Hi. I am unable to open Lightroom 3 on my iMac.

I have returned from holiday to find my Lightroom3 will no longer open. As a photographer with a newborn baby shoot arranged this week. It is causing me a lot of stress.
I noticed the icon has changed from the normal LR one on my Doc station. I still have the normal LR icon as a shortcut on my screen, but LR won't open from any of them. I tried The alt key as was suggested in forums. But nothing opens. You can see the new weird icon in the screenshot i took.
On the 9-8-14, I installed a new Time Machine backup external hard drive . I've noticed the last Lightroom Backup was just before i went away on holiday the day after the TimeMachine was set up.
I'd appreciate any help, as i am not at all computer minded and have no idea where to start to rectify the problem.

Hi Moo-min,
You can definitely backup your data using the Time Machine, but we do not recommend doing the same for Adobe Applications.
In these scenarios you should uninstall and reinstall the product.

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    Is it only ones you have downloaded? What about for example the ones that came with your iMac - you didn't give a model but mine has a folder "User Guides and Information" that has a number of pdfs. Spotlight should find it for you.

  • I can't open Lightroom 5 on my iMac -- receiving 1712 message

    I can't open Lightroom 5 on my iMac -- receiving 1712 message

    vOS X 10.9.4 (13E28)
    Error message “The application ‘Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5’ can’t be opened -1712
    I’m thinking this might be an apple problem?

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    I'm unable to open my Lightroom 5 catalog.  A message appears stating "Lightroom 5 catalog cannot be opened because another application already has it opened".   In reviewing similar questions on the forum it looks like this might have been caused when my computer shut down suddenly when Lightroom was still open.  A response to a similar previous question suggested looking for the file with a .lock extension and deleting it or renaming it.  I checked my files and found none with a .lock extension.  

    Yes, that is the file. Lightroom creates that every time the program starts. It's part of the underlying database technology integrated in Lightroom. If Lightroom shuts down abnormally, or there is a different problem with of the computer system that forces the shutdown of the program this file can be left as an orphan. And it has to be deleted before you can start Lightroom again.

  • Lightroom 4 Catalog marked open - unable to open Lightroom

    I was using Lightroom 4 Windows 7 64 bit, had a power bump, re-booted, now I am unable to use Lightroom. I get a message box saying "The Lightroom catalog named Lightroom 4 catalog cannot be opened because another application already has it opened Quit the other copy of Lightroom before trying to launch" To my knowledge I have no copies open!

    Go to the folder that contains your catalog and in there you should find a file entitled yourcatalogname.lrcat.lock. This is the temporary lock file which is created when a catalog is opened (and thus prevents anyone else trying to use it), and is deleted when the catalog is closed. In your case, i.e. an abnormal termination, the file never got deleted so now LR thinks it's already open. Simply delete the lock file (and make sure you don't delete the catalog by mistake!), then restart LR.
    EDIT: Ok, you beat me to it! Well done.

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    I cannot currently open Lightroom. Each time I try it tells me that the catalog could not open due to an "unexpected error". I get this error for every catalog and every backup. I can't even seem to create a new catalog successfully. Any help would be great.

    Did a site search for "unexpected error" not turn anything up?
    What about the linked posts to the right of this page under "More alike This"?

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    When I try to bring up Lightroom I get a message "Runtime Error" which says that "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for moreinformation." This has never happened before and I cannot open Lightroom in any way. The storage space on my hard drive is very low but I have been working with Lightroom in this capacity, including yesterday, with no problems. I am running this on Windows XP. Any ideas?

    Hi Ray, I don't know what "very low" means, but regardless of what Lightroom is doing you should free up some disk space ASAP if that is your startup drive. Once you've increased the available free space I'd run XP's disk defrag utility on that drive.
    Once that is done, try launching Lightroom again.
    If you still get an error, try opening a new catalog to see if you get a different result:
    - hold the Ctrl key and launch Lightroom
    - when the select catalog dialog appears click Create New Catalog
    - pick a spot on your newly cleaned drive and Lightroom should open with this new empty catalog.
    If it does, then import some images and do a test drive. If that works, do you have a backup of your other catalog?

  • I can't open lightroom cc on my iMac.

    when i try to open lightroom cc it flashes the opening screen and it doesn't open.

    vOS X 10.9.4 (13E28)
    Error message “The application ‘Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5’ can’t be opened -1712
    I’m thinking this might be an apple problem?

  • Unable to open Lightroom 3.6.2

    I have been using this program for the las couple of years.   Now it seems not to want to open.   Instead Windows 7
    returns the following error message 0x000007b   which of course means nothing to me.  It tells me to close the program.

    I don't know what that error code means either.  But the first thing I would look for would be to go to the folder where your catalog is being stored and see if there is a file with the .lock extension.  If one is there, delete it.  It is an indication that the last time Lightroom shut down it didn't do so properly.  And that file is associated with the database Lightroom uses to manage your images.

