How can I edit and save a raw file in jpeq and open it in windows live photo gallery

how can I edit and save a raw file in ps elements 10 and open it in windows live photo gallery?

Change to 8 bit mode before clicking the Open Image button, then jpeg will become available as a choice.
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  • How can I locate the original .CR2 /  Raw file from Photos in finder?

    How can I locate the original .CR2 /  RAW file from Photos in the finder window? I would like to know a easier way to open my files and use them in Photoshop than having to go to the Pictures folder, right clicking "show packaged contents", and manually searching for my CR2's / RAW's. It is also ridiculous to have to export the RAW file to my desktop, and then take it into Photoshop or another photo editing program.  I was able to do this in iPhoto and find I cannot do so in Photos. Please help? Can you please consider adding a right click function that says "Show Original file in Finder". That would make it so much easier and better for those of us who want a simple way to access the original files and use them in other editing programs. At least with iPhoto you could go to the top menu / preferences and find your items. is the place for feature requests and feedback
    Rather than use the 'Show package Contents route, the supported and safer way is to export the unmodfied original.

  • How can I process a Sony A7 RAW file into Photoshop CS5.

    How can I process a Sony A7 RAW file into Photoshop CS5.  I tried the file DNG converter 8.3, but it did not work.  I was able to download it, but upon reading the memory chip from Photoshop CS5, it reads the jpg files fine, but not the RAW files.  I thought the DNG converter 8.3 was the right file, but apparently it is not.  Perhaps I need to do something in Photoshop CS5 to initiate it, or place it in a particular directory.. Please help.

    First of all, you should have used the Adobe DNG Converter 8.6, not an old, obsolete version.  Always use the very latest version.  8.3 was simply the first ACR version to support your camera model, that's all.
    Note that the DNG Converter works only on folders, not on individual raw files.  Put all your Sony raw files in a folder and run the Converter on that folder containing the raw files.
    I have absolutely no clue as to what on Earth you mean by : "upon reading the memory chip from Photoshop CS5".
    You also need to make sure that CS5 is fully updated.  You cannot rely on the highly and notoriously unreliable Adobe auto updater to tell whether you have the latest update installed or not.
    I still have no idea what platform you are on, Mac or Windows. Please read the following for next time:
    If you give complete and detailed information about your setup and the issue at hand,
    such as your platform (Mac or Win),
    exact versions of your OS, of Photoshop (not just "CS6", but something like CS6v.13.0.6) and of Bridge,
    machine specs, such as total installed RAM, scratch file HDs, total available HD space, video card specs, including total VRAM installed,
    what troubleshooting steps you have taken so far,
    what error message(s) you receive,
    if having issues opening raw files also the exact camera make and model that generated them, etc.,
    someone may be able to help you (not necessarily this poster).
    A screen shot could be very helpful too.
    Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers:

  • How can I edit or change the name of a bookmark in the bookmark library window?

    How can I edit or change the name of a bookmark in the bookmark library window? I can figure out just about everything else I can do in the window, but can't seem to edit a bookmark.
    thank you

    In the Bookmarks Manager you can change the properties of a bookmark in the Details pane at the bottom right.<br />
    That Info pane has a More/Less button to show or hide extra properties.
    * You can change the Properties (including the name) of a Bookmark or Tag in the Details (Properties) pane at the bottom of the right pane in the Bookmarks Manager (Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks: Shift+Ctrl+B) after selecting an item. You can rename a tag by selecting the Tags folder in the left panel and change the name in the Info pane at the bottom right.
    * You can make changes to a Bookmark in the Bookmarks menu drop down list or in the side bar (View > Sidebar > Bookmarks, Ctrl+B) via the Properties entry in the right-click context menu.
    * You can open a bookmark in a tab and click the yellow (blue on Mac) star in the location bar to open the "Edit This Bookmark" dialog and see in which folder a bookmark is located.

  • How can i don't save a flash file for a temporary internet files

    i already use html file in meta tag...
    but still saving file ..
    so how can i don't save a flash file for a temporary internet files??

    i don't understand.
    post your message in your native language.  i can use the forum translation tool to (usually) understand your question.

