Hiding report title in Group Tree View Pane

In a .rpt file, if I provide a Group Field, it is displayed in the "Group Tree View" when I preview the report.
The Group Tree View pane also contains the name of the report - actually the title. Is there a way that I can choose not to show report title on this pane?
Here is my requirement:
I'm localizing the report file and that includes localizing group names too. I've also localized the report title by using a formula and displaying the formula in the report header. But this pane - Group Tree View -  uses report title from "Special Fields", which I'm not able to modify. So I'm always getting the non-localized report title displayed on this pane, which I want to avaid somehow.
If I remove report title from the report properties, this pane shows report file name instead, which again i do not want to be displayed.

After removing the report title from the report properties try to place a space " " in the report title field in summaryinfo so that a blank space is shown in the group tree.

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  • How to change Group Header Font in Crystal report Left Most Group Tree?

    Hi Dears!
    I am using crystal report 10 with C# 2005. I have an issue that i want to change the font of Group Header Text that is visible when we click on Toggle Group Tree button and a tree pane is visible towards the left side of report viewer.Means all the Group Tree Items that are visible when we click  Toggle Group Tree button on Crystal report Viewer.
    I have goggled a lot but unable to find any hint. Any idea or help would be highly appreciated .
    Thanks in advance.

    look for information on drilldowngrouplevel function. this is available in versions 9 and higher.
    i cant test it in mine to give you the syntax, but you would need to create another section and conditionally surpress the section on the drilldowngrouplevel function. hope this helps

  • Report Header is hided when navigating in the Group Tree

    Hello there,
    I have an issue when navigating in CR reports by using the Group Tree.  When I chose an entry in the tree, the Report header is hided.  Please advise what needs to be changed in order to keep the report header during Group Tree navigation

    Report Header is only visible on the first page of the report. If you click on an entry that is on the first page of the report, is the report header visible then?
    If you want the information in the report header visible on every page, consider moving it to a page header.

  • Main Reports' Group Tree doesn't retain last record selected

    In Crystal 2008 Viewer, when you click one of the last tree nodes on a long Group Tree, the program jumps to that part of the report for that group.  But when you return to the Main report tab the Group Tree pane returns to the top.
    According to my users, previous Crystal versions used to outline the previously selected tree node and keep that section in the left pane, so the user could see where they just were.
    This partially works in the Crystal 2008 Developer version.  If I preview the report and drill down with the group tree, the Preview tab's group tree pane stays in place.  I do not, however, have any outline or indication of what group was just selected.
    I found this in the help text: "For longer reports or reports in which you wish to jump back and forth between different groups, the smart navigation features of the Group Tree make your work extremely efficient."  For the users to jump back and forth efficiently they need the Main Reports' group tree to remember the general location from which they came (at a minimum) AND/OR the previously drilled record also be highlighted/outlined (at best).

    Please re-post if this is still an issue or purchase a case and have a dedicated support engineer work with you directly:
    http://store.businessobjects.com/store/bobjamer/DisplayProductByTypePage&parentCategoryID=&[email protected]&rests=1254701640551

  • Hide the 'group tree' in crystal reports 2008

    Hey Guys,
    Please help me out.
    I need to hide the group tree which automatically shoots on the crystal report after execution.
    This is what i need to see. Only the report data (After report execution) i do not need to see the group tree under the tab 'main report' which appears on the left had side of the report.
    I know that in the previous version there was an option which would hide the group tree option under File>Report Option> uncheck Group tree.
    But there is no option here in CR 2008.
    Is there a code i need to insert somewhere in the report??

    Hi Chinmay,
    Thanks for your quick reply, I was late on the reply because I had a load of other things to do. Sorry for that....
    I am aware that we can click the toggle panel to remove the group tree.
    But a user wants to hide the group tree on 1st run,,,, that is causing the problem.....
    I cant seem to find an option we can disable group tree for the user, so that he may not view the group tree..

