How can I do mirroring of a screen from new iPad to hdtv using apple tv and still work on something else in my ipad

How can I do mirroring of a screen from new iPad to hdtv using apple tv and still work on something else in my ipad

You don't. Mirroring is duplicating your ipad screen on another projector - so you can't have another app going on your iPad without it also showing up on the projected image. Some apps are designed so that you see a different image in the iPad than the mirrored out display, but even then you're within the app itself.

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    How can I watch a DVD playing on my iMac on my TV using Apple TV?

    You can't. The only way is to transfer the movie to your computer and import to iTunes (making sure it is compatible) and either use home-sharing or airplay the movie off an ios device.

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    Yes, you can delete from iphone:
    It is covered in the manual.
    Page 172:
    "Delete a podcast: In the Podcasts list in iPod, swipe left or right over the podcast, then
    tap Delete. "

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    Do you have another device (eg a computer) that also contains your music? If so, yes, you can turn off iTunes match and sync everything with a cable. Do you tend to buy new music from downloads or ripping CDs? If downloads, you can turn on "download purchases automatically" on the phone to make them available to you there, once you've cable-synced your current library. If CDs, you would have to manually sync with cable (or over local wifi) each time you add a new CD.

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    my iphone 5 is linked to my apple id and i forgot all about my apple id how can i reset my iphone?, my iphone 5 is linked to my apple id and i forgot all about my apple id how can i reset my iphone?

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    Can I airplay a movie from safari on my MacBook to Apple TV and still use the computer for something else at the same time?

    Hi frogjt,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    Great question! You can absolutely do this in OS X 10.9. The attached article explains how the process of using AirPlay with Apple TV to create a second display. Also, towards the bottom of the article there are instructions on how to set your Displays preferences on the computer to make sure the TV and MacBook Pro displays are set up the way you want them to be.
    OS X: Using multiple displays in Mavericks
    Have a great day,

  • How can I prevent the S5's screen from coming on when charging completes?

    I got my S5 today and it seems to have a "feature" that will be very damaging to the OLED display.  When it's done charging, the screen comes on and stays on.  I've been going through all the settings I can find and don't see anything that will prevent this.  Since static images burn into OLED screens, this is the last thing I want.  It's done the same thing several times.  My old phone (Galaxy Nexus) didn't do this.  When the Nexus finished charging, it did so with no fanfare.  The screen stayed off.
    When the S5 is locked and the screen is off, there's no reason for the screen to come on for anything short of a phone call.  It certainly shouldn't come on and stay on just because the battery finished charging.  And, any time the display does come on without user input, it should turn off again automatically if it's idle for the length of the screen timeout.
    I've got "Smart stay" turned off and "Screen timeout" set to 1 minute but, after it self-activates, it stays on indefinitely.  I've let it go for 20 minutes and the screen is still on.  How can I fix this?  If I can't get this behavior to stop, it's going back to the store.  I'm not paying $600 plus tax to have my lock screen burned onto my phone because I charge it at night.

    Okay I've tried safe mode.  Let it run down to 98%, plugged it in, locked the screen, and waited.  A few minutes later, the screen came on showing the 100% icon at the top right, full battery icon just to the left of the time, 100% text to the left of that.
    I'm not going to do a hard reset until I have confirmation that this is not normal behavior for the phone because that's going to take hours of my time and gigabytes of data transfer to get all of my media and apps back on the phone and configured.
    After all my griping, I do have to give credit where it's due.  This phone is much more efficient than my Galaxy Nexus.  I left the S5 running in WiFi hotspot mode while on battery last night.  It still had over 50% left on the battery.  The Galaxy Nexus would be stone dead after about 4 hours.  I can live with that if I have to but I'd really rather be able to leave it on the charger at night.

  • How can I stop my Mac's screen from doing this?

    How can I stop my screen from like dim, when i'm watching a video or reading something it dims and i have to move the mouse.
    How can i stop this?

    Carolyn Samit wrote:
    Look on your keyboard, the top row of keys. First you see "esc" ... then directly next to the right are F1 and F2. They should have asterisk icons, one smaller, one larger. You can use those to brighten or dim the display.
    And you can set the Brightness in System Preferences/Displays using the slider.
    These controls only set the upper limit of brightness. They don't prevent the screen from dimming automatically. The Energy Saver setting will probably take care of the posted problem.

  • How can I move an existing iTunes library from a Dell PC (which uses Windows Vista) to a MacBook Pro?  I have tried to copy the library from the PC onto a memory stick but cannot move from the stick onto the MacBook Pro.

