Homesharing - struggling with different accounts on same computer

Hi - hope somebody can help with this. Could you talk me through how to set up homesharing on the same computer for 3 different accounts (me, wife and son - the latter with parental controls). I've tried turning on the homesharing function and the "look for homesharing" but am having no joy. would be grateful for any help. Thanks.

I have been able to share my media using Home Sharing on different accounts on the same computer. All you need to do is make sure you use the same Apple ID for all of the accounts when you set up homesharing and have all of the accounts logged into at the same time. Then you will be able to transfer media back and forth.

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    how do I share the music of my library with another account on same computer

    How to share music between different accounts on a single computer

  • Lion - how can I share files with another account on same computer

    Lion has dropped public files and airdrop only works over wifi.  How do I share files between two accounts on same computer?

    I found and turned on "system preferences  / file sharing"  but also had to go to Finder preferences and select show "Hard Disks" to be able to see other users public folder.

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    My wife and I each have separate itunes accounts on the same computer.  But when I open up itunes now, her account opens, but I can't access mine.  I can't figure out how to log her off.  There is an option to log her off for the store, so she can buy music with my account, but not to log off her library so I can access my library.  Help? Thanks!

    I have been able to share my media using Home Sharing on different accounts on the same computer. All you need to do is make sure you use the same Apple ID for all of the accounts when you set up homesharing and have all of the accounts logged into at the same time. Then you will be able to transfer media back and forth.

  • Multiple users with different Ipods on same computer

    My household has one general computer that is used by myself and my two teenage daughters. We don't use separate logins because it is used mostly to just go online, check our email, and use Itunes along with updating our Ipods. This works fine for us except that we have different Ipods. My girls have the Ipod Mini's and I have the Ipod (with video screen).
    My question is this: Can one computer (running WinXPProSp2)authorize two different Ipods under the same user name? Also, can two (or three) different Ipods be "authorized" on the same computer?

    Yes, your not really authorizing ipods, you just authorize a PC to play songs you buy from iTUnes. Once its authorized all ipods can play the song that connect to it.
    You can separate the music that is loaded to each iPod (Like your music only added to your ipod and your girls ipods only updating there music to there ipods) By creating your own playlist and setting the ipod to update them. This is covered more here

  • How can I use iTunes Match on two different accounts on same computer?

    What happens if I enable iTunes Match in a different account on my Mac Pro.  I am already set up with iTunes Match because I was travelling and I wanted to use my iPhone on the road but not fill up the storage.  I turned off iTunes Match in my primary account (user of course) becuase I have all the "original" music in that library. I have another account though that I would also like to be able to use just some of the music at different times.  I have a separate account for using Final Cut Pro X.
    So, would ITunes Match be the solution I am looking for?  iCloud status gives me all of the music I have purchased but it is short about 800 music files.

    I know that.  When I talk of accounts I mean user accounts on the Mac Pro.  I am looking for a solution that wil keep iTunes libraries, playlist, etc insync between two user accounts on the computer.

  • Sharing address book with another account on same computer

    How do you simply share the Lion 10.7.1 address book with another user account on the same computer?

    I just double checked on my laptop that I share the music files with.
    When I did the steps from the above post, my music showed up just fine.
    The other account was blank as I didn't have any music in there anyway.
    All I had to do after the steps above was to "Add to Library" under the "File" menu. I then selected the entire "iTunes Music" folder in the shared library and added all the songs to it... Now you would not have to add all the songs if the other account didn't want them all.... So, you could be selective.
    Bottom Line.... It does work and then you only have one copy of the "iTunes Music" folder on the one hard drive... No duplicates....
    I did NOT have to have the box checked that said "Copy files to iTunes Music folder"..........

  • Hulu on firefox woes, but just with one account on same computer

    My daughter cannot view programs on Hulu using Firefox; an error message comes up saying "a script is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly" and it never loads. When I went to submit a question to Firefox help, I was never able to, as the spam prevention numbers I typed in were consistently rejected, even though I could see they matched. I, however, on the same computer (a 2006 imac using snow leopard) can view all programs on Hulu using Firefox, and had no trouble submitting my help question. I deleted all cookies and history, returned Firefox to default settings, all to no avail. Could there be malware on one account and not another on the same computer? I am stumped!

    Thank you, this worked: I followed your suggestion and changed my daughter's account from a managed one to a standard one. I had done nothing more than set some time limits for her (no website restrictions or anything specifically related to any Internet sites), but just setting it up as managed was somehow interring with how Flash Player functioned. I am a bit disappointed, as I would like to keep the parental controls, but she is of the age where it is not that big a deal. I am still the administrator and have other ways to limit access when necessary. It is more important that I have her use Firefox than Safari for more security when on the web.
    The spam code I mentioned is just a security measure Firefox uses to make sure the help seeker is not actually a spam robot trying to post something to their help site; they show a series of numbers and ask posters to type it in; what I typed in was not being received as correct.
    Thanks again; I had feared something much more sinister might have been going on!

  • What is the easiest way to sync and back up 2 iPhones with different accounts on one computer?

    My parents have gotten a new Windows 8 computer and want to use it to back up and sync their phones for updates. They don't share an iTunes account but they do share the credit card used to make purchases. They also so not want to set up "his and her" accounts on the computer. Also they are getting new phones next week. Should I just make an account for them to share and delete their old accounts, or will signing in and out of iTunes based on who is using it keep their information seperate...or is there a much simpler way to do it that I am totally missing?

    I wouldn't say that it is easily done, but it can be done, the reason I don't say easily is because it has to be done individually one at a time. And I assume that you are talking about all ten having the same apps?

