How can I access apple store after updated to OS- 6?

How Can I access apple store after updating my i pad to OS-6?

Look here:
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW x.x\examples\imaq\*.*

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  • Can't access App Store after update to os6 on iPhone 3GS any ideas?

    Can't load App Store or iTunes after updating to os6 using iPhone 3GS can access using ipad2 so not sure it's a high volume problem. Anyone having the same problem and found a fix. Thanks

    Thanks Apple Support.  Problem was wifi related. Required forgetting the network resetting the router and re- establishing the connection. If anyone has the same symptoms. Apparently has happened before

  • I bought an i touch 4 in USA and brought it to china,but i can't access apple store there,tell me how please~~~~

    i bought an i touch 4 in USA and brought it to china,but i can't access apple store there,tell me how please~~~~

    It is usual done via the addess you specifiy and/or the payment method. You need a payment method asssoiciated with thec ountry.  An iTunes Gift card purchased in th USA will not work in the Chna App store nor will a credit card with USA billing addresss.

  • How can i recover my voicemails after updating my iPhone?

    How can i recover my voicemails after updating my iPhone?

    When one restores an iPhone from its own backup, visual voicemail is also restored. However, when one restores a new iPhone from a backup from a previous phone, the voicemails fail to restore. This occurred between my 3G to 4s, and again from the 4s to a 5s. Restoring the 4s once from its own backup resulted in voicemail recovery.
    My only explanation is that when a different SIM card is used, voicemails cannot restore as one would otherwise expect. Perhaps voicemails are inexplicably tied to their SIMs. Unfortunately, newer models of iPhones tend to use exceedingly different sizes, rendering one possible fix unpursuable. iBackupBot is the other possible solution: you can extract the voicemails from the backup and restore them onto the new iPhone individually.

  • How can i access mocha in after effects cs6

    how can i access mocha in after effects cs6

    To use mocha AE in After Effects CS6, select the item to track and choose Animation > Track in mocha AE.

  • IPad 2 can't open App Store after updated to iOS 7, what should I do now?

    iPad 2 can't open App Store after updated to iOS 7, what should I do now? I've been updates to iOS 7.0.4 but it still not working!

    Same as you would do with any battery issue before you updated:  restore the phone as NEW, not using backup at all.

  • Can't access Apple Store or Itunes Store after upgrade to IO6

    After upgrading my new Ipad to IO6 , I'm not able to access Apple Store or Itunes Store, anybody with the same problem?
    @ RcardaldaXWorld's most "advanced" mobile operatiing system.. you will need to set your date in "advance"

  • HT2731 How can I access itunes store in the UK whilst all my UK credit/debit cards are registered to my French address?

    How can I access the iTunes UK store whilst all my UK credit/debit cards are registered to my French address?

    i met the same problem.... just i cant buy in French store...
    yeah i wanted to buy oficialy... but now it seems i'll gave to rip it from youtube... and than they call it piracy
    petras gowindart

  • I updated iTunes to 10.5.3 but it can't access apple store? Before i was enjoying 10.2 but how to fix this now?

    I was using iTunes 10.4 and it was working perfectly fine. I got a message to update iTunes to 10.5.3 Now after update it's not connecting to app store. This thing *****. Can anyone help me how to deal with this issue? My window is 7 32 Bit.

    Try this,
    Close your iTunes,
    Go to command Prompt -
    (Win 7/Vista) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES, right mouse click "Command Prompt", choose "Run as Administrator".
    (Win XP SP2 & above) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/Command Prompt
    In the "Command Prompt" screen, type in
    netsh winsock reset
    Hit "ENTER" key
    Restart your computer.
    Now launch your iTunes and see if it is working now.

  • How can i access app store funds on ipad with different apple id to purchase app for iphone?

    would like to have one, rather than two, apple id for both ipad and iphone. can't figure out how to delete id for iphone and assign same one as ipad.
    want to purchase app on iphone. can't access funds available on ipad.

    Singin into iCloud setting with tha same ID to sync infos (contacts,calendar etc...) if you want. Do the same for Message, facetime and iTunes&App Stores (that is what you ask for) settings.

  • How can i make Apple Store request my password before installing updates?

    Since we have upgraded to iOS 6, Apple Store is not requesting any password when updating applications we bought. This is annoying as i personally wish to be the only one to have control on my updates.

    What are you talking about?

  • Can't enter iTunes store after update to iTunes

    This is a horrible update! After I update iTunes to on my computer, I can't access to the store home page, it's just keep loading with a white blank page. I could access to my account page but all the other pages are blank. Someone please help!

    My sister told me not to update iTunes because most likely it will ruin things instead of improving, I didn't listen cause I think Apple must be providing some new features and improvement in the update, that's what an update for, isn't it? However, after this update I am really afraid now to do the next one, who knows what will happen next? I read post that 2 years ago people already had this "access to the iTunes store" problem after iTunes update, and 2 years later Apple still have the same problem in their update, consider a smart company like Apple can't even figure this out, this is unbelievable! For those of you who would like to try reinstalling, be sure to follow the instruction step by step at the link below. Just a reminder, uninstall iTunes only is not going to work cause there are still related files hidden in the computer, so it's necessary to uninstall all the Apple related programs. Hope everyone can fix this annoying problem somehow.

  • Can't access iCloud email after update to 10.7.4

    After updating to System 10.7.4, I can't access my iCloud email account on any of my devices (computer and iPhone 4S). The servers are not recognizing my email password, which is the same as my Apple ID password.  I can log in to iCloud using Safari and access all of my other information (contacts, etc.), but not email.
    I tried going to Keychain Access and found that my old MobileMe password was correct (now my iCloud and Apple ID password), but the "application password" associated with my email account (which is now my iCloud email account) had been switched to a long string of nonsense.  I tried changing that string to my actual apple ID password, but the system changed it back to the nonsense string. What's going on here???

    I've seen others having problems with a server being down, but I've had no problems yet. And all email providers have problems from time to time. I expect Apple is having minor problems with the transition from MMe to iCloud and I expect it to become stable, even though I've seen few problems.
    From my experience, it's been more stable than gmail or Do what makes you comfortable and no reason not to have both in case one fails.
    Unless you're a very unlucky person on a bad server, it may just be a setup issue. Try signing out of iCloud, delete iCloud accounts left in Mail. Delete any password associated with iCloud or MMe or .mac in Keychain for applications, not the website password. Verify your Keychain is OK after with Keychain First Aid.
    Then sign back into iCloud and let the server set up the Mail account. The only thing you have to do is check the box to use Mail and iCloud does the account setup. If it doesn't work, then it's a server issue.
    As of right now, iCloud system status reports no trouble in the US.

  • Cannot access app store after updating to ios 8.1.3

    the only thing showing up in the App Store app after updating to ios 8.1.3 is my purchases and updates.  I get nothing on the Explore, Top Charts or featured i can no longer download a new app.  I tried signing out and signing back in but still nothing.

    I Solved this.  Rebooted my isp router and my wireless router.

  • Apple store after updating

    just updated iphone 4 to 7.0.6 apple store is not updating apps and not downloading new apss it just spins without demanding password then goes back to insrtall or to free

    Hello, htarsha. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    Try closing all opening applications and power cycle the device.  Once this is done test to see if you can update or download new applications. 
    iOS: Force an app to close
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    Jason H.

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