How can I format a field in the form creator?

How can I format a field in the form creator? It's putting the same text in all the fields within a table. I want each field within the table to have different text. As soon as you click out of the table, all the text is the same.
I even changed the fields from a text box to a drop-down list so a person can make their selection, which will be a quantity from 0-9. There are two of these such fields. You make your selection in each, click off the table and both fields show whatever I selected in field 1. The original Qty I selected in the bottom field was a 5 but it changed it to whatever is in the top field on it's own. I've added a screen shot.

This behaviors usually happens when you create the fields but  a copy paste command from one of the fields. The copy paste command assumes that your intentions is to maintain a copy of the field in two separate locations (e.i, a form field  "company name" printed in each and every page of a multi-page form document.
Go to the properties fields of each field and make sure  to assign unique form field  names.

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  • How can I Validate all fields of the form and show validation summary?

    I am building a dynamic form with livecycle. I need to implement two fetures:
    1. Show the user all invalid fields of the form when he tries to submit it (show him validation summary) and guide him to correct the errors.
    2. Remove the highlight frame from mandatory fields after user enters his input.
    Thanks a lot in advance,

    Okey once more a try...
    Normally you don't get a list of the fields that didn't pass the validation. So, you have to script the list by yourself!
    If you put the validation script in the exit field that means if the user doesn't enter the field, the script won't be executed.
    You could make an additional script into presave, presubmit, validate or whatever that will force the user to go to the field.
    For example make a field only mandatory if the user doesn't enter anything.
    Way to make mandatory fields that won't be shown if the user had provided response
    if (this.rawValue == null) {
    this.validate.nullTest = "error";
    this.edge.color.value = "255,0,0";
    this.assist.toolTip.value = "This field is mandatory, please provide a response...";
    else {
    this.validate.nullTest = "disabled";
    this.border.edge.color.value = "255,255,255";
    this.assist.toolTip.value = "This field is optional...";
    Will JUST get mandatory if the user doesn't provide response. (Is an older script I got here and changed slightly for you.)
    Do the parts in the event that should "fire" them. Probably divide it into two parts with two if statements instead of the else...
    Think good about the event!
    Way to make a list of what things the user has forgotten!
    You can make an invisible TextField that will be shown AND populated if the user tries to submit something invalid.
    Calculate Event of the Textfield:
    this.rawValue = " "
    if (Dezimalfeld1.rawValue == null)
    {this.rawValue = this.rawValue + "*Please enter something into Dezimalfield1, Page1,...                                                    ";}
    if (Dezimalfeld2.rawValue == null)
    {this.rawValue = this.rawValue + "*Please enter something into Dezimalfield1, Page1,...                                                    ";}
    (Of course you've got to name the fields exactly.
    All scripts are JAVASCRIPT!)

  • How can we add additional fields to the BP Search RESULT screen?

    Dear Experts,
    How can we add additional fields to the BP Search RESULT screen so that the BP's being displayed in a search result show maintained values for the particular column/field?

    Hi Laxman,
                           I got same requirement for ibase hierarchy.I want to add new fields in Ibase hierarchy AB.Do you have any idea regarding this.My requirement is that ,i want to dispaly a fields as a check box which display that this component is in under warranty or not by checking the box.Plz tell ,how can i add a new field in tree type context node.I add a new fields using AET ,but that is not available in that AB.
    Vishwas Sahu
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    Edited by: vishwas sahu on Nov 18, 2009 5:22 AM

  • How can i add Custom fields into the

    Dear Experts
    We have Ecc6.0 system,
    How can i add Custom fields into the Infotype Screen(PA30),i heard that we do it by PM01 Tcode.
    But in PM01 i am unable to find the enhance infotype tab.
    How can i do it ....pls help.....

    Do it thru the third tab : Single Screen.
    There write down the infotype number (e.g. 0022) and say generate objects.

  • How can I close a category in the form central form without closing it as error?

    How can I close a category in the form central form without closing it as error?

    I'm still not sure I follow - let me see if this is right.  You want to have users signing up for something using a FormsCentral form and then when something is full you'd like that section to show as "Closed" or full so nobody else can sign up for that particular event/day/time?  If that is the goal FormsCentral does not have any logic to close certain portions of the form.

  • How can I have two fields with the same name if it makes sense?

    Hello, folks :)
    I have a pretty hard time figuring out how I can have two text fields with the same binding name.
    The whole problem is that when I need two fields with the same binding name they are still differnent coz they have the same name but differnt indices.
    I should make a form filled at runtime by merging a pdf form file and an fdf file data file. And I have no choice to do it differently. And my form file needs some data like customerName, companyName twice in one form. But there's only one possible buinding name indexed zero.
    How can I create a field with absolutely the same name or is it just impossible due to possible name conflicts? And is there a workaround to this problem? I just need one piece of data repeated in different places.
    Thanks for your replies :)
    P.S. if u think that the problem is not clear enough let me know. I'll supply you with more details. But the general process can not be changed.
    One pdf should be mergred with an fdf with as the result of their merge a new filled and flattened form. I have no control over fdfs their are generated by Oracle and I can not fill the form using XML files coz this process should be integrated in a working application.