  • Unable to open Lightroom 4

    I have a 2GHZ intel core duo IMac running snow leopard 10.6.8.  I have downloaded the beta Lightroom 4 successfully.  When I go to start the application I get
    the following:
    You cannot open the application Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.app because it is not supported on this type of mac. 
    I run Lightroom 3 without difficulty.  Any suggestions?

    The Mac system requirements:
    Multicore Intel® processor with 64-bit support
    Mac OS X v10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or v10.7 (Lion)
    2GB of RAM
    1GB of available hard-disk space
    1,024×768 display
    DVD-ROM drive
    Internet connection required for Internet-based services
    I don't think your CPU is compatible...

  • I have purchased Photoshop CC but I'm still unable to download and open lightroom, it still asks for serial number?

    Can any one help me being able to download LR as I've purchased photoshop and lightroom, but i'm still unable to open lightroom it keeps asking for serial number and won't open.

    Uninstall the serial-number LR5, the one you have installed, now, then quit the CC Desktop application (gear/quit or right-click quit), then restart the CC Desktop application, which will rescan and see that LR is no longer installed, and will offer LR in the CC Desktop apps list with an Install button next to it, so install that version.

  • Lightroom 3.4.1 unable to open

    I am unable to open Lightroom after importing an image.  The heading now reads when I try to open it,  Lightroom-  Opening Catalogue: - Wrights Water Garden 10 Feb 2007 (88) jpg.Ircad  I guess I clicked on something I shouldn't have as I am new to the programme and doing a night course.
    I have tried to reinstall Lightroom but it came out the same, but I didn't take it off the computer as afraid i might not be able to use the same number.  I have tried going into my my documents and into my pictures then Lightroom and tried unticking read only but this didn't make any difference.  I am getting really upset as don't know what to do next.  Thanks Margaret

    Bet you have an image "Wrights Water Garden 10 Feb 2007 (88).jpg" and you tried to open it as a catalog.
    The proper catalog should still be in your Lightroom folder.  Double click on it.

  • I'm unable to open up Lightroom 5, I get this message in a pop up box: "Lightroom encountered an error when reading from it's preview cache and needs to quit" Underneath  that is "Lightroom will attempt to fix this problem the next time when it launches."

    I'm unable to open up Lightroom 5, I get this message in a pop up box: "Lightroom encountered an error when reading from it's preview cache and needs to quit" Underneath  that is "Lightroom will attempt to fix this problem the next time when it launches."  It hasn't, what should I do? Thanks Shawn (Irish Se7en) .

    Can you try to rename (not delete!) the folder named "YOUR_CATALOG_NAME Previews.lrdata" and restart Lightroom?

  • I am unable to launch Lightroom 5 Catalog:Ircat. A black long rectangle comes up the reads: Lightroom - Opening Catalog: Lightroom 5 Catalog.Ircat.  But in never opens?

    I am unable to launch Lightroom 5 Catalog.Ircat.  A black rectangle says: Lightroom - Opening Catalog: Lightroom 5 Catalog.Ircat, but it never opens.

    I have Windows 7 Home premium, Lightroom 5.6 64bit  The program was working
    properly till a few weeks ago.  At that time I was not able to get my
    files.  There was the little question mark on them.  I have three external
    drives with pictures in them.  H and G drives all have question marks as to
    the location of the original pictures.  I drive which I share with a laptop
    where it work just fine and had been working fine now I can no longer
    access Lightroom 5 Catalog on it.
    I noticed two or three days ago that when I opened Lightroom it opened
    another Catalog Call Lightroom Catalog 2.  So when I tried to launch
    Lightroom Catalog 5, I get the long rectangular bar with the message
    "Lightroom - Opening Catalog: Lightroom Catalog.Ircat".  But it never
    opens.  The message just sits there.  There are error messages.   The
    external drive with Lightroom 5 Catalog.Ircat continues to work fine on my
    Your help is much appreciated.

  • Unable to open image in camera raw in CS3

    I have CS3 and I'm unable to open images in camera raw.  I updated to 4.6 but it hasn't helped, and I've tried suggestions such as "open as" and then "formats" and choosing "camera raw"...still doesn't work.  Adobe is not able to help me over the phone due to the older version of Photoshop...any thoughts or help?  Thanks so much.

    A critical piece of information would be what camera model the RAW images you're trying to open are from.
    Each model camera must be supported specifically in Camera RAW.  If your camera is newer than the latest ACR version available for your Photoshop version then you'll be unable to open the RAW files in ACR.
    Three solutions are:
    Use the latest version of the free DNG Converter from Adobe Updates < http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates > to convert each RAW file to a DNG and then that DNG will be openable in the older ACR version.  You may need to change the ACR-version compatibility setting in the DNG Converter.  This solution is free but doubles your storage space if you keep your original RAW plus the DNGs.
    Buy Lightroom (which is less than half the price of Photoshop) and continue to use your older Photoshop with it.  The adjustments you do in LR are the same as you'd be able to do in ACR (actually more because the newest version of LR and ACR have more adjustments)
    Upgrade to or buy the latest version of Photoshop, depending on your upgrade availability.
    I personally have both Lightroom and Photoshop and use LR 90% of the time.

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