear, so...I'm trying to describe in more details.
    I don't know how to make video & animated gif by capture the I'll try to explain by words
    1. Start CS6
    2. Make New Document
    3. Save for Web (save parametres are: JPEG, HIGH etc....I think it doesn't matter)
    4. CS6 offer "My Documents"
    5. Change the way to "Disc D"
    6. Save it by name for example "Untitled-1".... & close window "Save for web"
    7. Choose "Save for Web" again
    ....So, at this step - CS6 remember my current location "Disc D" even I open other file & use command "Save for web" saves to Disc D. Everything is ok.
    8. Shut down the CS6
    9. Run it again
    10. Create new file or....even open saved file on disc D in previous session - "Untitled-1"
    11. Save for Web
    So, it's final: CS6 offer the "My documents" AGAIN
    12. Run CS6 - Make New File - Save for Web to disc D by name "Untitled-1"
    13. Keep the photoshop session & create new document...let's call it "Untitled-2" - so, now I have 2 files opened in CS6: "Untitled-1" (it was saved on disc D before) & new "Untitled-2"
    14. So if I'll try to save second file "Untitled-2" fo web CS6 offer the way "My documents" AGAIN!
    p.s. Tryied to do the same on CS3 - Shut down CS3 2-3 times, opened different files, create new docs - there's no trouble. In global - CS3 remember last way (in my case it's "Disc D") & doesn't change it by itself. In fact working in CS3 I din't feel any problems with this command "Save for Web", that's the reason I didn't write any questions on forums etc..... But starting to try CS6 I really feel it makes the work to change every time the folder ways not so I wrote the question here
    p.s. 2    In spite of I didn't work in CS4-CS5 cause it were not comfortable in my I wanted to  test "save for web" in CS5. Trouble is the same even during one session:
    1. Run CS5
    2. Create new document
    3. Save for web - CS5 offer "My Dociment", change it to "disc D" - save - ok
    4. Shut down, run CS5 again
    5. Create New, or even Opened old saved file to disc D (for example from step 3) - CS5 offer the way "My documents" again
    I hope this my explanation was more clear to understand

  • CS6 "Save for Web" problem.

    Hi. I am trying to save an animated GIF using Photoshop CS6. But when I hit the Save for Web option, a dialog box appears saying, "This operation could not be completed." What should I do?

    Hi, sir. I have tried your suggestion but none of them helped. I'm sorry. Here's a screenshot of my work. After I have imported the video clip I'm about to used for my animated gif.
    But then when I click "Save for Web" option, a dialog box appears.
    I'm a photoshop newbie so please can you help me.

  • PSE9 'save for web' problem

    On PSE9 when i click 'save for web' i get the message: 'could not complete the
    Export command because of a programe error'. I have tried re-installing but to no effect. This is the third time i have asked this question. is there no help available or is it a silly question or not enought information? Please help someone!

    Hello Mike,
    I think the latest camera raw is 6.4 but I doubt if that would make much difference to your problem.
    If I use an image which has too many pixels, I get this error:-
    If you use your full size one, I would expect that you should also get it. So if you aren't seeing that then I suspect there must be a problem accessing the image. I suppose that you have plenty of free disk space? How much memory (RAM) do you have?
    You have tried re-installing PSE - did you disable any antivirus application when you did it? I don't have problems with antivirus suites but some of them might cause a problem.
    You can probably guess that I am struggling to suggest the cause of your problem.
    One other thing that sometimes work is to create a new account on your PC to see if that still suffers the same problem.
    I'm hoping that someone else can jump in with some help.

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 and 'Save for Web' problem

    Hi everyone,
    I have used Photoshop Elements 2 for some time with absolutely no problems. However when I try to use the save for the web option I get an 'export could not be completed due to a program error' message.
    Nothing relevant is mentioned on Adobe's support site. After having gone through the usual 9 troubleshooting procedure I suspect that there is a problem with the 'Save for Web EL' plugin located in the PE 2 plugins folder. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way I can somehow find a functional plugin?
    Thank you for reading this post.
    PowerBook G4 DVI 667   Mac OS 9.2.x  

    I don't use Photoshop elements myself, but from Photoshop CS it works fine. I use JPG compression and optimization. First of all - make sure the file format extensions are all available. Applications/adobe/photoshop elements/file formats AND ALSO Applications/adobe/photoshop elements/photoshop elements only/file formats (here I am assuming the paths are the same or similar to Photoshop). Also, check the extensions disabled folder (Control click on Photoshop and go to package contents). If it's none of these, I suggest you check the settings in Elements when trying to save and make sure you are not using an option that conflicts.
    Also, check the Adobe forum.
    Check for software upgrades also.
    You do have enough hard drive space and RAM I assume. If you are using PS Elements and virtual memory is on, you may not have enough phsyical space to save the file (but not likely)
    P.S. I see (after i wrote) that you are running 9.2.2 - so the paths will not be the same as if it was on OS X - but they will be similar.

