Help: XP driver for 3000 G410 wireless adapter

Hi All,
My recently bought g410 came with Vistra (only) drivers CD, while I'm installing winXP instead. I downloaded drivers from Lenovo website and everything worked except the winXP driver for "wireless network adapter" (all 3 of them: Gemtek, 3xxx, & 4xxx), the adapter was simply not recognized.
When I look at g410 spec, it says something like "Wireless Network Type: InviLink 802.11BG", does it mean that it is another type of wireless network driver those available on Lenovo's site? If so, where can I get this driver? Can someone help, please?
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Dear Silens,
Have tried to install the vista driver for Gemtek, and YES, the wireless thing is working now! Thanks for the feedback.
I notice that in the device manager, the device reads something like"Broadcom 802.11g" while from the specification, the wireless adapter should be 802.11bg (the letter "b" is missing from the description). I don't notice any performance issue though, however, would like to know if you have the same description as well?
Dear Rex,
I don't know how to start the system update software, do i need to download from any website?

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    First of all, TP-Link does not provide OS X drivers for that adapter. However, there are other sources that have drivers like this one. It is not official and it may fail, but it has been tested by other users and it works correctly.

  • OS X driver for Airlink AWLL6070 wireless USB adapter?

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    just like you mentioned, the driver did not work.  I force my lion boot into 32-bit mode but it didn't work as well.  I look at the /var/log/install
    "PKLeopardPackage <file://localhost/Users/john/Downloads/MAC-airlink-awll5077/10.6/Installer.pkg# rtl8192sus.pkg>"
    It was installing rtl8192sus.pkg
    I believe it is driver for realtek chip.  
    I somehow spot in system profile that airlink awll6070's manufacture chip is Ralink.
    802.11 n WLAN:
      BSD Name:          en4
      Product ID:          0x3c27
      Vendor ID:          0x14b2
      Version:          1.01
      Serial Number:          1.0
      Speed:          Up to 480 Mb/sec
      Manufacturer:          Ralink
      Location ID:          0x1d110000 / 4
      Current Available (mA):          500
      Current Required (mA):          450
    I search and found that there is a driver for mac.
    I download and install 10.6 version of driver on Lion. well, it seems to work now.  
    I forced my system to boot into 32-bit because one of the driver did not work in 64-bit mode.
    I will give it a try to boot into 64-bit mode to see if it work.

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    Are there some packages not install for this problem or some configuration of the system is wrong?
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    have you searched the forums? There are a bunch of threads on the ath9k module not working correctly with the latest kernel.
    That's why it works in the live cd environment but stops working once you update and login to your actual installation.

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    Hello bob5e,
    I am sorry to hear that you are unable to install successfully on your Windows 8.1 with your Officejet 4500 Wireless. I can see that the installation quits on you, giving you an error message. I am going to recommend trying a couple of things to hopefully make the installation successful.
    1. First of all, try installing by using The Printer Install Wizard for Windows which finds the correct driver for your unit and installs it.
    2. If that does not work, please try this next troubleshooting document step by step.
    Installation issues - The Progress Bar on the Software Installation Stops or Stalls
    I hope this helps!
    Good luck
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    Read the last post on how to install it. See if that works for you.  I used it on an x32 with 7 ultimate and I'm running an old printer off of it.
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  • Not able to install audio driver for 3000 G400

            I have reinstalled windows xp3 on my lenevo 3000 G400 but i am not able to find correct sound driver
    though I have  tried to install driver from as well as Driver CD which provided by lenovo. But
    It doesn't help.......
           Please help me to install sound driver for my note book ( 3000 G400 2048 22Q )
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    I have read some other discussion threads in which customers have gone back to Win XP SP2, installed drivers, then updated to SP3 if they didn't install properly directly under SP3.
    I would suggest using the search function from the forum home page and Searching on XP SP3 driver install or related terms.
    Some of the other discussions may help. 
    In the meantime, I'll inquire and see if there are any recommendations to help you. 
    Best regards,
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    Hi , Yes, there are still drivers available for the 4500 officejet wireless G510n, and I an help you obtain them. Please download and run the HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows The HP Printer Install Wizard for Window was created to help Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 users download and install the latest and most appropriate HP software solution for their HP Printer. Please let me know if this resolve the issue. Thanks.

