How can I access a folder on my iMac?

Hi All,
I have an iMac (late 2010) and a new MB Air (late 2011).  I have a document folder on my iMac that I would like to either a) be able to remotely access and manipulate from my Air, preferably not by just sharing screens or b) sync the folder onto my MB Air.  Within my local home network, it's not an issue, I can use AirDrop, but when I take my Air on the road, it'd be nice to access the folder of frequently edited documents.
Bonus Points:
I also have a first edition iPad running iAnnotate - is there a way to sync the edited documents from iAnnotate to both my iMac folder and MB Air without having to plug my iPad into iTunes and "Save To-ing" then dragging and dropping over AirDrop?
Basically, I have 3 devices which need to share and sync a folder of documents that I variously edit on any of the 3 devices, but would like to have updated access to from any device.
Thoughts? and Thanks!

This is only my opinion, but I think the absolutely easiest, fastest, most trouble-free, and least-expensive way to do this is to use Dropbox:
There are apps for Macs, PCs, and iOS devices.
Install the Dropbox on all your devices.
Using your best Mac, put this important "document folder" inside the Dropbox folder that will be created for you in the Finder.
Your Dropbox will automatically copy anything inside it to every other device. Any changes you make on any device will be reflected on all your devices.
The first 2gb of storage are free. You can get more free storage by jumping through some hoops, or you can purchase more through a premium Dropbox account. 2gb is enough for almost everyone.
Because of iOS's sandboxed app environment, not every app can make use of Dropbox (this is not a problem for Macs and PCs - if an app reads and writes files in any "normal" way, it can use the files synced by Dropbox). I'm not familiar with iAnnotate specifically, but many iOS apps have Dropbox sync built in. If this app doesn't, you might want to contact the developer to add Dropbox support.

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    If you have any plans to use Numbers cross platform (i.e. do data entry or dynamic display on an iPad or iPhone or collaboration with others) Numbers 3 brings a lot more to the table than it often gets credit for. It is not a temptation, but a powerful piece of software that, unlike Numbers 2.3, is under active development, now syncs well, and for many users already delivers significant productivity enhancement. 
    If you, and perhaps your clients, are wedded to old-style printing of highly formatted documents, or you like some of the many niche features that don't work well cross-platform, you will be better off sticking with Numbers 2.3 or moving to Excel.
    You can run both versions of Numbers on your Mac at the same time with no problem. Numbers 3 will be in your Applications folder and Numbers 2.3 in a subfolder named iWork '09.  If you have both versions installed on your Mac, all you have to do to keep the Numbers 2.3 document in the same format is make sure you open it in Numbers 2.3. If you open it in Numbers 3 by mistake (or open it in Numbers for iOS) you can export it back to Numbers 2.3 format from Numbers 3.0 by File > Export to > Numbers '09...
    As always, keep backups.

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    Do the following:
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    copy the library to the Pictures folder on your new laptop.
    launch iPhoto with the Option key held down and select the old library to open it and convert it to the newer version.
    Note:  if the older version of iPhoto was iPhoto 7 (08) or earlier you'll need to download and run the iPhoto Library Upgrader 1.1 on it before opening with iPhoto on your new laptop.
    If you want to merge the two libraries into one library and keep the edited versions, keywords, titles, etc. you'll need to use the paid version of  iPhoto Library Manager to do the merging.

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    If you add the items as noted above and they still do not appear in your library, it's probably because they are not a compatible format.
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    just define the different server path in the description xml file

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    I took a couple of videos, including one long video (about 30 minutes) to test the quality and it was wonderful! The problem is that I can't do anything with them. They are (obviously) too large to send to people via things like email. I tried connecting it to my computer via usb to put the files onto my computer (my preferred method of dealing with files) but the video files were not there at all.
    From my computer, there was really only one available path of folders and it took me to my camera roll where I could transfer/copy/save all my photos to my pc (which is great because I have taken many nice pictures). The videos, which were also stored on my phones camera roll were not visible in the folder at all (though the folder properties indicated it was 5GB large as if to say it did have the videos).
    So my question is basically: how can I access my videos (and ideally get them onto my computer)?
    Other details: I do not own a Mac and my iPhone is my only Apple Product.