    I just thought about a really ugly workaround with a server-side script adding values to fdf files but it's a bit of work and tests and personally i think it's a bad idea :-(

  • How can I format a field to have a Check Box in the center.

    I am a new adobe user and I am creating a form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer. Most of what I needed to do I was able to figure out, but I cannot find a way to place a Check Box in the center of a chosen field. Each time I use the Check Box from the library it automatically places the Box in the center-right of the field. Then when trying to format the paragraph, I get no options about where I'd like the box to reside within the field. Is there a simple way to get a Check Box into the center of a Field or will I have to pursue other options. If I do have to pursue other options are there any ways to limit a text to an X and have it either be On or Off?
    Thanks for your aid.

    This behaviors usually happens when you create the fields but  a copy paste command from one of the fields. The copy paste command assumes that your intentions is to maintain a copy of the field in two separate locations (e.i, a form field  "company name" printed in each and every page of a multi-page form document.
    Go to the properties fields of each field and make sure  to assign unique form field  names.

  • How can I create color fields of the main color automatically?

    I have many images files. For each picture, I need a color field of the main color, so the one that is most commonly seen.
    This color should be saved as a new image as background.
    How can I do it in Photoshop, so this is done automatically.
    Thank you.

    Sounds specialist to me.  Have a look at Channel Calculations in Photoshop help, but as Christoph says, you are going to need scripting to automate the process.   It's not an easy thing to Google either, but I found this PDF  Search for 'analyzing color' l
    If you are pre Creative Cloud, you'll need the Extended version.
    Good luck

  • How can i add one field in the container for the standard task-90310004?

    Please let me know thw steps to add one field in the container for the standard task-90310004.
    Usefull suggestions will be rewarded.

    Containers are used for holding Application data for Workflow purposes.
    Event container
    Task container
    Workflow container
    Role container
    Binding is the linking of data from one container to the other for making data available all across the workflow.
    But you can get values from one container to another container like this
    1. WF Con to Role, Wf con to task con, Wf con to event
    2. Event con to wf con, task con to wof con
    3. Method con to task con
    4. Task con to method con
    So, we don't have direct possible binding from task con to task con.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Prabhakar Dharmala</b>
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            Prabhakar Dharmala
        But you can do pass values from first task con to wf con and again from wf con to another task con

  • How can I have multiple fields on the left and one large field on the right?

    I'm trying to conserve space on a form.  I have five "pass/fail" fields on the left and would like a large free text field to the right.  This will be an area to comment on the "pass/fail" section.  When I add the multi-line text box, it moves all my "pass/fail" mulitple selection boxes.
    Any advice?

    Sorry FormsCentral doesn't allow a fields to spam over multiple rows.

  • How can I promote a field in my form to a SharePoint 2010 list column and have it populated?