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    That's because there's no thunderbolt port on the 2010 MBair.  You need to buy the USB ethernet adapter.

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      Please help me find the driver for the HP LaserJET COLOR PRO 200 FOR MAC OXC 10.10 YOSEMITE
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    This should be what you need
    Driver for for OS X 10.9 Mavericks and OS X 10.10 Yosemite
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  • Lion 10.7 - Proper driver for Dynex eSATA Expresscard adapter?

    I just upgraded to OS X Lion today, and I'm having trouble talking to my external drive with my eSATA expresscard adapter. (see link below) r-reviews/reviews.htm
    The adapter is detected as a "Mass Storage Controller," but I can't get any connectivity with my external drive. Has anyone had success with this/any expresscard adapter? Back to good ol' USB 2.0 for the time being I guess...
    Thanks in advance!

    I can confirm that this driver (SLI 3132 ver. is working for my Dynex 2 port e-SATA II ExpressCard Adapter.
    (Link to Mac specific driver page)
    I haven't done any super heavy lifting with it yet, but so far so good.
    Will report back if I see any issues over the next couple days of use.

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    Definitely not recommended. Simply stated, I would never do this.
    Access to the Time Capsule drive is slow, and if there are any errors when iPhoto is writing to the Time Capsule drive, the entire iPhoto library can easily become corrupted.
    This assumes that you are connecting the Time Capsule to your Mac using a wired Ethernet connection. The potential for problems would be greatly magnified if the Mac was using wireless.
    Another point to consider....the only copy of the iPhoto library that you have will be on the Time Capsule. When....not if...the Time Capsule has a problem, you will lose the iPhoto library unless you have a backup on another drive.
    The correct way to do what you want is add an exernal drive and connect it directly to the Mac using USB or better yet, Firewire.  Move the iPhoto library over to the external drive.
    Then....the Time Capsule will backup both your Mac and the external hard drive.  In case something goes wrong with the external drive, or the Time Capsule, you still have a backup copy of the iPhoto library.
    For confirmation of all of this, please post in the iPhoto support forum.

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    Ok lets see if we can clear somethings up.
    Using wireless and VPN before the "Drop" was ok?
    Using Wireless and no VPN after the "Drop" is fine?
    Using Wireless and VPN after the "Drop" causes the wireless adapter to disconnect?
    If this is correct probally the best thing to do is to remove the cisco VPN software and reinstall it.
    It can't be anything to do with the "Drop" as using normal wireless is working fine you say.
    and the Cisco VPN Adapter is Virtual.
    Let me know how you get on.

  • Need help finding driver for HpG42 - 459TX " window 7'

    i just format my lappy since its infected with virus but i cant seem to find any driver for this model.
    my english is worst, im sorry
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    All the drivers you require are on the following links, depending on whether you have the 32bit or 64bit OS installed.
    Windows 7 32bit Drivers
    Windows 7 64bit Drivers
    All the best,
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  • Help with driver for wireless

    I have an HP LaserJet P1005 printer, connected to a PC running Vista.  I have a new laptop running Windows 7 that I can't get to print wirelessly.  The printer is listed in my laptop devices, and the Homegroup is set up.  I was told I needed a 32-bit driver to make it work, as my laptop is 64 bit and the PC with the connected printer is 32 bit.  I think I found the driver online, but when I try to download it to the laptop, it hangs forever and won't finish.  Why is this so hard?????

    Hello Jsherman,
    Your printer is a Host based printer, which means it needs the computers cpu its connected to to process a printjob. This will make it difficult to get it working from a differant computer via Printersharing. (difficult means as good as impossible in this case.
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