How can I clean virus infected files on my Time Machine disk?

I am running McAfee VirusScan and it locates and cleans virus infected files just fine on my computer, but when it finds infected files on my Time Machine backup drive it says "Repair Failed". Is there a way to clean infected files on my Time Machine backup drive?
Related question: Is this because the actual files are saved in a central hidden location and the files I see when I open the backup disk with finder are actually just alias links?

First, it is unlikely that your software is actually finding a virus of any kind. Many supposed reports of a virus will, in fact, be perfectly legitimate (and harmless) files. While it is possible that you'll receive a virus, it is still unlikely. Most ISPs run anti-virus software on their email servers; if a virus is sent to you in an email, it is usually removed before you download it.
Even if you have downloaded an email, it is even less likely that you're going to send it to a Windows-using friend. Since any Windows virus is going to do absolutely nothing on your Mac, you most likely will just delete it. Are you in the habit of forwarding random emails that have unidentifiable attachments to your friends?
Keep in mind that it is always in the best interest of the developers of anti-virus software titles that the software constantly "finds" things, even when nothing exists. If you were to purchase anti-virus software, only to find that it does absolutely nothing for months at a time, you will not pay for further updates. I have been using a Mac for many, many years, and I have never run any kind of anti-virus software. I have also never sent a virus to someone else.

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    I have multiple older Time Machine archives from different Macs that I have been going through manually and picking files out and copying them to another drive file by file. I'm running into massive quantities of duplicate files and the biggest problem is muliple iphoto pictures including the same picture in different sizes.
    I wanted to give up and just throw the whole Time Machine archive onto another disk so I could format the one it was on and use it for something else. But I got a message reading, "The backup can’t be copied because the backup volume doesn’t have ownership enabled." So I went to manually copy each "Macintosh HD" folder for each date into it's their own respective folders. It worked but required my password for each folder and each of the 19 folders were all ~75GB. Which is impossible because all of that data was on a 500GB drive.
    What should I do? This has become a two month long nightmare.

    I really don't know exactly, but since no one else has a answer I'll give it a shot.
    I don't know much about TimeMachine at all, however I did assist someone that their TM was corrupted and they needed to salvage what they could off the drive, so I'll start with that.
    There is software called Data Rescue and it's designed to read the 1's and 0's of any data on the drive, deleted or not, regardless of the file structure, and output the results to another drive.
    TimeMachine tries to save space, so it uses what appears to be duplicate files, but contain no data as they are placemarks for files in later states that went unchanged from the previous states.
    If Data Rescue has the option of recovering files independently of the file/folder structure this would result in all your files from the recoved TM drive being on all one level on the second drive.
    From that second drive one could run software called DeCloner, which would flag the actual duplicate files of content, not just by name.
    The next stage perhaps would be to eliminate files with no data, the placeholders, using the Finder "size" as a sorting option.
    Saving all this remaining content to another drive to work on further, perhaps all the remaining image files can be seperated, sorted according to largest size, the largest ones (usually the ones you want to keep as they contain more quality)  and opened into iPhoto or Aperture for further refinement as you add a small batches of smaller image sizes in to compare with the larger versions for duplicates/unwanted sizes.

  • How can I omit FCPX Render Files from a Time Machine backup?

    I want to be able to add my Final Cut Projects and Events folders to Time Machine, but annoyingly Apple have decided to put a Render Files folder within each and every Events folder.
    Is there a way of moving the folders to a different location on the hard drive, such as a Caches folder? Or is there some way of telling Time Machine to ignore folders containing the words "Render Files" (using some kind of script perhaps)?

    Backups For FCP works like Pro Versioner, only backs up project files, not the media.
    CCC will work over networks.  I have it running on enterprise systems for my consulting clients.  It is a fully professional level backup solution.  TimeMachine is a hobbiest, end user app, and doesn't have the control and flexiblity as CCC.
    TimeMachine backsup ever few minutes, when things change, and eats up processor resources constantly.  CCC can be scheduled.  So many advantages of CCC over TimeMachine.  One is professional, one is hobbiest, that is basically it.

  • Cleaning virus-infected files on external hard drive used for Time Machine

    I am kinda reposting this with some extra explanation since I didn't really get any good respnses on my first post:
    I am running McAfee VirusScan and it locates and cleans virus infected files just fine on my computer, but when it finds infected files on the external hard drive I use for Time Machine backups, it says "Repair Failed". Is there a way to clean infected files on my Time Machine backup drive?
    I had found a virus in several documents on my Mac, which I cleaned, but it seemed to infect a bunch of the files located in Time Machine as well. I know these files shouldn't harm my Mac, but I still don't like having virus infected files. They seem to propagate and I don't want to give them to any of my Windows-using friends.