  • Sub report group tree in main report Using crystal report 12

    Hi experts,
        I have a strange requirement like, same data needs to be grouped two different ways in a same report.  Like
        Summary of sales on each item chart
        Summary of sales on each item chart
    .....it goes like this
    Department1(multiple stores)
          summary of sale on each item chart - store1
          summary of sale on each item chart - store2
         --........ it goes
          summary of sale on each item chart - store3
    --........ it goes
       Its in single report, the first part is grouped only with store and in second part the store is under department. How to do this in same report?
        I achieved  this by creating a sub report to display the first part of data and in the main report sup report data plus the second part of data will be displayed. And its working well but now the problem is the group tree, I'm not able to see the sub report group tree in the main report.
       How to get the sub report group tree in the main report, Or is there any other better way is there so i can get both the data as well the group tree. Please help me to solve this. CryCryCry
    I'm using crystal report 2008(installed separately) with Visual Studio2008 (.Net3.5)
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the reply.
        Yea both data source are same(Datasource is SQL Stored Procedure). I cant use like that, because my client needs the group tree also. In case if there is no group tree, we can create one more group and supress it conditionaly. But here the problem is there is no way to suppress any of the group item in group tree as we can do it in the detail section.
        So please me with some different ways and also , please clarrify the following doubts
    1. Can we supress one or more items in the group tree.
    2. Can we get the sub report group tree in main report(Everything is working when i used the sub reports except the group tree). So I'm trying for different ways to do, but none is helping me
    Please help me

  • CRXI & CR9 - Group Tree not showing/available

    I have a report where the Group Tree is NOT showing for both CRXI & CR9! Display Group Tree is checked in both versions. This report has 3 groups. This has happened on other reports. I have tried unchecking the Display Group Tree option and saving report, then checking it again and saving it, but still unable to view Group Tree.
    I have other reports with grouping and the Group Tree is available.
    Any suggestions?

    Please test by implementing following steps:
    1.Open this report in the designer and save with some other name.
    2.Create a new connection to the desired database and use 'Set datasource location'  option under Database tab to set the datasource location to this new connection.
    3.Open each group and re-select the database field (on which the group is based).
    4.Check whether ther are any errors (at run time ) while refreshing this report.
    Please provide following information:
    1.Exact version of crystal reports(Help>>About Crystal Reports)
    2.Has anything changed with this report since the last use.

  • Cant select the group tree

    Morning All
    I have a crystal report in which I have multiple groups and subreports in the group footers.
    I am not able to select the group tree coz i dont see the group name.
    It's a very complex report and the group tree is very much important.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Sourashree
    Answers to your questions:
    1. What is the version of Crystal Reports that you are using? CRXIR2
    2. Do you have BusienssObjects Enterprise installed? Yes we have.
    3. What's the patch level of the enterprise and CR?  both are SP2.
    Is it happenibng from Crystal Reports Designer Stand Alone applicationor from Infoview? We do use infoview but I am getting this issue in the Crystal Reports Designer itself.
    It's going critical now.
    Please help!!
    Thanks in advance.

  • Crystal Report Viewer 13.0.2000 Group Tree does not properly display in IE8

    We migrated from crystal reports 10.x.x to Crystal Reports 13.0.2000.
    The group tree when rendered in IE8 shows the group icon in the middle.
    See the attached picture.
    However, the display is good in Google Chrome and IE11.
    Since we already have a customer base using IE8, need a fix to resolve the IE8 issue.

    Not to argue with Brian, but the Supported Platforms still contains IE 8 as being supported.
    You do not mention the service pack you are using or if you can reproduce the issue on your test environment(?).
    Links to up to date SPs are here:
    SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio: Updates & Runtime Downloads
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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  • CR 2008 report not displaying until Group Tree clicked

    We are having an issue with our CR 2008 web based reports.  The reports run correctly locally, but not when launched from a Windows 2008 Server on which we installed Crystal Reports 2008 Fix Pack 3.3 - Redist Install.  This is a web based application written in ASP.NET and .NET framework 3.5.
    When the report viewer is invoked, the Group Tree in the left hand pane appears with valid group data.  The report viewer pane, however, is blank.  If we click a node in the Group Tree, the report appears.  If we click in the Page Number field and press ENTER, the report appears.  As I previously mentioned, it works correctly when run locally from our development workstation.
    This happens on all reports.  We've created a brand new report with no groups and the same situation occurs.  We've turned off the Group Tree in code with the same result.  We've tried setting various properties on the viewer itself, and have even tried adding a bit of Javascript to have the page refresh the report after it appears, all to no avail.
    Has anyone else seen this issue that might be able to suggest what we do differently to work around this issue?
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the suggestion David.  I tried that this morning but the issue still remained.  Are there any known issues with the latest 3.3 patch and the viewer?
    As an added note, the issue is not browser specific.  It happens in both IE and Firefox.
    Thank you.

  • Group tree does not always render data in ActiveX viewer

    We are using Crystal XI R2 and the RDC/ASP interface to render reports in the ActiveX viewer. The web server is a Windows 2008 R2 64 bit machine.
    Yes, I know it is not supported but I was hoping someone may have a workaround.
    We got the ActiveX viewer to render by making the noted fix to rptserver.asp but the problem we are now facing is  that on certain reports, the group tree pane will  not render all the data properly and comes up blank. The main report pane is no problem and displays the data fine. The problem seems to be related to the amount of data that the group tree pane is displaying and some reports will render it properly whereas others will not.
    Anyone seen a similar problem before and have any clues as to how to correct it?