  • "Save For Web" Problems After Calibrating Display

    before i further elaborate on my problem, let me try to sum it up for easier understanding:
    monitor using sRGB profile, photoshop everything on sRGB -> all good
    monitor using sRGB profile, photoshop everything on sRGB, after file is saved switch to calibrated profile on monitor -> all good
    monitor using calibrated profile, photoshop everything on sRGB -> color shifts in image, hex color codes do not match
    i recently got rid of my external monitor (moving around a lot) which i had set to sRGB. colors were very close to what it would have been calibrated, which is why i never bothered to change color profiles. now that i am using only a notebook (mbp), however, it quickly became apparent that the sRGB color profile made look everything quite blue-ish. after calibrating the display, all was well, however...
    ... until i started working in photoshop. there are color shifts apparent and the hex color codes do not match up; i have never had this problem before.
    is there any setting in photoshop i might have overseen? as described above, it's not a problem as long as everything is set to sRGB and i use the calibrated profile afterwards; it only occurs when working with it.
    thanks in advanc

    Gator soup, I'm not sure what you're asking for...
    All the images are published with the profiles listed (and the one is untagged, meaning it has no profile).
    If the leaves in the tagged images look like one another then that means the browser is interpreting image color profiles.
    The red box at the top of each image uses the hex code exactly as listed to define the color in that space, which of course is interpreted differently because each different image is in a different color space.
    Assuming your browser IS in fact interpreting the image color profiles, then these things are interesting:
    1.  Whether the leaves in the untagged image match any / all of the other images.  If they do match, say, the sRGB tagged image this implies the browser is interpreting the color values as though an untagged image is in the sRGB color space.
    2.  What red blocks at the tops of which images exactly match the surrounding HTML background of the same code (which is what interests the Macchiato here in this thread).  If, for example, the red block at the top of the sRGB image matches the background, then the browser is color-managing each to the same goal.
    On my system...
    Firefox 10.0, when set to color management mode "1", shows the following:
    A.  All the leaves match in color in all 4 images, and the colors are accurate, because Firefox (set this way) outputs everything in the monitor's color space.  Firefox assumes untagged images are in the sRGB color space.
    B.  The red blocks atop both the untagged image and the sRGB-tagged image match the background red color, because it assumes untagged images and HTML hex codes are in the sRGB color space.   The red blocks atop the Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB tagged images do NOT match the background, as expected, because they're expressed in something other than the sRGB color space.
    Internet Explorer 9, which always assumes the monitor is sRGB, displays the following:
    A,.  All the leaves match in color in all 4 images, but the colors may not be accurate (depending on how different actual monitor performance is from sRGB) because IE outputs everything in the sRGB color space. 
    B.  The red blocks atop both the untagged image and the sRGB-tagged image match the background red color, because untagged images and HTML hex codes are all assumed to be in the sRGB color space.  The red blocks atop the Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB tagged images do NOT match the background, as expected, because they're expressed in something other than the sRGB color space.
    Safari shows the following:
    A.  All the leaves match in color in the 3 tagged images, but do not match the untagged image, since Safari passes the untagged image through to the monitor with no color management.
    B.  The red block atop the untagged image matches the background, but none of the other three do, because Safari passes the HTML colors through to the display without any color management.  Whether it's better to put untagged imagery out to the monitor without transformation is a judgment call.  It may be literally the right thing to do, but Firefox's strategy may be better.
    At first blush Firefox seems to have it closest to right in the general case, but it has its problems as well.  For example, it ONLY uses the color profile of the primary monitor, no matter what monitor it's opened on if you have a multiple monitor system.   In my mind this makes it lose its edge over Internet Explorer because it's sometimes right and sometimes wrong, where IE's consistent transform to sRGB on any monitor is expected.
    ONLY IF one configures ALL of one's monitors to produce their output in the actual sRGB color space and associates the sRGB profile with each of them, do all browsers do a proper job of color-management.

  • Problems with "save for web" app low quality messed up images

    Please help I have never had a problem with the "save for web" application before (over three years) I am currently running A.I. cs3 on windows vista. in the past whenever I save anything this way the images were always clean. as of yesterday everything I try to save through the save for web app the images are very low quality all the vector has jagged edges, it is very low rez looking and the file sizes are very small, half the size they normaly would be. What did I do to change the settings or better yet how can I get it back to the way it was.

    Thank you for your help I moved the folder but it still did not fix this problem. it is also not just the jpg option under the save for web app but all the setting ie. gif, png, ect. ect. Also the the files sizes are much less, example I exported a design as a jpg with the quality setting about 6 the file size was 374kb when I exported the same design through the save for web app the file size was only 45 kb on the quilty setting of 100. further more in the preview screen of "save for web" the original images as well as the optimized both look messed up. The "save for web" app has always worked for me in the past never a problem and I use this app alot so it is very important.

  • Save for Web default folder in PSE 11

    On my Windows 7 system, in PSE 8 when I select Save for Web, it defaults to saving the image in a folder I chose that is separate from the one I used in Open.
    (Save and Save As default to the folder I opened the image from, and PSE 11 works the same way even though "Save As to Original Folder" is not checked in Edit | Preferences).
    But "Save for Web" also always defaults to the folder the image was opened from, even though I have started it in Admiinistrator mode and changed the destination.
    That worked to change the default file type from GIF to JPEG, but had no effect on the save-for-web default destination.
    Is there a way to set/change the save-for-web default folder in PSE 11?