    I have tried to copy my iTunes library from my old (2008) Dell PC to a 32 GB memory stick and then copy it from the stick to the iTunes library in the new MacBook Pro which I purchased recently from a reputable dealer which resells refurbished Macs, (lease returns, etc).  The dealer was Computer Trends store in Saskatoon.  They told me how to move my existing iTunes libary from the PC to the Mac but I cannot seem to achieve that objective.  The Mac does not seem to recognize the memory stick.  I thought the Mac would recognize that the memory stick held iTunes files and would then transfer them without prompting to its own iTunes libary.  It did not do so.  I have therefore tried to find the command sequence within iTunes (on the Mac) for moving the material from the memory stick to the iTunes library.  Cannot find those commands.  Does anybody know where to find such commands.  I have to say, I am really disappointed that such a simple function would prove to be beyond my capabilities.  I thought the Mac was supposed to be easier than a PC.  !!!  Oh well, I am hoping this forum will help !!!

    iTunes: How to move [or copy] your music to a new computer [or another drive] -
    Quick answer if you use iTunes default preferences settings:  Copy the entire iTunes folder (and in doing so all its subfolders and files) intact to the other drive.  Start iTunes with the option (shift on Windows) key held down and guide it to the new location of the library.
    So, you can see your whole iTunes folder on the memory stick after copying from the PC?

  • How can I keep iTunes on my Mac but the Movies on an external hard drive and still have them accessible to my Apple TV etc through Home Sharing?

    I have a 2TB external hard drive that I want to store my ripped movies on and free up space on my Mac. How can I do this?

    Is there a reason you don't want to keep your entire iTunes folder on the external.
    Everything will work just fine and it is simpler if everything in iTunes is in one location (the iTunes folder).
    Copy entire /Music/iTunes/ folder to external.
    Hold Option and launch iTunes.
    Select Choose library... and select the iTunes folder on the external.
    That is all you need to do.

  • How can I restrict others on my account from buying songs or apps using my billing information?

    My kids are downloading songs an my account is being charged how can I stop this?

    Don't share your account with your kids. Don't give them the password. Set up restrictions on the devices they use to prevent purchasing on those devices...

  • How can I turn off find my iphone if I don't remember my apple Id and my email but I know the password

    How can I turn off find my iphone if my Iphone is not working and I don't remember my apple ID or my email account, but I know the password.

    The following may help you find your Apple ID:
    If that doesn't help, contact Apple support: Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security

  • How can I play an HD movie purchased from Itunes  on my TV using HDMI connection?

    I would like to know how i can play movies purchased in Itunes on my TV using the HDMI cable?   When I try playing HD movies from Itunes I can't play them.  I get the following error:
    "To play in HD, you must have a computer with a built in display or have it connected to a display that supports HDCP".
    I used to be able to play them before but not anymore.  Not sure why.  Maybe it's due to the new update.  Is there a fix?

    Ok, best to contact itunes then so they can look into it

  • How can I transfer my iTunes Media Library from one PC to another without losing files and making a mess of the file and album structure?

    I have imported a number of Café del Mar CD's to iTunes, and iTunes keeps scattering the tunes into several different folders in iTunes Media. It also has trouble finding album information, unless it has been downloaded from iTunes Store. Previous versions of iTunes I have tried didn't have this problem.
    I've tried to tidy the files manually in iTunes Media, but that usually results in duplicates, so I stopped messing with it. I actually wouldn't mind iTunes blowing up my albums into a nightmare file structure of hyper categorization in iTunes Media (Album, Album Artist, Artist, etc.) if only it recognised its own mess when I transfer the library from one iTunes library into another.
    An example: I downloaded Cafe del Mar - Essential Elements featuring 13 tunes, two of these can be found in the files Cafe del Mar/Cafe del Mar Essential Elements, iTunes also created the folder Cafe del Mar/Cafe del_Mar Essential Elements containing 0 tunes!?! and the rest of the tunes are found under Rue de Soleil in the root folder, indicating ONE of the artists as the criteria for creating a folder of tunes!?!
    I am trying with every fiber NOT to hate this program, and would appreciate it if someone could explain to me how I can move an iTunes Media library of aprox 54 gb from my desktop via an external harddisk onto my laptop. I have tried 4 times, and everytime the result varies. Sometime I transfer 3000 files, other times 4000. Which files follow and don't is random. I lose files tranferring to the external harddisk and lose even more files from the external disk to the new library on my Lap. Do I have to transfer song for song or can this genius program actually transfer a larger amount of files without losing half the files and duplicating the rest?
    Is there a limit of size or amount of files?

    Backup with this User Tip, restore the library to the new computer using the same tool, keep the backup up-to-date in future. Deauthorize the old computer if you no longer need to access protected content on it.
    As to your issues with compilations albums select all the tracks, set the Album Artist to Various Artists and on the options tab set Part of a compilation to Yes. See Grouping tracks into albums for details.

  • How can i change the name in imessage from the full email address used as apple id on ipod touch?

    I used my full email address to create an apple id - but on imessage it uses my apple id as my name as sender + i dunno how to change it so ppl dont get a messsage showing my full email address!
    Can anyone help?

    Open the Contacts app. List All Contacts and find the email address used by iMessage. Select the email address and tap the Edit button in the top right corner. Add your name to the top two lines. Tap Done.

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