Help with two Ipods on Same Computer

I have several questions in this one thread...
I have two Ipods (Mine and my wifes). We each have seperate user names on the PC. I have all my music in the Public Folder, Music, Itunes. I have both Itunes preferences setup to share libraries, I have both setup to use that as one library, and I have considated the libraries. So the problems:
1. How can I insert a new CD we own and have it be in the library and both Ipods sync it? I placed a new CD we own and it is syncing to my ipod, but not my wifes. I confirmed it is in the shared folder.
2. Can you both use the songs you purchase on Itunes? It is saying no when I am syncing hers for songs I purchased on my acct. But I thought it could be on 5 different devices.
Thank you for any help. I have searched high and low and I am sure the solution is here somewhere, but I keep doing what I find with no success.

If the old iPod works, the new iPod will work.
Simply plug it in.
Create a new playlisy with the songs you want.
Open iTunes orefs -> iPOd.
Select Automatically update only selected playlists.
Select the playlist you just created.
That is all.

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  • Seperate libraries for two ipods on same computer

    how can i set up seperate libraries for two ipods on same computer . running xp . after installing software for second ipod , i only have one version of itunes ,with only one library .tried setting up seperate playlists but that didnt help . thanks for help!

    The only way I know to have two entirely separate iTunes libraries on one computer is to have two Windows or Mac user accounts: How To Use Multiple iPods with One Computer

  • Help with two ipods, one computer please!

    Right, my sister had an ipod mini already connected to the computer. I got an ipod mini for my birthday, the updated version, and wanted to use it. I read that it was okay to have two ipods on the same computer so i installed mine how it said. However, noe both ipods are on the same itunes which means sharing all our music. I now want to move my ipod to another user account on windows XP without damaging either ipod or the music.

    Natalie Beresford, "Multiple iPods/iTunes Installations", 04:04am Nov 26, 2004 CDT

  • Multiple users with different Ipods on same computer

    My household has one general computer that is used by myself and my two teenage daughters. We don't use separate logins because it is used mostly to just go online, check our email, and use Itunes along with updating our Ipods. This works fine for us except that we have different Ipods. My girls have the Ipod Mini's and I have the Ipod (with video screen).
    My question is this: Can one computer (running WinXPProSp2)authorize two different Ipods under the same user name? Also, can two (or three) different Ipods be "authorized" on the same computer?

    Yes, your not really authorizing ipods, you just authorize a PC to play songs you buy from iTUnes. Once its authorized all ipods can play the song that connect to it.
    You can separate the music that is loaded to each iPod (Like your music only added to your ipod and your girls ipods only updating there music to there ipods) By creating your own playlist and setting the ipod to update them. This is covered more here

  • Using two iPods on same computer

    Our daughter has loaded her iPod onto our family computer and created an account. I now have my own iPod for which i want my own library, which will include photo's. How can I use my iPod and sync to my library without syncing to my daughter's.
    I also need to download the library on my iPod onto my own library. I somehow had a library but it has been wiped clean due to a restore. Is there a way of reverse backing up from my iPod to my computer.

    See this Apple KnowledgeBase article; it should help:
    How to use multiple iPods with one computer
    Is there a way of reverse backing up from my iPod to my computer.
    Transferring tracks from an iPod back to iTunes has been covered here a number of times already, but again:
    First, you need to prevent automatic synchronzation with a blank copy of iTunes. While connecting the iPod to the computer, hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys in Windows. This should stop the iPod from auto synching with iTunes and the iPod will appear in the source list. Wait until you are sure the iPod has mounted, and that it will not auto sync and then you can let the keys go. This may take between 3 and 25 seconds depending on your computer.
    Then if you're using iTunes 7, you can then copy music that you purchased from the iTunes Store back to iTunes directly (use the Transfer Purchases From iPod command under the iTunes File menu).
    If you're not using iTunes 7 or want to copy back other tracks, the easiest way will be to search VersionTracker for "iPod". You'll find a number of utilities that can transfer your tracks and your playlists from your iPod back to your PC.
    It's also possible to do this manually, but the procedure is rather involved. If you're interested, though, see this thread:
    MacMuse: Computer crashed
    Hope this helps.
    Forum Tip: Since you're new here, you've probably not discovered the Search feature available on every Discussions page, but next time, it might save you time (and everyone else from having to answer the same question multiple times) if you search a couple of ways for a topic, both in the relevant forums, in the User Tips Library and in the Apple Knowledge Base before you post a question.

  • Help -- Managing 2 ipods on same computer

    I am trying to manage 2 different ipods on one computer. Each user wants a different playlist. What do I do to get this accomplished? Right now, both ipods have the same songs being added....

    How to use multiple iPods with one computer
    Also you can check out in the program, iTunes > help
    and here is the iTMS Customer Service main page

  • Syncing two ipods on same computer

    When my son synced his ipod (20GB, no video) to our computer my daughter lost her ability to synce her ipod (30GB w/video). Is it possible to have two different itunes libraries and sync both ipods on the same computer? If so, what changes do I need to make?