    Usually (but not always), virus-infected files aren't system-related, so if they cannot be repaired, there should be an option in VirusScan to delete them or quarantine them instead of repairing them. Assuming that you are archiving Mac-related files and not archives of Windows files, then it should certainly be safe to just have VirusScan delete or quarantine them. An alternative is that you could delete them manually. But before you do any of this, be sure to take a look at the filename and its location in the folder hierarchy to make sure that you aren't removing a file that's critical to the operation of some piece of software.
    Hope this helps,

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    how can i retrieve information from  time machine if my computer has less storage capacity? How can I access data that is on my time machine but can not be copied to a computer with less storage capacity? I used to have 180 GB, now I have 128 GB.

    Plug an external drive into the computer and use that to expand data onto.

  • How do I use a Mac Mini + Airport Express + Time Machine disk to backup another iMac

    How do I use a Mac Mini + Airport Express + Time Machine disk to backup another iMac?
    The question pretty much says it all.
    I have a Mac Mini with an attached 3TB Hard Drive used for Time Machine Backups.
    I have an Airport Extreme base station which services that machine plus several others.
    I would like to backup my new iMac and a MacBook Pro to the Mac Mini.
    What do I need to do on the mini to export that hard drive so that it can be used as a Time Machine target from the other systems?
    All systems are running 10.6.8.

    Well you would have to do backups over a network which is much slower and has highest chance of becoming corrupt. I think your best option would be to get an apple time capsule to act as a network and back if thats how you wanna do that

  • How can I restore a .aplib Aperture library from time machine?

    When I try and restore my Aperture I get folders instead of a single .aplib file.  Does anyone know how I can restore the .aplib file so I can open it?

    How are you trying to resore it?  If you enter Time Machine, find the version of the library you want to resore select it and click restore you shouke be good to go.
    If a library of the same nae still exists in folder you're restoring to you'll get a window asking what you want to do, keep current, keep both or just keep the restored version.
    If on the other hand you are opening the Time Machine disk and going to the folder with the library in it and trying to just drag it out all bets are off.
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  • How to Copy Files from Corrupt Time Machine Disk

    Following a series of power outages, my TM disk became corrupted. When I tried to repair with disk utility, I got the message: Unable to repair, copy as many files as you can and then reformat the disk.
    My question: Is there any way to capture all/part of my TM backups (they contain a history going back many months that I'd prefer not to lose)? Though I can dig in and get individual files, when trying for anything larger (like the series of backups), they are unable to copy with the files/folders being locked/read only.
    Any help would be appreciated. I'll move to a 2 drive backup system after this!

    TM performs a backup in a rather unusual manner. An initial backup stores all the files in a disc image file. It then creates a special type of alias for each file. When you look through a TM backup you are looking at the aliases, not the files themselves.
    If the drive's directory is the only thing corrupted and Disk Utility cannot repair it, then I suggest trying Disk Warrior that can repair many directory problems that Disk Utility cannot.
    Otherwise, you will need to go through the backup with the TM application and attempt to restore the good files to another hard drive. Also,
    See User Tips for Time Machine for help with TM problems. Also you can select Mac Help from the Finder's Help menu and search for "time machine" to locate articles on how to use TM. See also Mac 101- Time Machine.

  • How can I clean up iTunes files?

    I have duplicate and triplicate albums and songs in iTunes, How can I get rid of them without loosing them?

    I trust you've sorted this out by now but this thread just popped up in the "More Like This" box and in an effort to make this thread useful for the next visitor...
    See for tips.

  • Can't find addressbook data file in my time machine, to restore it to my lion new installed OS

    like everbody i updated my Snowleapord to lion, i felt my system is quiet slow so i did a clean installation and copied everything from my time machine backup manually, now i want to restore my contacts in addressbook, problem is when i dig into my timemachine i dont see any place where i can find my addressbook data, i really want that back, my time machine isnt associated with my new OS lion i can access all the files via finder but i cant use space like interface, is anyone knows how i can find my addressbook data in time machine and copy it to the path where lion keeps address book data.

    Listen guyz i think you took me wrong i have resolved the problem and it will work for you as well, first you have to unhide the user/library folder in lion for that read this: library-here-is-how-to-get-it-back/
    after having the folder visible open you time machine in finder and copy the address book from User/Library/Application Support/AddressBook and paste the same in your User/Library/Application Support/AddressBook.
    you will see all your contacts immediatly, worked for me and im sure it will work for everyone.

