Hey guys, how can i password protect my files in external hard drive? I want to access those files both from mac and windows PC!

Hey guys, how can i password protect my files in external hard drive? I want to access those files both from mac and windows PC!

If you want a cross-platform solution that doesn't require the use of third-party software, use an external drive with hardware encryption. The device will have either a physical key or a numeric keypad. I don't have a specific recommendation.

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  • Can't access Password Protection Manager on my External Hard Drive to unlock it

    I can't access password protection manager on my External Hard Drive to unlock it , I got updated antivirus and I always use safely remove to remove the hard drive. I see the UNLOCK APP Drive, and the Public Area, but when I run the "Password Protection Manager.exe" file at UNLOCK APP Drive, the bar will just be fulfilled by approximately 60% by showing "Loading...", then it stops for many seconds, and it starts to run the Installation file (PasswordProtectionManagerSetup_F.exe) which will delete all unlocked files if I accept it to install.
    2 TB External Hard Drive Model HD-E2
    Model No.: OAW1AGK370300BF
    Please let me know how I can access my protected files (the locked drive).

    Hi vahid22! Please provide the model number (usually on the bottom of the unit) of your Sony External Hard Drive. Thank you!

  • I can't access password protection manager on my External Hard Drive to unlock it

    I can't access password protection manager on my External Hard Drive to unlock it , its kind of infected by a virus I guess and it is not bring me the password protection manage screen to enter password and access my data...
    Go to Solution.

    Hi vahid22! Please provide the model number (usually on the bottom of the unit) of your Sony External Hard Drive. Thank you!

  • How can I make a backup to an external hard drive from iPhoto if it won't open?

    how can I make a backup to an external hard drive from iPhoto if it won't open? I just wan't to make a backup to my pictures not my entire computer so how does Time Machine work on that?

      you could also clone the drive or volume, or just some of the user folders. look for carbon copy cloner, then enable the "use checksum to insure file integrity."
      you can have multiple iPhoto Library catalogues in different locations.
    Continue to use TimeMachine and make sure it has 350% or more capacity than your system and data.

  • I have so many photos I only have 1G of memory left.  How can I move the photos to my external hard drive that is connected to my iMac?

    I have so many photos on my Mac I only have 1G of memory left.  How can I move the photos to the external hard drive that is plugged into my iMac.

    1GB? It's a miracle your Mac is running at all!
    This is our resident iPhoto guru, Terence Devlin's, advice:
    You can move your iPhoto Library to an external disk:
    1. Quit iPhoto
    2. Copy the iPhoto Library Folder as an entity from your Pictures Folder to the External Disk.
    3. Hold down the option (or alt) key while launching iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Choose Library' and navigate to the new location. From that point on this will be the default location of your library.
    4. Test the library and when you're sure all is well, trash the one on your internal HD to free up space.

  • How can i perform a search on my external hard drive on my mac pro os x 10.9.2 ?

    how can i perform a search on my external hard drive on my mac pro os x 10.9.2 ?

    Mac OS X 10.9.2 is 12 years newer than 9.2.x.    You need to make sure that Spotlight has indexed the external hard drive by adding it and removing it from Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Spotlight -> Privacy.   Check the menu for it:
    to determine if indexing is still going on, as it will say indexing.
    Alternatively, you can use a non-Spotlight tool, such as:
    http://www.devontechnologies.com/products/freeware/ - EasyFind
    http://www.osxbytes.com/ - iFileX (note the MacUpdate link provided on osxbytes page has a Malware advertisement for MacKeeper, do not download).
    http://www.barebones.com/ Textwrangler has a Search file for content, which works on any Text file.

  • How can i update the itunes in my external hard drive?

    When i try to update the itunes on my external hard drive, it creates a new application in my computers hard drive. How can i update the one on my external hard drive?

    there's no advantage to having the application on your external drive, you should leave it in your applications folder on your internal drive. if you insist on changing the app's location, you'll always have to then copy the app by hand to the external drive

  • Mac-format to PC-format: How can I get my music off an external hard drive?

    I had a mac-formatted iPod for years, and all of my music is on an external hard drive that is hooked up to that computer. When I got a new iPod after mine was stolen, I had to get a PC-formatted iPod. How can I get my music off of the hard drive and onto my PC (and eventually my iPod)? I tried uploading the files into my iTunes account on the Mac, but they don't show up in my account on the PC. Most of the music are CDs that I copied onto my computer years ago, and had on my old iPod. Help!

    Your Firefox profile would have the data. You can find it at:
    *C:\Users\<Windows login/user name>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile folder>
    **The file you want is called ''places.sqlite''
    You can copy that file if you want to restore your bookmarks to your current Firefox by going back to ''C:\Users\<Windows login/user name>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile folder>'' and overwriting the current file. Keep in mind, doing this will erase your current bookmarks.

  • How can I move my pictures to an external hard drive to free up space?

    Does anyone know how to move pictures in iPhoto to an external hard drive? My computer is running out of memory and therefore running very slowly. I get the spinning circle constantly.
    Thank you!!