  • Using bootcamp was installing windows xp, at the select ntfs or fat format selected "leave the current file system intact." How can that be changed to a correct choice. Mac side opens correctly. Windows shows disk error.

    using bootcamp, was installing windows xp, at the select ntfs or fat format mistakenly selected "leave the current file system intact." How can that be changed to a correct choice. Mac side opens correctly. Windows shows disk error. and doesn't respond to press any key. When looking in the startup disk section, windows on boot camp can be seen, but not selected. (13"MacBook Pro  10.6.8)

    Have a read here for solution.

  • I can't get my iphone 5s to transfer pictures to my computer, windows xp, i keep getting a no pictures found result on everything I have tried.  Windows Live Photo Gallery, Scanner and Camera Wizard, and just by opening up my Computer. Advice anyone?

    I can't open up anything for my iPhone 5s but my wife's regular iPhone 5 works fine.  Nothing shows up when I open up My Computer and double click the Apple iPhone icon.  My iPhone keeps asking if I trust this computer.  I keep clicking trust.  I have no updates pending on my iPhone.  I have tried the Scanner and Camera Wizard and also Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Can anyone help me with this issue?  Is this happening to anyone else?  Thanks in advance.

    Do you have the latest version of iTunes on the computer? v11.1.4. If you are having issues with Camera and Scanner wizard, it is possible the USB driver for the phone is not fully loaded. You might try resetting the phone and then trying again with the photos.
    Also, Microsoft has announced that on April 8, 2014 it will cease all support for XP, I would seriously be looking for a new device soon. This lack of support will cause a myriad of issues in the near future with newer products.
    If the reset does not work, you can look at removing and resinstalling iTunes and then plugging the phone back in. This should download the latest drivers. See this support document and follow the instructions exactly for removing and reinstalling iTunes.

  • How do I find the home page to update plugins? Google Update, Google Earth Plugin, Windows Live Photo Gallery. I have been to the Google plugins page and found nothing. Thank you. .

    I am using Window 7 and Firefox 5.0.1

    Google Update, Google Earth Plugin, Windows Live Photo Gallery Plugin all show up as unkown plugins in the Plugin check. Windows Live Photo Gallery is part of Windows Live Essentials.
    I searched the Microsoft Web-site in general and specifically Windows Live Photo Gallery and could any version numbers. My current version of Windows Live Photo Gallery Plugin is shown as 15.4.3508.1109 last updated Novmber 10, 2010. I did an internet search and this appears to be the version number for Window Live Essentials 2011. lists the latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery as 15.4.3538.0513 updated on Jul 07, 2011. I can find no versions or dates for the plugin.

  • After importing photos into Windows Live Photo Gallery, won't let me edit or change or save... Any ideas?

    When I import photos thru camera wizard, then open in WIndows Live Photo Gallery it won't let me rotate or crop or anything. Says I don't have permission, but isn't tagged as "read only". Any ideas?

    OMG... That exact... and I mean "exact" thing happened to me just now. I'm freaking out... I've been working on this for like 90 minutes without saving... and I've done a lot. It happened as suddenly to me as it did for you, and I'm not eligible for free phone service. The only difference is that when I go away from iMovie for a little while, the buttons all disappear and slowly reappear... it's like it's frozen, but not.... What a weird glitch... Lucky us...

  • Why can I not use my windows live photo gallery and so forth

    Whenever I try to go to my windows live photo gallery it closes down after a few minutes and also I cannot get my windows updates to download. What's up anyways

    Apple doesn't allow that. They've never said why.

  • HT201302 Is it better to save photos using windows photo gallery or windows live photo gallery?