    I Figured it out!!!!
    My solution was to download the new iTunes and here is why I think it worked:
    I tried to download the old iPhone explorer thing to search for the file and it required iTunes, which I didn't have. I was running Vista because I had to reset my pc to factory defaults (poor old PC haha. if only I had money for a new one). I don't like iTunes at all so I never bothered with it. Anyway, I started downloading the new version of iTunes (10.something) and about 1/8th of the way through the install, my pc started installing driver software on its own. It turned out it was installing drivers for my iPhone 5 (this occurred 1/8th of the way through right after iTunes installed some Apple components stuff for PCs) and this time, when I looked in the phone's folder for its data, my 30 minute video was there !!! So I think what was needed was a driver on my PC for my phone which for some reason didn't install until I got some Apple components (which was the first part of the iTunes install).
    Thank goodness I don't need to touch iTunes and thank goodness it works! It is truly a wonderful phone and hopefully this will offer another solution to finding those pesky large video files (or large video file) that won't open up in the explorer.

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    You can search in PC Suite's data folder for files named *.db: 
    The PCCSContact.db is SQLite3 database, you can use any SQLite3 reader to open it. There's also a tool:
    What's the law of the jungle?

  • How can I access an unsupported usb device that's seen by system profiler

    is there a way to access an unsupported usb device? my parents bought my daughter a cheap and easy to use digital camera and I am looking for a way to access the photos. the camera's manual mentions that there is no mac driver and there are no plans to develop one. I plug it in anyways in the event the system / Iphoto recognizes this, But I get nothing on the desktop as in a generic disk image icon. I open system profiler and My G4 knows the camera is plugged in. If this interface between the two is recognized how can I access the camera?
    does a driver have to be written to allow access? I saw a usb dev kit on version tracker but I have no clue as to how to write a driver. I could get a flash card reader but I was hoping that there may be some back door or an app somewhere to allow me to get the photos off the camera.

    Hi, Israel.
    You wrote: " I plug it in anyways in the event the system / Iphoto recognizes this"See if Image Capture recognizes the camera. Launch Image Capture, which is in the Macintosh HD > Applications folder.
    Otherwise, you're probably going to have to go the route of using a card reader. While the connection may be USB, they may be using some non-standard implementation that requires a driver.
    Writing drivers is not something you'd want to even attempt since you didn't create the hardware!
    Good luck!
    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X

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    Go into Time Machine (the program not the bundle on the extrnal disk) and using Time Machine's browser go to the Folder where the library lives. You could look in the library bundle in Time Machine but that won't really tell you much,
    If you want to make sure it truely has backed up your library you will need to restore it and open the restored library with Aperture.
    If all this still has you confused you need to read up on Time Machine in order to get a feel for how it works, for what it is doing and for how to restore files from it.

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    We have 2 user accounts on my iMac.  How can I access another user's iPhoto library when I am logged in?

    move the iPhoto library to a shared folder on your Mac.

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    My computer has crashed and have recently purchased a new one, all my movies, books, music was on the account on this computer, how can I access it again?
    I have all my downloads, movies, books, music, so how can I acces that itunes account if my computer has crashed and now have a new computer?

    The easiest way to get back missing items?  Restore your whole hard drive with all your irreplaceable things like photos in about 20 minutes from the backup clone you make on a regular basis.
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store - - enabled with iTunes 10.3 and newer; not available in all countries; only apps, books (not audiobooks), music, and t.v. shows (not movies).  Discontinued items not available. For items not included in the iCloud list, or locations or computer systems where iCloud is not (yet?) available, you only get one download per fee paid.  Apple notes it is your responsibility to back up your purchases.
    I am a bit confused by your use of the word "account".  You may have an "account" on the iTunes Store.  What you have on a computer is your user account, part of which is the iTunes folder which usually houses a collection of files that make up what you see when you open the iTunes application.  When you open iTunes it does not normally open an account to your files, it just opens the ones on your computer. If your old computer died and you can not longer use the hard drive (which is not necessarily true but we would have to know more about the situation in detail) then not only your media but your playlists, ratings, etc. are also gone (unless you have a backup).  As indicated above, iTunes Store will let you download some things again, if they are still there and you are running iTunes 10.3 or greater.  Things like movies are gone unless you have a backup copy elsewhere.  The iTunes store does not contain playlists, etc, nor your ratings since all you are doing is downloading brand new copies again.

  • How can I access my old iTunes account I I don't remember apple ID and password?password? login

    How can I access my old iTunes account I I don't remember apple ID and password?

    mamabobbette wrote:
    I'm trying to find out how to access my old i-tunes library if I'm unsure of what my log-in and password were from that time.
    Please explain further.
    You don't need an AppleID to access an iTunes library. An iTunes library is stored on your computer.
    Default location is /Music/iTunes/ folder.

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