  • How can I reset/override a forgotten password for Time Machine back up hard drive?

    I have a g-drive slim but can't remember the password because I haven't used it in a long time. Checked g-drive website and it wasn't very helpful: f66e67581b8143e9b30f8ef
    Also checked Apple Support for Time Machine and nothing on how to reset/override.

    Hi Vitamin A,
    I apologize, I'm a bit unclear on the exact nature of the issue you are describing. If you are talking about an issue with an encrypted backup, there may not be a way to override the password:
    You need your backup password to restore files from Time Machine backups. If you forget your backup password, Time Machine can’t use the backups.
    OS X Mountain Lion: About the Time Machine backup password
    If you are less concerned about the backup or other information and would like to continue using the disk, you may need to delete the existing volume or partition:
    Disk Utility 12.x: Erase a disk, CD, or DVD
    - Brenden

  • How can I restore my EQ settings from a Time Machine backup?

    I recently reinstalled Mavericks, and restored my user account from a Time Machine backup. In doing so I appeared to have 'lost' my personal EQ settings in iTunes, of which I had perfected quite a few to suit various headphones and speakers I've found myself using over the years.
    I have a pre-reinstallation copy of the file (found in /Users/username/Library/Preferences) that I believe contains my EQ settings; opening it in Textedit I can see references to the EQ settings I created.
    Having tried restoring this particular file from Time Machine and restarting and finding iTunes doesn't recognise the [old] custom file, does anyone know a way I can re-import my old EQ settings, or do I have to try and manually create them again? (gah)
    Thanks for any light you can shed on this!

    Enter your Time Machine backup (via the TM icon in the menu bar) and find this file
    and hit Restore.
    It didn't reflect in iTunes immediately, but after a restart it appears to read the new (old) plist file. You should have your old EQ settings back.
    Let me know if it worked for you...

  • How can I restore an old iPhone backup from Time Machine?

    Hi there,
    I lost my iPhone 4S but have a extra iPhone 4 (used for travel) that I would like to restore the 4S backup to.
    The problem is that the backup of my 4S has somehow disappeared from itunes and the only one that shows up is the iPhone 4 backup even though they are set up as different devices with different names. I know that the backup for my 4S is included with my Time Machine backups (on external harddrive) but I can't find the files. Also very strange is that I don't have the folder "MobileSync" in /Library/Application Support/MobileSync on my computer. I can't find that folder anywhere.
    My computer is less that 6 months old and I know that I have not deleted that folder or any other that are preinstalled.
    I'm using OS X 10.9.4 and I don't want to restore my hole computer from Time Machine, just the files that hold my 4S backup.
    Also note that I have not backed up everything from my 4S phone to iClould so that's not an option.
    I've tried everything including:
    - Restoring the settings on the iPhone 4 to factory settings and then connecting to itunes.
    - Deleting itunes and restoring it from Time Machine at a date that i knew had the original iphone backup.
    Who ever can solve this for me deserves a gold medal. I'm truly desperate. I've searched all forums and haven't found a solution for this.

    caxx wrote:
    Also very strange is that I don't have the folder "MobileSync" in /Library/Application Support/MobileSync on my computer. I can't find that folder anywhere.
    You need to go to ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/.
    The ~ indicates your User folder not the top level /Library/ folder.
    Click on the desktop, then hold Option and go to Finder menu Go and Library will be there (only when holding Option as it is hidden).

  • How do I restore quickbooks company file backup from time machine?

    I wish to restore a previous company file that is backed up in time machine (Quick books 2014, mavericks OS)? Easy to do in windows but nothing comes up in help or in the menu items for restoring company file.

    See How do I restore my entire system?

  • How can I restore my contacts and bookmarks from Time Machine?

    A few weeks ago a friend tried to help my wife with a problem on her Mac and unwittingly in the process fiddled with my iMac so that I now have her contact list and her bookmarks and I can't find any way to get my iMac back to the way it was. I have a Time Machine backup, conscientiously kept, and a SuperDuper backup as well. Can somebdy please tell me how to restore my computer to its former state?

    To restore your contacts, quit the Address Book or Contacts application. Triple-click the line below to select it:
    ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook
    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select Services ▹ Reveal from the contextual menu. A Finder window should open with a folder selected. Restore the selected folder, or its contents, from a backup.
    To restore your Safari bookmarks, repeat with this line:

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