    That makes sense, but it doesn't work for me in PSE11 (though PSE 8 is OK). I get the same result as yesterday, even after rebooting, which I hoped might clear any cached settings. With or without checking Save As to Original Folder, what happens is this:
    - Save to Web defaults to saving the image file in the source folder;
    - if I change the destination to my Web-images folder, that lasts until I close PSE 11, and not beyond;
    - when I start it up again, Save For Web defaults to the source folder (with or without Save As to Original Folder, and regardless of Run As Administrator.
    Looking at the folder   C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 11
    I see that no files show a change in the last several days, so the setting must be elsewhere, in the registry or in C:\Users\... somewhere.  Hmmm..

  • CS3 Save for Web bugs - No answer from Adobe in all forum posts

    I just upgraded to Illustrator 13.0.02 and the problem is the same: Slice names and output settings are not remembered/saved like all previous AI versions.
    I don't understand why this post was closed: CS3 Save for Web Problems[email protected]@.3bc41aeb.
    and this one: "Save for Web" names of frames vanish
    It is the same as: AI CS3 - Save for Web & Devises image name problem[email protected]@.3c057eab
    Concerning slice name: It looks like they now have to be saved via drop down menus in order for Illustrator to remember the slice names for export again: "Object - Slice - Slice Options, and then in Save for Web, set the Output Settings for Saving Files"
    In my opinion this is incredibly poor UI design. In prior versions of Illustrator, I would save the names in the Save for Web dialog box by simply double clicking the slice frame, and it would remember the names of my slices for export again.
    Clicking through drop down menus just to name a slice is inefficient compared to just double clicking a slice frame to name the slice.

    This is a bit of an old thread, but I too have recently discovered this problem in working with AI CS3.
    I contacted Adobe support with the question. I asked them why it was not possible to select and optimize individual slices in the Save for Web and Devices dialog in CS3, and then maintain those settings after saving the slices or clicking "Done"... even though that very feature was available and working in CS2.
    Adobe's answer was, quite simply, that they have ceased any development on CS3, including bug fixes, and that anyone who wants the problem fixes would have to buy CS4 in order to "fix" the problem.
    In short, they are quite aware of the problem, but would rather have us pay for a new product in order to have it fixed, than to pay a programmer to spend a few hours or a few days in tracking down the problem and getting it sorted out. This is their short-term solution to a long-term problem.
    There is a workaround to the slice naming, as you have found - name the slices from the Object - Slice - Slice Options menu. It's a royal PITA, I know, but it does maintain the slice name settings.
    However, there is no real workaround to save the optimization and output settings (such as color tables and JPEG/GIF/PNG settings) for each slice. It's a completely broken feature, or in Adobe's own words, "a problem". A big fat bug. Let us not mince words here - it is technical and corporate incompetency. Technical incompetency can be excused - publishing a new build will fix the problem. But corporate incompetency, which tells the programmers that they don't need to fix the problem for "marketing" reasons, is totally inexcusable.
    It doesn't cost Adobe anything to just shelve a problem... at least, not now. But I refuse to buy Illustrator CS4 as a result, because I don't want to give in to their ineptitude and lack of attention to the customer in this case. Which costs them more now, to pay the programmer to fix the error and then publish a new build on their web server... or to tell the customer that the problem won't be fixed and to buy the newest version? You do the math. Read 'em and weep.
    Makes you want to migrate to Fireworks for web comp design, doesn't it. At least Illustrator has an excuse - it's an all-purpose vector graphics application, not specifically a web comp design app. If this were Fireworks, on the other hand, I think that there would be oodles of furious programmers screaming colorful obscenities at Adobe's front door.
    I really like Illustrator for what it does, but I'm not using CS3 for any more web comps after this.
    Jeff Chapman

  • "Save For Web" crashes PS Elements

    "Save For Web" does not function on Photoshop Elements. It's shocking that such a basic thing as this crashes the software!!
    My whole reason for buying PS Elements was for Web design. Now I have $100 worth of software that is no use to me whatsoever.
    There have been no updates to PS Elements in the month+ since I downloaded this software from the Apple App Store.

    Well, just FYI there are never any updates to the app store version, so you should keep that in mind. You're stuck with an older version of ACR, for example, that you can't update. Adobe so far has never bothered to release any update for the app store versions, probably because apple's rules mean they'd need to to do a complete new version of PSE--they aren't allowed to sell a version that updates directly from adobe the way the other versions do.
    Now, as for your Save for Web problem. First go to the preferences>general and click this button, then restart PSE:
    If that doesn't do it, go to your username>library>preferences and delete:
    Adobe camera raw 7.0 prefs
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 paths
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 settings
    That library is hidden in 10.7 and 10.8. To see it, option-click the Go menu in the Finder and it will appear below the little house for your user account. While you're in there, in 10.7 or 10.8, go to the Saved Application States and delete any for PSE.
    Repair permissions and try again.

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