    There are basically two ways of using multiple iPods on a computer and these involve:
    a) Sharing a single iTunes library and user account.
    b) Creating multiple user accounts and having separate libraries.
    Sharing a Library
    If you want to share the one library, you can set either or all of the iPods so that they only get updated with only certain playlists (you can update from more than one if you wish):
    Loading songs onto iPod automatically - Windows
    Choosing the update option "Sync Music - Selected playlists" allows you to create a playlist specifically for the iPod and drag the tracks you want into it. If you tire of the list and want to change it, you just add or remove the songs you don't want. The ones you take out out remain in the library to be used some other time if you choose. You can read more about playlists at these links:
    iTunes: Creating playlists of your favorite songs
    How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes
    Or you can choose to update any or all of the iPods manually and just drag whatever content you want to them: Managing content manually on iPod
    Separate User Accounts
    Another option is to create a separate User account for each person on your PC or Mac. Different accounts by definition would give you completely separate libraries. Each account has it's own iTunes folder, Library and iTunes Music folder and you load it with CDs etc just as you did with your original one. The iPod can be set to update however the owner chooses, sync all, manual or sync specific playlists

  • Two ipods on same computer?

    there are two ipods as well as seperate itunes on my computer.
    i recently had trouble with this, as it deleted all my songs off my itunes.
    the other itunes on the other file is fine.
    how can i stop this from happening again?

    When only one iPod is connected, select it in the iTunes source list, click on its name, and type a new name. You may then need to follow the instructions in this article.

  • Help with two ipod users on one computer???

    Ok heres a quick rundown of the problem. My girlfriend and i both have ipod minis and i am having difficulty getting I tunes to work for me. Her I tunes works fine for her I pod, but when i try to add music files to my ipod using her I tunes, it keeps telling me that my ipod is attached to another music library, then it asks me if i want to erase the music on the ipod and download her music. I thought that maybe i was doing something wrong so i decided to install my copy of itunes to remedy the problem. I tried to install my ipods i tune disc onto the computer, everything looks like it installs well but for some reason its seems as though you can't have two versions of itunes on one computer. Can someone help me? Is there an easy way to fix this?

    OH good lord! Go into your start up menu and find Tour Windows XP and it will show you how. OR GO into your Control Panel, click on USER ACCOUNTS and go from there...its not rocket science, trust me

  • Two ipods on same computer - same device name

    When installing my new nano, it took on the same device name as my wife's. How can I change the device name so that the computer recognizes it as a different ipod and will therefore only sync with the playlists I want on mine, as well as when she syncs?

    When only one iPod is connected, select it in the iTunes source list, click on its name, and type a new name. You may then need to follow the instructions in this article.

  • Installing two ipods on same computer

    I have a 2g ipos installed on my windows xp. Someone in the family is using it. I just purchased an ipod 30g for my self.
    When i try to install my new ipod - it doesnt recognize that it is a new user and calls up the other persons itunes list. can i sucessfuly install both ipods?
    Thanks AP

    hi megmeggi!
    how do you create a second account on the computer?
    there's documentation on that in your XP Help and Support. do a search in there on "new user".
    How to use multiple iPods with one computer
    love, b

  • Help! Need help with transferring Ipod to new computer

    After it took me forever just to figure out how to ask a question...eerr!
    My old computer crashed and I need to move all my files, purchased, photos, and music that were imported. I know with the new Itunes you can transfer the purchased items, but will that erase everything else on my my photos and imported files?
    I have downloaded a Ipod copier..but not really sure how to do this all. Any help from anyone would be so greatly appreciated.

    Check this site out
    you can download whatever you need to recover all photos and music files from Ipod to mac.

  • Connecting two ipods to same computer

    I am having trouble trying to connect a second ipod to my windows xp laptop. I want to transfer all the music from my i-tunes to the second ipod I bought for my duaghter's birthday but keep getting non recognition from my laptop. Do I have to install another itunes cd software to "recognize" the second ipod? Thanks for any info and help.

    Check this out.
    Natalie Beresford, "Multiple iPods/iTunes Installations", 03:04am Nov 26, 2004 CDT

  • Help with 2 ipods on 1 computer - - NOT music, but apps

    This is not about music on 2 ipods, but applications. How can I manage 2 ipods? If each one has 75 different apps, how can I keep them seperate? Do I have to checkand uncheck the boxes on all 150 apps each time I switch ipods?

    I came across a user having a similar question so from what I read this what you need to do but am not totally sure though ! Just set-up 2 seperate I-TUNES software . and make sure that you don't save over the old I mean the first one when you add the 2nd one.

  • How do i get two ipods on one computer

    Ok How can I share songs with two ipods on one computer!!! Help PLEASE !!!!!!!!!1

    There are a couple of methods for using more than one iPod on a single computer. Have a look at the article linked below. Method one is to have two Windows accounts which by definition would give you two completely separate libraries. Method two is to set your preferences so each iPod is updated with only certain playlists within one library. Have a look anyway and see what you think and go for whichever you feel suits your needs best: How To Use Multiple iPods with One Computer

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