    Is it better to save photos from iphone 4s to laptop 7... using windows photo gallery or windows live photo gallery? ive used both and it appears to be adding all photos each time i do it despite which one i use.  My laptop is filling up with the same photos 2,3,4,5 times.... Depending what was on my phone at the time.... the older photos have been repeated more often. I thought when importing to laptop only new photos would be added... how do I change this?
    Also now I have so many duplicates i dont know which ones to delete as some have been saved as jpg... , imgJPG...., vcm_s_kf.... and vcm_s_kf_repr.... Why? and which ones do I delete?
    I have deleted some photos and pictures which look like computers, printers , docket printers  etc  Since then my Media Gallery does not work. Have I accidently deleted a driver or something? or is Media Gallery just overloaded?

    As long as you've backed up your photos, what you use is really a matter of personal preference. To avoid duplicates, pick one program. Getting rid of duplicates that you already have is probably going to mean going through the photos one by one.
    For problems with Windows Software, you're probably better off posting on a Windows forum.
    Best of luck.

  • Export from Aperture to edit in Windows Live Photo Gallery

    I'm hoping to work collaboratively with a colleague, in a scenario where I take & edit photos, then pass them over for a possible final touch up before being forwarded to clients.
    I use Mac OSX 10.6 and Aperture. He uses Windows Vista and Windows Live Photo Gallery.
    The problem we've come up against is this: he is unable to edit the image I've exported from Aperture. I'm exporting as .JPG, and he's able to read them ok - i.e. load it into Windows Live Photo Gallery, but not alter the image.
    Does anyone have a similar workflow, exporting from Aperture, then editing in Windows Live Photo Gallery?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Frank.
    Thanks for the response.
    Agreed, the pertinent question is why can't my colleague edit the JPG exported by Aperture. It's probably also worth pointing out, the same problem occurs with JPGs exported from iPhoto.
    The Windows software usually plays nicely with JPGs by all acounts, just not the ones I send - which I do via eMail or my public space on Mobile Me incidently.
    So, another key question is: all settings being equal (color profile, quality, etc.) are the JPGs as produced by iPhoto and Aperture indistinguishable from those produced by other apps on other platforms - i.e. does the use of JPG enforce a common standard?
    If that is the case, I suspect ours might be a permissions issue.
    According to the Microsoft support page on editing in Windows Live Photo Gallery, the inability to edit a picture is commonly caused by unsupported file type, or read-only attribute set on the file.
    Unfortunately, he and I are not in the same place, and he's not particularly au-fait with this type of problem solving. Hence, before involving him, I'd like to know:
    1. it's possible (i.e. someone else does it), and,
    2. what's involved (at my end and/or his).
    Thanks again,

  • Windows Live Photo Gallery stopped importing and scanning from my printer.

    Windows Live Photo Gallery was allowing import and scanning from my printer.  All of a sudden this feature has stopped working.  I no longer get the dialogue box that asks whether I want to import documents or pictures... Could this be a setting

    You can launch it manually.The executable for the Scanner and Camera Wizard is:
    Start > Run > Type in wiaacmgr.exe > Press Enter key.
    Related articles:
    Windows 7 - Working With The Scanner And Camera Installation Wizard
    Maybe the following articles would be worth a look:
    Windows 7 - Troubleshoot camera connection problems
    Windows 7 - How do I get pictures from my camera to my computer?
    And it may be worth a try to adjust your autoplay settings.
    Windows 7 - Change settings for importing pictures and videos
    Windows 7 : AutoPlay : frequently asked questions
    Windows 7 : Troubleshoot AutoPlay problems
    How to Configure AutoPlay Settings in Windows 7
    S.Sengupta, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP

  • I have 100's of photos in Window Live Photo Gallery, hoe can I stream them to TV via App TV?

    I have 100's of photos in Window Live Photo Gallery, how can I stream them from computer to TV via App TV?

    I opened the iPod with iFunBox.
    Can find no relevant documents other than the single image in the 9th of 9 Cameras.
    The other 8 Cameras appear empty.
    Am now trying an iCloud sync which appears to be showing the images.

  • How to Associate my e-mail with Windows Live Photo Gallery

    How do I Associate my e-mail with Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows 7?

    A Google or internet search is your friend with a wealth of info just a search entey and mouse click away.

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