    Does it work on WIN 2003 server?
    The problem seems to be related to the amount of data that the group tree pane is displaying and some reports will render it properly whereas others will not.
    If as a test if you filter the data so there is less of it, does the group tree pane appear on these reports?
    Make sure the 'DisplayGroupTree' property is not set to False.
    - Ludek
    Edited by: Ludek Uher on Jun 17, 2011 6:55 AM

  • ActiveX Viewer: Preventing Group Tree from displaying

    We use URL reporting to bring the reports up in the ActiveX Viewer. With BO XI R2 the viewer always displays the group tree section even when the report is set to not generate the group tree. And of course we get lots of question on why this part is just displaying as a white section. This was not an issue in CE10 and we wonder how we can control this behaviour in the ActiveX Viewer.

    Does it work on WIN 2003 server?
    The problem seems to be related to the amount of data that the group tree pane is displaying and some reports will render it properly whereas others will not.
    If as a test if you filter the data so there is less of it, does the group tree pane appear on these reports?
    Make sure the 'DisplayGroupTree' property is not set to False.
    - Ludek
    Edited by: Ludek Uher on Jun 17, 2011 6:55 AM

  • Having issues viewing interactive parameters and group tree in Visual Studio 2013 design view.

    Hey Guys,
    I'm a web developer (front end and back end, kind of a one man army sort of deal) and my current employer wishes to use crystal reports to display the results of the online survey apps/tools I have been working on for the last few months. However, I have been having trouble getting the reports to render in browser, and a lot of the ui components of the browser based report viewer (the interactive parameters and group tree) will not render properly in the design view of visual studio (ive attached a screen cap of what I'm talking about) or in the browser itself.
    I am new to crystal reports and its community and if I am leaving out any critical details or have posted in the incorrect section please inform me and I will make changes as necessary.
    Additional info:
    Visual studio version: 2013 professional (trial)
    Plugin version (exe file name): CRforVS_13_0_9.exe (I also installed the 64 bit run-time from this)
    Server and OS versions: IIS 7.5 on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
    Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Mike
    First thing you want to do is uninstall CRVS SP 9 and install CRVS SP 10. SP 10 is the first SP to support VS 2013.
    Once that is done, let us know if that helped any.
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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  • Report as an Inquiry tool - Controlling the Group Tree

    Users would like to be able to use this report as an inquiry tool... having trouble with displaying only relevant data (or at least highlighting the appropriate/relevant data on the left hand window pane - aka the Group Tree).
    Perhaps the report needs to be reconfigured as a subreport?
    Here is the issue, any hints or suggestions are welcome!
    CR Xi   --version -->
    Report Groups on Last Name
    Transaction detail; totaling an amount field (logic works to suppress if total of all transactions is not equal to zero) -- Report is reporting on zero balance records by last name --
    Selection expert;
    Sum ({transactions.Amount},{MASTER.HEAD_L_NAME}) >= $0.009  (group selection)
    {MASTER.UNIT_ID} = ""  (record selection)
    Of the 10,000 records returned (unit id = blank),  200 records have a sum of zero in the amount fields (the sum of all transactions by last name)    u2013 this all works fine
    Is there a method to control what the users see on the group tree? What it is displaying on the left are the Group records (10,000) by last name who have a blank unit id in the master file... drilling down on one of the 200 transactions where the record meets both criteria works fine...but the other 8,800 records don't meet the detail/transaction criteria, so there is nothing to display and hence the drill down makes no sense when used as a query - The correct records are shown on the report - that is, if the users printed the report, they would get records which meet both criteria...
    Can only records show on the left side when they meet both the group (id = blank) and detail (transactions summed = 0) selection criteria?
    Or can they at least these that meet both criteria be highlighted in some way?

    try using Group selection (select expert->group) along with record selection.

  • How to hide Group Tree in Crystal Report Server.

    Hi all visitors
    i have created one crystal report and my report use group to summary the amount of each day.
    after i use group to summary, i used text box cover the group. so my group can't click anything.
    After that i upload my report to crystal report server, when i viewed my report and when i click on Group Tree, it will show the list of group (group date in crystal report) and it also can click. I don't want to show the Group Tree in Crystal Report Server.
    Anybody know how to hide group tree in crystal report server?
    Best Regards,

    Are you talking custom application, or infoview?  If it is custom app, you would have to look at the setToolPanelViewType method.  if its infoview, no direct way to change this that i know of.

Maybe you are looking for