       I have created a form using some jquery, html and <td> tags. I would like to promote the fields that I am having users fill out in the form so that they appear in the list that the submitted form is writing to. Below is the code that I
    have written, with some help of a great tool (Forms 7), is there another tag or class that I can input in order for the field names to appear in the list? I'm trying to also create a workflow and without these fields being columns I'm at a loss. Please help
    <link  type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="//" /> 
    <!-- Reference jQuery on the Google CDN --> 
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 
    <!-- Reference jQueryUI on the Google CDN --> 
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 
    <!-- Reference SPServices on cdnjs (Cloudflare) --> 
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <style type="text/css">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {
        //Initialization function. Tells Forms7 which Query String Variable
        //has the ID of the form, and the name of the list to read data from
    queryStringVar: "formID",
    listName: "Contacts"
    //helper function to load a drop downlist
    //assumes there is a list called "States"
        $("#PassSelect").Forms7LoadDDL ({
    listName: "Passengers",
    firstOptionText: "Select",
    fieldName: "Title"
       //apply the jQueryUI calendar to the DepartDate field
    $( "#DepartDate" ).datepicker({
               changeMonth: true,
               changeYear: true,
            //apply the jQueryUI calendar to the ReturnDate field
    $( "#ReturnDate" ).datepicker({
               changeMonth: true,
               changeYear: true
    //function to load the city drop down list to only show cities for the selected state
    function LoadCities(stateID)
    //helper function to load a cascading dropdown list
    //in this example it would load Cities from a list called "Cities"
    //where that list had a lookup field called "State" and it would
    //use the ID of the selected State
    //    $("#CitySelect").Forms7LoadChildDDL({
    // parentID: stateID,
    // parentField: "State",
    // listName: "Cities",
    // firstOptionText: "Select City",
    // fieldName: "Title"
    function SubmitForm()
    //When the form is submitted store it to the specified list
    //also pasas in the x and y offset of error messages for elements
    //this allows you to change their location in reference to the form field
    listName: "Reservations",
    errorOffset"Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre;">    
    errorOffsetnbsp;           completefunc: function(id) { 
    alert("Save was successful. ID = " + id);
    window.location = window.location.pathname + "?formID=" + id; 
    <div id="minimalForm" >
    <table width="100%" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" >
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <div id="minimalForm" >
    <br><img src="http://BannerImage.jpg"  width="400" height="160" alt="AltImageName" align="middle">
    <font size="6">Vehicle Request Form</font>
    <font size="1">Last Modified: 03/21/2014</font></br>
    <br><font size="3"><b>Forms on File</b></u></font></br>
    <font size="2"><b>NOTE:</font></b> <font size="1">The following forms must be on file with Human Resources before you can use a vehicle. Only fill out the third form if you need to notify HR about any activities
    that may affect your eligibility to operate a motor vehicle
    <br><a href="url"><font size="3">1) Driver's History Consent Form </a>
    <br><a href="url"><font size="3">2) Driver Qualification Procedure Acknowledgement Form</a>
    <br><a href="url"><font size="3">3) Driver Qualification Procedure Notification</a>
    <br><font size="1"><b>These forms must be signed and submitted to Human Resources every 6 months.</font></b>
    <br><font size="1">Do you currently have these forms on file with Human Resources?</font> 
    <td><font size="3"><b><u>Driver Information</b></u></font></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>First Name:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="First Name" id='FirstName' data-displayname="DriverFirstName"class='required formInput' maxlength="40"></td>
    <td class='formLabel'>Middle Name:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="Middle Name" id='MiddleName' class='formInput' maxlength="1"></td>
    <td class='formLabel'>Last Name:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="Last Name" id='LastName' class='required formInput'maxlength="40"></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>Email:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="Email" id='Email' class='required formInput' maxlength="40"></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>Supervisor Name:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="SupervisorName" id='SupervisorName' class='required formInput' maxlength="40"></td>
    <td><font size="3"><b><u>Passenger Information</b></u></font></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>Passenger Name:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="First Name" id='PFName' class='required formInput' maxlength="40"></td>
    <td class='formLabel'>Middle Initial:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="Middle Name" id='PFName' class='formInput' maxlength="1"></td>
    <td class='formLabel'>Last Name:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="Last Name" id='PLName' class='required formInput'maxlength="40"></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>Email:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="Email" id='PEmail' class='required formInput' maxlength="40"></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>Passenger Supervisor Name:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="SupervisorName" id='PSuperVisorName' class='required formInput' maxlength="40"></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>Number of Additional Passengers:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><select title="Pass#" id='PassSelect' class='formInput' onchange="LoadPassengers(this.value);"></select></td>
    <td><font size="3"><b><u>Reservation Duration</b></u></font></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>Depart Date:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="Depart Date" id='DepartDate' class='required formInput' isDate="yes" validate="validDate" onchange="validDate(this.value,this);"></td>
    <td class='formLabel'>Return Date:</td>
    <td class='formLabel'><input title="Return Date" id='ReturnDate' class='required formInput' isDate="yes" validate="validDate" onchange="validDate(this.value,this);"></td>
    <td><font size="3"><b><u>Travel Information</b></u></font></td>
    <tr bgcolor="white">
    <td class='formLabel'>Please describe reason for request:</td>
    <td class='textbox' height='20' width='30'><input title="DestInfo" id='DestInfo' class='required formInput' maxlength="500"></td>
    <input type="button" value="Submit/Update Request Form" onclick="SubmitForm();">

    If you want to add fields to a list, as you have written your form in JavaScript, you can take consideration of using JavaScript Client Object Model to add/delete fields dynamically.
    How to: Create, Update, and Delete Lists Using JavaScript
    If you want to achieve it with Form7, it is recommended to post the question to its forum to get quick and confirmed answer.
    Patrick Liang
    Forum Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
    [email protected]
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • How can we add Text field on system form which is updateable?

    Hi Experts
    I Want to create text field on System Form like A/R Invoice, in which I can store value after saving the document. I means Updateable field. Is it possible and How?