  • Can i use 2 different accounts on same computer?

    i used to have an account from itunes wayyyyyy when it first came out, bought 48 songs and now i want to redownload them. the only problem is it wants me to authorize this as my computer. which it is, but my boyfriend started using itunes on this computer which isnt the one i had itunes on. so now when i go to download the purchased songs it says "you must authorize this as your computer" so i guess 2 questions,  so if this computer breaks can i authorize it on a new one? and will it mess up my boyfriends account at all? he has a lot more songs than i do and still uses it which i dont. please help me, this is really bugging me.

    You can't cancel an Apple ID. You can use either ID on both devices, but purchases are always tied to the Apple account that the purchase was made with.

  • Can two peeps use iChat with different accounts on the same computer?

    What do I do to REMOVE an old AIM account and replace it with a new account in IChat?
    Can two peeps use iChat with different accounts in the same computer?
    (Actually, two people share a laptop, but one of us cannot use her AIM account cuz mine is in iChat already... And, when traveling, I have the computer - and I would like to use iChat on the computer...)

    In iChat 4 you can have more than one AIM Valid name logged in at once.
    AIM valid = AIM, or a MobileMe name.
    What you are then stuck with is that iChat is linked to one Buddy Picture and The one Mac User Account's Address Book which may or may not have Full Names, emails details, or a Nickname in iChat 4 linked to the Screen Names.
    Whilst it does let you both log in whilst using one Mac User Account there are drawbacks about who uses the keyboard and reading meesages from the other persons Buddies.
    8:50 PM Sunday; November 30, 2008

  • Lost my playlists when I tried to share libraries with different accounts on the same MacBook computer

    lost my playlists when I tried to share libraries with different accounts on the same MacBook computer

    Hi dprette,
    When setting up iTunes to share a single music library between multiple user accounts on one computer you should follow the steps in this article -
    iTunes: How to share music between different user accounts on a single computer
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L

  • How to share music on same computer with different accounts

    Hi -
    I just got a new IMAC and me and my girlfriend use it and have two different accounts on the computer. I am trying to figure out how she can listen to my music from my itunes account when she is logged into her account. I seem to be failing at the suggested home sharing options that apple reccomends? is there a way? does she need to import all my songs into her account and recreate her own playlists that way?
    thanks for any and all help

    Ok, so the iTunes music folder holds all the music. I copy or drag my iTunes folder and my Daughters iTunes folder from our separate user accounts to the shared music folder. Then open iTunes and steer my and my Daughters iTunes Music folder location to the same place.
    If she downloads new music I would have to open iTunes under my user account. Go file/add folder to library/ locate the new music on the shared music folder and that would bring something into my library file so I could see the new music on my iTunes.
    I guess what I started out to do was save memory space on my computer. Does all this do that?
    If it doesn’t I really don’t care anymore as long as I can copy her new music to my iTunes and vise versa.
    Thanks for the help

  • Can you have two different iTunes accounts on same computer?

    Can you have two different iTunes accounts on same computer?

    J2217 wrote:
    I'm going to give my old iPad to my granddaughter, I want to create an account for her, but I want to do it on my computer so there are no worries about who is spending credits for that account. Don't know how this will work, or if its possible to two iTunes libraries.
    She's going to use your computer to sync with iTunes.
    Create an new computer login on your computer for her. This will keep her stuff separate and she won't be able to mess with any of your info.
    Log into her computer account.
    Launch iTunes.
    Create a new iTunes account for her. See this ->
    You can enter a credit card to create the account then delete the CC info. Or you can use an iTunes gift card and she can fund the account with gift cards instead of using a CC to make purchases. This is an easy way to control spending.
    on the iPad, go to Settings > iMessage > Off.
    Then Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content & settings.
    Once it finishes, plug in the iPad, select it in iTunes and this will set it up as a new device. Enter all your granddaughter's info.
    When she wants to sync her iPad or use iTunes, she needs to log into your computer with her account.
    Then the iTunes library she uses will be only hers.

  • How can I share the home folder with different accounts on the same mac?

    Hi, here's a question:
    How can I share the home folder with different accounts on the same mac?
    The whole point being not to have to install all my apps, and move all my files each time between users.
    The second thing would be to be able to modify one document on one account, and have it changed on the other account without having to copy it.
    I would like to have a pro and a private account on my mac.
    Thanks for you answers,

    Your apps should not be installed in your home folder--they should be in /Applications where every user can access them.
    If you want to share things between users on the same Mac, use the /Users/Shared folder. Keep your home folder private. Trying to defeat the protections on the home folder subfolders just gets messy. I've never bothered to figure out all of the problems associated with it so I can't explain how to do it.
    Even with using Shared, you would need to alter the ACLs on the shared folder in order to allow both users to modify the documents.
    You must create a Group in Users & Groups and put each user in that group. Then create a folder inside /Users/Shared where you want to share the various files.
    Then, add an ACL to the shared folder that gives the group special permissions. on that folder.
    sudo chmod -R +a "<sharinggroup> allow delete,chown,list,search,add_file,add_subdirectory,delete_child,file_inherit,directory_inherit" /Users/Shared/<sharing folder>
    Replace <sharinggroup> and <sharingfolder> with the name of your group and your folder. Then, run the command in the Terminal.
    With that ACL, each user in <sharinggroup> will be able to alter the files created by any user in the group in that <sharingfolder>.
    Essentially, the client OS is not designed for true file sharing among the individual users. It is designed to isolate each user account from the others.

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