    I don't know if you're under Applecare, but I've used them often to guide me through the process of both moving my photos & music, and getting my laptop to know where to look for them. I've stored my media on an external drive for years and the Apple techs always help, from partitioning the drive to moving the libraries.
    They can also help you understand the difference between RAM & 'memory'. It's possible the computer needs the 81 GB's for 'running purposes', though that sounds a bit high for that. Someone else may know.
    What Clinton describes does work, by the way. But if you're not sure you get how to do that, don't be shy about calling Applecare.

  • How can I save a project to an external hard-drive?

    Hey guys,
    I'm trying to clean out my computer and I want to move a finished project to an external hard-drive (while still being able to edit in the future if I choose)... How can I do this, and once I accomplish the task would I be able to delete everything that was on my internal hard-drive?

    Use FCP's Media Manager to copy to the external drive. Once copied and you verify everything is OK, you can delete the original files.

  • How can I sort out iphoto with my external hard drive?

    Hello, and sorry if this has been answered before, i did have a look, but with no results.
    a while ago my ibook filled up, and so i bought an external hard drive. i then dragged the photos across onto it, deleted them off my i book. no problems.
    a while later i read about setting up my external hard drive to use it as an iphoto library. i did this, pressed the "alt" key whilst iphoto opened and i was able to open my photos from the external drive.
    however, all the photos that i'd orignally transferred were not there, only the most recent ones.
    so, to sum up, when i look at the photos on my external drive, they are all there, but when i try opening them with iphoto i can only see some of them.
    how can i re-set up my external drive so i can see all my photos using i book?
    i was thinking i could drag the photos that don't open from the external drive into iphoto, then redrag the entire iphoto library back onto the external drive. however, i only have 2 gb of space on my ibook, and about 20000 photos in total.

    sorry for being unclear.
    i will try and explain again.
    i still have my iphoto library on my internal drive.
    i initially dragged and dropped the photos from iphoto onto the external drive and deleted them off my internal drive to free up space.
    then i read how i better way to do it would be to drag my iphoto library from the finder, onto my external drive, because then i would be able to open it from iphoto. so i did that and when i pressed the option key whilst iphoto was setting up, accessed my iphoto file on my external drive.
    the only photos to appear were the ones from when i dragged the entire iphoto file from finder, not the previous lot that i had dragged from iphoto itself.
    so, any ideas how i can get the photos that aren't showing up using iphoto, to show up?

  • I am over capacity and think it's because I have Downton Abbey Season 1 saved in iTunes. How can I move the episodes to an external hard drive?

    I am over capacity on my #GS iPhone and I have  a very large amount of audio space that I think might be taken up by season one of Downton Abbey. I have tried to copy and save episodes to my external hard drive but I get a message saying I "don't have permission". How can I move the six episodes out iTunes ??

    dckramermd wrote:
    How can I move software program over to an external hard drive to free up space on my imac.  I have move documents and photos and movies but the only thing left is softward programs.  How do you move them to the external drive?
    EXTREMELY poor idea! Leave the apps on the internal HD. You can move files and libraries from iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Aperture, etc.. to an external HD but leave the apps them self on the internal HD.
    Did you empty the Trash after moving all that data to the EHD??

  • How can Time Machine backup automatically when your external hard drive isn't connected?

    Everywhere I search, it says that Time Machine will automatically backup every 24 hours and so on.
    However, I was wondering - how can these automatic backups take place if you are backing up to an external hard drive which is not always connected?
    Is this to say that if you do not connect your external hard drive for a day, no backups will be done that day?
    Thank you

    If the drive is not connected then TM pauses until the drive becomes available. Yes, if the drive isn't connected then there are no backups.
    A  whole  lot  about  Time  Machine for help with TM problems.  Also you can select Mac Help from the Finder's Help menu and search for "time machine" to locate articles on how to use TM.  See also Mac 101- Time Machine.

  • How can I download my music to an external hard drive from my ipod ?

    I am trying to figure out how I can download my music from my ipod to an external hard drive.

    Drag and drop the music  from your Itunes to your desktop - to the external hard drive.
    - Works for me, Works for you.

  • How can I change the settings of an external hard drive?

    I have a 250-GB external hard drive connected to my Mac mini, whose files and folders I can´t delete as it shows up as a read-only disk. According to the Mac help, I can use the files on a disk by clicking on the "Get Info" label and selecting "Ignore ownership on this volume" at the bottom of the menu. However, when I try to do that, the "Ignore ownership on this volume" checkbox doesn´t even show up on the menu. Any suggestions or alternatives to get to delete those files I no longer need? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Mac mini 1.66 GHz Intel core duo   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   1 GB DDR2 SDRAM

    If you want to erase the entire drive you can format it with Disk Utility (in Applications/Utilities).
    Mario is right about NTFS. If you drive is formatted as such (which would mean it was used by Windows at some point) then the issue is related to permissions (actually NTFS-formatted drives don't have permissions, but Access Control Lists instead), it's just that Mac OS X can't write to these disks.

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    how do you transfer music from one iphone to another without paying?

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    Hi all, at a customer exist the following scenario: one admin user creates subscription for folders, another admin user should be able to modify this subscription (in substitute function). How can I achieve this? Thanks, Andre

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    Dear Expertise, I have some doubts in JMS Adpater. 1. IS JMS adapter in XI is JMS client? 2. If JMS adaper CC is in sender mode, will XI pull the data(queues) from JMS server or JMS server will send the data to XI. For IDOC to JMS scenario, what are

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