    Hi Gorge,
    Please follow Jeyakanthan instructions. You may know how to create a UDF but you clealy don't understant how they work.
    A UDF in the System document's Title table is always updatable, unless you define it otherwise or do not have permission to update it (Open the form where you created the UDFs and press CTRL + ALT + B to open the definitions form).
    A UDF in the System document's Rows table is always updatable ONLY if that document's rows are updatable AND if you set them as updatable (via Form Settings) and have permission.
    On a User Form, you make your own rules!
    Vítor Vieira

  • How can I lock an item on the form?

    I have a master-detail form, I wanted to lock an item on the detail block of the form which means this item can be seen but can't be changed on the form.
    I configured the Query Only, Query Allowed, Insert Allowed, Update Allowed as NO in the property palette of this item. However, when I run the form, if I try to change the value of this item, it doesn't allow me, but it also won't let me go to next record and it just stop at the record I try to make the change. Any suggestion would be really appreciated.

    Setting the properties "insert allowed" and "update allowed" will allow the item to display queried values. Allow the user to click in the field and copy values. But will not allow the user to change the value.
    You can can do the above for the whole item in your detail block using set_item_property or just at the record level with set_item_instance_property.
    Setting enabled to "No" is a little drastic. I dont use it that much. I think it also makes the text gray and hard to read.
    What is probably stopping you from going to the next record is that you have the "required" property set to "yes".
    I dont ever set the required property to yes anymore in my forms. I write all my field validation in one program unit and call it from pre-insert and pre-update. This allows the user to freely navigate througout the form and field values are typically only checked when they press save. Not always, but mostly.

  • PlZ HELP: How can i format a Macbook without the originals cds and results

    I have a macbook since a couple of years running 10.5.8 OSX. the last months the system is getting a bit slower and since i bought a midi controller which is arriving today i am thinking of making a format. But i havent the original cds. So here are some questions for u mates and plz consider me as a total amateur.
    1. Will a format make the performance of my macbook back to its original state when i bought it, like it is done with a pc format?
    2. I have ordered this: Mac OS X Snow Leopard International 10.6.3 (upgarde from Leopard). will i be able to do a format with that or i have to oder the original cds (i understand that i will loose iLIfe)
    3. I have some programs installed in my macbook and i have some bookmarks i really work with them. so i am thinking of using time mashine before and after format. Should i do that or if i do that then the format thing has no point at cause the macbook will be slow like it is now??
    Thank u all for your patience and i really hope u will help me.

    Call Apple, givre them your serial number and they will send you the original install disks only charging for shipping & handling. You should always have those.
    1. A re-format will make your Mac volume blank, after re-installing it would be back to original defaults, but it is usually unnecessary, unless you are experiencing insurmountable problems.
    2. Yes, you will be able to format & install. But like I said, you're better off just upgrading.
    3. You should always have a backup either TM or SuperDuper or CarbonCopy Cloner. The value of these cloning apps, is that you can boot from them in case you get into trouble on your main drive.
    Before you install run Disk Utility > Verify Disk. If you find errors repair until no errors are found.
    SuperDuper or CarbonCopy Cloner.

  • How can we delete value fields from the Table T237A?

    Dear All,
    We need to delete some value fields in CO-PA. We got a message that these value fileds are being used in the Table T237A.
    This table is related to key figure scheme.
    We have deleted in t.c. sm31 in the table/view  V_RS_T237A elements which were assigned to value fields to be deleted.
    But we still have a message value fields are being used. And after some searches we found out they are still being used in the table T237A.
    COuld you please, help us?
    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards,

    Change the Table Control attributes such that user can only select a single record(row).
    <u>Tip to delete a selected record</u>
    1) write a module 'Mark' in the PAI as below
    LOOP WITH CONTROL table_view.
    MODULE read_table_control.
    FIELD flag MODULE mark ON INPUT.
    MODULE user_command_0100.
    2) Module Mark is below.
    MODULE mark INPUT.
    CHECK flag = 'X'.
    x = table_view-top_line + sy-stepl - 1.
    Delete itab INDEX x.
    Table_view is the TableControl Name.
    'flag' is of type char(1) available in the Internal table which was assigned to the select option in the table control.
    <u>award if uesful</u>

Maybe you are looking for

  • SAP Query for AR Aging Report

    Hello Gurus- I am trying to build a query for Aging report, and would like to include something like this: Customer-Reference-Payment terms-Due date-Current-31-60days-61-90days-91-120days-over120days-toatal amount. I have an infoset which includes BS

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    I have both the Pages app on both my iPhone 4S and iPad 3. I use it fairly often on my iPad for school. One day I tried to open up the app on my iPhone (after months of it working correctly) and the app would constantly freeze. I have tried deleting

  • Premier Elements 10 Laggy Performance

    I just bought Premier Elements 10 a couple of days ago and I'm already pulling my hair out in frustration.  The performance is horrible, every modification is laggy.  Especially noticiable is vertical and horizontal scrolling of the timeline.  I will